The Ugly Face of the Malay psyche on display

March 25, 2015

The Ugly Face of the Malay psyche on display

by Mariam

It takes a brave Malay woman to say what the whole nation is thinking, and it is amazing how many Malay men cannot wait to show the world the ugly face of the Malay psyche.

The threats of physical violence and rape on BFM host Aisyah Tajudin, for her satirical take on the Kelantan hudud law, have proven that despite receiving the ‘best education in the world’, many Malays remain shallow, servile and seriously stupid. Only insecure, egotistical Malay men would feel threatened, not just by the truth, but by a woman, and worse still, a Malay woman.

The rakyat’s problem is that Malaysia’s religious men aspire to become politicians, and its politicians pretend to be religious men.

The latest hudud debacle has very little to do with religion. It is about power. Power over the Malays in Malaysia. Power to overcome any non-Malay resistance. And power to crush any opposition, especially from progressive Malays, who represent the biggest threat.

Aisyah (above) wanted to liberate Malay minds, not conquer their bodies. Her video was for people to reflect and to ponder. She did not force her message on others, if they did not wish to accept them.

Aisyah discussed important issues, so we may understand some of our country’s problems. If she didn’t care for her country, she would have chosen to remain quiet, like 97 percent of the population.

The Malays are creative and in the olden days, songs, sajak (poems) or bangsawan (opera/plays) would relay any messages, from rulers to their subjects. Aisyah is merely continuing a rich Malay tradition. The Malays who reacted badly to her satire, are an uncultured lot.

Aisyah appealed to the Muslims’ faith and their compassion. The Malays who threatened her, revealed everything that Islam does not represent.The BFM host used ingenuity to drive home a message about hudud, in Kelantan. The bigots revealed their stupidity and inability to use their intellect, to counter her point of view. Their threats, to rape and kill, will force more moderate, but silent Muslims, to speak out. These bigots have also stained the moderate face of Malay Muslims.

BFM should not have apologised for making and airing the satirical video. The company probably had no choice. The government issues permits, and can shut down companies. In the past, companies had their computers seized, their editors harassed, their Muslim writers accused of being lesbian, gay, apostate or atheist, and issued with death threats, violence or legal action.

In the Charlie Hebdo massacre of January 7, terrorists used Islam as their excuse to mow down several people, including a Muslim Policeman. Disagreeing with the cartoonists, does not give the men a licence to kill. The terrorists’ actions further tarnished the image of Islam and gave the impression that Muslims lacked the ability to enter into intelligent discussion.

Silencing freedom of expression

The day after the Paris carnage, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar said that Malaysia needed the Sedition Law to prevent such attacks on Malaysian soil. The terrorists used bullets, in Paris, to silence freedom of expression, but Khalid uses the Sedition Law, to curb freedom of speech.

The IGP claimed that his role of policing Twitter, was to act like the referee of social media, and stop troublemakers. So, why are tweets from extremist and racist UMNO Baru politicians not censured? Khalid should leave Aisyah alone, and arrest the men who threatened her.

NIK RAINA INTERVIEW Using a slew of laws like sedition and blasphemy to condemn Aisyah, just shows his desperation. The IGP is mimicking the Federal Territories Islamic Affairs Department’s (JAWI) relentless pursuit of the Borders manager, Nik Raina Abdul Aziz (above).

Malays brought up on UMNO Baru’s diet of race, religion and royalty, have had their brains sucked dry. They have long forgotten how to think, to rationalise and to analyse.

By all means, blame UMNO Baru, but do not forget their new partners in crime, PAS. Both parties are desperate to take control of the Malay mind, but more importantly, their votes. It is all about power. Sadly, the late Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s experience of both him and PAS being betrayed by UMNO/Umno Baru, have already been forgotten by the PAS ulama.

PAS President Hadi Awang is desperate to force hudud through Parliament. This is about power. When it comes to absolute power, religion becomes a pawn, and a means to an end.

Hadi has fallen into UMNO Baru’s trap, and we are now being distracted by hudud, instead of tackling major issues like 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), corruption, the goods and services tax (GST) and the flood victims.

