NO Surrender, says Bugis Warrior Najib

April 29, 2015

NO Surrender, says Bugis Warrior Najib

Najib the Bugus WarriorNajib–The Bugis Warrior

Faced with continued calls for his resignation, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak tonight declared he will never back down or surrender, and stressed that his government was transparent.

In his speech during the launch of the Performance and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) Annual Report at Angkasapuri in Kuala Lumpur, Najib said that he was aware of the mounting criticism against him, but added that he would not be alone as long as his “noble goals” remained alive.

“Even though we are pressured and criticised, as a transparent government, I, as the Prime Minister, with Deputy Pime Minister and the ministers as well as my colleagues in the administration, will not budge or surrender, but will instead remain steadfast and continue to fight, and carve a million new pathways for the sake of the rakyat and the country.” he said.

Najib’s remarks come amidst calls by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who has asked for his resignation over scandals involving government-owned 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), for continuing the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) and also over the murder of a Mongolian woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu.

‎In his speech tonight, Najib drew on Greek philosophers, Muslim scholar Imam Ghazali, Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King whom he said had warned that those who fought for the right cause would face a variety of challenges.

He said that famed Indonesian novelist, religious scholar and philosopher HAMKA, or Dr. Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah, had advised that it was always better to stand and fight rather than give up and go home, no matter how high the odds were stacked against them.

“Hence, as long as our noble goals remain alive, we are not alone, we have not lost our way. Let us come together with the same fighting spirit‎ and move forward, towards a more developed Malaysia that is revered by the entire world.”

He also urged Malaysians to “think maturely” and not be overcome with emotion when judging the government and its “noble efforts”.

Najib said that no words could describe how important it was for everyone to be magnanimous (berjiwa besar) in their fight to develop the country.

“Because of that, I urge for everyone to avoid all the conflict (sengketa) and find a point of similarity (titik persamaan), for the sake of peace in Malaysia.”Believe me, when the truth shines out and reveals itself, all insults and imputation will disappear.”

Recently, Dr Mahathir took his criticism of Najib up a notch, going beyond telling him to resign and asking the Malay ruling party, UMNO, of which Najib is President, to remove him instead or risk losing the next general election.

32 thoughts on “NO Surrender, says Bugis Warrior Najib

  1. If he does not surrender, Najib will be fighting a losing battle because his unpopularity will undermine his power to govern. The next elections will in all likelihood see the end of UMNO-BN kleptocracy. Voters will resoundingly reject him. Even SPRM will not be able to help him. Let us wait and see.–Din Merican

  2. Datuk Din,

    PM talks about TRANSPARENCY- and I say all there is to see now is translucence and opaqueness. As a matter of fact, PM refuses to answer clearly to all the allegations of shady deals, misappropriation of monies, cheating and/or being played out etc, etc.
    Face up to all the allegations Mr PM and convince us that all those accusations of apparent misappropriation of funds and the unaccounted for funds are just utter rubbish- not by merely generalising them as utter rubbish, but by addressing the allegations item by item.
    As a result of your not addressing the allegations per se , how can a common rakyat like I trust you?
    This PM is delusional and out of touch with reality. Those around him are scared to tell him that he is in deep trouble and has lost public trust, and credibility at the international level. Being bugis is not a plus for him. In fact, it makes him a lanun.–Din Merican

  3. Errr .. I thought that in the past, the Bugis were notorious
    for piracy in the archipelago ?

    That’s where the English term “Bogey Man” came from 🙂
    As in parents warning kids to behave or the “Bogey Man will
    come and get you!”

  4. I don’t expect him to surrender. Why should he when he still has the full confidence & public support of his Cabinet? There is no rebel or challenger of stature within sight. Mahathir & his like-minded can continue barking at the mountain as they like. The mountain will not move.
    Why do you think he has the entire Cabinet behind. They are all waiting to jump ship when the signs are clear that people do not want him.–Din Merican

  5. Najib a Bugis warrior or at least a descendant therefrom?

    Very appropriate indeed.

    As someone educated at a time when history books told real history, or at least try to and not invented ones, I remembered that Bugis “warriors” were actually bloodthirsty pirates, (“lanun”), plying the seas around the area, ambushing and looting 17th, 18th Century European trading ships, thus giving rise to the word, “Bugimen” which later morphed to “Bogeyman”

    So looks like, atavistically, Najib is merely conforming to his proudly inherited Bugis DNA?

    Be afraid TDM, be very afraid.

  6. In the picture he hardly looks like a Bugis warrior.The way he is standing looks like his balls are wearing him down with their weight.Or is the weight in red standing beside him? Pink Lips: tell us she ain’t heavy as she is your wife!!
    A insult to the Bugis warriors of the past.

