Auf Wiedersehen, Not Goodbye Malaysia

April 30, 2015

Auf Wiedersehen, Not Goodbye Malaysia


My friends,

As of tomorrow May 1, I shall be in Phnom Penh to take up my appointment as Associate Dean, Techo Sen ( Hun Sen) School of Government and International Relations, University of Cambodia. I am grateful to my colleagues at the University, especially President-Minister of State Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, for accepting a soon to be 76 year old activist, who is considered to be irrelevant in his own country, and allowing me to partake in this major assignment. I feel appreciated and shall get on with the challenging task of building this School, which bears the name of the Prime Minister of Cambodia, HE Samdec Techo Hun Sen, into an academic and research center of  excellence.

Phnom PenhThank You for Your Support

Fortunately, I am not alone. Even before I board to the plane, I have been assured of collaboration with The S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University where I will have the opportunity to work with Ambassador Ong Keng Yong, Emeritus Secretary-General of ASEAN and former Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia and Ambassador Murshahid Ali, former Singapore Ambassador to Cambodia.

In Malaysia, Tan Sri Mahbob Sulaiman, Chairman, Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) where I am a Associate Fellow has expressed interest in a research and consulting tie-up with the School and the University of Cambodia. Dato Dr. Paul Chan, Vice Chancellor, HELP University and his colleague, Dato Dr. Zakaria Ahmad have concrete collaboration proposals with the University of Cambodia. Upon arrival in the Cambodian capital by the Mekong, I will brief Dr. Kao on these matters.

This blog will be active as usual and I hope you will continue to support it with your comments andDin Merican@facebook ideas. You have contributed a lot to making it a well visited site. According to the 2014 Annual Review by, it is read in 206 countries throughout the world and in 2014, it had 2.5 million visitors. It is most gratifying to have your support. I welcome your suggestions which can make this blog a home where ideas matter.  So it is auf wedersehen, not goodbye Malaysia.–Din Merican

51 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen, Not Goodbye Malaysia

  1. Dear Bro,

    Best wishes and May Allah gives you the strength and increase your Taqwa and Iman, In Shaa Allah. I learned that Islam, Iman and Ihsan are three prerequisites for a good Muslim. One, many people called themselves Islam but they don’t do the ‘rukuns’ in Islam. Two, those who practices the ‘rukuns’ of Islam have acquired Iman in themselves. Thirdly, when an outsider see the person as an exemplary human being, that person have achieved the Ihsan status. I believe you belong to the third grouping of Islam. Till today, we didn’t have the chance to meet up. Hope we meet up one day in dunia or in Jannah, In Shaa Allah.
    There is nothing special about me. You are kind but I don’t serve this praise. I try my best to be a good human being, someone who is grateful to Allah the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate for granting him a good break .–Din Merican

  2. I take this opportunity to wish you and you wife the BEST OF EVERYTHING. May Allah be your guidance and success in your endeavours. GOOD BYE.
    My wife stays because she has a clinic to run.–Din Merican

  3. Dear Dato Din,
    Congratulations on your appointment to the University of Cambodia. Seems to me your talent and experience are more appreciated overseas than in in your own country.

  4. Another talent loss to another country. Wish you all the best. Age is just a number, a sobering one though!

  5. All the best DM. While your physical presence will be missed, we shall remain connected through this medium. Let us hope that things improve here even as your efforts in Cambodia serve to lift that country. Ciao

  6. Congrats Sir…a great honour not only to you and your family …..I believe to the nation and the readers of your blog. Do enjoy your stay as you enjoy your work. Best wishes. …

  7. Dear Brother Din,Congratulations and all the best to you. Please do continue with your blog.  Your blog is very informative and sincere.  I really enjoy reading your articles. Thanks,Ooi

  8. All the best Din. Am sure you will make a difference and positive contribution to Cambodia. If this is not brain drain, I don’t know what is.
    As you said, you are appreciative for the opportunity. Sigh there are none for you in your beloved home country. Hope I run into you again at CIMB TTDI sometime soon in the future.

  9. VAJA CON DIOS, and all the very best in your new venture. As we say in the Navy, “BRAVO ZULU” (Well Done).

  10. you are blessed with a larger opportunity to spread and share intellect and wisdom with the world beyond borders

  11. Datuk Din

    My sincere congratulations on your appointment.
    May your contributions in whatever fields you are in, become an “amal jariah dari ilmu yang bermanafaat” that would earn you credit now and particularly in the hereafter from Alllah SAW….aameeeen Ya Rabbal’alamin.

  12. “Auf Wiedersehen, Not Goodbye Malaysia”


    Congratulations on your new appointment as Associate Dean, Techo Sen ( Hun Sen) School of Government and International Relations, University of Cambodia.

