Najib : To Stay for UMNO and continue Tun Razak’s Legacy

May 18, 2015

Phnom Penh

Najib : To Stay for UMNO and continue Tun Razak’s Legacy

by  Akyaa

Najib Vs MahathirPrime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and former premier Dr Mahathir continued to trade barbs. While Tun Dr. Mahathir reiterated that  the incumbent should step down, Najib  took a swipe at the former Premier stating that he was able to remain in power for more than two decades because of the UMNO constitution.

Speaking at an event organised  by the UMNO Veterans Club in Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur today, Najib stressed that he did not wish to tread the same path. He pointed out that he was the first UMNO President elected after the constitution was amended.

The amendment saw the total number of delegates eligible to vote increased and the quota system abolished. “Previously, only 2,600 people in Kuala Lumpur will vote for the President. (Sixty nominations) are needed to challenge the President,” said Najib. “Do you think it’s easy to do so? No way. That’s why Mahathir managed to stay for 22 years,” he added.

Dr M’s time had problems too

Najib said he too could remain as the longest-serving prime minister, but opted to be chosen through democratic means. “Since I was chosen democratically, why must I be disturbed? Why must I resign from my post? I will continue this fight for the party’s interests,” thundered Najib to the crowd of about 300 people.

As he continued to hit out at Mahathir for having “many more problems” during his tenure as Prime Minister.

“It’s not like there were no problems then. There were many, it’s just that I don’t want to mention. Too many. Why must we wash our dirty linens in public? It’s only detrimental for us. We should defend our party, not destroy it. If we have a problem, we rectify it and find a way to solve it,” he said.

Najib all for Vision 2020

Meanwhile, Najib said he had many more duties to deliver, such as realising Vision 2020. “Even though it was Mahathir who inspired Vision 2020, I don’t mind it because it was a good vision.

“But whatever that I believe is not suitable, I will not implement. Although he does not agree with (cash aid) BR1M, I think it’s good because people can use the money to buy rice, milk and sugar. At least the poor can receive assistance from the government. We shouldn’t focus on mega projects only,” he said, in an obvious dig at Mahathir who is known to have a penchant for mega projects,

Meanwhile, the Premier also said that he had joined politics to continue the struggle left by his father, Malaysia’s second Prime Minister, the late  TunAbdul Razak Hussein.”If my father was the country’s father of development, I am determined to not only continue his struggle, but to bring the people to a higher level. “That’s why whatever policy I have introduced as Prime Minister, it is not far from the party’s principles,” he said, pointing out that it was he who upgraded ITM to university status when he was Education Minister and increased the university’s enrollment.

21 thoughts on “Najib : To Stay for UMNO and continue Tun Razak’s Legacy

  1. Continue Tun Razak’s legacy? No way if you are messing up 1MDB and and mismanaging our national finances? Think again, Mr. Prime Minister. Trading barbs with the Old Fox will not help you. The fight is not between you and Tun Dr, Mahathir. The Tun was merely giving vent to the feelings of a majority of Malaysians who want you to go. Pressure is mounting and eventually your mental and physical well being will be affected. Is it worth it? Not for all the money.–Din Merican

  2. He can lie at anything because that is what politicians are good at. His own bodyguard killed Altantuya and he doesn’t know who gave the orders! Can you stomach that? This alone will bring him down.

  3. Din,
    Heard of Jeffrey Archer. Quite famous novel author. Kind of see parallel similarities between Najib and Archer. But again, I still respect Mary Archer

  4. Din, your commentary access is being monitored.

    I hope those who monitor what we say on this blog as providing useful feedback on what thinking and concerned Malaysians feel about the state of our politics and country.That said, commenters must be careful about their comments.We have become a police state run by people who are cared of their own shadow. –Din Merican

  5. Sorry Dato I cannot contribute comments worthy of your esteemed blog forum today…. still thinking how the new Airbus A320CJ 9M-NAB flying back from Malta to KLIA had to make an emergency stopover in Almaty (Kazakhtan) due to bad weather…. it is so way out of the route… but I guess those folks really want to confuse us… at least I am confused….

    Keep your mind free of clutter. –Din Merican

  6. I read somewhere Tun Razak was very critical of Najib when he was in his youth. Tun Razak described Najib as skirts chaser.

  7. Once again, as a patriotic Malaysian, I hope to see this scenario come true:

    1. TRH becomes the next PM

    2. The DPM comes from Pakatan Rakyat – the DPM should be a person acceptable to both BN and PR and its component parties (but not one of those treacherous PAS ulama of the Hadi Awang type)

    3. The Cabinet is made up of both PR and clean (cleaner?) BN politicians. Must be both capable and clean.

    4. Assemble the most capable financial team possible to clean up the mess left behind by the
    1PM-cum-1Finance Minister

    5. Start prosecuting the crooks, thieves, fascists etc who are destroying our economy and social harmony

  8. Bravo Jib. Well done. The patient waiting has been too long – you have been too respectful of the mamak elder. It is high time to respond now.

  9. Continue Tun Razak’s legacy?
    Joke of the year!

    Even his younger brother is worried about the family name being tarnished!

  10. I hope that I am wrong but this is the scenario I forsee:

    1. Dr M and the 1PM are locked in a continuing struggle, with no clear winner.
    Dr M’s criticisms discredits the 1PM more and more in the eyes of the
    public (including UMNO Baru’s crucial rural Malay and civil servant base).
    The 1PM responds by exposing more of Dr M’s skeletons in the closet and by
    the technique he knows best i.e. throwing tax payer money around to buy
    political support.

    2. Malaysia’s public finances deteriorate more and more, resulting in :
    More cuts in public spending (but increased spending for the
    repressive state apparatus such as the police, and for pro-regime propaganda),
    more hidden taxes, accelerating inflation as the
    regime resorts to money creation to finance deficits, downgrading by international
    credit rating agencies — thus govt bonds have to pay higher interest rates to bond
    purchasers, more capital flight.

    3. Culminating in a massive economic/financial crisis.

  11. They are still too many ignorant rakyat in this country, and they can be bought with a meagre amount, then they are also whole bunch of stooges in bn who can be buttered with of course a larger amount, time for them to milk some of the rakyat’s hard earned money.

    Then we have the octo dr who designed the whole political system ages ago that is now haunting and frustrating him. In summary, the well informed rakyat do not have the power to do anything. The rakyat will continue to suffer under such corrupt system. The country may eventually be worse off than the Philippines in the Marcos era.

  12. The only legacy he’ll leave is of an indecisive leader who is hen-packed with little or no scruples. He’ll go down into history as the weakest PM ever..

  13. Jib Jib … you really have your missus pulling your nose like a cow to hang on to power. That old man is still gutsy challenging you on this and that and you deny than admit deny than admit. Whatlah … malulah sikit. Zero credibility, that’s you.

  14. It’s OK if a man allows his wife to hen peck him, that’s their marital arrangement 😉

    But allowing the wife to wastefully spend the family fortune and what the
    ancestors have managed to accumulate and pass on to the present and
    future generations is another issue altogether ! Exhibit A from Africa :
    the graceless FLOZ Grace Mugabe of Zimbabwe

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