MACC Bahri : Till Kingdom Come!

August 9, 2015

READ article by Malaysiakini’s Hafiz Yatim

MACC Bahri : Till Kingdom Come!

by Din Merican

These are the powerful words of prayer‎ usually said by the oppressed invoking God to mete out retribution to the oppressors. These are the words uttered by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Special Operations Director Bahri Mohd Zain three days ago when he was unable to tolerate the incessant attacks against the MACC including his own detention.

MACC Bahri

Within 24 hours of uttering those words, Bahri and MACC’s Strategic Communications Director Rohaizad Yaakub were transferred to the Prime Minister’s Department. It is like the Pharoah trying to prove God wrong, watch the movie Exodus if you are too busy to read the Quranic or Biblical account.

Yet those words by Bahri are so reminiscent of the words uttered by my outstanding and young lawyer friend Rosli Dahlan who said almost the same thing.

Eight years ago as Muslims were about to celebrate Hari Raya,  Rosli  was brutally arrested from his office by the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission and was brought to court the next day on what Rosli alleged is a fixed up charge against him and then Director of Commercial Crimes, Royal Malaysian Police Dato Ramli Yusuff in what is now infamously known as the Copgate affair.

After Rosli won his criminal case, he vowed that he would hunt down all those who had fixed him and hold them accountable and quoted the Islamic maxim for his actions – Am’r Maaruf Nahy Mungkar.

He had already won a series of legal suits against several mainstream media including against New Straits Times and the MACC which had to pay him damages of RM300,000. He also filed a RM48 million suit against the MACC, PDRM, just sacked Attorney General Gani Patail, retired IGP Musa Hassan, current MACC Chief Commissioner Abu Kassim, then MACC Director of Prosecution Nordin Hassan who is now a Judge and several others for malicious prosecution. The case is still on-going despite some of them are no longer in office.

Fast forward to today, in the current controversial 1MDB case, Gani Patail was removed‎ as Attorney-General and the MACC is in disarray with its No.1 and No.2 are nowhere to be seen although reported to be on leave.

I have been reporting on Rosli’s case for a while. Even from afar here in Phnom Penh Cambodia, I cannot help but see the similarities in the narrative of the 1MDB-MACC saga with the case of Rosli Dahlan. I ‎recall Rosli’s letter of 2010 where he made an impassioned appeal to Abu Kassim as the then MACC’s newly appointed Chief Commissioner:

“I implore you not to allow this sacred institution (MACC) to be used as tool of oppression and persecution in the guise of false prosecution against innocent citizens. Otherwise, you will one day see your own hands in the destruction of t‎his institution.”

Actually, the Malay word Rosli used to describe the MACC as “Institusi Keramat” has a more powerful meaning to show how it had been desecrated like the desecration of the Temple of Apollo in Troy by Achilles.

Those words have become prophetic looking at what has happened to Gani and the MACC today – what goes around comes around.‎


I think that it is God’s retribution to Gani Patail and the MACC, especially Abu Kassim for not standing up for the truth. I understand that Abu Kassim is on leave. That is unbelievable. What kind of leader is Abu who abandons his force that is under seige. ‎It is like a sentry abandoning his post when an intruder comes attacking. That is a dereliction of duty! This is a general abandoning his troops.

I tried to chat up with Rosli to provoke him into condemning Gani Patail and the MACC. But the answer I received surprised me. This was a man who was brutalised and maligned by Gani Patail and the MACC. This is a man who would have all the reasons in the world to hate and wish the worst of Gani and the MACC. But, none of this came from Rosli. Instead, he said to me that all Malaysians especially lawyers must stand-up and support MACC.

‎“Din, this is not the time to talk of revenge. The country is in turmoil. We must support the MACC from interference. We must support Gani from his unconstitutional removal. We must stand by principles and not personalities. This is to ensure we have the Rule of Law and not rule by law!”

When I asked what he meant by that, Rosli said that he was even willing to help the MACC officers who had been defamed, arrested, detained and transferred.

Najib-It takes a worried manRetribution awaits him

‎‎I thought I could provoke him further by saying that Might is Right and nothing can be done for so long as the perpetrators are in power. But Rosli reminded me that in his on-going suit against Gani, Abu Kassim and the MACC where Gani sought to strike out the suit, High Court Judge Justice Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera had written a damning judgment against Gani – ” The claim of absolute immunity is anathema to the modern notion of democracy and accountability and against the Rule of Law.”

Rosli then said resolutely to me: ” Din, that judgment is God’s way of helping this nation as it faces this crisis.‎ God works in mysterious ways.”

ts-abu-kassimThe Sentry who left his post

Rosli then explained that his suit against Gani and the others were in their personal capacity for abusing their positions and will survive regardless that Gani has been removed and Musa Hassan has retired.

I am so glad I had this chat with Rosli. I can now say to IGP Khalid, Prime Minister Najib Razak and the newly anointed and overzealous Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi and their sycophants that they too can be held accountable if they commit criminal acts while in office as criminal action has no limitation period. Do not think you can get away. God is watching you, even when no one is.

I say to them – Do not underestimate the prayer of the Oppressed!

14 thoughts on “MACC Bahri : Till Kingdom Come!

