Blogger Sakmongkol AK47 asks Mr. Clean Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to stay out of the Altantuya Murder Case

April 11, 2015

Blogger SakmongkolAK47: Mr. Clean Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, stay out of the Altantuya Murder Case


Raub MP Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz has made a broad threat about exposing the secrets behind the controversial purchase of two French-built submarines, which has been linked to the murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu eight years ago.

“We will dig out the story when we come to power,” said Ariff, a former UMNO member and one-time Najib Razak aide who joined the DAP in 2012. “Now you know why UMNO is fearful of losing power.”

abdullah badawiHe said a new Pakatan Rakyat-led federal government could also reopen the Altantuya case and order a fresh trial to settle outstanding issues. In a blog article on Friday, Ariff related political gossip that even Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was a “beneficiary of the spoils” of the submarine purchase, but made clear he was only recounting hearsay. “I don’t know about this – people tell me this,” he said.

He warned Abdullah against joining the fight to reopen the Altantuya murder case. Abdullah had said earlier that Najib did not know Altantuya. “People can be rude by asking, what does Pak Lah know?” Ariff said, before advising Abdullah not to get involved.

“Pak Lah is better off staying out of this fight, lest people start digging what he got when Najib took over as PM,” he said. Najib succeeded Abdullah as Prime Minister in 2009, a year after Barisan Nasional suffered humiliating losses to Pakatan Rakyat in the general election the previous year.

Ariff joined the chorus of opposition cries for a new trial into the Altantuya case, in which Najib, his wife Rosmah Mansor, and a Najib associate, Abdul Razak Baginda, have been implicated.

He dismissed Najib’s lack of a clear answer when asked in a television interview on Thursday about his connection to Altantuya, in the face of widespread political gossip that he had had a relationship with the victim through Razak. Ariff said Najib had not answered the question. He merely responded by telling the interviewer that he had taken an Islamic oath in a mosque that he did not know Altantuya.

“I think the answer was meant more for the folks in the villages and in the Malay heartland,” said Ariff and ridiculed the Prime Minister. “If Najib can prove his innocence by way of making the solemn oath, then anyone accused of any crime can avoid going before the civil courts by doing the same. Many wrongdoers will get away easily.”

The best way to solve the issue once and for all was a retrial, he said. “Bring in Musa Safri (a former aide to Najib at the time of the murder and who was implicated but never called to testify), Razak Baginda and others, investigation officers and everyone connected to the brutal slaying.” He said some evidence could be introduced, as well as people never called to testify, and the two policemen eventually convicted and sentenced to death for killing Altantuya.“The retrial can be done – if we have a new government, a properly constituted court,” he said.

One of the two convicted killers, Sirul Azhar Umar, has said that he and co-accused Azilah Hadri were only carrying out orders and had been made the scapegoats while the people responsible got away. Sirul is now being held in an Australian immigration detention centre after he fled there while awaiting a court decision.

His pleas have been taken up by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad who has called for the case to be reopened and for Najib to answer whether he knew Altantuya.

14 thoughts on “Blogger Sakmongkol AK47 asks Mr. Clean Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to stay out of the Altantuya Murder Case

  1. Altantuya won’t go away until justice is done. Mr Clean PM Abdullah Badawi’s statement adds to the mystery of her brutal murder; it will not bring closure. –Din Merican

  2. When it comes to UMNO’s appointees in the PMO, there is no reason to believe any of them are incorruptible. Doing so would be akin to concluding that prostitutes in a whore house are virgins.

  3. Abdullah Badawi is generally considered as a clean and pious man and fairly good during his time as PM though he was eased out in the cesspool of UMNO’s politics of opportunism. His crowning achievement (along with his law minister Zaid Ibrahim) was to tender aplogy to ex-Lord Presidednt Tun Salleh and his judges colleagues, summarilly dismissed by Dr Mahathir, and compensate them with lump sum payments and restore their pensions.

    He has good reputation and he should guard it. How does he know that Najib does not know Altantuya? If he had read the police investigation file and if it was stated there that Najib does not know Altantuya, does it mean it is a fact? Or has he got a third eye to vouch for Najib’s innocence? These allegations have been going on for some months reaching a high pitch over the last few days. Why wait this long to say what you said?

    It is best he keeps his mouth shut on this matter.

  4. When people talk about a “retrial”, it cannot mean retrying the two police commandos again for the same crime for which they had been tried and convicted. You cannot convict a person twice for the same crime and punish him again — “autrefois convict”

    What ought to happen is to prosecute whoever “ordered” the murder, as an accessory before the fact, or aiding and abetting the commission, or involved in the subsequent cover-up of the crime itself which should also include whoever erased the immigration records. All these crimes carry very severe penalties.

