Muslim MPs ask where Malaysia is headed

July 1, 2015

COMMENT: We know the answer. So do these Muslim lawmakers. What is the point of Din and Ly2talking now, since we need urgent and drastic action. Malaysia has become a failed “Islamic state”(Mahathir’s version). Our country is divided along religious and racial lines.

The evidence is for all to see. Fortunately, the maturity of Malaysians in general has prevented our country  from  going into a state of “religious war” under this weak and corrupt leadership of chicken Najib. But then for how long?

It is amazing that the Prime Mnister is not able to discipline his Minister of Religion, Jamil Khir Baharom, a bigot from my home state Kedah, and overzealous officials in JAKIM and JAWI. Just sack all of them.

Have these Muslim lawmakers cared that these institutions have persecuted my good friend, 80-year old public intellectual Kassim Ahmad for expressing a contrarian view on Hadith and Nik Raina of Borders Book for selling Irshad Manji’s book which was not banned at the time when JAWI officials raided her bookstore in Mid-Valley, Kuala Lumpur a few years ago. Both these individuals are innocent and should not have been dragged to the sharia and civil courts.But they were humiliated and made to look like common criminals.

What about those religious policemen, snooping into the private lives of Muslims? Of course, they exempted themselves and our political bigwigs. Our ulamas and conservative Muslim intellectuals insult Muslim women and dictate how they should live their lives and how they should dress. We have a Housewives Club which tells them to be prostitutes to satisfy their husbands’ sexual appetites. What a shame. These developments are giving Malaysia a very bad international image.

Talk is cheap. Truth be told ,they have no conviction and the guts to stand on reason and logic and tell Najib to stop playing religion and race for his politics of survival. Cowards die a thousand times. So, there is only one way left for reasonable and tolerant Malaysians to react, and that is to vote them all out in the next General Elections.Din Merican.

Muslim MPs ask where Malaysia is headed

by Joseph Sipalan

Muslim lawmakers from both sides of the political divide have raised concerns over the seeming trend of Muslims imposing their beliefs on others, questioning if this is reflective of a wider agenda that is backed by Putrajaya to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state.

The federal lawmakers noted that the federal government appeared either unable to stop or even condoning of incidents in which Islamic sensibilities are imposed on the larger society by religious authorities and individuals.


“This issue bothers me because as our forefathers taught us, religion should be about faith and (is) personal,” UMNO’s Pulai MP Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed told Malay Mail Online via text message.

“I suspect the longer-term objective of these groups is to usurp power through religious means and therefore avoid being legitimately elected. While I respect their motives and intentions, the elected government of the day must control the actions of these groups and act in the interest of all the citizens of the country,” he added.

Chicken Najib 2

On Wednesday, the Malaysian Bar criticised Deputy Education Minister Datuk Mary Yap for reportedly saying that non-Muslims should consume food and drink discreetly and outside the view of fasting Muslims, in response to outrage over a “joke” told by a teacher in Kedah to non-Muslim students about drinking urine.

The Kedah incident is reminiscent of a 2013 incident in which a Sungai Buloh primary school encountered controversy after non-Muslim students were pictured eating in a toilet during Ramadan.

DAP’s Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari argued that such posturing over religion would ultimately lead up to ridiculous rulings that benefit no one.

“Should we ban Ramadan bazaars so Muslims don’t need to look at food? When our Hindu friends fast for Thaipusam, do we go out of our way to accommodate them by not drinking or eating in front of them?” he said when contacted.

Zairil admitted that there is “no quick solution” to the religious polarisation the country is facing, but stressed that the first step to fixing the situation is to take governments and political parties out of the equation.

“It’s not even about tolerance here. The problems are cropping up today because of the incessant politicising of ethno-religious nationalism, so much so that the state flexes hegemony, thus influencing the people.

“Why do we even have JAKIM (Malaysia’s federal Department of Islamic Development) when Islam is a state issue? That’s a fundamental question because the authority of JAKIM appears to go against the 9th schedule of the Federal Constitution.

“I am suggesting that matters of faith should belong in the realm of civil society and not the state,” he said.

Nur Jazlan insisted that there is no place in Malaysia for state-sanctioned enforcement of Islam, claiming that the “collapse” of Islamist party PAS ― which is facing a split after delegates elected a new leadership made up entirely of the ulama or clergy class at their recent Muktamar – is proof that the public wants moderation over religious orthodoxy.

“The best way to develop Islam is to teach and encourage personal observations, and not enforce it to the whims of others, especially unelected ones,” he said, without referring to any group or individuals.

The Kedah school incident cropped up amid growing concerns of creeping Islamisation in Malaysia, in which the norms of the increasingly conservative Muslim majority are gradually being imposed on the rest of the country both directly and covertly.