  7. Yes, Najib need not surrender. Once his Bugis pirate ship is hit, he will sink along with it.
    Dato’ he is delusional alright. He is comparing himself to the likes of Jack Kennedy, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Unfortunately these men were killed in political violence. Of course I don’t mean Najib will meet the same fate. If he is smart he should know when to quit. He is a liability. I don’t know any PM like him who has presided over some many air crashes in such a short time. It now seems our top shuttler is also jinxed by the Najib’s?

  8. I remember, in his more than 2 decades at the helm, Mahathir was a fighter too – to him 51% is enough and he fought to get it even at the risk of getting his party to be declared as illegal by the court. Najib must have remembered that example well although he did not publicly declare it as “My Way” as did Mahathir in his strategic approach. Unless there were an open challenge by a potentially viable candidate with the necessary support to replace him, he won’t back down. Don’t complain if he were to resort to “strong-arm tactics” to maintain his position, for he has been regarded as “weak” for too long. There were enough complaints of him being a weak PM and a few said even weaker than Pak Lah used to be. Don’t play-play with this Bugis man who knows in UMNO there are already many Mamaks in important positions who can be easily persuaded to stay strong behind him with the exception one particular spoilt & vengeful Mamak & some has-beens.

  9. bugis a lanun? how very bad of you! tun razak a lanun? tun dr ismail abdul rahman a lanun? husin onn a lanun?
    Najib is a lanun. 1MDB is a lanun project. Only a pirate will be rob our country and say his government is transparent. I am not sure if Tun Dr. Ismail is a bugis; if he is, he is exceptional. Tun Hussein is of Turkish descent. Tun Razak is also exceptional.I am of Indian descent. –Din Merican

  10. I support Najib to stay in place for a longer time. He should hang on for at least another year or longer … so that more and more people will get pissed off with him. When the next GE comes along, it will be too late for UMNO to do any damage control, apart from trying to rob the election again.

  11. Din.

    Last week when Najib came back from Kazakthan he met up with Zaid Hamidi.
    He told Zaid I “want to remeve Muhiyuddin as DPM because I don’t trust him anymore”.

    Zaid told him, “dont rush, think about the implication”.

    Yesterday he said I will not surrender.I will fight Mahathir and the entire cabinet is with him including TS Muhiyuddin.

    I think UMNO is cracking like a bugis wooden ship.He doesn’t realise many of his cabinat members from UMNO are thinking to jump ship. Some are with Tengku Razaleigh and some with Mahayuddin.

    Act One Finish.
    Act Two just started.

    Najib should do the honorable thing. Resign since he cannot do the job. If this Lee Chong Wei drug is somehow linked to the “First Lady”, it is another brimstone round his neck. Bad Karma for him. He should have the courage to remove his Deputy, if he no longer trusts him with a Cabinet reshuffle to also remove those who are not supporting him. He should watch Zahid Hamidi as well. Jumping ship is an UMNO style politics. All are CARMA types.–Din Merican

  12. Quote:- “Face up to all the allegations Mr PM and convince us that all those accusations of apparent misappropriation of funds and the unaccounted for funds are just utter rubbish”

    You think he doesn’t want to?

    You think he doesn’t want to shut Mahathir up?

    You think he enjoys being attacked every day?

    You think he is stupid?

  13. IS he not his fathers son? He should not be a COWERING MALAY (he screamed about being a TOWERING Malay at jaguh kampong meetings of UMNO)

    So JIBBY old chap now take on the keralite show the gratitude expected of you from the MAMAK .Ah but then MELAYU MUDAH LUPAH kan.

    a karmic cycle due to your background

  14. Last I checked, Bugis is part of Indonesia. How does this qualify Najib as a Bumiputra if his family came from Indonesia? If he qualifies as a Bumiputra, then the Indians and Chinese in the country should also qualify too.

  15. “NO Surrender, says Bugis Warrior Najib”

    Commander(Rtd) s.Thayaparan,

    Spot on.

    I had the opportunity to be one of the MAS VVIP B707 crew team (2 sets) to fly his late father on our Historic flight to Beijing to meet Chairman Mao in 1974…

    When Jibby first became PEEM (usurped power from the elected PEEM Pak Lah…?), with no proven track records, he sneaked to China to claim his late father’s legacy & to beg for support & funds?, with his usual I am PEEM because my father was the 2nd PEEM.

    Recently when his chips are down again, he wants to launch “his version” of the now obselete ASEAN which his late father was one of its founding member – again claiming his father’s legacy in 2015…!

