Malaysia: Muhyiddin pays the price for misplaced Loyalty

July 29, 2015

Malaysia: Muhyiddin pays the price for misplaced Loyalty

by Scott

KUALA LUMPUR 29 NOVEMBER 2012 - PRESIDEN UMNO, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tersenyum melihat Timbalan Presiden UMNO, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yang mempamerkan sepanduk `Saya Sayangkan PM' semasa Majlis Perasmian Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2012 di Dewan Merdeka PWTC di sini hari ini. Gambar: MOHD NAIM AZIZ Pemberita: TEAM UMNO UTUSAN/KOSMO!Outfoxed by the Boss

And so the curtain comes down on Muhyiddin Yassin. Prime Minister Najib Razak’s decision to replace him with Zahid Hamidi comes as an act of retaliation for his aggressive speech to the Cheras division of UMNO, in which he disclosed that not only had he advised Najib to resign from the 1MDB Advisory Board, but also that none of the cabinet ministers had the faintest idea of what was going on in the scandal-ridden government-owned company.

Actually, a cabinet reshuffle has been an oft-whispered rumour for quite some time now. Najib has been looking to consolidate his power by surrounding himself with loyalists who will not question his actions and will defend him from the attacks of former PM Mahathir Mohamad and from the rakyat’s anger, particularly over the high cost of living.

Pundits had long suspected that Muhyiddin had his own agenda. Even before Sunday’s fate-sealing speech, he had already given less than subtle indications of his dissatisfaction with the way the 1MDB issue was being handled. At the height of Mahathir’s attacks on Najib, when it seemed like he was about to jump ship and pledge allegiance to the elder statesman, many were the voices that egged him on. Whether he expected to be sacked, or indeed was waiting to be sacked, only he can tell. But it is unlikely that he expected it to happen so suddenly.

What was underestimated was just how hard Najib would cling to power. Despite the scandals, despite the exposes, the Prime Minister has struck a stubborn, confrontational stance that is at odds with his famous silence.

After postponing the UMNO party elections, Najib probably sees his removal of dissent from his cabinet as the culmination of his master plan to leave his authority unchallenged, at least till the 14th general election, which must be held by 2018. He has chosen to surround himself with loyalists who have been defending him against attacks over the 1MDB scandal. So now we can no longer expect dissent from within the cabinet, at least not in public. It appears that there will no longer be any check and balance or any offer of a different perspective to Najib as he attempts to play the dangerous game of managing the 1MDB scandal while trying to pacify the rakyat, who are restless not only over the rising cost of living but also over his decision to brook no dissent from the media and from UMNO itself.

The real question now is how the Malay community will accept all this. The Malays have seldom taken kindly to the removal of one of their leaders in so stark a manner over a political dispute. The last time a Deputy Prime Minister was forced out abruptly, the Reformasi movement was born. Furthermore, it’s not as if the Malays don’t know a weakened leader when they see one. Najib’s move for political survival sends the message that he is not only ruthless, but also desperate to improve his situation. And desperation is weakness.

Najib’s latest actions are not those of a cold mastermind, but the flailing of a desperate man who realises the waters have risen so high that he is close to drowning. Nevertheless, his sacking of Muhyiddin does look like a sound political move given the disorganisation of the opposition and the lack of a unified front for the movement to oust him. But it is sound only for the time being, and probably a short time. Continuing in this high-handed manner will not do him any good in the way of gaining support from the rakyat. In fact, he is mistaken if he thinks that his reshuffled cabinet will be seen by the rakyat as more competent than the previous one.

Najib may have won the battle for now. He has wiped out dissent in his cabinet, fortified his position as Prime Minister, and taken steps to ensure he cannot be removed from office outside of a no-confidence vote in Parliament. He has used all the tools at his disposal in a way reminiscent of Mahathir, albeit with much less finesse. But he has a long way to go, and with this latest move, he may have given the anti-Najib movement something that it desperately needs – a figure to rally around who can step in to replace him.

18 thoughts on “Malaysia: Muhyiddin pays the price for misplaced Loyalty

  1. One would have thought that an experienced UMNO politician like Muhyiddin would know how to play the power game. Not so since he was outfoxed by the Prime Minister in a lightning strike against all detractors in UMNO. From being one of them, the former Deputy Prime Minister is now out of the game and in danger of losing his post as Deputy President when UMNO Supreme Council meets to endorse the President’s decision to sack him from the party.–Din Merican

  2. It Is now clear without any doubt that Najib has swindled the rakyat’s money. He has to be brought to books. Will the Malays do that?

  3. Well, if Muhyiddin is going to challenge Jibby, can we expect 2-3billion from both contenders to flow back into the country to help them win?
    I can’t see Muhyiddin throwing down the gauntlet let alone taking aim to fire back. He looks relieved of being relieved of his duties. His loyalists may create waves and beat their breasts but money as always will sooth those angry brows…
    Bersih 4 dates just announced…

  4. With Anwar Ibrahim safely locked away in jail fighting thin mattress problem and bites from cockcroaches and PAS’s Abdul Hadi Awang “compromised” to support Najib and gang, Najib Razak can rule Malaysia as long as he wants and in any way that he likes.

    Malays – even the Group of 25 – have all remained silent like a church mouse… we all deserve this…. don’t blame anyone, the ordinary folks were betrayed by the very people who enjoyed the NEP and get schooled at the best universities around the world and are now middle class Malays… let’s be honest with ourselves… we are discussing all the factors here but the main fact is THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT AS LONG AS THE MALAYS ARE NOT BOTHERED….

