Why is MACC and Abu Kassim so dishonorable in the Trial of Rosli Dahlan?

April 6, 2015



Breaking News! Why is MACC and Abu Kassim so dishonorable in the Trial of Rosli Dahlan?

by Din Merican

 Abu KassimTake Responsibility and Apologise

This morning‎, the trial of Rosli Dahlan against Utusan Malaysia, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission and 15 Other Defendants was supposed to start before High Court Judge Datuk Su Geok Yam. The courtroom was packed with reporters, Rosli’s wife and family and MACC officers. Also seen were Dato Ramli Yusuff and Tan Sri Robert Phang.

Judge Su noted that a majority of the Defendants including Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim and Kevin Morais, the source of all these problems, were absent. Instead the MACC appeared through 6 counsels including 2 paralegals. The most notable was that MACC is no longer represented by the Attorney General Chambers but by private senior lawyer Tan Sri Cecil Abraham.

Now, that’s an expensive switch! In a turn of events, counsel for Utusan Malaysia informed the court that they want to settle the case and want to make a public apology to Rosli Dahlan in open court. ‎ This is great!

Utusan has crumbled even before the trial starts. Judge Su invited Rosli to come forward and sit in one of the counsel’s chairs while Rosli’s wife, family and friends then listened attentively to senior Legal Manager ‎ and company secretary of Utusan Encik Shirad Anwar reading the following public apology in open court: “

1.On  October 12, 2007, while the Muslim community were preparing to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, we had published a news article about the arrest and prosecution of Lawyer Rosli Dahlan with the title “Police Lawyer failed to declare asset charged in court today” (“the Article”)

2. Shortly after the publication of the Article, upon demand by Lawyer Rosli Dahlan, we had among others, on  April 15, 2008, published at page 4 of Utusan Malaysia newspaper, an unconditional and unreserved Public Apology to Lawyer Rosli Dahlan (hereinafter referred to as the said Public Apology”), the contents of which are as follows.

3. That we had made several allegations which were untrue against Lawyer Rosli Dahlan as follows:

3.1. That he is a Singapore citizen who carries out legal practice in Malaysia, whereas he is truly and indeed a Malaysian citizen;

3.2. That he has breached the laws of the country by refusing to make an asset declaration, whereas he had indeed made the said declaration;

3.3. That he had hidden the asset of a Senior Police Officer who was under investigation by the ACA (Anti-Corruption Agency), whereas he never did that;

3.4. That he is of malevolent character and had acted deceptively in his dealings to frustrate the ACA investigations, whereas he had always fully co-operated with the ACA and his actions were always within the requirements of the law.

3.5 Our said article has given a totally wrong depiction of Lawyer Rosli Dahlan as a foreign lawyer who had acted in a manner contrary to the proper behaviour and ethics of an advocate and solicitor.

3.6 We acknowledge and expressed our deepest regrets that the said article was written and published in a sensational manner to generate publicity which exceeded the parameters of ethical journalism surrounding the investigation of YDH Dato’ Pahlawan Haji Ramli Haji Yusuff who at that time held the post of Director of the Commercial Crime Investigation Department of Police Di-Raja Malaysia.

4. We hereby again, upon request and with the consent and express agreement of lawyer Rosli Dahlan, repeat the contents of the said Public Apology referred to above and hereby again unconditionally and unreservedly apologise to lawyer Rosli Dahlan for our said untruthful article and we regret the damage that we have caused to him.

5. We further acknowledge that lawyer Rosli Dahlan has been conclusively discharged and acquitted by the court from all charges made against him by the ACA which is now known as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The question on everyone’s mind is why then is MACC not apologising? Why waste taxpayers’ money engaging expensive Cecil Abraham to defend a wrong that was committed to an innocent professional? I say to MACC – be honorable. Own up, apologise and pay up! Don’t waste the Courts’ time and taxpayers’ money to defend yourself.

21 thoughts on “Why is MACC and Abu Kassim so dishonorable in the Trial of Rosli Dahlan?

  1. Who is going to believe Abu Kassim or the MACC? The Japanese chief would have committed hara-kiri. Abu Kassim? Just resign! As someone else will say, “Don’t talk shit!”

  2. The MACC boss must be protected or believe that he is protected by the one upthere. Or maybe if IGP can do I can do too, attitude. HOW IMMORAL CAN SOMEONE BE ???

  3. Quote:- “The question on everyone’s mind is why then is MACC not apologising?”

    Even in Bolihland, “Mana Bolih, mahu kena sack?”

  4. Why is MACC and Abu Kassim so dishonorable in the Trial of Rosli Dahlan?

    Because the cost of hiring private senior lawyer Tan Sri Cecil Abraham will be borne by Malaysian tax payers.

