The case of Rosli Dahlan: The MACC On Trial

June 18, 2015

The case of Rosli Dahlan: The MACC On Trial

by Din Merican

Rosli Dahlan

Today 18 June 2015, Muslims in Malaysia start the Ramadan Fast. Ramadan has a special but sad significance for my young friend, Lawyer Rosli Dahlan.

It was 8 Ramadans ago that the MACC conspired with then Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail to fix up Rosli – brutally arresting him before his staff at his office, threw him into their underground dungeon, refusing to give him medical treatment for the injuries he suffered and then hastily charging him in the most humiliating way just one day before Hari Raya of 2007.

 Musa Gani and Abu Kassim

Musa Hassan, Gani Patail, Abu Kassim

Gani Patail, as the Public Prosecutor, then delayed Rosli’s criminal trial until 2010. When Rosli was acquitted, Gani kept up the false facade of an appeal until 2012 because Gani wanted to use it as a bargaining chip to force Rosli to withdraw his civil suits against Gani, the MACC Chief Commisioner Abu Kassim, Musa and a few other MACC officers including the lying faggot Kevin Morais.

Kevin MoraisKevin Morais

They then delayed all of his civil suits after all the mainstream media have either apologized or were held liable for defaming Rosli :

 Meantime, the KL High court had also delivered a damning judgment against the MACC and NST for defamation against Rosli and ordered them to pay RM300,000 :

 This was a first in Malaysian legal history and the annals of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Already, since it’s formation the MACC had topped the charts as the law enforcement agency where people die in custody as in the deaths of Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini. But, no one from the MACC were charged for these deaths because all theMACC officers said they didn’t know what happened.

 Teoh Beng Hock

Ahmad SarbaniTeoh Beng Hock (pic-top) and Ahmad Sarbani

Finally, after 8 long years of waiting, Rosli’s civil suit goes to trial, read here:

When the MACC’s witnesses came to testify before the tough High Judge, Malaysians were exposed to alarming revelations of the contradictions in their evidence. It became more shocking when the MACC top officers brazenly switched their answers from “Tak tahu” (Don’t know) to “Tak Ingat” (Don’t remember) to “Tak Kisah” (Don’t care). So, that is  how TeohBeng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini died while in custody because the MACC just did not care:

But more than the case itself, the trial unearthed so many sheenanigans of rogues in government, resurrecting the story of Anwar Ibrahim’s Black Eye incident, the MAS  Tajuddin Ramli case, the cover up of the Along loans shark syndicate and the suspicious Haj Trip of A-G Gani Patail with that shadycharacter Shahidan Shafie, read:

Rosli had repeatedly and publicly called Musa Hassan and Gani Patail liars for fixing him up. These are defamatory words, yet Musa has not sued Rosli and neither has A-G Gani charged him for criminal defamation:

Rosli’s case tells a chilling story of what can happen to an innocent private citizen if the institutions of government are turned against you. The case raises the question- Is the MACC really an independent commission out to eradicate corruption in Malaysia? Or is it just a tool of oppression to orchestrate conspiracies against the opposition and those perceived to be anti-establishment?

Anwar Ibrahim has filed an application to review Sodomy II, read:

We also ask why was the MACC Chief Abu Kassim in Doha on promotional roadshows to improve the MACC’s image overseas and using that as an excuse to not attend the trial? This sounds very much like Prime Minister Najib being in Saudi Arabia when Sabah was mourning the earthquake deaths:

We sincerely ask what has become of the MACC’s lofty slogans about investigating corruption without fear of favor?

If Ramli was investigated based on false allegations of living beyond his means, why is the MACC not investigating Rosmah’s open and defiant display of full range of the Hermes Birkin handbags, one pink one even said to cost RM820,000? Is that within the means of a Prime Minister’s wife? Where did the Prime Minister and his wife get all that wealth? Certainly not from Najib’s father, Tun Abdul Razak, who was known to be a frugal, upright and honest man. Is Abu Kassim so deaf that he cannot hear that the Razak brothers (Johari, Nizam, Nazim and Nazir) have already denied that they inherited huge wealth from their father?


Rakyat Bayar GST

If Rosli was just a witness who can be brutally arrested, how come Abu Kassim has not even brought in any of the 1MDB board members for questioning? Dr Mahathir says Arul Kanda Kandasamy lied about the US1 billion in Singapore, yet Abu Kassim has done nothing about it.

The Sarawak Report and The Edge have already marked the missing money trail, did the MACC bother to do anything about it? Or was Abu Kassim’s trip to Doha also to meet Jho Low’s Arab’s friends to see how they can cover this big hole in 1MDB’s unexplained RM42 billion?

This case is no longer about Rosli. This is case is much bigger than that. It is about a rogue government. It is about the rogue government of Prime Minister Najib blatantly abusing its powers and betraying the people’s trust. It is about this rogue government spinning falsehood to the people and the MACC with all its lofty slogans doing absolutely nothing.

This case puts  the MACC on trial. No one, not even the Prime Minister is above the law and nobody should be allowed to act with impunity. Corruption and abuses of power will lead to the eventual collapse of our wonderful country.

