OPEN LETTER to Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad

April 14, 2015

OPEN LETTER to Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad

by Din Merican

Rosmah-Mansor-Perdana-MenteriBoleh ka?

As someone who admires you over many years, it pains me to read about your political tussle with the incumbent Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, concerning his administration. It is also sad to note that our Prime Minister has not responded satisfactorily to issues you raised with regard to 1MDB financial affairs, the brutal murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian model, and the management of the Malaysian economy.

Most of us agree that the Najib administration is incompetent, inept and corrupt. But there are some differences of opinion about whether he should resign or stay in office. Apparently, UMNO, of which Dato’ Seri Najib is President, is solidly behind him. Key leaders of the party including his predecessor, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Youth Wing, and your critics in UMNO have pledged their support.

Najib is confident he can hold his own against your incessant attacks and those of pro-Mahathir bloggers like Dato Kadir Jasin  and  Syed Outside the Box, among others, that he can ignore you and allow his supporters to launch  a series of counter-attacks against you and your associates. You have been checkmated by a much younger leader and consummate politician who inherited a powerful office from you. Najib knows power and he knows how to use it.

In Kedah, there has been some moves to ask your son, Menteri Besar, Kedah Dato Seri Mukhriz Mahathir to step down from his post.  Najib cannot be dislodged from office without a “smoking gun” with regard to various allegations against him. It is not likely that people in his party will come forth to provide irrefutable evidence of his wrongdoings.

Allegations will remain allegations and there is no way you and your supporters can convince us at this stage that he should be asked to resign. In fact, what I see is that unlike Tun Abdullah, he is determined to cling to power and fight those who are bent on his removal.  With the levers of power and money at his disposal, the odds of success are stacked in his favour.

Why is this so? My answer is a simple one. You made it possible and are now witnessing the consequences of your craftsmanship. While you were in power (1981- 2003), you were able to create an all powerful Executive Branch, making the Judiciary (with the dismissal of Lord President Tun Salleh Abas in 1988), Parliament, the much respected civil service, the Police and the Armed Forces subservient to the Prime Minister. Our system of checks and balances in public administration was destroyed.

You were also fortunate that there was no internet and that prevented us from knowing quickly about the major scandals such as Maminco, Bank Negara forex losses, and Perwaja, that occurred during your administration. It will be a gargantuan effort to change our political culture.

Malaysians are basically timid. We especially the Malays have been conditioned by Tun Dr. Mahathir (refer to his controversial book, The Malay Dilemma and Dr. Syed Hussein’s critique of it in his book, The Myth of the Lazy Native)  have been conditioned to think that we have dilemmas. In truth, we all want  progress and modernisation, and  shun ignorance and backwardness.

At the party level, you removed promising leaders like Tun Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah  who were a threat to you and created UMNO Baru after your own image to replace the outlawed UMNO. What is worse is that you killed democracy in UMNO Baru by amending  the constitution to ensure that it would be impossible for the posts of President and Deputy President to be challenged in  party elections.

So today, the President in office holds absolute power over the party. No challenge is possible and that,  in  my humble opinion, is your legacy. You have to learn to accept this for a fact and that is Najib is today the most powerful man in our country.

Najib will use this power at his disposal to check all attempts to force his resignation. It is the most rational option available to him. You would have done the same, and did that before when you were UMNO President and Prime Minister. All those from within the party and outside who had the courage and nerve to oppose you were removed, sidelined, or sent to Kamunting under the Internal Security Act (Ops Lalang). You would not broach any opposition and  your actions deformed our polity.

It is time for you, Tun,  to apologise to the nation and then right your political mistakes. You must do it now and stay the course in this political battle against Najib Tun Razak. Let us see what you can really do since the odds of success are  not with you today. You have become an ordinary citizen like me with the right to vote in any general election. There is little else you can do except to make a lot of noise.

80 thoughts on “OPEN LETTER to Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad

  1. Ha..haaa….Didn’t he do a number on the Malay Royalties as well??? Din, you are asking him to do the almost impossible by requesting “It is time for you, Tun, to apologise to the nation and then right your political mistakes.” He can’t and won’t do either. He is too egoistic to do the former and too powerless to do the latter. As I said and you might not agree that Najib IS THE PM and he will decide as he thinks fit.

  2. Din’s criticism is poetic. Having Dr. M to swallow his own medicine is a manifestation of karma. Only repentance would save the doctor’s soul.

  3. ATTA BOY !! American style. Dato Din you said all there are to be said. Now, if TDM read your letter should change his strategy against Najib. I still feel TDM can do it.

  4. So ironic or poetic justice ..Afterall he is both the architect/engineer of the UMNO fortress, but now,finding himself on the outside on an offensive- He himself is having a tough time to penetrate the fortress he built ..But Then can’t write TDM -the old fox off just yet- since he built the fortress-he will be knowledgeable on where the vulnerabilities may be or which are the weak spots that can be exploited.

  5. Octo probably has the smoking gun.
    And it’s pointed at FLOM, reloaded and cocked..
    Remember disappearing Jumbo-jets and exploding helicopters?
    Interesting times eh?
    Ignoring Octo is er.., disingenuous.
    After all, what can Jibs geng really do to a nonagenarian?

  6. What a breath of fresh air. I’ve said it many times in this blog, to the extent I am blue in my face i.e Only Malays can do what you did and not get pulled up by the “sedition” bogeyman. I was about to suggest a similar letter to the Najis but he is too cut off from the man in the street. Keep the good work up. Hey, you other Bumis start the rumbles. Go on Bumis go on, we pendatangs will watch.

  7. Knowing TDM it is inconceivable that he does not have the “smoking gun” already in his holster. He has just pulled it out and cocked it when he asked who ordered the killing of Altantuya hoping that Najib would get the hint and resign saving the need to bloody his hands knowing that the Malays still have much sentimental reasons to keep the son of Tun Razak as PM.

    When to pull the trigger would depend, I think, on how serious the threat to oust Mukhriz as MB becomes in the coming days and weeks.