    But if Tan Sri Cecil service is to be charged to Tan Sri Abu Kassim’s personal account, then like Utusan, MACC would be reading its own apology to Rosli Dahlan in no time.

    Just like Jawi and the shariah prosecutor in Nik Raina’s case, these people don’t really care if the case goes on forever and innocent people’s livelihoods are wrecked, as long as it doesn’t hit their pockets and as long as the tax payers keep paying for their upkeep.

    Anyway, the latest tax imposed, GST, is part of social justice according to the Kelantan mufti. Allah bless the tax payers.

  5. Din, if a witness can go to MACC to give his statement and then ended up dead in MACC’s compound and the officer who was incriminated got promoted ….. how could you expect MACC to do apologise to Rosli?

  6. Din,the way you said it,gives the impression that Utusan suddenly had a change of heart today and wanted to settle the case.In fact surely you must know that it cd only have been the result of voluntary negotiations between the parties .From my simplistic understanding, a settlement can only be achieved if parties are prepared to take a middle path between their respective claims and defences .I am sure that is what happened between Rosli and Utusan..Happily they had come to a settlement in the true Islamic spirit and Utusan just repeated the apology that they first published in 2008 ,now in open court.I do not think the matter of anyone crumbling before the trial started does not arise and that is why it is called a CONSENT Judgment.

    Surah 5:8 of the Quran is instructive in this respect.

    Let him who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  7. As in this article by Dato Dino, there’s a pic of Abu Kassim, look at it closely n register it in your mind, ” Folks, this is the face of a coward, lying son of God knows what, remember his face, for my spit is too precious to waste on it.

  8. chokusenro: only in Islam do people happy to come to settlement and compromise? Others fight till kingdom come?

  9. chokusenro is right. Why can’t we look at this positively? Utusan is more honorable than all the other media. Utusan was the first to apologise in 2008. The fact that Utusan is doing it again by consent judgement shows their remorse and integrity. I think we should encourage disputing parties to always settle. Utusan deserves commendation.

  10. Abu Kassim – this is your finest opportunity to show MACC under you practises what it preaches about integrity and honesty. Walk the talk!

    Ash Kassim will not do that. He is a typical saya yang menurut perentah type. He plays politics and that why he is the Chief Commissioner. He is not like the Late Justice Harun Hashim who once headed the ACA.–Din Merican

  11. Don’t you folks get it ?

    Rosli Dahlan is being persecuted because he is a MALAY. He is being made an example because the hegemonic interests of UMNO and the integrity of their apparatus is being challenged by a MALAY.

    Pro UMNO Establishment Malays cannot live with the idea that a Malay and Muslim , does not dance to their tune. Is willing to dispute and challenge their authority in a public manner but more importantly, willing to slay sacred cows in pursuit of justice.

  12. Fyulia, there is still hope for this country when there are people like you although the likes of us are in the minority.The Quran says ,If you follow the majority they will lead you away from the straight path (6:116) .

  13. ?Why waste taxpayers’ money engaging expensive Cecil Abraham to defend a wrong that was committed to an innocent professional? ”

    Let me list the reasons.

    1. The late night SD Specialist needs the limelight and the cash just like Shaftee the serial Performer.

    2. The late night SD Specialist is a member of MACC – if you can’t make money from the inside, what good are you?

    3. Kassim would like to drag this out to stay on the job and appear relevant.

    4. Anyone like Rosli Dahlan who fights the hangers-on and the parasites is fair game.

  14. Since the case is still sub judice, I will not make any comment. However, I would like to know why the AG’s Chambers are engaging private lawyers at public expense to handle its cases these days when it has so many senior lawyers in the Chambers to do the job? Can anyone enlighten me on this point? Thank you.

  15. FYulia, ” I think we should encourage disputing parties to always settle. Utusan deserves commendation ” Me thinks we should encourage Utusan to stop disseminating lies. How many more lawsuits to settle and public apologies Utusan will have to come up with for its reckless reporting. FYulia, Utusan deserves condemnation not commendation. It’s not difficult to distinguish
    between the two.

  16. FYulia, I agree, in all legal cases, out of court settlement is always the best course of action to take, otherwise it will be a waste of more time and more legal expenses. Unfortunately, in this modern world, most people want to win even when they are in the wrong.[ By saying this, I do not mean anyone is wrong in the case under reference.] FACE (or “muka”)i is important. to some people. Very often, we human beings make mistakes, at times, intentionally. There is nothing wrong to admit we are in the wrong and say “sorry” if it helps to settle a case. .

  17. It makes a lot of difference when a court case falls upon an honourable judge who is presiding the case without fear or favour. There were cases when involved with politics that could make the case like a rolling stone without a clear judgement.

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