The long awaited smoking gun may have arrived (?) to bury Najib’s political career(?)

July 3, 2015

READ: The Prime Minister’s Office is running out of excuses. What political sabotage is the PMO talking about? The Prime Minister is caught with his hands in the till. Only the power of his office is protecting him  for criminal action  while UMNO’s apathy keeps the man in office. Let the financial and currency markets punish him.–Din Merican

The long awaited smoking gun may have arrived to bury Najib’s political career(?)

The publication today, Friday July 3, of devastating articles in the Wall Street Journal and the Sarawak Report tying Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to the diversion of nearly US$700 million from the state-backed 1Malaysia Development Bhd into his own accounts could be the final blow to bring down a leader who has been bullet proof from years of charges against his integrity.

The danger is that there have been so many smoking guns in the past, including detailed evidence by French investigators of bribes to buy French submarines when Najib was Defense Minister, that yet another won’t matter. Nonetheless, according to the two publications, government investigators in Malaysia have traced the money in deposits from 1MDB into Najib’s personal bank accounts. The investigators’ findings apparently were leaked, possibly through former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who has been on a two-year crusade to drive Najib from office and put him in jail.

Given the considerable details of the information now in print, he may well succeed. Indeed sources in Kuala Lumpur have told Asia Sentinel that Mahathir has considerably more information. Attempts to reach the former premier in the past have been uniformly unsuccessful.

“If this is true, it’s a TKO for Najib,” said a Kuala Lumpur-based lawyer. “Go to jail, do not pass go. It looks like the Tun [Mahathir] has dropped the nuke.”

It’s all a plot

A spokesman for Najib denied any wrongdoing to the Wall Street Journal and said the allegations had been fabricated by his political enemies. Nonetheless, the investigation documents, made available to the two publications, mark the first time Najib has been connected personally to irregularities over the fund, which has amassed RM43 billion [US$11.3 billion] in liabilities, as much as RM25 billion of it believed to be unfunded.

Four separate Malaysian agencies are probing the fund. But government agencies are notoriously beholden to the United Malays National Organization (UMNO), the leading component of the Barisan Nasional, the ruling national coalition. According to the reports, the bulk of the money was transferred by wire from the Singapore branch of the Swiss Falcon private bank, owned by the Abu Dhabi- based Aabar fund, into Najib’s private AmBank account in Kuala Lumpur in March 2013, just prior to the government’s calling the last general election.

MOF Najib RazakYour Hand is in the Till

Najib has withstood a continuing barrage of difficult questions about the fund for more than two years, blaming political enemies and repeatedly rounding up the divisional warlords of UMNO to back him, primarily because he has provided them with vast amounts of money for their personal operations, much of it flowing from the 1Malaysia Foundation.

Equally devastating stories about the activities of Najib’s wife and money steered to the 2013 election in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal respectively have been shrugged off without apparent serious damage to the prime minister although he recently delayed the UMNO party elections for 18 months to forestall any challenge from Mahathir’s forces in the party.

The 90-year-old Mahathir has become the point man in the effort to bring Najib down. According to sources in Kuala Lumpur, he has amassed a substantial amount of information in addition to what hs been leaked to him by government investigators who have not been able to break through the UMNO embargo.


The confrontation between Mahathir and Najib has reached a crescendo in recent weeks with the arrest by Thai Police of a Swiss national named Xavier Justo. The arrest was closely orchestrated by a Middle Eastern oil exploration firm called PetroSaudi, to which 1MDB loaned at least US$1 billion. Justo had been an official with PetroSaudi and left the company several years ago with a mysterious US$5 million payoff. Two years after he left, he was able to break into PetroSaudi’s computers and download 2 million emails.

Mahathir Mohamad-2014The Political Yoda

Those emails were passed to Clare Rewcastle Brown, the editor of Sarawak Report, and reportedly to Mahathir. Justo’s arrest and accusations that he had tampered with them to make them more damaging is considered to be part of a move by Najib to discredit Mahathir before he could feed more documents and evidence to the press. Mahathir is believed to have additional evidence of illegal transfers of money out of the country by Rosmah Mansor, Najib’s wife, with the help of Jho Taek Low, the flamboyant young financier who helped Najib set up 1MDB in 2009.