    Even then he would not do it openly. He would sent an emissary and show the Paris / Singapore photo to Najib. When that happens, what choice does Najib has but to arrest TDM?

    TDM surely must know all this, hence not showing just yet the smoking gun either to the public or privately to Najib.

    The meeting with Sirul’s mother and perhaps a phone conversation with Sirul is all “sandiwara” to show that he came by the smoking gun only after all these recent events and not before, or 8 years ago. If the public gets to know that he had the smoking gun all along for years, he would be asked why didn’t he show it before which of course would make him, if not complicit to the cover-up, at least guilty of withholding vital information of a serious crime all these years.

    He must be working on his Plan B & C right now.

  8. I don’t TDM will ever apologize to the nation. But this brilliant old man is full of the unexpected and will do what he has to do. Just wait and see his next salvos. It is so nauseating to see NR and his wife on the mainstream media..the action is better off if he is goes for good.

  9. Hmmm my buddy Din Merican just made his chess move…. yup… let’s go for the kill or forever we remain silent and never to speak a work till the end of time….

    Lawan tetap lawan!

  10. Well let’s see how this Devil will response now since he created all this mess. Only God can save our country now.

  11. Very well and rightly said Datuk Din, but apologising is just not on for Dr M. Being no ordinary citizen, I believe he has more up his sleeve.

  12. Well said to make MM to go down the memory lane. Only GE can make him lose Najb’s powers. Again with this EC stooges is another episode to overcome that ambitious outcome. Let’s see!

  13. Dear Bro Din Merican
    Your assessment and thoughts about Tun is absolutely spot on. He has to take full responsibility for for what is happening in this beloved country of ours. As the Malay proverb says ‘Nasi Dah Jadi Bubur.’ The middle class and poor rakyats are now facing a difficult time financially. With GST and high cost of living, people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. I am a retired person and am worried for my children’s future if things does not change in this country. We are moving backwards in many fields i.e. economy, education, health, sports ,transportation and many other disciplines. Our basic moral and civic consciousness has gone to the dogs. It’s endless to describe our inefficiencies. The blame goes to our politicians and government of the day. Wake up my fellow Malaysia before it’s too late to salvage the little that we have. Sad days ahead for all of us.

  14. Truth hurts but ( should ) heal is the aphorism…..applicable to both sides ? Good ‘whacking ‘ by Dato’ Din Merican, you have to lead the crusade , because Tun Dr Mahathir himself created all the ‘apparatus ‘ to secure his own position by the novel mechanism of the Crony system of the socio-politico structure of our beloved country – which I beg to say , was not the objectives of the Written Constitution….. Why ? Cronies are far & few between.

    On the other hand, rakyat would be happy as well , that your good self undertake the crusade against the current regime of PM Najib Tun Razak – with a good record in the beginning – but succumbed to his own undoing/s , the climax of which is the Feedlock episode and caped by the 1MDB scandal – WORST the GST ‘mechanism’ which sucks the sweat of the general population far and wide/ SO, THE FEAR NOW IS THAT, DUE TO THE 1MDB DEBT OF RM42Billion, WE FEAR THAT ‘ SUPER ‘ GSTs Schemes MIGHT BE THE NEXT PLAN OF THE GOVERNMENT – Apologies, for my part I am speculating……
    Thank you, Tun Dr Mahathir all the same for your current efforts…..
    As more Malaysians pluck up the courage to speak up, we can have a movement. I was expressing an opinion. We are trapped in a gridlock system and there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe Tun Dr. Mahathir has the key unlock it.–Din Merican

  15. The only way Mahathir can right what he did wrong is to help bring UMNO/BN down and hand it over to the younger leaders of PR that has no baggage with his past.

    That is the real irony, of all the criticism of Najib, the most legitimate is the fact that if UMNO/BN goes down, many would go to jail. In other words, if Mahathir is so concerned about the country, then the only end that justify the means is the downfall of UMNO/BN and the jailing of the many who should be which he says he is preventing..

  16. Dato Din’s observation on Mahathir hits the nail on the head. It really pains me to know indeed to acknowledge that the most capable PM we had was also the one who destroyed the many fine institutions and systems that made our country the envy of others at one time — the respected judiciary, the competent police force, our highly regarded education system, our celebrated English-speaking culture and the secular nature of our politics.

    In the mid to late 1990s when Mahathir literally ruled Malaysia unchallenged, he should have made amends and ensured that there was a ready and competent leadership to take Malaysia forward. Towards the end of the millenium, Mahathir would have known the quality of his cabinet was never going to be capable of taking Malaysia to the next level. Having removed Musa Hitam and Ku Li from the UMNO leadership more than a decade earlier, the right thing for Mahathir to do was to make peace and co-opt them back into the fold.
    Instead, we were made to suffer the inept government of Pak Lah’s leadership and the kleptocratic inclinations of Najib’s regime.
    And now in his twilight years, the unresolved item in Mahathir’s bucket list is to bring Najib down after forcing Pak Lah to quit. Still I reckon that many Malaysians hope that Mahathir can check this item off before be rides off into the sunset.

    What a crying shame — Mahathir should be basking in the admiration and respect befitting of a true elder statesman had Mahathir done the right thing for the country when he was at his strongest.

  17. That’s Dato Din as he had always been, ever since we knew him. He has named the spade a spade. The problem here Dato is that there are at least two spades of the same shades, if not worse. The unnamed spade will take pride of your unintentional acquiescence of him as approval. Worst still, his goons will use that as publicity stunt to go on with their rampage, much to the sufferings of us, the marhaens.

  18. Somebody on another blog mentioned the rumours about the recent helicopter explosion on 4 April 2015 involving JJ being one of the chess moves by one side against the other. Somehow it reminds me of another mid air helicopter explosion on 2 March 1997 involving Yahya Ahmad of DRB Hicom Group. This chess game is definitely is not for the faint-hearted.

  19. Big picture is he wants his son to be DPM. There’s no concern of his about anyone else. If he wants to make noise about 1MDB, how about the trillions from Petronas, and billions of our EPF money poured down into MISC, BBMB, MAS etc?