Malays can still be pious without having to become wannabe Arabs. Malays are in danger of losing their history and their culture, which go back several centuries, long before Parameswara was born.

If Malays do not reclaim their true identity, the only reference to Malay culture will appear at cultural shows, for the benefit of tourists, and at Tourism Malaysia performances worldwide. The religious indoctrination by power-hungry Malay men, has reduced Malays to a poor imitation of Arabs, and turned multi-cultural Malaysia to a ghetto-nation.

Hudud does not belong in multicultural Malaysia. Aisyah’s video made us think, and that is what the bigots fear most.

28 thoughts on “The Ugly Face of the Malay psyche on display

  1. We seem to have nothing better to do. As a result, we are becoming delusional and irrelevant. Yet in truth, we are facing serious economic, social and political probelms which Prime Minister Najib is unable to deal with.–Din Merican

  2. Correct. Melayus are stupid.
    No, they have misguided and are confused. But they are not stupid.–Din Merican

  3. Yes, “ghetto nation” is an appropriate phrase.

    Opposition to a church being built in a Muslim majority area, opposition to a mosque being built in a Christian majority area.

    Remember how we were once proud of ourselves for having towns where we see a mosque next (or near) to a Chinese temple, next to a Hindu temple etc?
    We can still see this in the old part of Melaka.

  4. You can criticise the ugliness all you want, truth is they won’t be moved. It is time simply to make the argument, that the traditional idea of Islamic state – every single past and present model ever dreamed up, DOES NOT WORK.. There is NOT A SINGLE ISLAMIC STATE, CURRENT OR PAST, THAT IS SUSTAINABLE TODAY..

    Its simply time to argue that ANY ISLAMIC STATE BEING DREAMED UP, HAS TO BE DIFFERENT THAN ANYTHING EVER THOUGHT UP NOW OR PAST. It must be relevant to the times, to the rest of the world. Fact is PAS is a failure in Kelantan and elsewhere as a government – by economic, social measures they are failures – they have only achieved some political success which they are also losing now – NOT CONCINCIDENTLY HAPPENS OR LARGELY AGREED WILL ALSO HAPPEN TO ALL CURRENT AND PAST ISLAMIC STATE.

    In this age, you can’t make anything permanent in a smaller scale, you can’t make it a success on a bigger scale. Its called the law of scalability. If PAS can’t make Kelantan a success after so long, it can’t make a success on a national scale. THAT is the crux of the problem, – WHAT PAS PROPOSES SIMPLY DON’T WORK..

  5. I wonder why sane & moderate Malaysians are keeping so quiet. Do we have to wait until we become like Syria, Afghanistan or Libya to act?? Please speak up constructively for the good of our country before it is too late.

  6. The bigots don’t want us to think. The bigots are also misogynist . The misogyny is also part of the religion. When these men see a woman challenging their power, even the most powerless amongst them react violently. Face facts. Hudud codifies the misogyny.

  7. Dato Din, the rot is not limited to those already revealed in recent days. Bigger scams in the making have still not attracted many’s attention. I am talking about the scam being evolved in Kg Baru. The Malays are going to lose the whole kampung very soon. Imagine, a 301 acre slum is being redesigned into something which includes a man-made lake, another water-body, a world class convention centre, other cultural and what-not centres, high-class multi-storied buildings, etc. Only the balance would be left to be shared by all the residents ! You still don’t realize what that really means ? In simple language…. every land owner involved would have to lose his property. Of course the planners are not that dumb as to give the owners zero return for their stupidity. They will be given a certificate by the name of “Transfer of Development Rights ” (TDR), supposedly equivalent to the land value being exchanged. It seems that the TDR is intended to be transferable only among Kg Baru residents or as exchange medium for properties being developed and is assured (not guaranteed) that its marketable value would not only be maintained, but would improve as developments progress. Don’t you agree with me that the Malays are being duped right under their noses ? Firstly, the residents are being wrested off their landed properties by force. Secondly, they are being promised with empty hopes. The TSR value can never be met because there is no guarantee that the issuer of the TSR would be the same body which is going to own all the land being acquired. Even if the body issuing the TSR and that owning the land is one and the same entity, usual hanky-panky can take shape before the residents can get a taste of the fruits of their labour. But, what defies logic most is the lie that the the TSR value can improve when its marketability is limited to merely the owners of the expected 15,000 units of houses being planned. To me, the project is doomed to fail right from the start.
    The Malays are just being duped; they are being betrayed by their leaders in the name of tolong “bangsa, agama dan negera”. Read Dr. M Bakri Musa’s latest article which is on my blog.