He is said to also have additional information about the mysterious death of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian translator and party girl who was shot to death by two of Najib’s bodyguards in 2006. The murder remains one of the most sensational in recent Malaysian history.

Given the gossip in Kuala Lumpur, Najib’s forces know what Mahathir has and are seeking to discredit him, Brown and The Edge Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur-based financial publication, which has aggressively pursued the 1MDB story. The Edge has been issued a show-cause letter by the Home Ministry for allegedly publishing articles “that have created confusion and doubt about the government and financial institutions” and relying on Sarawak Report for its articles.

Articles in the UMNO-owned New Straits Times have accused the “heavily-tattooed” Justo of maliciously attempting to bring down the Malaysian government by altering emails to incriminate Jho Low, as he is known, and other 1MDB and PetroSaudi officials. The din over Justo has been immense in the government-owned press as Najib’s forces have attempted to discredit his enemies in the press and politics. Both the UMNO-owned television and radio have also vilified Justo.

43 thoughts on “The long awaited smoking gun may have arrived (?) to bury Najib’s political career(?)

  1. It could very well be that Mahathir and others are out to discredit Najib. BUT the fact is Najib & Co are not denying the facts, merely also discrediting his attackers. Najib seems to presume or assume that he is not held to a higher standards while in public office….

  2. The noose around his neck is tightening. His UMNO supporters like Zahid Hamidi, Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, Khairy Jamaluddin must be thinking that they should jump ship before it is too late. A sinking ship will suck them into the whirlpool and end their chances of taking over from him. It is a shame that the sitting Deputy Prime Minister is tweedling his thumbs in stead of making his move to save UMNO and the BN government.–Din Merican

  3. nothing to save really dato’…the ship is beyond salvation…the country on the other hand is what requires saving

  4. Muhiyuddin proves to be a very cool man. As the DPM one expects him to be seen doing something about this confusing sotuation. Najib is sinking deeper into the quicksand of his own making.

  5. Dear Mr PM, please resign as you have been outplayed by your nemesis with ample proof to doubt your integrity. Other than you crony paid supporters, not many others would want to believe you even if you play the race and religion card. Your karma is haunting you and there is no escape for you. Even Obama can’t help you.

  6. No joke, the WSJ says it made the discovery from government documents.
    Now that there is a smoking gun where is Twitter Khalid? Shouldn’t he immediately arrest the chicken and put it under the henhouse to get into the tender parts of the investigation?

  7. Sheesh, into his own bank account.

    I really hope this is not a grand sting operation by the spin masters at Putrajaya.

    In any other functional democracy in the world, the head of state would step down.

  8. I believe Najib will come out of this unscathed. Malaysians are too docile to do anything other than complain, complain, complain on the internet, the mamak stalls, restaurants and then go home to sleep. Najib’s cronies will come out one by one to lambast everyone and everything. The IGP will pre-clear Najib of any wrongdoing. The MACC will promise to investigate but we will never know the results. His UMNO goons will come out to “whack” people. His PR team will go on overdrive and flood the internet. They will then find a scapegoat, maybe the one with the power of attorney to operate Najib’s account.

    The political storm will blow over by Sunday and Najib will smile again ….

  9. “..sitting Deputy Prime Minister is tweedling his thumbs instead of making his move..”

    Let me tell you folks a kiddy’s confabulation, which supposedly just a few days ago. when a D2 (double datuk or durian cultivar) asked My about his ‘reluctance’ to engage:

    D2: ‘TS, how are you. Hope you have rested well after that Milan trip.’
    My: ‘Ya.., am well rested. Feel good, but troubled ‘cuz many in the Cabinet of Curiosities look at me One kind-lah..’
    D2: ‘So when is the big day?’
    My: ‘Sabar, sabar.. Ramadhan now, you know..’
    D2: ‘But something has to be done sooner rather than later – otherwise Mampusia we become!’
    My: ‘I’m not good at physics, but you heard of the snowball effect?’
    D2: ‘Macam thermodynamic non-equilibrium that leads to a chain reaction ah..?’
    My: ‘Barn-Ban-Lai lah.. How’s my hokkien nowadays?’
    D2: ‘Too slow.’
    My: ‘Takes time for Stim mah.. Want to kill properly. The fat round toxic blob is dangerous. Puan Sri oso takut.’