  20. Sagely put, DM. And timely too. But I must add that Mahathir did not do all that he did entirely by himself – he had a lot of silent help in the form of the largely apathetic Malay community which till today has a pathological fascination with men and women holding titles and trinkets.

    The Royalty ,which he publicly castigated and put in place in 1992, also played a significant but silent role in creating the dysfunctional state we are in – by looking the other way even as all checks and balances were systematically removed by Mahathir, his confidantes and his fawning courtiers. The police, the judiciary, the civil service, the armed forces could all have been saved from their current impotence had those who awarded them endless titles and allowed the use of the prefix “Royal” expressed their royal ire at the wanton abuse of the constitution and the castration of all institutions.

    Then there are others like the present Group of 25 – educated, sharp, erudite and essentially decent men and women who never saw the need to raise their concerns – even privately.

    So we are where we are …in a long, dark tunnel with hardly a glimmer from anywhere.

  21. Pak Din you hit the nail on the coffin. You’ve, with a single stroke of the pen, put TDM where he should rightly be.

    It’s he who destroyed all vestiges of decency and of freedom in this bountiful country. So much so that today, Jibby and his corpulent wife are untouchable and beyond reproach.

    It’s poetic justice for a man who thinks he is Malaysia and Malaysia is him. Only one man is worthy of that distinction. And he is the late Lee Kwan Yew.

    Lee Kwan Yew was everything which you are not. You will cringe in discomfort knowing fully well that your legacy would kaput when you are dead and gone.

    Mahathir, you should repent and say sorry to the whole nation for bringing us the shame and the sufferings that we Malaysians endure today.

    Your kerbau is waiting to take you on a one-way trip up Gunong Korbu.

    Adios, Senor Mahathir.

  22. And after having said sorry to the nation get on the job of destroying UMNO for good. That is the only way out. It will redeem you of your sins and wrong doings.

  23. Well let’s see how this Devil will response now since he created all this mess. Only God can save our country now – Terry April 15, 2015 at 2:26 am

    Sorry Terry, God has gone AWOL. We are left to right the wrongs on our own and it is a huge mountain to climb.

  24. sorry from tun m hard bro. But he doing something good here to tilt the balance in umno. Support him and its will be interesting. There is not much else we can do. He has come up with strange forces compelling him to act this way at 90. At this level and family wealth it does not seem to be about mukriz either.

  25. Dato, your call to replace the incompetent PM by itself will not remedy the ills that have befallen our country. The whole BN government must also go with him as it too is rotten to the core. Replacing him with another corrupt UMNO leader will only prolong the decay.

    Is it really that impossible for the Opposition to organise a vote of no confidence on the Government?

  26. Dato, thanks very much for this piece that has truly hit the bull’s eye. To those who are aware of the Malaysia politics, knows what exactly has happened, but it is the rural folks that needs to be educated on politics before any change can be forth coming. But unfortunately, the ruling always have the upper hand, to name a few, designing the education system to their favour; realign the election constituencies (which they just did in Borneo and more to come); buying their way to win in rural areas and so on.
    Based on the current scenario, this country is only moving further down the line under the current regime, and sadly can not see any promising turnover.

  27. You are right about the destruction of check and balances in power but the poor did not suffer during his time . Now they are not able to get their RM 150.00 monthly even . The rich are flying about in jets and buying BMWs with tax payers money. Altuntaya’s murder is still a mystery And !MDB is going to strangle us. The 6% GST will make the poor poorer. Many have closed shops. They are not allowing the people to take their EPF savings after 50 years. Many may die before 60 years. The only person who can help is Tun Dr. Mahathir. We must support Tun for all this to happen. WE lay man can even move a finger in this cruel world. I am sure he repents for all that has happened and will save the country.

  28. Thanks for the article Dato but you have also clearly illustrated why Najib will continue to reign supreme, thanks to TDM. So there are no checks and balances in this country. Consider the statement by the MACCA Chairman today on the ‘fearless’ action he took to investigate Rosmah’s diamond ring. So as some writers here have alluded TDM now just has to open his armoury and bring out the heavy artillery that he has accumulated. And for sure he has them.
    I am sorry to say this: The MACC Chief Commissioner is just one big talker. Nothing will come out of the investigation on Rosmah’s ring.It is all for show. If he is really serious, he should get on with the job without all the fanfare.–Din Merican

  29. Mahathir does not want to destroy UMNO, he wants to reclaim it. I think Mr. Merican’s letter – of all these types of letters – is spot on but unfortunately serves no utilitarian purpose.

    The Opposition is a mess.

    Mahathir is effectively the main opposition voice in this country and unfortunately his agenda has nothing to do with the country but rather concerned with his own interests, which UMNO WAS an extension of.

    Unlike his predecessors Najib is proving to be more of a challenge and the country will continue it’s downward spiral with an ineffective opposition paired with a despotic Prime Minister.

    The DAP made a fatal error in barebacking with PAS. PKR had no choice but to rely on PAS in its quest for power. Already the chicken hawks in UMNO aligned with Najib are making a concerted effort to make nice with PAS in case, “Malay” hegemony is in danger of dissipating with the implosion of UMNO.

    I’m hoping that Mahahtir would rather see UMNO destroyed rather than flourishing under Najib. PAS meanwhile is a clear and present danger, willing to align with anyone who emerges from the UMNO rubble.

  30. On the spot. It is so well expressed, so elegantly presented…and most importantly, without distorting the truth and with all the sincerity humanly possible.

    This piece inspires. It is about time the People, Leaders and Readers, MPs, State Aduns, particularly those from Sabah and Sarawak, family and public institutions, NGOs, across the bench, across the nation, regardless of their affiliations or creed, stand up as truly ”One Malaysian” and demand that they be counted for a better and brighter Malaysia.
    …and that could only be possible and sustainable, when most fundamentally, the rogue culture and leaderships that preach and practice ‘’ Money Politics, Corruptions, Abuse of Power and Puppetry’’ must be replaced with one that is ‘’Model-Dependent on Governance, Accountability and Competency’’ that had be proven, would almost likely guarantee sustainability in social, political and economic growth and benefits to the welfare of the country and the people, their children in posterity.