    At this trial Sirul and Azilah would be the prosecution’s star witnesses. Musa Safri should do a plea bargain and turn state witness.

    The whole idea is to instill some real fear into all government servants that you cannot escape punishment just because a superior ordered you to do something which you know or ought to know is an unlawful act. If you feel that your rice bowl is at stake, well, you should also know that you have made a choice, and if the choice turns out to be the wrong one, you cannot blame anyone thereafter.

    Sirul and Azilah have made their choices and have now learned this lesson at the costs of losing their lives and therefore cannot now do a cry-baby and say they were being made scapegoats. You two went in with both eyes opened.

    This should be made into a case study and taught to all present and future government servants if we are serious about improving the quality of our civil service. But as we all know no one is interested in improving the quality of our civil service.

  5. How can one believe that justice had seem to be done when Karpal (counsel in brief to Altantuyas father) had called for Najib to testify and was shot down by the presiding judge who declared that he wasn’t the prosecutor and that only the prosecutor could make such a request?Why did the prosecutors not do that? That itself implies that the prosecutors and the defence were alligned. It is also translucently clear that the two cops implicated were not known to Altantuya and one of them was Najibs bodyguard. Why was this not brought up by the prosecutors? Was the presiding judge and even the appeal court judges not learned enough to note this when they made their judgement? And to me,the most pertinent question is,who signed out the C4 from the defence depot or wherever it was taken out from? Are records not kept for such sensitive items? Who signed for it to be taken out? For fingers to be pointed to Najib,since he was the then defence minister are not illogical since all this evidences were just shrugged off. Then there’s the pointer where Altantuyas entry into the country were wiped off. Numerous other glaring questions remain unanswered and yet the entire nation is to take Najibs word that he is not involved? What makes it even more sickening is when the entire governing coalition concurs with him. Is there no sense of truthfulness on the part of the lawmakers who are elected to uphold the sanctity of the country? Is Tun Mahathir the only one allowed to ask questions? All the 5 tenets of the Rukunegara have been transgressed and Najib can bluntly proclaim that he has explained things? I can go on and on and this is only one of the numerous aspersions that Najib has brought upon himself and the country but my pressure is going up and it’s time for my Amlodeplin. P/S; I am reminded of a documentary I watched some years ago where the person on feature was the late Ungku Aziz’s wife (I can’t recall her name but she was an intellect in her own right) The topic she was discussing on were the Malay’s and their often used phrase of the word “Ibu”,e.g. ibu, ibu bahasa,ibu kaum,ibu rumah,ibu afrit,ibu bapa,ibu haruan,ibu keladi,ibu jari,ibu roti and many more connotations to the word ibu. She sumptuously explained how and why the Malay’s often used this particular word in describing or expressing their way of life and culture. It was really very educating for a Punjabi that I was and still am (my wife is a Malay) I love this country and I have a special place in my heart for the Malays and I have a thousand fond memories and stories of experiences my family (who are Sikhs)and I have had with the Malay’s. I just would like to remnd them to not, for whatever reason betray their IBU PERTIWI.

  6. I am trying to think of countries that have so devalued the rule of law and justice the way Malaysia has done. Perhaps Idi Amin’s Uganda or Robert Mugabe ‘s Zimbabwe. How could a young woman and her unborn child’s murder be discounted in such callous manner? How does Malaysians and that includes UMNO members live in a country where justice have been so perverted? Where is our sense of justice? Dato Arif speaks for many Malaysians but the opposition will never get to Putrajaya. Not with the manner in which the Election Commission is massaging the electoral rolls. We need a massive change in the maturity of civil society. And we need more leaders like Dato Ariff to speak loudly and clearly.

  7. It is certainly intriguing that Mr Clean has to come out at this time to support Najib.
    What does he know, but more important is, what has got to gain from it. It is better for him to try and keep his Mr Clean record clean by keeping his mouth shut.

  8. Abdullah Badawi clean? I will believe so after he has satisfactorily explained the UN’s program “OIL FOR FOOD” to supply food and medication to Iraqis in exchange for oil from the country…. where he was ALLEGED to have written a letter to the UN to give a huge allocation to some related to him…

    Ok Pak Lah, since you want to be in the limelight, now is the time for you to explain….

  9. This bodohvi must have an agenda for speaking up.So Dato Ariff and Sirul if you have or know something come right out and say it with proof.No point threatening to reveal this and that.Just cough it out as enough najis is floating in this country now.Let’s bring some closure to this injustices and move on with our lives under a better government.

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