    I am sure with your wealth of experience & wisdom, it will be a meaningful assignment & journey working closely with The S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University with the opportunity to work with Ambassador Ong Keng Yong, Emeritus Secretary-General of ASEAN and former Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia and Ambassador Murshahid Ali, former Singapore Ambassador to Cambodia.

    Auf Wiedersehen, Bon Voyage & have a good trip there.

  13. Heartiest congratulations Dato, you well deserved this appointment but for how long will you be away? At the young age can you really live separately from your dear Datin, absence won’t make the hearts grow fonder at this age. May Allah bless you and family.

  14. I’m happy to repeat En. Samsudin’s comment: Alhamdulillah. Semoga sentiasa mendapat keredaan ALLAH SWT. All the best to you, Dato’.

  15. Dato… thanks to the Internet we shall continue to look forward to your pieces no matter where you are.

    All the best in your new posting.

  16. All the very best to you Dato Din! I’ve followed your blog for many years and I find it very informative, inspiring, stimulating, and enlightening. Thumbs up to all your commenters too! I miss Mr Bean though!

  17. All the very best, Dato’ Din Merican. With all Divine blessings that you go with, I am sure you will show your this gift to impart knowledge.

  18. Dato Din, good wishes and “Selamat Berjuang” in Cambodia. Happy to hear your blog will continue to provide a forum for discussion and an avenue to vent our frustrations as the country continues on its rudderless journey. Auf wedersehen till we meet again in lightning, thunder or in rain!

  19. Best wishes in your new post… I guess the blog will be taking a short break until you are more settled. But we all await your next post. Take care!
    No break, I will work on it tonight. Good wishes from Phnom Penh.–Din Merican

  20. Dear Dato, God speed and make us Malaysians Proud, In Shaa Allah.Amin
    You bet, bro. –Din Merican

  21. Congratulations and well done on providing us with a venue to air thoughts , vent our frustrations and sometimes engage in constructive discussions.
    Continue to debate and share your ideas and information. This blog is designed for that purpose. It will be used as a tool to teach and share with and learn from young Cambodians. A teacher is also a learner. Wishes from Phnom Penh.–Din Merican

  22. Dato

    Good wishes in your new post in Cambodia. We live in a globalised world, so the blog should continue.
    Hilmi, disini kita ada nilai. Sayangnya, kerana pemimpin kita takut, kita ditepikan. Di negara kita kalau nak hidup senang jilat tapak kaki Rosmah ketok dan suami dia. Itu lah sikap supporter Melayu UMNO. Salam dari ibu Kota Kambuja, Phnom Penh. –Din Merican

  23. Din,
    Congratulations and best wishes, sincerely.

    Malaysia is proud of your achievement and recognition in academic excellence and the contributions to education and humanity for which its integrity and standards are well sustained in good hands like your good-self , but could often tainted by those others who have slanted personal agendas in making huge monetary profits under the cover of nobly propagating knowledge through education and by association, in pretending to help the poor and the under-privileged, at our and poor student’s expenses.

    This, I had personal encountered …and have become more aware.

    Thanks, Kllau,

    Will do my best for the young Cambodians. Thanks for your words of encouragement.–Din Merican, Phnom Penh.

  24. Congratulation to you Datuk Din and all the best in your new project. You really show that age is just a number.

  25. Yes, 再见, which means “see you again” is more akin to Auf Wiedersehen than Goodbye. Kamsiah, kamsiah and kamsiah.

  26. Dato,

    Wherever you are keep up the good work.Congrats.Proves that people like you are more recognized overseas than in Bolehland.Continue the struggle and we shall prevail.Cheeres.

    Malaysia is too arrogant and disconnected from its people to learn. While I am sad to leave my wife and friends back home, I am pleased that my Cambodian friends appreciate what I can do for them. It is a great feeling to know that my expertise, knowledge, experience in government and business and contacts at home, in ASEAN especially in Singapore (my model of good governance), Indonesia and Thailand, and around the world will be useful for the education of young Cambodians. I look forward to starting work on Monday.

    Yesterday, I was greeted by a few students from the University of Cambodia on arrival at Pochentong Airport. They were there to welcome me. I will tell them that from Malaysia they can learn about corruption, bad governance and weak, abusive, and recalcitrant leadership. That is they can expect to hear that message from me. I hope they will make their country great.

    Please don’t worry this blog will be very active. But I need the help of friends like you with your comments to ensure it is active. For sure, this blog is required reading for all students at University oF Cambodia.–Din Merican

  27. The University of Cambodia is fortunate to have you on its staff.
    Best wishes !
    Thank you for continuing to operate this blog, it is a
    significant public service to our beloved Malaysia.

  28. Good luck Dato. I am heartened that your blog will continue as usual. For sure it has been very informative for me.

  29. So long Dato’…till we meet again. It is very sad indeed, what Malaysia has become…but we won’t give up!!!

  30. Even with the Bumis the country is experiencing a brain drain. Good enough for a Cambodian University but not good for the University Of Malaya. Really this country is going to the dogs!!!.

