Who is Ismail Sabri?

February 6, 2015

Who is Ismail Sabri? Until his true colors were known Din MericanYrecently, he is just a mediocre UMNO Minister in Najib’s cabinet who is there to make up the numbers. He got his attention by being a racist. People who know him think he should have been out of the cabinet long ago.

Sabri, a lawyer, is from Pahang, yet he does not represent the typical man from the state. I have many Pahang friends who are smart, honest, hardworking and non-racist. Then why is he a Minister?

It is plain to see that Sabri was chosen by our Prime Minister to do his bidding not because he is competent. Sabri’s latest snafu confirms that you do not need to have special skills to be a member of Najib’s team. All you have to do is to hone in your ampu bodek skills and you can and, indeed, prosper and are protected.

Is it any wonder why Najib defends him with the endorsement of his cabinet colleagues. Paul Low, who is Minister in the Prime Minister, should be able to tell you how to be a Minister and survive. We know that  it is now part of the UMNO culture to be self-serving and corrupt. Even MACC has to think many times before investigating an UMNO Minister.

We should realise that the backbone of the Malaysian economy, despite the NEP, is the Chinese community. We must be courageous enough to acknowledge their contributions to the economic development of our country for generations. The Chinese are Malaysians like you and I.

So let us avoid blaming them if our policies to promote Malay entrepreneurship have failed. What happened to FAMA, RISDA, and MAJUIKAN? Rather than antagonise them with racist rhetoric, let us engage them so that we can learn how to survive in business without having to go to business school. People like Ismail Sabri must go, not defended.  Din Merican

Ismail Sabri

Who is Ismail Sabri Yaakob?

by  Koon Yew Yin@www.malaysiakini.com

COMMENT: Now that the Cabinet has cleared Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister, for his allegedly race-inciting hate comments on Facebook, I would like to suggest that he be given leave from his position to undergo a course in Business Economics 101.

This is because, quite apart from his racist mindset, he is the man who was earlier responsible for the plastic fish box controversy when he was Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister, as a result of which fish prices shot through the roof for a period of time.

He was also the man behind the fiasco concerning school bus operators who were provided with short notice to buy new buses to replace old school buses. This was a move from which he had to back down when the bus operators threatened a shutdown of services.

In the kopitiam when the government new policies were first announced, besides the public anger, there was much speculation on who would benefit from these measures which would raise prices of fish and school transportation. Certainly not the fishermen or school bus drivers. Perhaps the companies providing the plastic boxes or school bus distributors? Perhaps their runners?

Ismail Sabri’s public service

On second thoughts, I think that the Minister does not need to undergo any business course. This is because, if the blogsphere is to be listened to, he does seem to know a lot about business, especially unreasonable profits and monkey business .

Thus a reader in one of the more respectable pro-UMNO blogs operated by (Dato) Ahirudin Atan, or more popularly known as ‘Rocky’s Bru’, had in July 2012 penned the following advice for other readers on Ismail Sabri:

Bro Rocky, get the scoop on Companies Commission of Malaysia’s tales of corruption, abuse of power and lies brokered by Sabri.  Comment made at 6.25 am, http://www.rockybru.com.my/2012/07/ismails-witch-hunt.html

This is a cryptic comment from an insider who appears to know a lot more than he has put on record. Even if we may not think much of the titillating comment, at least it is still out there for the whole world to read and ponder. This is in contrast to the Minister’s Facebook comments on Chinese traders which have been erased since he now claims that he was not directing his comments only at Chinese traders!

On his side though, we have a prominent columnist in one of the news daily claiming that Ismail Sabri has never dabbled in race and religion since the columnist knew him seven years ago. The columnist also says that Ismail Sabri’s colleagues in law school speak well about him. Well, perhaps the columnist is right but then he may be wrong, and we may be seeing the Minister in his true colours now.

So instead of sending the Minister back to business school or to a course on ‘basics of political integrity’ from which many think he is unlikely to learn anything, I suggest that the best thing for detractors to do is to uncover the full record of his service or his disservice to the nation as the case may be.

Let’s put the political correctness aside and hang out the dirty laundry in the public arena so all Malaysians can know the true quality of the leaders that we have.

KOON YEW YIN, a retired chartered engineer, is a philanthropist.

16 thoughts on “Who is Ismail Sabri?

  1. The “ethnic enclave economy” enables minorities to flourish in spite of
    institutional discrimination.

    Examples include the Chinese in Malaysia and the Cubans in
    Florida, USA.

    Your university degree from the high quality, world class Taiwanese universities is not recognized by the ruling regime? No problem, you can get a job with it in the ethnic enclave economy.
    Anglos discriminate against you in the corporate world? No problem, you can get a job in the ethnic enclave economy.

