Najib’s Malaysia: The New Sick Man of Asia

July 7, 2015

Najib’s Malaysia: The New Sick Man of Asia

by Steve

COMMENT:  CIMB chairperson Nazir Abdul Razak is spot on in saying that Malaysians live in ‘dark times.’ Is this the diagnosis confirming the country as the new ‘sick man of Asia’? Corruption, which is more than just financial wrongdoings, includes the bastardisation of all public institutions in a country.

Nazir knows all about bastardisation, in particular the questionable implementation of national development plans, and probably of the country’s democracy.

The different arms of government are not independent or working vigorously to check one another against abuses of power and corruption.

The Executive Branch has total control over everything unlike in a proper democracy with separation of powers that ensures abuse of power is difficult.

The country appears stricken with a strange psychosis. The ‘dark political times’ are here because the politicians believe in their own spin ans lies. The medical doctors have a term for this condition: pseudologia fantastica, the fancy term for pathological liars, people who have the habit of compulsive lying and cheating.

It explains why they make public statements only to blame the media for misquoting them after they change their story when it suits them. Lying is the modus operandi of the corrupt.  “In this darkest of political times, we must remember to place the country and the rakyat first,” said Nazir.

Tell it to the Electoral Commission, the Police and the Judiciary, among other tainted offices, which are prone to siding with the powers-that-be and where stifling dissent is in the national interest.  Obeying political orders can be perilous as the killers of Altantuya Shaaribuu will testify. ‘Who gave the orders?’ is still the other unanswered question.

Where is the money?

Among the unsung heroes who have no monuments, we can’t overlook those Malaysians who have willingly and sacrificially endured years of ‘deprivation’ in ‘lost opportunities’ because of their race to accept affirmation policies however apparently unfair.

Why are politicians, present or past, among the richest Malaysians though they may not be named in Forbes magazine’s richest list? Today more and more Malaysians are not buying into the deception and it is a treacherous act to have a government programme like the Biro Tatanegara (BTN) teaches racism.

This dubious programme allegedly and evidently poisons the minds of young Malaysians of one race against another while the government funds a council to promote national unity. Sheer hypocrisy.

How sick is that?

The 1MDB presumably was meant to enrich the nation and attract foreign investments. But why were much-needed billion dollar funds taking a tax-holiday in Singapore and foreign banks?

Keep CalmNot just Gone, but to Jail you Go

How has 1MDB helped development when all its profits seem to come from wheeling and dealing in real estate or buying and selling assets? There is no real industry, no development, only quick speculative profits. So much for the key performance index that does not seem to apply when the government plays guarantor.

For a government that legislated against property speculation why does it brag about its profits from buying and selling properties? No wonder Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli think the sums don’t add. Others do too.

“Where is the money?” Mahathir demands. The Wall Street Journal says US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) found its way into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s bank account. Checkmate? Not quite, not yet. But you wonder if the leader will recover and still retain enough credibility to be effective. When a leader has to appeal to the people for sympathy then you know the government will soon be saying ‘Houston, we have a problem.’ And it is one not only of perception but reality.

Will Najib still retain the moral authority and respect of the people and his political peers to lead despite the millstones around his neck from the many personal scandals?

Suspected criminal activity
The 1MDB cannot be allowed to pass as just another political scandal. Attempts to get answers are not an alleged political conspiracy like Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II trial. At its core is suspected criminal activity and there has to be a proper investigation to dispel the allegations and exonerate the suspected or convict the corrupt.

No one is above the law and no one is guilty until found guilty. But how do you get to the bottom of the suspicions, the allegations and the contradictions, if there is no proper inquiry into the much-publicised scandal?

ambrin-buangHoping to be rewarded on retirement

Why is the Auditor-General taking so long to give us the audit report on 1MDB since it was ordered in March, more than three months ago? As a former auditor, I dare say, I would have completed the assignment and gone for a summer holiday in Europe and returned in all that time.

Three auditors were changed since the company’s inception in 2009 and that ought to have raised eyebrows and sounded the alarm.  Is anyone that naive to believe the audit trail of the vast sum of RM42 billion does not need to be investigated and that the country should move on with business as usual? That indeed would be the most sickening thought of all.

