Stephen Colbert interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson

May 27, 2015

Phnom Penh

Stephen Colbert interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson


Have a great morning. My dear friend and former Wisma Putra colleague, Dato’ Hamzah Majeed, now a respected educator at Chempaka School Group told me that I should watch this interview with the man from Bronx, New York City. I just did and Neil deGrasse Tyson is an interesting and entertaining man of science.

To know his background, please read this: –Din Merican

15 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson

  1. I’m on my phone data – but I guess that an old video? I’ve seen it before, unless he made a new interview.

    By the way, Bill Nye (with support of Neil, since they are all board members of is making kickstarter to test solarsail – search the kickstarter since in case link get removed for spam.

    awesome interview, i have to admit.

    by the way, datuk(?), any opinion on latest Adi Putra bru ha ha?
    Adi Putra, who? An Einstein or Newton? –Din Merican

  2. Our politicians have been saying Malaysia Boleh. Can what? Abdullah Badawi sent a Malaysian space tourist on a Russian space shuttle and christened him an astronaut and made him a Malay hero. While space, he brought satay and other stuff with him to do research on the effects of outer space on our foof and till today we have not seen his report after having spent some rm70 million to train and put him in the company of carefully chosen and trained Russian astronauts with scientific and technical backgrounds.

    We continue to mess up the teaching of science and mathematics in our schools. We change our school curriculum like we change our shirts and pants. Now Najib plays racist politics and spends billions on bribing self serving UMNO and other politicians so that he can stay in power. He engages apologists like Paul Low and uses Idris Jala and foreign consultants to spruce up his image and produce glossy reports which no one in his administration cares to read, understand and implement. He lies and cheats the nation and pursues a developed nation status with incompetent and corrupt people and toxic organisations like the MACC, the Judiciary, and the civil service. We have yet to produce an astrophysicist like the man from Bronx. –Din Merican

  3. Did my browser eat my reply (maybe because you are editing my current comment)? If it didn’t appear within 5 minutes, maybe I’ll compose another in notepad and paste it here. Thanks.

  4. Reply #1

    I get it that he is neither Einstein nor Newton, but he is also a six year old kid. Isn’t it our (people around him) job to guide him well?

    Nope – that is short sighted. just because you are a genius it doesn’t mean knowledge will come from the sky “wahyu” style.

    You need a good mentor. This is crucial. Watch this:

    Growing pains for a teenage genius

  5. Too much emphasis on science and insufficient on other dimensions of life is no different from religious zealots who simply refuse to accept any opinion but their own.

    The happy medium is missing here.

  6. Child genius is a child that needs to play more than more books and knowledge. Life is more than being a genius. A young boy younger than me was trying to grasped at physical matters while I was struggling with high school subjects. In the end he killed himself due to mental overload at an age younger than me.

    Let the child grow to know how to appreciate life rather than burden him with matters that burdened.

  7. Not at all Isa. These days every where you look, religious zealots are attempting to control the discourse. Neil deGrasse Tyson I suppose is the logical heir to Carl Sagan but I think Tyson is way more interesting and funnily enough more populist. I think he is on the money when it comes to a healthy space race between the US and China to Mars.

  8. And yes he is kinda of joking but really if ever there was a time for wonder it is now. Everyday it seems we see people telling us to be fearful. What I like about Tyson is that he attempts to inspire us to be something more. Your mileage may vary of course.

  9. I had a Wet Dream.. I wanted to be an AstroPhysicist after i read a novel about Time Dilation while in my teens.

    Then Reality struck. Our Skies are Cloudy and the largest Telescope available locally couldn’t even help me count the hairs of on the Mons Veneris of my ‘budding’ teen neighbor.

    So i became a short sighted barber.

    Is that better, Isa?

    Seriously though Conrad, i don’t think the Taikonauts will be be able to compete a combined Eurospace and NASA effort to Mars. It’s not just the economics, you know.. Robots can do the job much more efficiently and with less risk.

    Besides a Space-Elevator would make more sense. I am a fan of Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.

  10. What is going on Dato Din Merican?. One day a new format… then back to the old (and better) one and now back to this.

    Cambodian syndrome?

  11. All too true C.L. but let’s face it NASA’s funding has been getting cut for years , hence Tyson’s humour of a space race. Even with robots there would ancillary technologies, which was Tyson’s point about innovation.

    Myself, I like the idea of men on Mars (insert joke) before we too are included in the sixth extinction phase.

  12. Equally, as simply beautiful and profound as Einstein’ s E = MC2, is ,
    Science Can Never Lie . It Always Tell the Truth or Nearest to the Truth.

    I am a strong believer in it. Every leader, political or otherwise, learn from it.

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