Understanding British History through its Monarchy

June 14, 2015

Understanding British History through its Monarchy

Listen to Dr. David Strarkey on the subject of Monarchy. May we reflect on our own Monarchy and history. More than the biographies of the kings and queens of England, this lecture is an in depth examination of what the English monarchy has meant, in terms of the expression of the individual, the Mother of Parliaments, Magna Carta, the laws of England and the land of England. The importance of the rich heritage of the Anglo Saxon kings is featured but it does not stop there. This is the history of ideas and ideals.–Din Merican



2 thoughts on “Understanding British History through its Monarchy

  1. ROYALTY by Jeremy Paxman about Royalty in Europe and also EMPIRE and what it did to the BRITISH by J. Paxman very good reads

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