STEVE OH is the author of the novel ‘Tiger King of the Golden Jungle’ and composer of the musical of the same title. He believes in good governance and morally upright leaders.


23 thoughts on “Najib’s Malaysia: The New Sick Man of Asia

  1. The 1PM brings shame and ridicule to Malaysia.

    His big mistake – he thought he could run Malaysia like he runs
    UMNO Baru. Did not take into consideration the foreign investigative press
    and the international capital and currency markets.

  2. Hoping to be rewarded on retirement. Why is the Auditor-General taking so long to give us the audit report on 1MDB since it was ordered in March, more than three months ago? As a former auditor, I dare say, I would have completed the assignment and gone for a summer holiday in Europe and returned in all that time.

    AY Tan Sri Ahmad Noordin was the last Auditor General who was understood to have REJECTED the financially beneficial positions after his retirement. He also said at a gathering which I had attended that it was wrong for any retired Auditor General to hold any public/corporate position after retirement due to the confidential position he possessed, May be this is the reason why earlier persons holding the post of AG did not hold any post in public/corporate sector after retirement.

    Can this be said in respect of those retired Auditors General who retired after
    AY Tan Sri Ahmad Noordin? Would be interesting to know what positions, if any, the later retired AGs were appointed to positions in public/corporate sector after retirement. One was appointed as a Director in several listed companies and also enjoyed ESOS benefit.

  3. Ir seems senseless for the PM to put the money into his personal bank account. I will wait for the findings of the task force investigating the matter. Chung Tat Lim..

  4. Nazir must be feeling very uncomfortable fielding questions about his brother and Tun Razak ….

    … I won’t be surprised that people’s memories of Tun Razak now is not what he has contributed to the country during his prime ministership … but that he has a crooked son who brought ruins to the country …

  5. Najib’s ailments include cancer, HIV, ebola all rolled in one. Can’t even quarantine him when diagnosed with all these ailments, will soon spread to all. Malaysia is doomed.

  6. The four Chiefs in the Task Force are said to have decided to freeze six bank accounts related to 1MDB scandal. Was it a split decision or an unanimous one from all the four, one wonders?

    Of the four, Tan Sri Zeti seems to be more independent-minded with stronger back bone. If she knows much more that requires public disclosure (to prevent the country sliding backwards further) and she is being hobbled by evil hands not to speak out the truth, the only option for her would be to go away preferably to the US or a EU country and speak her mind out on the truths and thereafter seek temporary political asylum. When the Government is changed hopefully with a new and cleaner UMNO or the Opposition taking over the reins, one can bet for sure a red carpet will be rolled out for her to return home and serve the country.
    I am not as sure as you are about Zeti. How could have she allowed huge amounts of money to pass through without her officials knowing about it. As former Secretary of the Bank, I know that Bank Negara under Governors Tun Ismail Ali and Tan Sri Aziz Taha knew everything about inflows and outflows of funds via the banks. Under their watch, this would not have happened. That is why Governor Zeti must resign.–Din Merican

  7. I don’t know how Zeti is going to wiggle her way out of this. Unless she can prove that all the warning lights that should have lit up between AmBank and BNM during transactions like this were purposely fused …like that bulb at PWTC.

    If that is the case, then AmBank has also been party to this grand heist.

    The documents uploaded by the WSJ look pretty authentic – I am told they have the originals with them.

    And yes, the passports of the bugger, his wife and his many runners should be impounded immediately because they are a flight risk …and that too on a taxpayer funded jet.

  8. Comrade Tatlin, you are quite right that it doesn’t make sense for 1PM to put hundreds of millions into his personal account.
    But mind you, this is BolehLand. In such a country where one can be sued for criticizing the government, the PM and where ministers and officials can issue threats, everything is possible.
    Remember ‘endless possibilities’?
    Perhaps now that WSJ has published the alleged government investigation, may comrade should take a peep?

  9. As a master of Ketuanan Melayu .. I think Najib is more professonal and smarter compatre to Marcos or Suharto in his “action” …. but, he failed to show it to us …. Hahahaha

  10. “…dark times…”

    “… place the country and the rakyat first,”

    Just vague innuendos which can apply to anyone, including Mahathir and or Lim Kit Siang. Why should we assume it applies only to Najib?