    Machiavelli pun kepala pusing.. Brutus belum cukup kuat.

  10. Najis, blame it on Anwar and the Jews. They have been neglected by you recently. Didn’t ugly LKW advise you to do that?

  11. I read the response from the PMO (not Najib) and hoped to see a categorical and unequivocal statement such as “at no time have public funds via any source been transferred to the personal account of DS Najib in any bank. These are scurrilous allegations by the WSJ and a fitting legal response will be initiated immediately.”

    What I read, however, was a sheepish denial blaming unnamed individuals for smearing the PM despite his exemplary steering of the nation’s finances in turbulent times. There was no sense of outrage. None whatsoever.

    That, for me, was the more convincing indictment of the man. Clearly, there is panic in the PMO which, staffed with PR consultants of all colors (including one in black and one who is decidedly white) , has been gingerly choosing its words to issue a non-denial at best …and at worst, a whimpered plea of a helpless victim.

    Perhaps more significant than the actual expose and the insipid response, is the fact that even this has not resulted in a spontaneous uprising against the man. If this is not a 700 million dollar sign that we have finally achieved ‘failed state’ status, I really do not know what is.

  12. WSJ is no tinpot journal. Its financial muscle and network of sources is stupendous. It is not going to publish highly explosive material against Najib based on something originating from Sarawak Report or Dr Mahathir with both parties probably sharing the same information. Knowing that it can be sued for millions by Najib, WSJ must have in its hand other verifiable incontrovertible evidence to back its allegations against Najib.

    Given the shaky position of Najib, his questionable character and conduct and the increasingly plummeting support for his Government, Barack Obama appears to be changing tack and wanting Najib out, may be with the tacit support of the Republicans as well.

    Against such scenario and backing the WSJ cannot go wrong.

    If what is alleged is wrong, Najib should, at the very least, go to a mosque and swear upon the Holy Quran that no tranche of massive funds were transferred into his accounts as mentioned by WSJ. After all he has done a similar swearing in previously stating that he has not known or met the murdered Mongolian woman, Altantuya.

    Ministers continuing still to back Najib must be shamelessly greedy of power or sick in their head.

  13. “Ministers continuing still to back Najib must be shamelessly greedy of power or sick in their head.”

    None of them got to where they are because of their moral uprightness or competence …nor because of their belief in the rule of law. Without exception, each one is a despicable, self-serving scumbag and most suited to brandish UMNO’s latest badge of shame – the PATRIOT Registration plate .

    And a sumpah laknat ala Altantuya? Bet you there are UMNO-infested mosques tripping over each other even now vying to be the chosen venue for such a holy event.

  14. Najib may think that he is ronald reagan of malaysia. Just watch how Ronald Reagan handled the sewergate where scores top echelon members resigned.

  15. Maybe it’s the curse of Datuk Harun, who was jailed by your father.
    We should put Najib in Sungai Buloh together with Sdr. Anwar so that they plan to make a comeback.–Din Merican.

  16. To people like Conrad and……….hehehehe…

    If you can’t really understand my message, perhaps, you should retire your brain. To me, people like Conrad who make frivolous comment especially those movement set up by Toh Chin Chye and Rajaratnam are imbeciles. Yes, Conrad is an imbecile for tarnishing the works of Toh Chin Chye and SR Rajaratnam. And I don’t mince my words for saying that…….

    Why this song suitable for this topic? Use your brain.
    Looes, I do not understand you too. I told you not to get personal and to stick to issues. This blog expects well written and considered comments. Please think before you write. I believe you have brains, but please don’t let it be only a lump of soft tissues.–Din Merican

  17. SSDD —> Same S*it, Different Day.

    —-> Scandal Scandal, Denial Denial.

    He has truly left his mark in Malaysian history.
    I truly wonder about the integrity of all those who continue to
    defend this despicable man.