  8. Ya, Malays need to change their mindset!!
    Stand up for multiracial meritocracy!
    Otherwise good people will leave, like Singapore’s separation in 1965 : “If you want Singapore to succeed…you must have a system that enables the best man and the most suitable to go into the job that needs them…”

  9. Kelantan should be allowed to try out their Hudud for 5 years. Who knows they might be very successful. Then whichever state that wants to copy them can go ahead.

  10. Sorry guys and gals if you find that as an insult

    Don’t we have an english work called amok comes from bahasa melayu and it associate with certain behavours

  11. The cogent question is have the Malays in the category described by her reached the point of no return?

    I don’t think so, and so to my fellow Malay citizens of Malaysia, I say it is still not too late, save yourselves, please, before you are being sacrificed at the altar of some scoundrel’s political ambitions and or survival.

    You and the country are at an important cross road, take a wrong turn then both are doomed.

    If beautiful Malaysia is to remain beautiful, make the right choice now.

  12. Yes, Dato… and you might have added that the current hoo-haa about Hudud is not about religion but a political wayang being played out.

  13. Kampung Baru here we come.

    Harap pagar, pagar makan padi. How wise and how foolish. The idiom is so deafening that nothing is learned. But I guess we all are foolish. There is no reason to think that foolishness is an exclusive trait.

    God bless orang Melayu. You are created for a reason. Lets hope its not for a mere byword.

  14. Last month during CNY, I did not have one single Malay visitor… I used to live and grow up with Malays and many of my friends are Malays but over the last 5-6 years, they slowly disappear… this year I ordered nasi biryani, chicken curry, satay, gado-gado, roti jala and a man to bar-b-que ota-ota in the garden…. and I didn’t have one single Malay visitor during my open day… I sms’ed at least 20 Malay friends, all said they will try their best to come but none turned up…. next year I will just not have an open day….

  15. Kampung Baru was given by the great grand father of the present Sultan of Selangor to preserve Malay presence in the heart of KL. Perhaps the Sultan of Selangor might want to revisi this gift to the Malays and ensure that the legacy of the Sultan of Selangor is kept despite the call for development.

  16. Thank you Orang Malaya for your response. I hope His Highness takes an urgent personal look into this immediate danger. I would also appeal to all the capable writers to delve deep into the scam and publicize the issue, not only in an effort to preserve the Malay survival in KL, but also to prevent the whole Malay heritage from becoming a laughing stock. My contact is available with Dato Din in case of need.

  17. Dato’ Din is right of course, Malays are not stupid. Anyone who has had business dealings with Malays educated outside the kebangsaan system, working with multi-nationals (whose meritocratic rules are pretty strict) and rising to the top within these, knows this. They can hold their own with the best. I have several friends in this category working internationally, who then encounter such problems as being asked by relatives on their balk Hari Raya visits ‘when are you leaving please?, because it’s awkward: our children want to be like your children; they keep asking us questions now’ (!! betul lah)

    The problem is, the Malay rakyat has been dumbed-down, brain-washed and made to feel insecure to an alarming degree in the interest of cultivating an obedient unthinking voter-bank. Of course, any country that professes Islam as its state religion starts with a major handicap, an unbiased look around the planet will tell you that, but it should not be insurmountable (see Indonesia and MAYBE Tunisia). Here the state school system with its religious commissars, the obligatory state-written Friday sermons, BTN, pernicious JAWI and JAKIM policing activity, excessive deference to a royalty who seem (to me) no more than the ultimate élite bumiputera business club… “on connait la musique!” say the French, we know what’s going on.