    If Nazir Abdul Razak is sincerely serious, and really “…. place the country and the rakyat first”, as he so piously try to project himself, then say it straight out and name his elder PM brother by name.

    This shows I cannot even trust Najib’s brother.

  11. How to resign, Sir? Zeti is just like Najib’s other half. She has a heavy appetite for nice things too! I have often seen her at KLCC hopping from one store to another during lunch time and further. She clearly colluded in this debacle and she too has to go!

  12. MT,
    It’s not logical too for Nixon to incriminate himself in his audio recording. If that’s the case, Nixon should not be impeached…….hahahahaha.
    Seriously Washington Post expose on Nixon’s watergate scandal is more pale as comparison with Najibgate. The joke is Najib may be able to get away with it. I do wonder if I can exchange Najin with Nixon

  13. The AG, IGP, Head MACC and Auditor-General must now all resign for grossly failing in their duties to monitor such a huge amount of monies for being purposely siphoned into Najib’s personal account. Of course they are in complete beholden and in cahoot with the Head Criminal in pretending not to know what happens and trying to cover up his all illegal/ fraudulent activites all these while and that their boss is always right no matter what. This Agong is as as good as a dummy king with no sense of national interest at heart and more like a puppet! This is only a tip of the iceberg!

  14. “Najib’s Malaysia: The New Sick Man of Asia”

    Jibby has already signed Bolehland into the “Trap” set by the Global Economic Hit Man PAWN towards their New World Order DEBT agenda…

    Taking away our Economy, Natural resources, Assets, etc, etc,etc…

    Just read this…

    Tuesday, July 7, 2015 Melayu Ke, Bugis Ke Semua Kena Tipu Pak Arab Unta

    “I dont know how much longer the Melayu korporat are going to wake up from their really stupid infatuation with the arab unta.

    The camels have no technology. They have nothing to offer. We are finding out now that they do not even have money. They come here to steal our money. Yes the word is steal. Even the money for Palestine etc is also stolen.

    Their culture and their civilisation pun kurang. Look at what is happening in the Middle East. They kill each other for the flimsiest reasons.

    Their religion is a satanic deviation. If you think they are ‘islam’, that is because you are dumber than the camels.

    And there is a growing history of the Pak Unta cheating the Malays of money in this country. Taxpayers money. Bukan duit bapak kau.

    Many years ago there was one camel who came here and conned the people that he was a world class inventor.

    There is NO such thing as a modern Arab inventor yet. They just dont have the technology or the common sense to put it all together.

    Anyway that unta fellow conned us of RM600 million. The money has never been recovered. That unta fellow cabut. The camel stole our money.

    Then the kampong boys in Khazanah got liwatted by the camels in dubious land deals in Johor. Later we found out the camels did not even pump in their portion of the paid up capital. But they were ‘paid off’ with millions of Ringgit.

    Why are they so stupid? Kenapalah kau orang ni bodoh macam pintu? Dah kena radiation Fukushima ke?

    Then you have these 1MDB fools – “we are little brother to Mubadalaaaaaaaa’ – thats what their CEO told me personally.

    Now here is a picture of a super yacht.

    The Sarawak Report has the story here. Knowing how easily the Malay is impressed by the camels, that crooked keow teow seller got a camel to pretend that this yacht belonged to him. It was actually a rented yacht – rented for US$500,000 per week.

    Guess where the money came from to pay for the rental? I think from that original Terengganu end of this scandal.

    And, according to Sarawak Report, our Super Moron was led into believing that the yacht indeed did belong to that unemployed camel you can see in the picture.

    The Sarawak Report has the emails between Wan Shihab and the super crook about these pictures.

    I have known Wan Shihab since around 2000. I am really, really disappointed bro. What a stinker you are involved in. Is it really worth it?

    You can read the Sarawak Report story.

    They used rented yachts and a fake story to con our Super Moron. Or were they part of the picture all along?

    A source (very highly placed) told me that the offices in London (at that relevant time ie circa 2009) were also fake.

    The crooks had rented temporary premises, hired pretty but temporary Mat Salleh girls to sit at rented computers and pretend that everything was real. The kampong boys who went from KL (most likely tak reti cakap omputih sangat) were duly impressed. And they signed over our billions.