  18. WSJ cannot be bribed. Sarawak Report cannot be bribed.
    Apa nak buat ???
    Sdr. Dr. Phua,

    Orang UMNO masih dalam mimpi. Negara bawah piminanan Najib yang boros, korup dan lembab dah nak bangkrup mereka tidak sedar lagi. Rakyat pun tak berani menghadapi perubahan.–Din Merican

  19. PAS-ulama masih lagi nak menubuhkan “Unity Government” bersama dengan 1PM dan UMNO Baru nya?

    “Death Wish” (nak bunuh diri) ke?

  20. So what? Smoking gun? That’s nothin’. If I can get away with smoldering C4, what so big a deal is a smoking gun?

  21. “So what? Smoking gun? That’s nothin’. If I can get away with smoldering C4, what so big a deal is a smoking gun?”


    When you remain immune to a murder conspiracy which leads right to your personal security detail and your offensive against this new revelation is attacking a former PM, Western interests, (I’m waiting for the Jewish conspiracy card to be played ), what is cash in your personal accounts ?

    I spoke to a fixer here in Malaysia who works closely with a few foreign news agencies, and she said that the WSJ is pretty secure with their sources.

    Having read the WSJ article I take it to mean that “government sources” does not necessarily mean “Federal” but could mean “State”. I have no idea why the Regime would investigate Najib’s money trail so maybe these documents are just fancy accounting stuff, to show the UMNO dimwits were the money is going.

    However I remain open to the possibility that this may just be an elaborate UMNO sting to destroy the credibility of forces attempting to remove Najib from power. If this is the case, I(we) would have seriously underestimated this Regime.

    I sincerely hope this is not the case. I have seen no evidence that these nitwits could orchestrate something like this even with foreign input. I’m just waiting to see who or what these sources are.

  22. Why not face the bull head on instead of resorting to double speak and diversionary tactics? The main allegation is that large sums of money running to millions have been transferred to Najib’s personal bank account(s). All he has to answer is No or Yes and give a general explanation in either case. He saying “I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged” seems to imply that the money was actually deposited into his account but only he did not misuse it for personal gain. It also seems to imply the funds were used for other purposes, the nature of which is yet to be disclosed. Is this a fair interpretation?

    Najib and his close aides cry foul and allege that his political enemies are making up all these stories to destroy him and wreck the economy of Malaysia. Let us assume that the money was deposited into his account by his enemies mounting a black operation on him to bring him down and in such an event there are some things that Najib should account for like:

    1 Did the concerned Bank alert him about the large deposits and what did he do if he realised it was mysterious money?

    2 If the Bank did not, what did he do upon getting to know about the deposit (thru monthly bank statement, for example)?

    3 Sensing that something was seriously taking place with he being targeted as PM, did he direct relevant investigation agencies to probe into it?

    If Najib feels that he is in the clear, the only sensible option is for him to sue WSJ, as he seems to have indicated he would, and let the truth come out in the open hearing.

  23. Conrad, Jibs AmBank Acc/no. is said to be: 211202201 11880.
    If WSJ has this, isn’t it easy to follow the money trail?

    Besides, some of us have heard rumors of massive cash withdrawals from both His-n-Her accounts months ago. Whether it was true or not, we never divulged it in open forums, as it was hearsay. Therefore it is not merely Fed or State, but also the Private Sector..

    Anyway, MY has decided it’s time to kick up a bigger fuss. He is probably more astute than many of us give him credit for.

    Whatever it’s worth, i think the Bugis-Minang toxic combo is about to ‘cap-lup’ – that’s Cantospeak for explode to smithereens. Astana ain’t pleasant, this time of the year..

  24. “..cornered Rosmah?”

    She has 3 lady tiger-generals okay? And one wimp of a fashionista as spokesman. Even the Japs – when they were ‘negotiating’ for the fast rail – would rather go thru’ her. So much for Samurai spirit.., or izzit Yakuza?

    Harry & Son was similarly ‘afflicted’, remember?

    Me shudder..

  25. CLF, I’m just professionally curious as to who these “government investigators” are. As I said, the WSJ are secure in their sources, which is basically journo speak for, confident in any defences applicable to libel. The upper echelons of the banking sector have a very good idea what is going on as do the minions in Bank Negara.

  26. Ah so it is the special 1MDB task force. Poor KJ, backing the wrong team it would seem. The fix is in. Najib is a goner. Poor Ahirudin Bin Attan, and all that big talk about how Sarawak Report failing to bring down anyone.

