Paul Stadlen: Good Things must end

July 12, 2015

Paul Stadlen: Good Things must end

by The Sarawak Report

Paul's Fun

The fun-loving communications chief in the Prime Minister’s Department, UK national Paul Stadlen, has been spending the past fortnight shredding documents at his offices at the Bangsar Menara building, say insiders.The job was all done and his 8th floor office neatly shut and closed just days before the raid was carried out down the corridor on the SRC International office, which is run by Jho Low’s close contact Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, last Friday.

Others on the corridor suspect that Stadlen received a tip off on the raid – one that he did not share with others:

“…man with shredder seen coming in and out in days before raid. Stadlen office shut up just before raid…. am thinking Stadlen getting tip off before SRC / NCT office raids. His office not getting raided that day because nobody there. So Stadlen saves his own skin and doesn’t share his tip off with others”, one said bitterly to Sarawak Report.

The information is useful, because it indicates that not only was SRC raided, but that the National Communications Team, which also forms part of the Prime Minister’s Office, were also subjected to the scrutiny of law enforcers on that day.

SRC and the PMO’s Parallel Communications Team

Indeed, the 8th Floor of the Menara Building appears to have become something of a parallel outfit, operating off site and outside of the Prime Minister’s official bureaucracy. This has amongst other things enabled the former APCO chief, Stadlen, to disguise his role as the man in actual charge of communications.

The money taken by SRC back in 2011 has never been properly accounted for and the company was brought directly under the Ministry of Finance (also controlled by Najib) as demands for transparency grew at 1MDB.

Now that it has been ascertained that millions of ringgit were recently transferred from SRC by Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil into the Prime Minister’s own personal accounts (the background to last week’s raid) there is inevitable speculation that this company could have been used to fund the PM’s ‘special ops’ and communications teams based on 8th floor of the Menara building – including the ludicrously well paid Stadlen himself, whose salary was moved off the official books following criticism some years back.

Stadlen’s disgruntled colleagues are now wondering if he is planning to jump ship completely, since he is no longer operating out of his Menara office.

“He is still in KL for now but gone dark. Not working from Bangsar office, but spotted in PMO and PM’s KL residence”, confirmed one.

Indeed, Stadlen, who currently sports a brand new Audi A7, is still confirmed as working for the Prime Minister and has been seen in his offices and residence over the current crisis. However, he is attempting to lower his profile.  He has changed his business card from the old one, which confirmed his role, to a lower key number:

Paul's Old CardPaul's New CardStadlen, whom ministers have denied is being funded by the government to master-mind its PR, is therefore working harder on covering his role, but clearly still keen to hang on if he can.

Sarawak Report is reliably informed, for example, that it was Stadlen who penned the Foreign Minister, Anifah Aman’s recent “open letter” to the New York Times, which lashed out at the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir for criticising 1MDB and corruption issues associated with the present regime.

“Tun Dr Mahathir told the New York Times that UMNO “lacks vision and talented people”, that it “has become a repository of patronage-seeking politicians”, and that members “try to keep out people who are more intelligent than themselves”. But it is Tun Dr Mahathir himself, having led the party for 22 years, had during his time, worked to cultivate “yes men” and entrench his position – even introducing a quota system in the nomination for the UMNO presidency in order to prevent challengers – rather than bringing in talent and strengthening the party. On the other hand, it is Prime Minister Najib who democratised the party constitution to make it far easier to challenge him for his job” thundered Stadlen, pretending to be Anifah Aman.

You can see why the Prime Minister is keen to keep him in post.However, there is a dictum, which is that when the PR man becomes the story…. well then it is time for him to go.

Paul and FriendsStadlen has enjoyed a pay packet to die for, thanks to his services on behalf of the present Prime Minister – acting as a willing attack dog against those seen as his political enemies. He has also plainly enjoyed all the pleasures that Kuala Lumpur has to offer. However, now the investigation has clearly begun into the financing of the more shadowy aspects of the Prime Minister’s operations, bets are on over how long it will be before Paul Stadlen steps onto a flight back to London.