    I must say I despair of seeing a solution, absent an outbreak of courage and outspokenness, which I am sorry to say is not a Malay trait (pace Bersih rallies: I know it exists but not in critical mass). The core of the problem is the school system. It takes twenty years to destroy an educational system and will take at least as long to build one up, even supposing the country’s leaders can agree on a history curriculum! (In fact a truth & reconciliation commission on May 13 is a vital building block.) You can never create a national spirit and sense of destiny with three separate school systems, yet you will never entice Chinese and Indians into a national school system infested with religion and that explicitly rewards mediocrity and punishes critical thinking.

    All I can suggest is to keep supporting civic movements (not political parties) to constantly put pressure on the parties, including the opposition, to prepare specific hammered-out policies for the long rehabilitation work that’s going to be needed, if and when a critical mass of events – whether economic crisis, East Malaysian secession or UMNOputra implosions over spoil-sharing – finally topple this regime. it has so well constructed its fortress that only the GE window provides a chance. All other avenues are totally controlled.

  18. Like any other race, Malays just don’t like disagreeing, like alone argue or fight another Malay. It is going against the “Ummah” spirit, (commonly used to mean the collective community of Islamic peoples)

    This is especially so in Malaysia where a sense of injustice and betrayal, real or perceived, was hammered into the Malay psyche on British colonization seen as aided and abetted by Chinese and Indian “pendatangs” who unashamedly robbed the wealth belonging to the landlords, the helpless Malays, the prince of the soil.

    So fighting another Malay is seen as abject betrayal something which UMNO politicians never fail to remind the Malays, and of course only UMNO and no body else can protect the Malays from further exploitation.

    So speaking up against Hudud which no Malaysian Chinese or Indian would like to see being implemented would be seen as treacherously siding with the “enemy” and with the added emotive religious underpinnings, a double betrayal.

    Hence the understandably deadly silence from the silent majority of Malays. This is what PAS is betting on.

  19. “This is what PAS is betting on.”

    Actually what PAS is betting on is that the DAP is too scared to lose Selangor.

    They are banking on the fear that some Muslims have of going against the Ulama.

    The Establishment narrative is that Malay culture has always been cohesive but history fortunately pays no attention to such propaganda.

    “Malay” nationalism took many force but the clear victor was unfortunately UMNO, who emerged victorious after using the very methods their colonial masters did to quell dissent.

    Malay society has always been diverse culturally and politically. This is why something like Islam, has been used as a glue, so to speak, to coalesce the Malay polity into a homogenous glob.

    The majority “Malays” are quiet about hudud because they have become accustomed to the fact that potentates run their little fiefdoms the way they like. Put this down to the feudal mentality but the fact that there are UMNO ministers and warlords who have openly come out against hudud (at least on a Federal) level points to a very real problem for PAS’s ambition.

    Najib as usual was ill advised for not coming out strongly against hudud where he could have scored some points. This deep lack of political savvy is just further evidence that Najib is a total nincompoop when it comes to running the country not to mention the political party he heads.

  20. Siang Malam,

    I empathise with you. Not all Malays are like that. Those that had turned down your invitation to your CNY open house must be the “talibanised” types who feel and think that interacting with the “kafirs” will debase their religious credentials.

    I went to three CNY open houses, my wife and I were warmly welcomed. We never felt alienated at all.

    These born-again Malay Muslims have been indoctrinated by the ustazs and ustazahs to react in such manner. Well, they never know what they are missing.

    The 1Malaysia slogan, so proudly proclaimed by Pinkie Lips, is a farce after all.

  21. L A Burley: “The core of the problem is the school system…You can never create a national spirit and sense of destiny with three separate school systems, yet you will never entice Chinese and Indians into a national school system infested with religion and that explicitly rewards mediocrity and punishes critical thinking.”

    I agree. The next government must find a way to get our children to go to school TOGETHER. It is absurb to maintain 3 separate schools and expect them to grow up to trust and understand one another – let alone go to each other’s open house for the New Year.

    To achieve the impossible, ALL races must give up something. This is a big ask but the Chinese and Indians must give up their vernacular schools. This is non-negotiable because they are the reason for the 3 separate schools system.