  1. habis madu sepah dibuang.

    apa sedang berlaku sekarang ini adalah satu pengajaran (signs) kepada agensi2 penguatkuasa. they need to do the needful. the choice is absolutely theirs.

    my grandpa told us many2 years ago that nowadays (then) people are becoming too materialistic. they are willing to go against own conscience merely to achieve their desires. all these are temporary and are only to be abandoned.

  2. Musa Hasan used Gani Patail and Abu Kassim in his fight with Ramli Yusof. Rosli was caught in the middle.

    You can’t blame all of the Macc’s officers for Abu Kassim’s indiscretion or lapse in safeguarding the integrity of the Macc then.

    Abu Kassim had a serious back problem and have had, which doctor’s describe as a very risky operation. He is now on 2 week’s leave. A lot of people is trying to help Bahri and his colleague and was unable to reach Abu Kassim. Only Abu Kassim can tell KSN to fly kite with his transfer order. The KSN is a ‘busy body’ trying to do something beyond his call of duty, albeit taking the directive of Najib/Zahid, His transfer order violates sect. 6(4 )of the Macc Act, which says all Macc officers are u/d the direction, supervision and control of the Chief Comm. and shld perform their functions and duties as directed only by him( and not KSN). Gani is always sick with kidney problems & Musa Hassan although retired is facing continuous libel suits. I guess Rosli’s prayers have been answered.

  3. He may think that he is a true patriot standing for principles and not personalities. But looks like he is jumping from the pot into the fire. Why would he want to take this risk? Isn’t it better that he curries favor with the new AG? After all Gani Patail and the MACC were cruel to him. Dato Din please tell Rosli it’s payback time.

  4. lay man 5.17 pm

    .. The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew had said : “even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and if I feel something is wrong (in Singapore), I will get up”. We really need such type of leaders in our country.

  5. I have always maintained that one should not be cynical about the power of religion and love. Both are two sides of the same coin. Both can come and go even before you blink. All religions believe in the power of prayer and the power of love. Some of, like my late father, may say that we must over come our destiny by our will. My only fear is that retribution if and when it comes there may also be collateral damage.
    GOD has been kind to Malaysia and has spared us major sufferings brought on by natural disasters. May HE continue to watch over us.

  6. I just want to say that God acts through his servants. Prayer should lead us to action, not to wait for divine intervention. We have before us a man who has no shame, still going around as if he is an angel. Let it be known that taking people’s money in broad daylight is no different from receiving bribe for political favour amounting to billions (no such thing as free lunch). Umno politics has gotten more and more expensive, the price to pay for ‘ketuanan melayu’ (?) Imagine what you can do with that amount of money, donated or otherwise, to help uplift the Malays economically instead of propping up a corrupt regime at the expense and in the name of the Malays. I am so ashamed to be called Malay.

  7. Malaysians: it is payback the right people and we will prevail.This Gani guy was a
    “patriot” to DUMNO.Now sick and frail I hope he taubat and reveal what was he about to do when he was sacked by the Mamak in your own office. Still not too late be a man and come firing with all the ammunition that you have including for the poor Mongolian that was blown up..The powers that be cannot do you anymore damage.BE A MAN.

  8. Mr Rosli is the ideal gentleman lawyer that Malaysia need, but magnanimous to a fault. It is unreal to be so forgiving to those who persecuted him. This is God’s retribution to former AG Gani who is afflicted with sickness for his sins and then humiliated by his sudden sacking. Also to MACC which is now ruined and in tatters. Let this strike fear in those oppressors and abusers who walk in the corridors of power that God’s retribution can be swift and harsh.

  9. Orang islam yakin 99 nama Allah termasuk alDharru ia itu Maha Penghukum. Hari ini kita lihat Gani Patail dan SPRM dihukum kerana menganiayai Tuan Rosli, menutup salah laku kematian Teoh Beng Hock dan Ahmad Sarbaini. Hari ini Dato Bahri membuat doa orang teraniaya, KPN Tan Sri Khalid dan lain2 beringatlah jangan menganiaya orang yang tak bersalah. Jangan nanti mereka juga terima padahnya. Doa orang teraniaya dimakbulkan Tuhan dan sangat mustajab.

  10. Itu pundek Gani boleh mati Tuhan allah benci dia. Itu MACC bunuh Teoh dan Sarbaini sekarang Tuhan kasi semua susah dan malu. Itu hukum karma

  11. Datuk, in time of war, if a sentry leaves his post, it is a field court-martial offence. The sentry is charged in the field, the court is convened in the field and the trial is carried out immediately. If found guilty, the sentry could be sentenced to death by firing squad….that is how serious it shows. For a boss of MACC to be on leave and without opening his mouth or to defend his subordinates or Dept, is a great injustice and a let down. Poor leader with no leadership….he should just resign.

  12. The final hurrah by Jon Stewart……..Looking at what is happening in Malaysia. I truly agree what Jon Stewart got to say

    When will I be seeing a debate between CL Flamiaris and ktemoc? Better still, the Lupus just bite kaytee. Hahahaha……O’reilley vs Stewart debate was at George Washington University (Din’s alma matter)

  13. This PM6 should be behind bar a long time ago, waiting to be hang if happen in other country ,the most tainted scandalised PM6 in the Malaysian history . HE is now acting like a mad dictator to protect himself obstructing and interfering justice .

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