    Let me recall my own personal experience with conmen from my banking days. One day (circa 1992) one Indian guy (Canadian citizen) showed up at the merchant bank where I was working.

    He had with him two sizeable briefcases (the pilots bag). He asked to see our CEO and was duly granted a meeting. I was called in because I guess they could not understand what he was saying. He said he had personally “invented” a new type of tyre that does not need air.

    I was 32 at that time, a junior officer and listened carefully to the guy. My CEO was 100% impressed with the guy.

    My suspicions were first raised when the guy pulled out his ‘university degree’ showing his qualifications in polymer chemistry or something. No one flies round the world carrying their university scrolls with them. Sadly my CEO became even more impressed.

    Then he said he had a 60,000 square metre factory in Canada. No pictures. 60,000 sq metres is more than 600,000 sq feet. That was a huge factory. Why would the owner of a 600,000 sq ft factory be travelling alone, carrying his university scrolls in his bag?

    I wondered what else he had in his two huge briefcases. I was not to be in the dark for long because the guy pulled out a sample tyre (bicyle tyre) from his bag !! My CEO went even more erect. But I was beginning to see through this guy.

    Then he began dropping names. And they were Arab names. He knew the sultan or prince in Qatar, Dubai, etc etc. I noted it down. My CEO was now already drooling.

    Then the guy gave me his business card. I noticed that the edges were not parrallel – like they had been hand cut with a pair of scissors. Certainly not ‘Made in Canada’.
    The con was he wanted a conditional ‘Letter of Offer’ for a loan from our bank. These conmen will use such letters to con other gullible people, ie that they had a major merchant bank ready to finance them.

    My naieve CEO told me to draft the LO straight away.

    I went back to my desk and made some phone calls, to the embassies of those Arab countries the guy had mentioned. Not all of them had an embassy here at that time. So I had to call other Arab embassies. None of them had heard of any of those sultans and princes the guy had mentioned.

    A few more checks and I knew his story was false. Penipu.

    Now the issue was how to break the news to my CEO – who was salivating at making a quick profit.

    It was quite embarrasing for the CEO – to be told by a junior officer like me that the whole thing was just a scam. Anyway we saved a lot of trouble for our bank, and especially for my CEO.

    Imagine if the conman, my CEO and I were all crooked. Then LTAT would have suffered a sizeable loss. We could have taken the bank to the cleaners.

    Now imagine if the entire machinery was cut into the deal. The country will be taken to the cleaners. This is what has happened folks.

    Posted by Syed Akbar Ali at 1:43:00 PM

    July 7, 2015 – Melayu Ke, Bugis Ke Semua Kena Tipu Pak Arab Unta –

    Also to share this…

    Does Rothschild own and control Bank Negara Malaysia – Central Bank of Malaysia? –


    Role of Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil is revealed…

    Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil – key link between 1MDB, Najib and Jho Low

    Another fascinating aspect of this investigation is the revealing of the pivotal role of Jho Low’s known close side-kick Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil in the close circle of operators around Najib Razak.

    A letter from Nik to the branch manager of AmIslamic Bank in Jalan Raja Chulan, KL dated 20th January 2014 reveals his management of several of the bank accounts owned by Najib, including two involved in the SRC investigation.

    Nik Kamil refers to three accounts, 211202201188-0/ 211202201189-8/211202201190-6, for which he reveals he has been appointed “Authorised Personnel” with the right to deposit cash.

    Because he and the account holder (Najib Razak) have schedules involving “various international trips and meetings scheduled and other potential ad hoc requirements”, he explains to the branch manager that there will be occasions where he “may not be available to provide necessary transfer and remittance instructions to the Bank”.

    He therefore wished to nominate a representative to “arrange for urgent cash deposits into the accounts where required for purposes of, inter-alia, clearances of urgent cheques against my instruction”.

    This revelation shows that Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil is not only the Director of the 1MDB subsidiary SRC, but also the manager of private accounts owned by Najib Razak, which have received money from that company.

    This new information, related to the on-going scandal of 1MDB and already being reported internationally, is likely to send shock waves through Malaysia’s banking and political circles.