    So, stop the on going blame game peppered with hypocrisy, that is all done at the unimaginable costs and immense expense to the people, the nation and its resources.

    Din and many (including me) have spoken, the rest is up to us, collectively and massively.

    Don’t let them or him ! …for there is the only Truly One Malaysia left we can’t afford to lose or be destroyed.

  31. The Buddhists believe in the Law of Cause and Effect. Pre-destiny creates a time frame in which events take place where by points of collusion occurs, say, if 2 ships were to remain in collusion courses of direction and speed. Hence, collusion will be avoided if either one of the ships is to alter either its course of direction or speed.
    Every action or inaction carried out in life, delayed or hurried, however insignificant, will lead to a course of actions which can further lead to positive or negative consequences.
    Pre-destiny had brought the TAR, TAR,TDI and THO together. Imagine what Malaysia’s destiny will be, had both TAR and TDI remained in power longer. There’s a good chance that Malaysia could have been a developed nation by now and Tun Mahathir would have remained as just another DKK family doctor in Alor Setar.

  32. “ATY”, the villagers’ accounts of an in-flight “explosion” before JJ’s copter crashed certainly lends much fuel to the rumour mills talk of sabotage. And that in turn leads to the chess-moves speculations. But till the facts come out, if they are ever released, it remians just that.

    There was another copter crash which also gave rise to much speculation. On 31 Dec 1993, the RMAF’s sole Puma helicopter [M36-01], configured as a VIP transport, crashed in Kg Telok, Kedah with the loss of all 4 crew members. It was en route to Kangar to pick up Anwar Ibrahim, who had just that year been made DPM by Dr Mahathir. Chess move? Till this day, there are likely those around who’d say their tales are true.

    As for Yahya’s copter, I heard from someone well-connected that there was no foul play involved. I personally agree with him.

  33. Your correspondent Tok Cik talked about Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir, which reminded me of the words of a US senator who was comparing two other senators:
    “The comparison is striking. One is marble, the other is mud. One is a diamond mine, the other is a dung hill. One is a roaring tiger, the other is a singed cat.”

  34. Since everyone seems to be hitting nails on the head, my nail is that of KELLEN above :-
    “… the most capable PM we had was also the one who destroyed the many fine institutions and systems that made our country the envy of others at one time…”
    After this sentence there is nothing that anyone can say that will put it better than KELLEN.

  35. Hi Din,

    Your letter to Dr M clearly summarised the wrongs and dis-service Mahathir did to the people , nation and royalty.

    For this Najib has to thank him as Najib can fortify his position with the assistance of all the executive arms of the govt.

    Even the picture supposedly taken in Paris can be thrown into the waste-paper basket by the investigating officer and the prosecution.

  36. The bulk of the core is to safe our country turns to turmoil. The course of our nation is desperately turn to absoute ruin if not immediately rectifyand corrected. With very high crime rates,drugs,terrorist,corruption,mismanagement,abuse of power etc worsen the situation worse still with very huge nations debt of more than eight hundred billions dollars.we need someone to help check and balance and make all our malaysian collectively put all this things to right.This is the country we were born and we love malaysia so much…..lets us everybody safe our country.long live malaysia.May Allah safe our nation.Amin.TN

  37. Over the decades, when you placed grossly insecure, lack confidence, corrupt and incompetent poeple in position of power, trust and influence, disguised as ‘ Affirmative Policies ‘, you get dangerous bullies, bigots, racists, corrupt, religious extremists etc..destroying the country.

    This is now reflected in the gross mismanagement and corruption infested Malay/Muslim dominated government……let alone the greatest threat of Islamist evil to a peaceful multi-religious country with Muslims in the majority.

    Decades of bad and corrupt political leadership has just started to unfold…..with future generations made to pay for present generation’s irresponsibility, selfishness and gross excesses.

  38. Peter Lai, thanks for sharing these words of a US Senator when comparing two other Senators: “The comparison is striking. One is marble, the other is mud. One is a diamond mine, the other is a dung hill. One is a roaring tiger, the other is a singed cat.”

    Was this actually applied to Lee Kuan Yew and Dr Mahathir?

  39. “SiangMalam”, who was Defence Minister in Dec 1993? Why, the son of Tun Razak of course. Then, together with Muhyiddin and Muhd Muhd Taib, shining stars in UMNO’s Team Wawasan under Anwar Ibrahim. So if those who had their speculator’s hat on… would have wonderful tales to spin, eh?

    And now, more than 20 years down the road, just look at where Muhyiddin stands. Ditto too, Zahid Hamidi, once Anwar’s close pal.

  40. Why waste time writing an open letter to an old man with a track record for dishonesty, deception , self glorification , stupidity and who is a confirmed ass.

  41. Sotong, come to think about it, you have a very valid point. Why is it that our Malaysian politicians feel so insecure, despite the generous pension or “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow after their retirement?

    I have thought about this for many a time. Is it this basic insecurity or this lack of confidence that drives their greed and corrupt ways when they are placed in positions of trust and confidence? Or is it just their way to be greedy and corrupt?

    These insecure ones want wealth so that they can show the world that they are not in want? The concept of “tunjuk” prevails among the half-cooked goreng pisang within our bureaucracy. With so little power, they want to “tunjuk” that they have a lot.

    Mahatma Gandhi have said that in this world, there is enough for everybody’s need but never enough for anyone’s greed.

    To my mind, insecurity breeds cowardice and to mask their cowardice, they turn into bullies. Perhaps, psychologists can share their thoughts with us here?

    And Dato Din, I hope all is well with you and your wife. I do not have your new handphone number. If you care to, please SMS it to my number at 016 4837 123. Thanks. And God bless you always.
    Here it is 017-366-0897. Cheers, Din

  42. Thanks, Dato! I tried to key in and the same number appeared, meaning you never changed your number. I however tried several times but could not get through. Must be my age!

  43. Sotong was disingenuous in blaming the Government of BN on just the Malays.

    What about the Chinese in MCA and the Indians in MIC? They too are part of the BN government and therefore are just as culpable. And yet, they were not mentioned at all.