  5. Methinks, MY had prepared for this FUBAR, although not of the time of his choosing. He needed to think things through despite his handlers jumping and hollering. You see, knowing him, his gear-shifting technique is no F1 or rally style. He made the decision sometime ago. But i Anak Selangor is right in the sense One bridge has been burnt and MY is relieved. Now is the next phase.

    Jibros was truly desperate and his bombastic beloved loaned him back his cojones, albeit temporarily. His handlers couldn’t take it anymore and he’s susceptible to auto-suggestion and hypnosis. This year is gonna be traumatic and i doubt he will last it through.

    So now, even the UMNOb Supreme Council di-tangguhkan buat sementara. Otherwise Jibros might face a ‘padan muka’, especially from the Establishment hacks. Scandals and Embezzlement are expected to be ‘executed’ discreetly, ya? This flur got no class – only cash.

    Johoreans are furious and Sabah is in a state of ‘apotu’ despite all that keruaking. Yes, UMNOb has erupted like a mud volcano. Pfftt..!

    Hope you are right on MY and gang including TDM. The IGP must act or else he will suffer the same fate as A-G and others. Najib is purging right now.–Din Merican


    Yes. When push comes to shove, the Malays must take a stand. They need to do something. Not for themselves but for their children and grandchildren. If Malaysia becomes a failed state, the younger generations are the ones to suffer. And it’s going to be a long, lingering and painful episode…

  7. Rather than speculate on the possible outcome of “Muhiyiddin sacking”, I would like to point out something.

    A while back, when Muhiyiddin declared he was “Malay first”, Najib was asked why he stayed silent by the international and local press even on TV, and his answer as that in Malaysia, it was “dangerous to have differences with the DPM”..

    So, what is so “nothing wrong” with 1MDB, that now its OK to be “dangerous” with his deputy? What is “nothing wrong” with 1MDB that its far more importan that fabric of our country and nation??

    So let me point out those supporters of Muhiyiddin who nows seemingly is against Najib, that HE is part of the problem of abuse, corruption and overentitlement that led to 1MDB – he just don’t want to be part of something he has no share in it, not that he himself would not have his own 1MDBs itself..

    In other words, rather than get all excited about the schism that has developed and the prospect of some change from it, we should reflect how hopelessly self-centred the lot of UMNO/BN politicians are and they could not care very much for the rest of us, if their interest were not looked after first and far foremost..


    No, I think they are bothered. So many of them are now educated enough to be “bothered” which accounts for the anti UMNO / BN vote reaching an unprecedented 52% at GE 13.

    The problem is they are bothered “silently”, perhaps preferring to voice it quietly at GEs. The Malays have been culturally inculcated to not openly confront their leaders, be it political or communal, unlike the typically American model.

    Also perhaps in the matter of politics, openly criticizing may be seen as “aiding” or “siding” with the non-Malays to attack your own kind. This, I believe, engenders an uncomfortable level of emotional conflict.

    I may be wrong, but I think the Malay community, at least in Malaysia and Singapore, are the only one where the young kisses the hands of their elders as a common form of greetings and farewells.

  9. “In other words, rather than get all excited about the schism that has developed and the prospect of some change from it, we should reflect how hopelessly self-centred the lot of UMNO/BN politicians are and they could not care very much for the rest of us, if their interest were not looked after first and far foremost..”

    I seriously doubt anyone here supports the former deputy PM or looks upon this as anything other than corrupt snakes turning on each other. But politics are strange esp when politicians from PR are attempting to entice the former DPM to join them in a vote of no confidence against Najib , stirring the pot when it comes to Johor UMNO and when Lim Kit Siang with a straight face can suggest that the architect and defacto leader those “self-centred the lot” join a coalition to “Save Malaysia”.

    Seriously bro, lighten up.

  10. Time to summon our dear Canis Lupus Flamiaris aka CL Flamiaris to tell us if Muhyiddin may become another Coriolanus………hahahahha

  11. Dato Din, what you mean is Najib is surrounding himself with Yes men and Idiots, that may or may not follow him to the grave, I can just imagine the Umno Supreme Council meeting that was cancelled,only then we shall know, who supports him, even that there’s no permanent friends in politics and No permanent enemies too.
    A vote of No confidence towards Najib, and we will have a proud javanese PM in Zaid Hamidi, remember he was the first one to hugged Anwar when hell broke loose then, I’d rather trust the back street prostitute than an Umno Politician, at least the pros knows the outcome of the game n being professional she will get her reward immediately. Go figure, where you are, I hope they don’t use buku 555 to keep score.Heeee3, maaf Datin, just joking.

  12. And meantime , another politician,intellectual or not is to be ascertained-a genuine product of Malaysian education system all the way to his bachelor in education from USM former CM of Kedah is Malaysia’s new Education Minister…
    From Google
    Dato’ Seri Mahdzir bin Khalid graduated with a Bachelor in Education from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).
    Education Officer (1984-1990)
    Principal SMK Gadong, Beaufort, Sabah (1990-1993)
    Special officer to Y.A.B Menteri Besar Kedah (1993-1996)
    Field Directror for Ministry of land and Cooperative Development, Kuala Lumpur (1998-2000)
    Political Secretary, Y.A.B Prime Minister (2000-2004)
    Kedah State Executive Councillor (Agriculture, Rural Development and Cooperative Development Portfolio)

    Not really strong credentials or experience as an Educator,takes over the Education Ministry

  13. Guys and Gals,
    Watch Yes Prime Minister’s man overboard

    Watch how the fictional PM sack the fictional employment secretary

  14. As I see it, it will be the Malay masses, the Malay rakyat, who will decide whether or not Najib shoud stay on as the PM. The Opposition will not be able to do much.

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