    Destroy the ethnic enclave economy, and the rest of the economy collapses e.g. Uganda under Idi Amin.

  2. Well…a small who is made a Minister has to fly everywhere so that he is heard and seen but sadly the racist way. He is throwing the PM’s 1 Malaysia concept into the drain but it is acceptable to the PM.

  3. Racist tendencies are inherent in nearly every human being unless the world is populated by one race. A national leader in a multi-racial, multi-religious society ought to exhibit sublime qualities to earn the respect of the people. Refusing to admit mistakes (and to say “I am sorry…” ) is not the hallmark of a true leader.

  4. Ismail Sabri seems to have got a lot of free and cheap publicity consequent to his statement about Chinese traders. Many of my friends and I have never heard of him. Now we know who he is, what he had done and what he has been doing.

  5. This IS flur is suffering from terminal Umnobitis.. What’s that?
    It something like Tertiary Syphilis with appearances of tabes dorsalis (lightning pains, imbalance, seizure) and progressive dementia. In all my decades of practice, i have not seen a single case until a few days ago..

    Besides all the mengkudu-polishing, ball-carrying and ass-kissing (collectively known as ‘ampu bodekism’), this horribly afflicted ‘hyperreflexian’ is desperately clinging on to his Penghulu’s gummatous cowardice. It matters not, whatever he says is utter, putrefied filth – what matters is that he spouts whatever he deems his undergrowth wallow in. Points fingers, denies accountability and crucify the ‘Other’. I truly wonder whether these zombies are also spousal abusers?

    Paul Ehrlich discovered the ‘Magic Bullet’ for syphilis in the early 20th century. I wonder who can imitate his perseverance and brilliance to do the same for the political insanity and dysphoria that UMNOb has devolved into?

    Btw, mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia) fruit is the stuff that ‘Noni juice’ is made off and was spuriously promoted as a ‘superfood’ and the ‘magic bullet’ for almost all of mankind’s afflictions. Wonder whether it works on UMNObitis..?

  6. Well said, Din! Clap clap clap!
    We are Malaysians. We love this country. Let’s work together, Malaysians of differing religion or culture (i abhore using the word “race”) to overcome this difficult economic times. Work towards making our economy resilient to put food on the table, a roof over their heads for the poor and all Malaysians. Can we put aside our religious, cultural, political beliefs? Please.

  7. Trying to be some kind of Slobodan Milosevich.
    But most Malaysians are too sophisticated for this kind of
    racist, attention-seeking game.

    We know that the rising inflation began with the series of
    increases in the price of petrol at the pump (prior to
    the current sharp drop in world prices) and to the
    Finance Minister’s fiscal irresponsibility.

  8. And Najis defends him.Thinking we are stupid and do not understand what he wrote.Or maybe we speak a different kind of English compared to some shit who recently walked about his old school with chest out and a smug of a smile.Only shit can support shit.All this racist minister had to do (as is usual with all DUMNOS) was to retweet that he forgot to type the word “some” Chinese biz owners instead of all Chinese biz owners.Then he would have kept his dignity and pride and all would have been forgotten. But NO he did not do that This racist has to go and all voters remember this for the next GE and chuck him out.

  9. Remember when the DAP Ngeh/Nga cousins in Perak made derogatory comments about Indians and good old Kula had his don’t test me moment which lasted for like what, a second ?

    There is more to race politics than racists like Ismail Sabri who at least you can see coming a mile way.

    I place no faith in an opposition which most often has its own sub rosa policies in place instead of any thing egalitarian to mollify the UMNO bred dissidents who infest the opposition which benefits the Evangelical fat cats only interested in maintaining their urban hegemony at any costs.

    Which unfortunately is better than the rotting putrid corpse of UMNO. Over the years I have met many honest and decent Malays working in the civil and security services, who have slowly but surely been crushed under the weight of UMNO charlatans.

    Unfortunately UMNO has bred more Ismail Sabris than those folk. PR has a lot to do in changing this mind-set and feel good slogans and an active cyber militia just wont cut it.

  10. It is not scorn and ridicule we should do towards Ismail Sabri as well as the rest of the Cabinet. Instead be afraid and be ruthless because the dumb and selfish can destroy things that are hard to do even if they are just followers almost guaranteed if they are given leadership power.

    So be afraid and be ruthless, because we have an entire Cabinet from Ismail Sabri freudian slip, Najib fakery, Zahid Hamidi closet gangsta-selfimage – its all dumb and stupid to destroy us all ..

  11. It is indeed disappointing to note that the Cabinet has cleared Ismail Sabri from making the alleged racist remarks about Chinese traders..More so, when MCA and Gerakan are part of the Cabinet..

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