    Racist blame games are evil and will not do our kids any good whatsoever.

  44. Dear Dato, I can safely say here that when it comes to the crunch, Tun will openly apologies for his past mistake, and us being Malaysians will forgive him, remember that cunning old man is 10 steps ahead of anyone, I happen to know that personally, if that is what it takes to get rid of Najib & co, he will, even recently he admitted that under his rule lost of money was wasted due, remember this was not to his mistakes alone, he had has cabinet behind every decision to back him up, but he says at least we know where the money went.We, Malaysian most probably think ,the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right???

    • @Lok1 April 17, 2015 at 5:04 am,

      Lok1, your knowledge & understanding about this old Tun Mahathir must have been quite personal, as you claimed, and at closer quarters than my own. But this man is too egoistic & arrogant to apologize as he is used to doing things “My Way”. He expected Najib to comply to his “My Way” wishes and even complained that he was cold-shouldered by Najib for 6 months for insisting to get the STUPID ‘crooked bridge’ project restarted. After having paid hefty compensations for cancelling the STUPID project under Pak Lah, it would be foolish & wasteful for Najib to restart it – and he blamed Najib for breaking a ‘promise’. That’s one of the main source of dissatisfaction Mahathir holds against Najib. He did NOT have to admit that under his long decades of rule, he wasted lots of money – his admission, as reported by you, is unnecessary because ALL MALAYSIANS knew it already. He had the audacity to claim that his cabinet was behind him in making these wastage – tell me who in the cabinet then dared to oppose him without expecting retaliations? The closer your relationship with this kind of man, the more bias you develop in his favour, perhaps unconsciously or as an automatic reflex reaction to protect a friend. It’s better to keep him at an arm’s length.

  45. The ordinary racists and bigots of all races on the street is no problem.

    The REAL problem is those in positions of power, trust and influence. They can do a lot of damage and harm and you cannot touch them because they could hide behind race and religion for protection.

  46. Ai Tze, Sotong is in fact very realistic when blaming BN for the malaise, specifically the Malay leaders.

    This is because from the 1970s onwards, the MCA and MIC leaderships have been experiencing problems when it comes to cooperating with Umno. This problem is compounded as the years go by.

    Frankly, I do not know why these leaders still bother. The MCA and the MIC claim to represent their own public – the Chinese and Indians respectively – but they are at most times given short shrift by their Umno counterparts.

    And that is right because in the Cabinet, it’s better to focus on Malaysian problems, and not Malay, Chinese or Indian problems. This consultative approach WAS successful, but then it was progressively departed from, as I say, from the 1970s.

    That is why the DAP and other Opposition groups have been consistently saying that BN way is based on Umno hegemony. And this assertion seems to have gathered force until it is now the public perception.

    Think again. How is it that an ordinary Chinese can take the place of the MCA in the Cabinet. Think properly. Why is that so?

    Having grown up in a Malay kampong, I find the kampong Malays to be a real gems as neighbours. They actually take it upon themselves to take care of the entire kampong. The malaise has nothing to do with the kampong Malays, of that I am sure. I can freely attest to this sterling quality of my kampong Malay friends.

  47. The Malays have 2 extremes. The good very good and the bad very bad.

    There is a strong culture of bullying, threat and intimidation in the Malay community.

    They dare not speak up for what is good for them for fear of losing their jobs, income and other benefits with the government and/or bullied. Basically, they are made dependent and to feel they owe the govt. everything in their lives.

    Those in the private sector are happier and more satisfied with their lives in general.

  48. Dear Dato’ Din,

    I like your piece and what you are suggesting for TDM to is something that I think will not happen.

    I fully agree with what you said, “Najib is confident he can hold his own against your incessant attacks and those of pro-Mahathir bloggers like Dato Kadir Jasin and Syed Outside the Box, among others, that he can ignore you and allow his supporters to launch a series of counter-attacks against you and your associates. You have been checkmated by a much younger leader and consummate politician who inherited a powerful office from you. Najib knows power and he knows how to use it.

    So today, the President in office holds absolute power over the party. No challenge is possible and that, in my humble opinion, is your legacy. You have to learn to accept this for a fact and that is Najib is today the most powerful man in our country.”

    TDM still has a very strong following and if he can carefully rein in the support and the backing he that he has, he can make things happen and oust Najib. However, as you correctly said, Najib is not one who would give in so easily and he, as ypu correctly put it, “… allow his supporters to launch a series of counter-attacks against you and your associates,” and “… what I see is that unlike Tun Abdullah, he is determined to cling to power and fight those who are bent on his removal. With the levers of power and money at his disposal, the odds of success are stacked in his favour.”

    Nevertheless, there are three Main parties involved here i.e. TDM, Najib and the people, and the latter are fed-up with the many ‘wrongdoings’ and ‘mismanagement’ committed by Najib resulting in the country losing a lot of money, our RM dropping against the S$ and the US$ and development has stalled except those that are already ongoing such as the MRT, for example. many business people, especially in construction and development are feeling ‘left out’ as the ongoing projects have been awarded to ‘crony’ companies including some small ones that are meant for the Class ‘E’ and Class ‘F’ contractors. In this three party affair, i think, the people have the most say and many, like it or not, are more inclined to support TDM for obvious reasons. So, unless Najib and his team can come out with some super magic, BN will lose in the GE 14 which is coming in about two to three years from now. If there is a ‘no-confidence’ vote carried out against Najib, he will be ousted sooner.

    Come to think about it, many of the achievements over the last 10 years are attributed to TDM and what can Pak Lah and Najib claim during their time as premiers. Najib, over the last five years of his premiership does not seem to have anything significant as his to claim. If we mention major things that has been going on recently, most of them discredit Najib – 1MDB, the land, water and KTM land deals with Singapore, the Pulau Batu Putih debacle, and many more. TDM has also raised many issues that discredit Najib and yes, though his supporters are able to launch a series of counter-attacks against TDM and his associates, that won’t be enough to take him (Najib) out of the puddle (which is quickly turning into ‘quick-sand’.