    Obviously our kleptocratic & despotic Jibby has run out of any intelligent solutions for this nation’s & it’s citizen’s woes – he has been the one of the prominent perpetrators responsible…

    As a keturunan “Bugis” warrior he is an INSULT to the Malays, Bugis, etc..!

    As many have said he has one of his “Orbs” being squeezed by his International PR Master & the other is in “Mama’s” handbag…!

    So what is he talking about…or is it Mama’s war cry…???

    You be the judge.

  16. Najib is a lanun. 1MDB is a lanun project. Only a pirate will be rob our country and say his government is transparent. I am not sure if Tun Dr. Ismail is a bugis; if he is, he is exceptional. Tun Hussein is of Turkish descent. Tun Razak is also exceptional.I am of Indian descent. –Din Merican

    Din, Najib is most definitely a lanun and a plunderer and so is his Minang wife.

    However I must point out TD Ismail is a Bugis from an old respected Muar family. The Onns are also definitely Bugis from the Bendahara Melaka line of descent. The Turkish flavour is from Dato Onn Jaafar’s mother.

    I guess you could say Najib gives the Bugis a bad name hahaha.
    T stand to be corrected. Thanks.–Din Merican

  17. /// Even though we are pressured and criticised, as a transparent government ///

    Yes, your government is indeed transparent.

    The fraud in 1MDB is very transparent to all, except you.
    The lack of leadership is very transparent.
    The inability to rein the religious bigots and extremists is also transparent.
    The utter failure of the educational system is transparent (hint – get your Minister of Education to do his work instead of stabbing you from behind and in front.)

  18. Everything bad or seemingly bad will be conveniently heaped onto either the PM or his wife. Now adverse remarks about our badminton hero’s involvement in a drug test failure is being mentioned implying as if the “First Lady” was involved such as this quote “…If this Lee Chong Wei drug is somehow linked to the “First Lady”, it is another brimstone round his neck….” Good thing Lee Chong Wei had ruled out Rosmah in his recent WhatsApp message. There is no end to allegations – all based on suspicions & rumours without a shred of solid evidence. Najib should note that as they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. Only the very old or sickly, weak or cowards resign. There is no valid reason yet for Najib to resign.

  19. A snap election would decide who and what have to surrender-

    People’s Resolves and Wishes
    the Rogue culture of Umno Baru’s and its leaders ?

    Doubtful ?
    so quickly go asks the ballot box.

  20. Wayne.

    1. Yes, I believe he is afraid to face up to the situation. What do you think?
    2. Yes, he would love to shut Tun Dr M up. Would you not love to shut Tun Dr M up?
    3. No, he would not enjoy being attacked every day. Would you enjoy?
    4. Yes, I think his is stupid and he not thinking straight. He is what I call bangang lagi membengongkan. Do you think he is stupid?

  21. Tun Dr Ismail and Tun Hussein are definitely Bugis. Hence, is Hishamudin Hussein. The Sultans of Johor, Selangor, Pahang, Terengganu are all of Bugis descent. Are they exceptional? Or lanun? Be careful with your answer.

  22. Why is TR sleeping now. He only wakes up when it suits him.THIS IS THE TIME TR if you are worth what we think you are or be forever be condemned as a has been.Or maybe with the rainy season now in Gua Musang he is in hibernation.Get up if you have the balls TR.

  23. Ya,
    Sadly, Ku Li only expected the Premiership to be served on his plater ?

    Is that not the dominant reason if ever Najib would graciously hand over the power, it has to be jointly with Anwar ?

  24. The glorious words used by someone who everything he has and achieved is either privilleged or purchased, just confirm that in summary, Najib is but a spoilt brat too full of himself. There is nothing noble about what UMNO does anymore. The flirting with Hudud and the destruction of law, constitution and institutions, means the ending of the agreements of 1957 and 1963. How can there be any nobility in that?

  25. “NO Surrender, says Bugis Warrior Najib”

    Jibby is just fine with Mama’s pampering & that’s all that he cares…

    You be the judge.

  26. Of the three, I think the red one on the right looks most warrior-like. The one in the middle looks like a wimp.

  27. Suffix to what was suggested earlier that…

    ”Is that not the dominant reason if ever Najib would graciously hand over the power, it has to be jointly with Anwar ?” ,

    …the other supporting reasons that Anwar is needed, are to balance up and stabilize the actions and reactions, the attracting and opposing forces so that the whole systems of interaction and connectivity are kept in place, expanding and moving forward in progress, strengthening and growing productively in the political, social and economic development of country cohesively within an elastic sphere, in transition(3-6 rears?), while preparing the younger generations leaders to take over.

  28. Bugis Pirate kalah to Menangkabau Princess. Now Bugis Pirate have to follow Adat Perpateh, tinggal sehelai sepinggang.

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