Music and Songs by The Mekong

May 15, 2015

Phnom Penh

Music and Songs by The Mekong: Dean Martin Sings Italian

The weekend is upon us again. I have pleasure in  presenting my favorite crooner for the week, Dean Martin.  For your entertainment, he sings Italian hits, starting with his famous Buona Sera which I dedicate to a friend, Jovany Antonio, General Manager of Silvertown Cambodia.

I met Jovany, whose parents who were from Al Salvador emigrated to the United States where he was born, at the AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce) networking function last Tuesday and got into a conversation about jazz and popular music. Dean Martin became one of the topics of our conversation and I told him that I have a blog where I post  songs for the weekend when the mood for music was right. I said I will play a Dean Martin number for him. So I am honouring my promise to him.

Kamsiah and DinLet us forget the depressing politics in Malaysia and enjoy Dean’s songs and go Italian for a change. I hope my wife, Dr. Kamsiah who is now attending a Dental Symposium in Macau will have some spare time to be entertained by Dean Martin, the man with a golden voice. –Din Merican

3 thoughts on “Music and Songs by The Mekong

  1. Also to share this…

    Dean Martin – Volare –

    Dean Martin John Wayne Everybody loves somebody Sometime –

    Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin Reunion – 1976 MDA Telethon –


  2. Din, you must listen to Dean’s rendition of “Sway”. I think it’s the ultimate version by anybody. I am a music lover albeit from the past, as I still spin vinyl. To me, it’s the absolute sound and I have never switched over to CD back in 1984. Have to admit I have some CD’s to play in the car as you can’t have a turntable in your car!! Unfortunately vinyl music cannot be posted online or I would have posted lots of good music from the 60’s and 70’s for you!!
    But when you are back in KL, and you have some spare time, I would like to invite you for some nice music enjoyment. Think of a song from the 70’s which you have not heard for a while as it’s not available on CD; there is a good chance I have it on vinyl!!

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