19 thoughts on “The case of Rosli Dahlan: The MACC On Trial

  1. DIn, as long as the moderate Malay Muslims in Malaysia continue to be lazy and docile, you can write as much and as emotionally as you’d like. Nothing will change. Najib and his henchmen will continue to pillage the country. He will just thumb his nose at you and the few who has had the guts to speak out. If things are to change, the G25 or G44 has to do more than just asking the remnants of Pakatan to form a new multi-racial party which I think is suicidal. They should instead galvanise the millions of moderate Malay Muslims to come out and ask for justice against Najib and his band of thieves. You too, should help to galvanise your Malay brothers and sisters.

    If I sound like a broken record, in fact I am. And I will continue to be one on this particular point.

    Malaysia will never change unless the millions of moderate Malay Muslims come out!!!
    It has to be everyone playing his part. Najib is not a Malay problem; he has become a national nightmare. Rosli Dahlan for example is doing his part. I have chosen to be a scribe like Thomas Paine, although I am nowhere near his class. My blog is making modest contribution to the efforts of many who are doing their bit to make things happen.The social media and the internet are making mainstream media increasingly irrelevant. Najib and his agents are doing their best to blunt our efforts and each day they find the momentum for change is too strong for them to resist. Wake up Muthu. Your comments are not helpful. They have reached a point of diminishing returns. –Din Merican

  2. Yes I agree, the lying faggot Kevin Morais…. and there’s another one in the Anwar Case…. the freaking faggot Jude Pereira

  3. With black background and yellow lettering, I can hardly read. Din, how about changing the font or whatever,so that an old man with poor vision like me can enjoy your posting. Thanks.

  4. “The case of Rosli Dahlan: The MACC On Trial”

    Hopefully we can trace the origins of the “Bad Blood” from “Putrid-jaya” down the linewith Rosli Dahlan ending up being the “Collateral Damage”……

    Just to share this…

    Jun 2007 –

    Nov 15 2010 –

    “…Behind this wicked and heinous scheme is the ‘1 Malaysia syndicate’ led by…

    The reason behind his choice of Hussein….is well understood as ….is obligated to …..mother who had helped to mediate and resolve ….personal problem over the latter’s illicit affair with a lady from …..”

    February 16, 2011 –

    Apr 1 2012 –

    May 30, 2012 –

    Dec 10 2012 –

    Dec 31 2012 –

    You be the judge.

  5. “….as long as the moderate Malay Muslims in Malaysia continue to be lazy and docile…”

    This is a lazy and frankly stupid statement. It betrays a lack of understanding when it comes to history and the political power structures of this country. Furthermore, it absolves the Non Malays from taking any action as Malaysians when it comes to issues concerning Malay/Muslims in the guise of pragmatism.

  6. Flyer 168 must be a Musa Hasan sympathiser posting all the links that hentam Musa’s successor Tan Sri Ismail Omar. Musa wanted to be further extended as IGP altho Pak Lah had already given him 2 extensions. So, when Home Minister Hishammuddin did not extend him further, he was angry and launched anonymous blogs to attack Hishammuddin and Ismail Omar just as he previously did against Johari Baharom. Musa is a coward who authored many poison pen letters and blogs. Dato Ramli and Tan Sri Phang sued him and he apologised because he was afraid to go to trial. That is the nature of cowards and bullies.

    Read the link above:‘Frightened Musa wants to save his skin’ | Free Malaysia Today –

  7. If Malaysia has to change, 2 groups of Malaysians must wake up after sleeping for over 50 years.1.The kampung Malays must wake up to destroy evil UNMO.UNMO has stolen their shares of wealth of billions and they are cooned to beleive UNMO protected them.2.East Malaysians must wake up and cease to be fixed deposit of BN.they are taken for granted by UNMO.they are so poor in their own land.Wake Up conned Malaysians

  8. Muthu,

    I am a moderate Malay Muslim and, like Pak Din, am doing what little we can to make things work. However negligible our attempts may be, I feel, we have sowed the seed of discontent among some.

    The problem, like loke has posited, lies with the rural Malays who are easily duped by sweet talks and “sweets” to the detriment of the country they live in. I say this with much conviction, as I have seen it with my own eyes.

    I don’t have to go far my wife’s siblings are one big Umno apologists who believe that the Umnoputras are God-sent to lord over the Malays. How naive can they be.

  9. KrishM,

    Hello I am not on anyone’s side, but just to share what is already a known fact…

    We are talking about corrupt practices in the corridors of power…

    Musa is just a small “pawn” macais like the others…

    “The fish always rots from the “Head” in Putrid-jaya…

    The “Puppet Masters”…


  10. Flyer68,

    The links you provided all hentam Hishammuddin and Ismail Omar whereas there are so many more links and stories about Musa and AG, so can’t blame any one to think that of you. Musa accused Ramli and Robert Phang. He was sued and he unashamedly apologised. So no balls to fight? Only got balls to throw stones and hide. Bullies and cowards are like that. So, pls don’t pretend to be neutral when you are so biased probably hired for that. Ptuuuiii!!

  11. Hahaha, KrishM and Flyer68 having a spat. Obviously they are supporters of the opposite sides! Din Merican calling Kevin Morais a lying faggot is highly defamatory. I hope you don’t get sued!

    You can also get sued and charged for calling Musa and AG liars and fixers. Be careful Dato Din, they may throw you in the dungeon and your beautiful dentist wife will die pinning for you.
    Don’t get personal. Stick to issues. If you can’t, you are not welcome. I don’t write without consulting my lawyer. I know who you are.–Din Merican

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