    On the other side, the Malays must give up their insistence of Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction. If we are going the way of Mathematics and Science to be taught in English, why not add a few more subjects and go the whole way?

    Mandarin, Tamil and Islamic studies must be included in the curriculum. Whilst the Chinese and Indians go to their vernacular classes, the Malays can go for their Islamic studies.

  22. Aliasuki, many individuals have tried to revamp Kampong Baru including Drs Sulaiman Ronders (himself a Kampong Baru boy) Tan Sri Azman Hashim (anak Cik Gu Hashim) and the late Tan Sri Nasimuddin (NAZA) at the heist of Dr Mahathir. Tan Sri Nasimuddin was somewhat successful by acquiring several pieces fronting Jalan Raja Muda but failed to get the majority of kampong folks to support further development.
    The land borders Jalan Sultan Ismail, Chow Kit and across the river Jalan Ampang. The value of the Kampong Baru land pales in comparison to its neighbors because it is Malay Reserve.
    Another problem is the original land owners have passed on and the land is now in the hands of the children and grandchildren. Imagine a small half an acre with 15 or 16 names on the grant and none willing to develop due to lack of capital or just lack of sheer foresight. A few have been developed like the late Aziz Abu Hassan (husband of late Tan Sri Aishah Ghani) but many remain kampong houses with food stalls or bengkel in front.
    The DBKL once tried to revamp Pasar Minggu and tried to make it into a Cultural Center but it was short lived. The Malay vendors prefer to do business on other sites besides the sites offered at the Pasa Minggu. By the way the Pasar Minggu was moved from its old site over the river leading to Chow Kit.
    It would take a massive development to relocate the residents and to compensate them for the land if Kampong Baru is to be revamp and developed. Perhaps all land owners should be made stakeholders in the development while given an alternative piece of land to relocate.
    The schools along Jalan Raja Muda and Jalan Raja Muda Musa are excellent land bank. DBKL also have a Maternity and Child Health Clinic. The Pasar Minggu can be made the center while the Residence of the MB and the school be further developed as it borders the Hospital and IJN.

  23. Dato Din, LA Burley, & ai tze,
    Am Malay and Muslim. Yet, am ashamed at having to admit that the current school system is upheld wholly to the detriment of the Malays. You non-Malays don’t have to worry. We Malays are in self-destruct mode, not that am happy at that. What can I do. We are considered as ungrateful and stupid if we start opening our mouths.
    The current school syllabus totally limits the Malay students capability to compete with their non-Malay classmates. Besides the common subjects which all have to study, the Malay students have also to study 5 or 6 more religious subjects in junior school. With that statement itself you can see that the Malay students are already disadvantaged by force. On top of that, the religious subjects involve the Arabic language, requiring not only proper pronunciation, the jawi scrips to write and read, the meaning to understand, but also long verses to memorize. Worse still, the same students are also subjected to attend afternoon religious schools wherein about ten more subjects are taught, many of which are required to be dealt in greater depth and seriousness. The Quraan itself requires years of concentration to be properly read and pronounced. Up to now we have not delved into the parent’s lack of time for them, additional tuition classes that Malay students can no longer do without, and the rising financial pressures facing both the students and their parents. Am I wrong to to be so pessimistic ?

  24. aliasuki: “We Malays are in self-destruct mode… Besides the common subjects which all have to study, the Malay students have also to study 5 or 6 more religious subjects in junior school.”

    I’m flabbergasted. Although I’m Malaysian, I have been a resident in the UK for far too long to realise the extra religious load that our Malay kids have had to absorb. Like you said, if you open your mouth to dissent, you would be considered ungrateful and stupid. Worse, you could even be considered not to be a good Muslim.

    I can only suggest that PR (with or without PAS) come up with a common education manifesto that abolishes the 3 separate schools system. Else, come up with a system that includes English medium national school to compete with the 3 vernacular schools – as in the old days. Who knows, the Malaysian Malay electorate might just open their mouths and vote for it accordingly.

    The way I see it, a quarter of our kids growing up and learning together (as in the old days) is better than none. I certainly grew up with a lot of Malay and Indian friends from my old school.

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