    Surprisingly, you mentioned the Altantuya case but you didn’t mention Rosmah Mansor, Najib’s wife’ who had done things that make Najib’s weakened stand even worse than it really is. Also, some of his ministers poor performances were not mentioned.

    The reliable foreign newspapers such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, including some publications in Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore, and more, are having a field day publishing negative reports about Najib and his administration. I was in Singapore last Tuesday and Wednesday and both days, the Straits Times reported about Najib and his administration discussing TDM’s accusations against the Prime Minister as well as the 1MDB, the land, water and KTM land deals with Singapore, the Pulau Batu Putih debacle, and many more.

    The general remarks I heard when talking to some Singaporeans there was, ‘Habislah Najib ini kali!”
    Nice to hear from you.–Din Merican

  49. Dato, thank you for your views to Dr.Mahathir. They were excellent. The only problem is I think it will give an opportunity for Najib to escape. The priority at the present moment is Najib unexplained answers to Dr. Mahathir. I feel we should pursue the issues raised by Dr.Mahathir. Especially who ordered the murder of Altantuya.
    By all means do that…but don’t keep your hopes up too high or you will be disappointed. The system sucks.–Din Merican

  50. This sketch shows exactly how shitty Malaysia has become especially Najib’s competency in managing the country and those in the authority and malaysia mainstream media have allowed Najib to get over with it

    Just as Chris has spoken to Peter……

    “You have lost the news. Peter, next time when you cross the road, don’t bother looking”

    This is going to those who still insist in defending rosmah and najib

  51. I have written years back that it would be foolhardy of Najib to implement GST as it will be virtually the same as driving the final nail on to UMNO’s coffin.
    And Mahathir knows that as well, if the situation, especially the hardships on the rakyat, persists or worsens, that will be the end of UMNO/BN at GE14.
    It is apparent that Mahathir is desperate to remove Najib asap not so much for his concern for the rakyat’s well being but more so to salvage UMNO He is painfully aware that the end of UMNO will be detrimental to all the corrupt UMNO putras, including you know who,who will most probably end up in Kajang if the opposition takes over control of governance.

    Here’s a likely scenario – of Mahathir orchestrating the defenestration of Najib in tacit collusion with Anwar and Ku Li to facilitate a soft putsch and the demise of UMNO perhaps? What eventuates will be an interim coalition party led government of sorts led by Ku Li to fill the power vacuum till GE14.

    Come GE14 the new coalition party wins a landslide victory with Anwar as the next PM. All the winners will smell like roses and the losers will go to Kajang except Mahathir; that was part of deal of course. 🙂

  52. Readers and commentators,

    Irrespective of whatever is happening now and had occurred in the past , it is important that the people and leaders across the bench, across nation Must stand up and speak up Collectively, because the Rakyat, especially those from the medium, lower income and the poor are ULTIMATELY the victims who suffer the most.

    Keep writing and spreading the message through blogs, mass and e-media.
    We have only ”One Malaysia”, truly, we can ill afford to lose or be destroyed by the rogue leaders and their rogue ”culture of corruption, money politics, abuse of power and political puppetry ” which has been the dominant (Umno Baru) factor dis-enabling the expected performance of the leaders(whether from government or opposition) in trying their best working for the benefits of country and its people.

    We have also ourselves to blame if we continue to let them.

  53. kllau,

    “…..because the Rakyat, especially those from the medium, lower income and the poor are ULTIMATELY the victims who suffer the most.”

    Yes but our dear leaders – UMNO and PR – don’t really give a damn about these people.

    “Keep writing and spreading the message through blogs, mass and e-media.”

    Except those poor people who suffer the most are cut off from this medium, that the middle class uses to vent their frustrations.

    I have been a supporter of PSM since its inception and the proto PSM individuals from way back. Grass roots politics be it NGOs or political parties which is anti Establishment has never been welcomed by BN or PR.

    These groups are actually helping the marginalized of all races but mainstream politics here and elsewhere is dominated by middle class concerns.

  54. They always said that Mahathir’s karaoke song should have been “My Way.” Now that he is 90 years old, the first line of the song is very appropriate: “And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain.”

    Although I have long been a Mahathir critic, I also believe that he genuinely thought that he was doing the right thing for the country. Racial relations were certainly better than they are today. The economy was doing better, too. There was corruption, but it was nowhere near the kleptocracy and looting that occurs today. Mahathir subverted the institutions of the nation for what his autocratic mind thought was the good of the country. Najib and company subvert those same institutions, but for their own gain and to stay in power.

    In short, Mahathir can be criticized for what he did. But in contrast to Najib, Mahathir thinks he did it “for the country.” With Najib, there is no doubt — it is for himself and his wife. The UMNO sycophants around him, as Mahathir said, are afraid of losing their contracts and going to jail.

    So Mahathir is concerned that his “great work” and legacy are being destroyed by Najib. He feels like he needs to act and “save Malaysia” (and UMNO) before he faces the final curtain.

    But can Mahathir really get rid of Najib? And if Najib goes, who will replace him? Whoever becomes PM will be even weaker and most likely just as corrupt as Najib.

  55. @Conrad,
    Understood. We should not care a damn of them rogue politicians either,
    Umno Baru, BN , Pakatan or otherwise or whatever…

    getting rid of the rogue culture…..that is what and why have always been the (my, yours, everyone else too) theme message, stressing on the following words and phrases ….” leaders,….regardless, their affiliations, …across the nation…the bench…” and politicians lie and under-perform, rogue behavior are because …”we” , the people ..”let them ” and it is part of our fault knowingly, innocently unknowingly or dis-interestingly and gravely, the rogue leaders and culture, in any system/ form of governments, democracy, communism, or otherwise.

    Those are what matter most …and it required conscious collective efforts of the people, themselves, through spreading the message, through the current advance e- interconnectivities, internets, SMS, to the RURAL folks….starting now , Conrade , until the goal is achieved in saving our country from the reign before it is too late, if not for our sake, at least the children’s children……

  56. kllau,

    Thanks for your sincere reply.

