Tun Hussein Onn: Where is the Original UMNO (1946)?

June 29, 2015

Tun Hussein Onn: Where is the Original UMNO (1946) ?

by Tajuddin Rosli@themalaymailonline.com

Tunku Razak and HusseinMy question is, where is this original UMNO now? The UMNO loved by all Malays, which had united the Malays with other races, which had brought prosperity and tranquility to this nation and its people and which had successfully fought for Independence — that UMNO is no more in existence. It was declared illegal and dissolved by Dr. Mahathir and his friends and replaced by another party named UMNO Baru. If we were to compare UMNO Baru’s form and structure to that of original UMNO, whether from the angle of its constitution or principles, where do we find any similarities between the two? The formation of UMNO Baru is an act of treachery and cannot be forgiven either by the members of the original UMNO or new UMNO. Despite the deterioration in my health including a heart attack, I responded by declaring that I would fight the traitors till the bitter end” — Tun Hussein Onn’s speech to voters in Parit Raja during a by-election in 1988.

Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia’s third Prime Minister led the country from 1976-1981. Hussein Onn shed tears both on resuming the premier’s office after the demise of Tun Abdul Razak and before leaving the helm for Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. While officially, Hussein left for Mahathir citing ill health as his reason, it was later alleged that Mahathir backstabbed Hussein Onn and used his jedi powers to force the latter out.

While we all know that UMNO was founded by Tun Hussein Onn’s father, Dato’  Onn Jaafar and how Onn Jaafar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein collectively increased the strengths of UMNO, we forget than Hussein Onn himself opposed Mahathir’s UMNO Baru from the outside. When he was asked why isn’t he a member of UMNO Baru and continuously opposed Mahathir, Tun Hussein replied by saying, “Firstly we are denied membership in UMNO Baru. Secondly, even if we were to be accorded membership, we disagree with its constitution and style of leadership. Thus we have no choice but to stay out and oppose UMNO Baru.”

logo-umno-baru-lama1logo-umno baruUMNO Baru

The 3rd Prime Minister on numerous occasions also expressed despair and heartache at disunity that Mahathir brewed. He once said, “We all want unity. But what is happening now is the worsening of disunity. We want to compromise. We want to reconcile. We want to forget all the differences. We want to return to the right path. But as you all know, all efforts towards unity have failed. Those in power don’t pay much attention to our suggestions. They have turned a deaf ear to our advice. We can all see how anyone who advises or disagrees with those in power will be condemned, suspended or sacked from their position. All efforts from within have failed. That is why we now have to act from outside, as Independents.”

Malaysia’s most loved Prince, Tunku Abdul Rahman walked hand-in-hand with Hussein Onn to oppose Mahathir. While Mahathir only recognizes contributions from the Malays for independence, the man who actually brought independence to Malaya spoke differently. Tunku openly criticised Mahathir for being power crazy.

rMahathir Mohamad-2014The Greedy Man, said Tunku Abdul Rahman

We should be wary of the greedy man who wants to grab everything in this country to satisfy his lust for power. He says it is for the Malays, but in actual fact it is for himself. We must bear in mind that the Malays had never lived in affluence and never had a place in the administration of this country. When this country achieved Independence, we gained power with the cooperation of other communities. We were able to rule our own country. We should therefore, never be arrogant and break our promise to our friends in the other communities who had helped us to achieve independence,” uttered Tunku.

Back then, Tunku kept pleading with the people to reject Mahathir. He constantly reminded, “All power is in the hands of the people, provided the people use the power wisely. Solidarity can only be achieved through UMNO, the original UMNO, not UMNO Baru, which is Dr.  Mahathir’s UMNO.”

Portraying the image of a fragile old man, Mahathir today  quivers and says he is a nobody today and he can only voice his concern against Dato’ Seri Najib as a normal citizen of this country. If memory serves him right, he should be getting flashbacks of what he did to Tunku and Hussein Onn on every occasion Najib snubs him. Mahathir is certainly getting back what he gave others before him. As they say, the globe is round. You are treated the exact same way you treat others.

If you want love, give love; If you want honesty, give honesty; If you want respect, give respect. You get in return, what you give!

17 thoughts on “Tun Hussein Onn: Where is the Original UMNO (1946)?

  1. The biggest mistake was putting this mamak as our Prime Minister. He’s not only ‘killing’the Malays but have destroyed our judiciary systems & divided our country by using race & religion.

  2. If 80% of the rakyat merit people by their action not theirs lip services, we won’t be suffering from, low wages, barang naik 2-3 Kali setiap tahun, gst. Maybe we’ll stand tall above the rest of the world for not having GST.

  3. Hi Din, Thanks for this important revelation for the words of our great Malaysian leader and nationalist who represents the multi-racial society that make up the Malaysian nation!you have yourself done much to foster the Malaysian dream, and i look forward to hear from your blog. Kind regards,David Teoh.

    Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 00:02:49 +0000 To: dteoh@hotmail.co.nz

  4. Yes. The blame should be shouldered by that old & quivering mamak. Who killed the original UMNO? Sedarlah dan bertaubatlah ooiii Mahathir sebelum akhir hayat mu.

  5. Old umno is hiding behind new umno. Just like TR, n a few others. They don’t have the courage to fight the wrong doing of the new umno or give up halfway. Only if they’ve the spirit like Anwar, lawan tetap lawan. Credit to Anwar for bringing the majority of races together to fight the new umno.

  6. Lee Kuan Yew quoted a Chinese saying – if you want to use a man, trust him, if you distrust, don’t use him.. More than anything else, its the reason Najib has to go…

  7. Why point your finger at the old man. There are so many in UMNO who supported him when he was in power out of self preservation and for their own personal agenda (greed) and as such amounted to conspiring with him to mislead the Malays and in the end betrayed the Malays. At that time I ask the question “were you one of them?”. It’s no difference between now and then, many are with Jibby also for self preservation and to satisfy their greed for money and thus again mislead the Malays and betray the trust the Malays have in them. The Malay intelligentsia were in denial mode for so long and kept quiet when the opposition were raising issues like corruption, conflict of interest issues (when the UEM was awarded the concession to build and operate the North-South Highways), the sacking of the Lord President and the senior judges and inequality in the distribution of income even amongst the Malays.

  8. Quote:- “Maybe we’ll stand tall above the rest of the world”

    We once did. Maybe not “…above the rest of the World”, but certainly we were looked up to, once.

    Malaysia had at one time the tallest building in the World, (no mean feat), but, for reasons our political leaders find difficult to grasp, no one seems to think much of us.

    Singapore, Switzerland, Germany and France never had buildings any where near as tall, but……..

    As the saying goes, “Be like the bamboo, the taller it grows the lower it bends”

  9. /// Wayne June 29, 2015 at 8:36 pm
    Malaysia had at one time the tallest building in the World, (no mean feat), but, for reasons our political leaders find difficult to grasp, no one seems to think much of us. ///

    Wayne, I think your remarks in brackets is not only unnecessary, it is wrong. That is why the political leaders find difficult to grasp. It is a very easy feat – just throw money at it which was what Mahathir did with taxpayers’ money. The architect was foreigner Cesar Pelli, who foisted an old design on Malaysia after it was rejected elsewhere. The builders were Japanese and Korean. What feat? What is there to be proud off. This is just the sign of a short man who had to stand on a soap-box to be seen and heard. As you have noted, Singapore does not need to do such stunts when it can easily afford ten such skyscrappers in cash.

    /// Be like the bamboo, the taller it grows the lower it bends. ///

    Some people thinks that the above saying meant the higher one goes, the harder one falls. What it actually means is that you need to be humble even though you’re a very successful person. As the bamboo bow to the winds.

    Mahathir is anything but humble. Just look at that smirk on his face.

  10. With such draconian policies under the premiership of Dr.Mahathir, who dared to give dissenting statements in UMNO Baru. The same applies to Najib who inherited the style and legacy left behind from Dr. Mahathir.

  11. There is a strong culture of secrecy and cover up in the Malay/Muslim dominated corruption infested administration of the country.

    These are very good friends of the powerful and corrupt.

  12. As time and events unfold accordingly, today, we have borne witnesses to Tun Dr Mahathir’s BETRAYAL of Not only the original UMNO, its founding fathers, their spirits and aspirations, but also of every Malaysian, the dream of a truly brighter and better united nation, whether to a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban or otherwise..
    That betrayal would be overcome by the Trust and Perseverance of the people, themselves.

  13. I hate it when people says there is no difference between umno pre mahathir and umno during and post mahthir. This is purely ignorant. UMNO pre Mahathir was not corrupted. They dont spend taxpayers money for white elephants projects that dont benefit the people. UMNO pre Mahathir really truly serve for the people. They create programs such as Felda that really helps lifted up the income of the poor people in the rural area. This are the kind of spending that will give engines to the economy for decades. What did Mahathir did. Build KLCC = Causing a property bubble in KL (Used tax payers money), Create Proton and wasted billions of taxpayers money for their never ending rescue plan, instead of buying more trains he build more roads in KL which causes more traffic jams (Actually buying hundreds of trains is more cheaper then building such massive highways), and the worst of all is building Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. It is definitely unnecessary. You could used the money used to build Putrajaya to build roads and make educations and hospitals more accessible to the rural areas. Like I said it will also gives a much2 better return to tax payers money rather then building KLCC. He could have built an IT city in second tier cities such as Ipoh. It would cost much2 less building a Cyberjaya in existing cities rather then creating an entirely new cities out of thin air. Ipoh already has sophisticated facilities for Malaysian standard at the time and during that time as well tin price was collapsing and the economy suffered badly. Its economy never recovered and is such a shame. This all happened during his time. His administration is all about power and fame rather then real economic value. If only he is the leader of all diseases in Malaysia. The father of all corruption.

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