Mr. David Cameron: The Next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

May 8, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: The Conservatives led by Mr. David Cameron won the 2015 UK Elections with a clear majority of 330 seats. Labour finished with 232 seats while the Scottish National Party got 56 seats. Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats won 8 seats.–Din Merican

Mr. David Cameron: The Next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The Interviewer is giving the Leader of the Conservative Party, Mr. David Cameron a rough time. This can only happen in the cradle of democracy. In contrast, our media is tame and too polite to ask our Prime Minister tough questions about his record of governance. When will we change and make our Head of Government accountable and responsible for his policies and decisions?

Listen to the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party, Mr Ed Mlliband,the main contender for the post of Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Leader of Liberal Democrats, and Nicola Sturgeon, Leader of Scottish National Party.


17 thoughts on “Mr. David Cameron: The Next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

  1. He deserves to be retained. The economy of Great Britain has improved considerably but there are urgent
    matters to attend to and be improvised.

  2. Soon it will be goodbye, Mr. Miliband and Nick Clegg. David Cameron will be Prime Minister with an outright majority. Amazing night for the conservatives. The Liberals and Labour are defeated. –Din Merican

  3. However to Cameron, this may be a tumultuous year. There is a precedent. Remember John Major 1992 victory and disaster that follows

    And the aftermath

    Perhaps, Din would may not like this. Labour needs another Tony Blair!

  4. By the way, the victory by SNP may trigger similar action taken by Jeffrey Kitingan and his STAR party. Remember SNP won only 6 seats in 2010 election and now they won 56 seats

    Compared to Alex Salmond SNP, sound familiar

    Perhaps, Time for Sabah and Sarawak to declare independent, taking cue from Scotland

  5. Din,
    Cameron may have won the election but what happen with Major handling of his government may haunt him again. It will not be an easy ride. Look at what happened Jim Callaghan government

    Again what Labour needs is another Tony Blair

  6. Man seldom learns from his experience and never from the experience of other. Good governance and smooth transfer of power does fall from the sky. We have to work at it. Many Third World Countries in the Commonwealth became independent paying homage to the British System of Parliamentary government. But unfortunately many of them, if not all have opted for a Parliamentary System of government in their mode. As the saying often goes there is fundamentally nothing wrong with the constitution handed down by the British. Everything got convoluted when many leaders of Third World Countries in their desire to remain in power for ever to protect their personal legacy, particularly with regard to their wealth, used the forms of the British Parliamentary System of government to undermine its substance.

    Today we have various shades of Parliamentary System of Government ranging from the one in Singapore to the one we have in Zimbabwe where degrees of violence is unleashed by the state. Perhaps those governments that used their economy to power the political system and at the same time deliver the goods may be left off the hook. But for those that had all the resources and did dot deliver the goods to the bottom half of the people will remain on the hook until they bring about transformational change. The jury is still out there but in the mean time many workers have to take a indirect pay cut through, inflation, devaluation of the currency and general taxes which affects the rich and the poor alike.

    We should not just pay homage to a good system of governance but we must in our words and deeds put the interest of the state above our personal interest. There is no other know way to prosperity for all.

  7. Dato… Sorry but it is thumbs down for your new format… not at all “user convenient”: like the one you have removed

  8. “Mr. David Cameron: The Next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom”

    Yes indeed – Congratulations to David Cameron & his Tory Party for the successful election win.

    David Cameron’s next big challenge – with Nicola Sturgeon Leader of the SNP securing 56 out of 59 available seats in Scotland for the SNP

    “If looks could kill! Nicola’s glance suggests there may be trouble ahead as SNP issues warning to Cameron after turning Scotland into a virtual one-party”


    “Nicola Sturgeon is the fifth and current First Minister of Scotland and the Leader of the Scottish National Party, in office since 2014.

    She is the first woman to hold either position. Sturgeon represents Glasgow Southside as its MSP.”

    You be the judge.

  9. “Mr. David Cameron: The Next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom”

    “Again what Labour needs is another Tony Blair”

    Hello looes74,

    Just to share this…

    Jul 9, 2008 –

    Feb 8 2014 –

    22 June 2014 – The charge: “Verdict: Guilty.

    Neither Blair nor Bush will ever face punishment for taking the US and UK into an illegal war they knew was based on lies, and killing countless innocent people. Western statesmen do not end up in The Hague facing war crimes charges. The punishment is on us and the Iraqi people.

    The standing of Britain has been degraded abroad, trust in politics destroyed at home. Our morality is so drained that the very concept of military intervention to save Iraq from Isis is rendered absurd. We brought that nation to ruin and now we watch as it falls, with echoes of the Khmer Rouge taking Cambodia back to Year Zero. Where there was no terrorism, we created a terrorist homeland.

    Chief among Blair’s crimes is that while he may have blood on his hands, he has spread the blood on to us, because in a democracy we must carry some of the blame for our elected leaders, even if they try to blind us to the truth through a web of deceit, chicanery, bullying and sin.

    Neil Mackay is the Sunday Herald’s Head of News.

    He is the author of The War On Truth, which investigated the roots of the invasion of Iraq; and of the novel All The Little Guns Went Bang Bang Bang”

    22 June 2014 – The trial of Tony Blair –

    8 Nov 2014 – 1MDB Funded RM218,000 Per Month Retainer To Tony Blair! –

    You be the judge.

  10. I have no love for Cameron. He was lucky as Nick Clegg took his bait and now buried in the hole Cameron dug fir him. Ed Miliband is history too. I guess Cameron, with his aristocrat birth, will thrive in what is likely to be more racially charged British politics.

  11. There is nobody on UK’s political horizon who can save the country from the financial meltdown that it is facing… due mostly to its level of debt.

    Most non Western countries would have been declared bankrupt with far less exposure and “visited” by IMF and The World Bank.

    Killing foreigners is their only option to deflect those of their citizens who may want to question the finances.

  12. Yup, Conrad. Sensing that Cameron won the election with a negatively run campaign. Najib may have done the same to win the next GE14. Watch out Pakatan. Meanwhile Adenam may try the same trick Sturgeon had done for Scotland in his next state election. I am sure PBB led sarawak barisan would win convincingly. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Kitingan may wanna take a look at sturgeon policy. PKR Sabah watch out! STAR (Sabah version of SNP) is coming

  13. Enter Lynton Crosby! Watch out Pakatan, BN may do the same trick that what Cameron has done yesterday

  14. Meanwhile Paddy Ashdown cake eating ceremony

    Hey, Jeffrey Kitingan may had that dream one fine day. Sturgeon had said that she wants king/queenmaker. Sound familiar

  15. David Cameron may have won the UK Elections but there are still a lot of matters in the UK which have to be addressed, corrected and improved. Winning the General Elections is only the first step. There are many more steps to climb. Politicians in Malaysia should know this.
    Many enjoy being elected but once elected, they forget themselves and forget their duties as the elected representatives of the people. Chung Tat LIm.

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