    These days the “rogue politicians” are difficult to identify. With LKS willing to work with former PM Mahathir in a “grand coalition” to save Malaysia, I’m feeling extremely pessimistic that our institutions would ever be saved.

  57. Whatever being said about TDM here is mostly blaming him for his mismanagement..growing up under his premiership was much better compared to the last two pms..cost of living was not a burden to the majority of us who earned between the middle to lower income group..the racial mix during TDM’s tenure was much better & being a malay, I married a chinese & have 5 beautiful children..I cannot say the same now..the racial divide has become wider..even the education system now has dropped tremendously..those of us who couldn’t afford to send our children overseas will have to be suffer with the current system..the way I see it, apart from the late TAR, TDM is still the better pm..when we see something which is wrong, it’s our duty to speak up with evidence..we may escape punishment here, however we will be taken into account eventually for our one escapes.

  58. /// Why is this so? My answer is a simple one. You made it possible and are now witnessing the consequences of your craftsmanship. ///

    Din, I think it is more like his craftiness.
    If we look at the system of governance he created by weakening our constitution, then the word craftsmanship applies. Sure, I agree with you that Tun Dr. Mahathir is a crafty politician and, if I may add, one of Machiavellian bent.–Din Merican

  59. Din, I knew where you are coming from. Just that I felt craftsmanship is too positive a term and TDM does not deserve that. I would think machinations and shenanigans are more apt terms for his handiwork.
    Yeah, why didn’t I think of the word, “handicraft”; it is more pedestrian and less complimentary.– Din Merican

  60. Conrad,
    I did mentioned.. ”We should not care a damn of them rogue politicians either,
    Umno Baru, BN , Pakatan or otherwise or whatever…” , so LKS is not excluded.

    Working with TDM is entirely different from working for him. The former case has responsibility and independence to himself for his actions, the latter, almost none, though both are fully responsible to the people.

    Equally important, the new leaders of the new ”Grand Coalition” government have to subscribe and committed to the proven ”model-dependent governance, accountability and competency’’ that are sustainable to benefit the welfare of the people and the country.

    There are still reasons to be optimistic, at least cautiously. Not all are completely lost yet, though time and events occurring are not on our side. With you and many , many people out there , we should continue to speak up, persevere until Malaysia is Saved, thrives in good hands.

  61. I am reposting my reply (April 21, at 1.08) to Conrad (April 19, at 9.35am),
    in full, as I had omitted the paragraph 3 . Error regretted.

    The reply should read :


    I did mentioned.. ”We should not care a damn of them rogue politicians either,
    Umno Baru, BN , Pakatan or otherwise or whatever…” , so LKS is not excluded.

    Working with TDM is entirely different from working for him. The former case has responsibility and independence to himself for his actions, the latter, almost none, though both are fully responsible to the people.

    Besides, their past records are good indications. Many highly talented and reliable candidates who are Malaysians, private sectors, here and abroad, can also be drawn to be included. It is possible to work with anyone responsibly and competently.

    Equally important, the new leaders of the new ”Grand Coalition” government have to subscribe and committed to the proven ”model-dependent governance, accountability and competency’’ that are sustainable to benefit the welfare of the people and the country.

    There are still reasons to be optimistic, at least cautiously. Not all are completely lost yet, though time and events occurring are not on our side. With you and many, many people out there , we should continue to speak up, persevere until Malaysia is Saved, thrives in good hands.

  62. Pingback: Surat terbuka kepada Tun M, cepat minta maaf | TV14

  63. Dato Din..and all the others,Tun is not just an ordinary retired citizen of no consequences..He has taste Power,he has taste challanges from all coners,he has never erred in defending the countrie’s polices and intrigrity from the world superpower…he built the country from mere agricultural base economy to a vibrant close to industrialist economy,built a reputation that of himself of one great leader known in the worldwide…TUN is verywell known as a great and smart and sharp strategist in defending as well as when he is attacking … dont look down on him yet…I belived he still has a lot of bullets with him..If he dont..he will not start the war..knowing he will be alone this timearoud…to him he has got nothing to loose…to him long live the natiion is never more important…even sacrifying his son as a future leader of the nation..he’s 90 yrs old..but in this battle well…malam masih muda bro…malam masih muda….
    I have never looked down on him, but I definitely disagreed with him.–Din Merican

  64. All of you spoken as if there is no Sarawak and Sabah. Two independent countries with rich natural resources became two mere states. Sabah had been plundered, raped, enslaved and threathened by conspiracy to create fear so that the people would not dare to speak up. The re- enacted Sedition Act is for Sabah and Sarawak as they found that these two Kingdoms are the ones will disintergrate the country. As for DM where was him when TDM was engaging his Game of Thrones? Why only now DM speaks out? Is DM under the influence of RM?

  65. Tq Din Merican. Tq for yr voice. Tq as our pain as innocent victim of the ugliness of Tun M leadership . I today a willing worker n intelligent human tht dutiful n nationalism in anguished after long unemploment due to Bumi seat n serving imdustry cld never undrrstand why I to suffer as a Msian n my patritiotism I hv shown is undermined denigrate under Mahatirism Bumi seat. Wht type of leader tht no empower patriotism n question every child born in Msia after Merdeka as to our right on our soil. Bumi seat means a question of our loyalty a outright denial of labour discrimination ! The NEP is not distribution of wealth but a distribution to crony n Umno feeding on nation -i dare Umno to do a survey who are the beneficiaries.
    I cannot even feed Malay n help Malay if I in Msia ? Only NEP can ?

    This follow be disorientated as how Mahatirism did to all of us who started in life with clarity. I care not but if u a Msian reading it ,u still get it as we r used to confusion in our road sign n all that is before us on policy.

    M create all bad ntgh good in Msian n if there is he is good – it be stone buildings n all it is in form ie buildings but norms of dead soul. Yes he create human with soul of stones n form over substance priori norms just like a building. Hi everyone can do tht build build n ancient days Angkor Wat also was built but wht happened after tht ?