  31. Dear Dato, congratulation for your appointment in Cambodia, wish you all the best. Thank you for allowing us to make use of your blog to share our opinion and i have benefited tremendously. May God bless you and your beloved wife.
    Keep on writing. We cannot allow idiots and corrupt spouses to run our country to the ground. I will keep on blogging and sharing developments. You should buy and read this book—Sarah-Chayes.html

    Thieves of State argues that corruption is not just a nuisance; it is a major source of geopolitical turmoil. Since the late 1990s, corruption has grown to the point that that some governments now resemble criminal gangs, provoking extreme reactions ranging from revolution to militant puritanical religion. Through intensive firsthand reporting, Sarah Chayes explores the security implications of corruption throughout our world: Afghans returning to the Taliban, Egyptians overthrowing the Mubarak government—but also redesigning Al Qaeda—and Nigerians embracing both evangelical Christianity and Islamist terrorist groups like Boko Haram. The pattern, moreover, pervades history. Canonical political thinkers such as John Locke and Machiavelli and Erasmus, as well as the great medieval Islamic statesman Nizam al-Mulk, all named corruption as a threat to the realm. In a thrilling argument that connects the Protestant Reformation to Al Qaeda, Chayes asserts that we cannot afford not to attack corruption, for it is a cause, and not a result, of global instability. –Din Merican

  32. Dear Din, hearty congratulations and best wishes for your success in this new appointment. It is a shame that a man of your calibre and integrity is not seen as such by the corrupt and incompetent people governing Malaysia. A time will come when talented people such as yourself will get to serve your home country and make it a better place for all.

  33. Din,
    Thieves, thieves and thieves,…

    I think is all about the Inseparables Traits:

    Misconduct Abuse of Power Corruptions Hypocrisy Personal Interest.

  34. Tahniah Dato.

    So good to know you will be in the good company of people dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in academia. Surely the Cambodian authorities do not take scholarship appointment issues lightly, and this redounds to your credit as an astute, scholarly observer of current affairs, not to mention the standards of excellence that you uphold in everything you do.

    The timing of your departure for Cambodia is perfect — it looks like no meaningful discourse can take place here anymore if Hussein Abdul Hamid aka “steadyaku47” has to react by titling his arguments as a “Sexual Congress on Top of a Camel!” Read:

    I wish you Dato, all the best in your new job.
    Selamat bertugas.

  35. I think the WordPress could not process and accommodate the equilibrium sign in between the words, ‘’ Misconduct, Abuse of Power, Corruptions, Hypocrisy ,Personal Interest.’’ in the
    bottom line of my earlier comment @ 7.24pm,
    I shall repost the whole comment as appears below :

    Thieves, thieves and thieves,…
    I think is all about the Inseparables Traits:
    Misconduct=Abuse of Power= Corruptions= Hypocrisy =Personal Interest.’’

    Any inconvenience is regretted.

  36. Dato DM, Congratulations and best wishes for a meaningful sojourn in Cambodia. Its clear that it will profit both the University and the country you are in. Look forward to reading about your work there
    God Bless

    alex abraham

  37. Wow, Dato. Congratulations!
    Truly, Malaysia, as you stated, is imploding. Our talented, skilled and experience fellow Malaysians are being recruited, no grabbed, by foreign countries to help in their development. We are recruiting and allegedly as in the RCI on project IC, welcoming and giving citizenships to low skilled foreigners.

    I am glad you continue to blog. I have always enjoy reading your blog and the comments therein.
    Thanks, TC88,

    Our leaders are scared of those who are critical of their policies and corrupt ways. Here in Cambodia I am free to teach and learn. The Cambodians are looking for ideas to make their country strong and peaceful. I informed them that I am here to show them why they should look elsewhere for model (s) of good governance, and why corruption ruins a nation’s soul and stifles development. Some of them know that Prime Minister Najib is taking our country down the chute. –Din Merican

  38. Dato’ Din ( inclusive of your good lady, Datin Kamsiah ) , I have this favourite quote of Kahlil Gibran which I feel befits your good self :

    ” Those whom Love has not chosen as followers will not hear when Love
    calls…..” –

    This call for you to serve Cambodia , is indeed a ‘ call ‘ from above , and as people of faith generally say : Tiap-tiap siatu Penutuan ada Hikmah di-sebalik nya….. – Man proposes God disposes, so forbearance is your guiding light ! Time for yourself to serve the cause of Humanity over there, even if in your own birthplace, some like yourself are made to feel as ‘ strangers ‘ , by selfish characters who are akin to devil-incarnate… their own cause to serve the cause of ” Untruth ” …….a sad culture for Malaysia…
    God speed , adios …..good friend !
    Bro, thanks for this kind message. Mana tahu, Allah yang menentukan. Keep your comments coming. Salam dari Kambuja.Hasta la vista.–Din Merican

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