    Whatever the excuses (an of course there will be attempts at plenty) such vast transfers of money into a sitting Prime Minister’s private account cannot be ignored.

    Neither can the unorthodox and irregular handling of public borrowings from an old age pension fund entrusted once again to the same Prime Minister cum Finance Minister, who allowed money from SRC to also pass into his personal accounts…”

    Cont’d part 2…

  15. “Najib’s Malaysia: The New Sick Man of Asia”

    Part 2…

    ###June 15, 2015 Nazir washes hand of shit made in CIMB –

    JMD – 1MDB confirms our suspicions were right

    One comment…

    – “We can get our 42billion back!! 11:57 pm on June 17, 2015

    Slowly the facts are coming out. There was Cabinet approval for RM5 billion loan by Ambank. But there was no Cabinet approval for the 36 billion loan by 1MDB.
    As a privately setup company with only 1 million paid up capital, 1MDB should be responsible for 1M only if sued.

    The cabinet Ministers could not be expected to shoulder responsiblity when they were not part of the decision making in the RM3 billion commission to Goldman Sachs or 25 billion the buying back UMNO owned licenses from Indian Ananda Krishnan and China man gambling co Genting.

    Why the 1MDB directors choose to pay 18 billion cash to Ananda KRishnan, Goh Tong is because someone gain some profit somewhere.

    The logical and rational way is to nationalised the IPPs through the least costs and not paying cash to ananda 8.5 billions plus debt 6 billion.

    IF these transactions are not approved by the Cabinet then the Malaysian Government cannot be hold to ransom as guarantors.

    If these are illegally done with fraud intention then these buyout MUST be cancelled. The 42 billions are still in the country in Ananda Krishnan and Genting account. As Najib and Ahmad Husni said the 42 billlions are still there!

    These can be frozen. Ananda Krishnan should be queried why he agreed to sell.
    Even the money to Gold man Sachs can be frozen if elements of profiteering and fraud exists.


    Get it back from Ananda KRishnan, Genting, Ambank, Goldman Sachs…etc..
    Why is Najib mati matian defending 1MDB? Who is the master mind behind 1MDB?
    Its non other than that Nazir lah muahaha

    “…Why is Najib mati matian defending 1MDB? Who is the master mind behind 1MDB?

    Its non other than that Nazir lah muahaha

    read Malaysiakini.

    Shahrol had a stint with Accenture Malaysia’s public service practice, and had spent more than a decade doing IT transformation and integration.

    In addition, he played a role in the merger of Sime Darby, which lead to the creation of the giant plantation company it is today.

    On that note, he has also led transformation programmes at the Employees Provident Fund before

    SHAROL the CEO of 1MDB is the henchman of Nazir during Sime Darby biggest plantation company saga!!!

    That is why Nazir is angry with 1MDB directors for letting Najib take the blame alone.”

    JMD –

    John Perkins – Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption –

    “Well organized criminal group we call Mafia, the best organized Mafia, we call the Government.”

    Please wake up Sheeples…!

  16. Addendum…

    The luxury Motor Yacht mentioned in the article is Motor Yacht “Tatoosh”

    Super Yacht “Tatoosh” was built at Nobiskrug for mobile phone magnate Craig McCaw.

    Her design and construction was done by Kusch Yachts. Luxury yacht Tatoosh was purchased by Paul Allen (partner of Miceosoft) in 2001 for a reported USD 100 million.

    For more details go to the link below:

    “Then you have these 1MDB fools – “we are little brother to Mubadalaaaaaaaa’ – thats what their CEO told me personally.

    Now here is a picture of a super yacht – “Tatoosh”

    The Sarawak Report has the story here.

    Knowing how easily the Malay is impressed by the camels, that crooked keow teow seller got a camel to pretend that this yacht belonged to him.

    It was actually a rented yacht – rented for US$500,000 per week.

    Guess where the money came from to pay for the rental?

    I think from that original Terengganu end of this scandal.

    And, according to Sarawak Report, our Super Moron was led into believing that the yacht indeed did belong to that unemployed camel you can see in the picture.

    The Sarawak Report has the emails between Wan Shihab and the super crook about these pictures…”


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