Dr.Fareed Zakaria at Harvard

March 12,2015

Dr.Fareed Zakaria at Harvard

Here is a respected Journalist, Award Winning Author, scholar, and public intellectual. Born in Bombay, Fareed Zakaria was educated at Yale and has a Doctorate in Political Science from Harvard. Harvard taught him to think, he said, and for that he is eternally grateful. It is an interesting and inspiring commencement address befitting the reputation of the speaker. –Din Merican

3 thoughts on “Dr.Fareed Zakaria at Harvard

  1. Yes, at great world class universities, students also learn from each other and also from visitors (invited speakers).
    In fact, professors also learn from the very bright students — such as undergraduate students who write very good term papers and from very bright graduate (“postgraduate” in British parlance) students who come up with brilliant ideas for their PhD dissertations.

  2. Please, no one, come up and compare Harvard with what Bolehland’s world class univ’s have to offer. Though the temptation will be great.
    It will be comparing Rosmah’s handbag(s) with what we use to carry fish from the pasaraya.

  3. “You don’t need an ethics course to know what you shouldn’t do. Just trust in your instincts, be true to them, and you will make for yourself a great and a good life. ”

    I can’t help chuckling at this line considering Fareed’s …ahem…problems with literary pilfering.

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