Incidents that support the view include Muslim protests against Oktoberfest-themed events open only to non-Muslims, uproar over a gold-medallist Muslim gymnast over her leotard, and at least four reported cases of arbitrary dress codes at government departments and agencies that denied entry to non-Muslims over their dressing that was deemed indecent.

14 thoughts on “Muslim MPs ask where Malaysia is headed

  1. Its sensational to talk of Jawi, Jakim and the likes of ISMA, etc. BUT the truth is the most scary person is the guards who really thought they were doing their jobs.. The likes of Jawi, Jakim and Isma are snorting on religo-politics and lusting after public power and infliuence because they lack substance of their own.. They are easily indentifiable.

    But those guards, they have no clue they are pawns, strapped with dangerous weapon in a very dangerous game – and there is an ARMY of them working for the likes of Jawi, Jakim and Isma..

  2. One name fit perfectly. ‘Yap stupid idiotic’. If u want to eat n shit both in the toilets, do it yourself. When did our country comes to this. Eating n drinking water becomes an issue. The schools should open night class for those fasting.

  3. For many years, this country is run, not lead, by the corrupts, who only have eyes and minds on how to enrich themselves. For many years, this country has been on auto-cruise, no policy to improve the livelihood of its rakyat, but many monkeys running around playing the race and religion cards. For many years, this country has digressed and onto a reverse gear, having more illegals and foreign workers, with declining productivity and quality. So where is this country heading, to a land far worse than many of our neighboring countries, and looking at it, it will only get worse.

  4. ‘reported cases of arbitrary dress codes at government departments and agencies that denied entry to non-Muslims over their dressing that was deemed indecent’.

    oi, this has got nothing to do with islamic dress code.

  5. Talk is cheap. For a conscientious Muslim MP taking a bold stand and acting so to bring about desired change requires taking big risks, notably losing the hormat pangkat and the financials benefits that accrue with it.

    As long as JAKIM exists and given unrestrained power, the country will head towards Taliban way endangering the multiracial and multi-cultural society that Malaysia is and has been hitherto.

    If Islamic issues ought to be handled rightly by the States through their respective Islamic Affairs Departments under the auspices of Sultans, then JAKIM is a troublesome monolith that should be gotten rid off.

    So, you brave Muslim MPs who see reason and justification to push for such an agenda, serve notice to Najib to close down JAKIM within a given time-frame, failing which move a motion of no confidence against Najib Government.

    Any takers?

  6. We need to speak up now and stand up against these religious bigots and racists for our beloved Malaysia to have a chance. The non malays cant do anything without being thump the moment they speak. The Malaysian malays MUST lead the way. Talking is over………actions are required … soon as possible…

  7. quote:- “Are they REALLY Muslim”

    Whether they are real Muslims, fake Muslims or photoshopped Muslims, they are equally dangerous.

  8. I didn’t know people like Ridhuan Tee and Mufti of Perak could be aroused just looking at a pair of knees?

  9. Sang Kancil is right. Talking is over. Actions are required. I would add collective actions, and the time is NOW. Yet, when I suggested a National Political Conference a few weeks ago, even my friend Dato’ Din Merican scoffed at the idea, claiming that it is an UMNO problem. What about the others? I note that one person agreed, but said that it is not as easy to carry it out.. Well, the question is: do we want it or not? If we want it, then do it. Otherwise, do not complain that Najid is weak. As the saying goes, a people gets the government it deserves. — Kassim Ahmad.

  10. Malaysia is heading or destined to go to hell, worse than Talibans or ISIS if this very idiotic, very corrupted, murderous, fraudulent, cheating and criminal PM as agreed by most logical and thinking Msians is still a PM! Now how to vote them out if we have a Election Dept who go all out to cheat, commit criminal acts of making sure that BN win the election thru complete frauds, cheatiings, gerrymanderings, vote buying or Msians will become like Spore Malays ie being marginalised? In fact Spore Malays are equally treated, enjoyed full and fair employment and are being proud of being Sporeans! They are obviously not discriminated but in fact being encouraged to compete fairly thru meritocracy as the govt want them to stand on their two feet and being counted as worthy of classic world citizens! Today Malays in Spore are a good example of a govt policy of fairness to all races, and practice equality and good goverance. Malaysia boleh!!!!!!?????

  11. Kassim,
    What if the person who wanna lead movement who used to be part of the establishment and whom you have said so in public that he should be hanged. Those are your words……

    Guys & Gals,
    Google George Wallace of Alabama!

    According to Kassim Ahmad’s logic, George Wallace should be not just get hanged………According to ktemoc’s logic, aiyaa……..kassim……aaargh……

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