10 thoughts on “Paul Stadlen: Good Things must end

  1. Paul is now exposed and has become a liability to Prime Minister Najib Razak. As in all things, scapegoats will be found. Now it is Paul’s turn. Soon it could be Arul Kanda Kandasamy, the 1MDB CEO.

    People like Lodin Wok Kamaruddin and his fellow directors are safe for the time being. It is easier to fire a Mat Salleh or hired Indian Muslim convert. There will be no problems for Lim Kok Wing.

    As for the Prime Minister himself, he cannot be touched since he controls the levers of power and can escape under “plausible deniability”. Even if he decides to resign it will be on the basis of negotiations with his successor and UMNO which will include, among other things, immunity from prosecution.

    That is justice in the real world. The rich and powerful will be “above the law”. The downtrodden will be punished if caught accepting a bribe of say, RM150 from an errant driver at a traffic roadblock. –Din Merican

  2. Din, I’m not a lawyer or person well versed in national security. If a person like Stadlen is employed by Najib to feed and propagate lies and other information in order to hide crimes, perpetrate fraud against national funds and sow discord among Malaysians, should he be arrested for subversion and criminal acts against the country? He is no different from a mercenary engaged by despotic regimes to prod up the country, except he does not openly carries a gun.

    His job cannot be viewed as an ordinary communications head in a corporate. He comes into possession very sensitive information about the country in the course of his duties and use it against the population of Malaysians, albeit under the orders of his employer. Isn’t he a national security threat to the country?

  3. /// If a person like Stadlen is employed by Najib to feed and propagate lies and other information in order to hide crimes, perpetrate fraud against national funds and sow discord among Malaysians, should he be arrested for subversion and criminal acts against the country? ///

    Layman here. I guess if the act itself is criminal, then Stadlen is liable. However, to me, the one who ordered Stadlen to do what he did is even more culpable. Unfortunately, some people are just beyond the law.

    Same case for the C4-ing of Altantuya. The soldier who obeyed the order is charged, but not the one who did the ordering. Just like the Emperor of Japan who was not implicated in World War II. As Din said, only the downtrodden will be fined for accepting a bribe of RM150, but those with unexplained billions in their PERSONAL accounts are untouchable. This is justice Malaysian style.

    Malaysia Boleh!

  4. He is a boozing, skirt-chasing mercenary all right and one typically favored by ‘Islamic’ regimes. But as a protected guest of the ruling scum, he gets special dispensation from moral guardians like Jakim to continue with his ways.

    But mercenaries, as we all know, do get rubbed off , one way or the other. Audi A7s, I’m told, are notorious for sudden and inexplicable loss of power while on the fast lane.

  5. Deniability is implausible in the internet age, you can run from the unanswered questions, you can attack the credibility of the questioners but you can never hide.There will be collateral damage as you can’t fool the people all of the time. Once you lose trust, how do you lead? You can’t deny this however plausible.

  6. Muthu,

    Nothing was said or done in his personal name. He is basically a speech writer.

    If a dog bites someone unlawfully, you can punish both the dog and the owner. But Stadlen has not bitten anyone. All the “biting” was done by Najib himself.

    However, if he did destroy any material evidence of a crime, like shredding documents knowing or a person in his position ought to have known these would be material in a criminal investigation, then the crime of concealing a crime has been committed.

    For the moment he is safe. In any case being a foreigner who knows too much about too many VIP, the worse case scenario would be to leave the country with the Hari Raya blessings of the IGP and the Director of Immigration with some “duit raya” as a goodbye gift, ala Sirul.

  7. Wayne,
    I strongly suggest you should watch the whole series of “The Thick of it” or “The Loop”, then you will know how powderful director of communication is. Heard of Alaister Campbell before…….hahahaha

  8. Somehow I think if Najib hangs on longer, then even immunity from prosecution will not be there because UMNO/BN even with Hadi’s PAS could be out of office..

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