    I not a racist but due to unemployed on ground of Bumi seat which ( all of us know serve to hv cronies mistresses or relatives or cronies as a seat after hard nationalist work is done by non Bumi) with continual hardship due to racism n for one who not even feel Chinese but Msian n speak fluent Bahasa , I who love this ctry I awaken Tun M cld destroy so many innocent souls on ground of bad accepted norms.

    Many scandal at his time . Hi wht abt Hardcore poor scandal which they just blame retired civil servant. Get real ! Federal funds hv retired civil servant hands only ? So good find ponds frm civil servants to rakyat n when all these will stop -I leave to God . The previous election is a testament God hv them to repent kut.
    Corruption is one thing but to rob the poor !
    Ye no one lend a hand to underdogs. Its This is Msia. Underdogs are victims of power b wealth. So inevitably all hv to follow norms to not be underdogs frm be in political pty ,to rub shoulders , to hv big cars , hv branded shoes , in newspaper , n list went on or pray for redemption or repentance of those perpetrators .

    Yes Tun M create absolute power right to abuse norms. N this is God wrath upon him as he be not remembered well even by those who hv saluted him and support his NEP as a Msian Chinese young new generation esp Kebangsaan schools.

    Anyone who hv brains diligent n willing to work hard deserve employment n a seat to serve n too hell with concentrated position n fat get fatter at the top under Mahatirism Bumi seat. N please Tun M create nazism via institution n he Father of Asia Crony Capitalism next to Marcos , fortunately God is kind to Msia n hv him resigned voluntarily.

    As I try not to worry abt tomorrow as to where my income shall be frm after unemployed due to his Bumi seat policy (wht constitution is this ? ) I wake up tht Tun M also destroyed not only the greatness n positive idealism in me but also awaken Malays on stupidity excuse of Umno -how can a Msian Chinese who speak Malay well has no place of position in teaching in a public Uni esp love teaching n taught the Malay voluntarily too. Simpliciter our Father of Racism is Father of Seed of Hatred.

    Due to his policy I not even considered for employment by Chinese based instutuion.
    Use n be used – ask every Msian where n when this word started in Msia ? His leadership ! Use Malay Malay use Chinese India be used n all these nonsense in my naive adulthood awaken too.

    He also created bad norms amongst tycoons. Ask la I not comment it
    Now this norm into fresh graduates as collection item n filling vacancy as survival .
    Cambodia is a right ctry to understand why people hates people like Tun M n his cronies.
    In a ctry where many still struggling to raise their stature they hv their society lifestyle show off n all those glamour money n wgo are they ! BN n cronies in their crony capitalism !

    Hi I thinking of migrating at 51 aftr my tough savings run out after weary of begging n looking for hope n any single female professional who is a pesona principles n not foolish not apply make use of those crony wld only hv to face reality -keep one soul be ready as victim of Tun M legacy of bad norms !: Two professional degrees related n after years of sscrificed my deepest greatest regret is respected Tun M n believe in his lies on Vision 2020.If BN lost its his legacy of Enough is Enough by all who deserve a meal on table ,a hope to pay bills ,a diligent honest soul tht merely seek humanity frm his crony capitalism. He Marcos ruling style in Msia ! He started it
    Only God can save Msia.

    Any Malay who wants to keep his soul n aware of spiritual emptiness in wht going on wld support humble PAS n nonracist PKR. Any Chinese who is Msian core identity wld support PKR. N I who is not a politician but was a strong supporter of BN now awaken BN must go so tht I hv identity n I hv less regrets n hv hope ! N may all the arrogant cronies n BN grassroots tht claim they r govt n bully us n hv jobs n thisvtht be fleeing n not Rakyat who merely want to be worthy to survive n serve by working with income not enslave by Tun M legacy of racism n cronism n show off .

    He reminded me also as Father of Hurts.
    I even now appreciate communism. When a decent human being of tertiary education with experience n calibre work day in day out n not enough to even hv $2K due to the many classes of society ,one has no choice but to support classless system ie Communism. Whts wrong with communism ?Its evil just because American not like it. Hi American has no crony capitalism tht is so imperialistic in a developing ctry ; thus please America shld wake up as communism may be humanity political system in a ctry of racism cronism n cronism n centric on Who u know not Wht u know or Wht u do – a ctry tht hv forgotten love of work duty n economic exchange eg pay for service

    Tq to Mahathir I awaken with clarity why communism was born n why people decide to change fate of nation . BN lost due to Mahathrism ( NEP racism , crony capitalism , arrogance of title , creation of so many classes of society n elevation of grassroots of political party to be as Govt.) They r not even elected by people n yet adoi hv rights n privileges more than taxpayers. His cronies help rich n all of them r getting fatter gvg to lax or power pr n mistresses tht show .

    Communism at least gv dignity to be empowered n be a human of worth when in chain of production n creativity n delivery.

    Msians has tolerated for 25 years.

    May u Mahathir Mohamed Kutty rest in peace n glory as Father of Racism, Father of Crony Capitalism , Father of Hurts , Father of Show Off. I salute u still as tht and no longer as Father of Vision 2020.

    Just me
    A True Msian

    But Under Mahathirism
    not Bumi Not Chinese enough in Msia

  66. Edit my emotions.

    Too long in wilderness n dessert.
    I am not personal.
    I am tired weary of Msia type of
    capitalism tht not empower support capital human capital money etc n just network capital. Its great risk n not ecoonomic wise cost at mercy of crony
    including wasted time or being used or no collection or bad debts n too competitive to bodek .

  67. In view of many comments about Dr.Mahathir over his absolute control of the country when he was the PM for the past twenty two years, some of the ISA detainees could not forget the sufferings under such circumstances. It is useless to gloat over the past when the present political situation has fallen apart with such problems of kleptocracy and racism never seen in the past where our economy has never been is such bad shape, we must keep in mind that we need to support Dr.Mahathir, who can only help to change the landscape of the country and reshape the destiny of the country. Dr.Mahathir has given his time at 93 years old to hopefully make a change as a payback for his draconian rule. Only Dr.Mahathir has the capability that can make a difference under the opposition to win.

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