  27. I do wonder if Lupus would sing this song to Jibby or……….

    When the man comes around,…………lets hope that najib will go down

    “…….Whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still.
    Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still.
    Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still.
    Listen to the words long written down, When the man comes around……..”

  28. /// C.L. Familiaris July 4, 2015 at 5:10 pm
    Conrad, Jibs AmBank Acc/no. is said to be: 211202201 11880.
    If WSJ has this, isn’t it easy to follow the money trail? ///

    He didn’t deny the fact that there are money in the accounts or that the accounts exist. All he said was that he did not use it for personal gain – whatever that means.
    So, if it is used by my step-son to buy properties in the US, it is not for my own use – so okay. Or to finance the filming of Wolf on Wall Street, it is not personal benefit.
    If it is used to buy votes, it is for UMNO use, so okay.
    If it is used by my wife, it is okay – I didn’t use it.

  29. “If it is used to buy votes, it is for UMNO use, so okay.”

    I’m thinking this. Apparently its gotten so bad in UMNO that “they” don’t trust their bag men anymore. If you want to do something right , you’ve got to do it yourself.

  30. The WSJ report was a sad sad day for the country. Not only the PM got tarred but almost our entire national institutions as well as our integrity.

    Assuming that the report is accurate – and I do not have doubt as WSJ would have consulted their legal counsels etc – it brings into mind so many questions.

    How did that amount escaped Bank Negara’s scrutinies? Would not that amount of transaction including the FOREX translations triggered off alarm bells within BNM? On AmBank’s side they would have reported back to BNM as required by the regulators. Assuming they did, then what did BNM do with the report?

    If AmBank did not report then they are in gross violations of the regulations and subject to severe penalties and all involved from the Board to the officers would be reprimanded. I am sure their senior management – some of whom are seconded from their shareholders ANZ would have not allow to let it go unreported.

    I could go on – Treasury, PDRM, AG, etc, etc …

  31. Couple of more comments

    1. If indeed the “old man” is involved, surely the “failure” of most of the institutions were indirectly the results of his creations. No?

    2. There were rumours of a “kitchen cabinet” post Pak Lah. Perhaps those fellas did not give the PM “sufficient funds” for GE13. Hence he had to resort to other means – that’s why the “never take funds for personal gains” comment in his FB page.

    Note I am not condoning his actions if its true.

  32. “The long awaited smoking gun may have arrived (?) to bury Najib’s political career(?)”

    C.L. Familiaris – Conrad, Jibs AmBank Acc/no. is said to be: 211202201 11880.
    If WSJ has this, isn’t it easy to follow the money trail? ///

    The – CLS – another account: AmBank Acc/no. is said to be: 211202201 11906.

    Well, this should be the next step…

    “Bank Negara Malaysia, Ambank and Affin (Islamic, UnIslamic, Private, Not So Private etc) – Please Confirm The Denial”

    Why not contact the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Commercial Affairs Department Singapore to conduct investigations on the USD681 million transfer from Falcon Private Bank, Singapore Branch…

    ” Reporting – The public and CAD need to work together to control crimes and maintain Singapore as a reporting choice destination for businesses and investment.

    If you suspect that an individual or company has committed an offence of a commercial nature or has contravened legislations enforced by the Department, you can lodge a report on commercial crime.

    If in the course of your trade, profession, business or employment, you have reason to believe that any property or transaction may be connected to criminal activity, you can lodge a Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) with the Suspicious Transaction Reporting Office (STRO).

    If you move physical currency and bearer negotiable instruments exceeding SGD 30,000 into or out of Singapore, through cargo, post or other means, you are required to give a NP728 report to STRO…”

    You be the judge.

  33. Agreed flyer168.

    I still have no idea what the issue here is .

    The allegations came from an investigation carried out by the State. The WSJ didn’t carry out any investigations of its own but merely quoted from documents of the State which were reviewed by the AG, Ghani Patail, who said that he advised the investigators accordingly.

    Members of Najib’s own cabinet have called for investigation, so why all this drama by Najib and his propagandists about the “evil” allegations ? Why bother suing the WSJ ?

    Take legal action against the investigative bodies that made these allegations .

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