Razak Baginda’s Bull

January 30, 2015

Razak Baginda’s Bull

Kee TCby Kee Thuan Chye@www.malaysiakini.com

COMMENT: It was initially a bit of a surprise to read Abdul Razak Baginda’s interview with the online news website The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

This man who was once charged with abetting the murder of the Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu and was acquitted for it suddenly popped out of oblivion to … well,  talk about the murder and the final sentencing of the two Police commandos to death for killing her in 2006 and blowing up her body with C4.

What I didn’t find so surprising – but infuriating instead – were the scandalous things he said. For one, on the motive for the killing, Abdul Razak says: “Only the two Policemen know. Rogue Police do kill people, like in so many remand cases.”

What did Razak Baginda’s wife say?

How dare Abdul Razak compare the Police duo’s killing of Altantuya with the deaths of suspects held in police remand? And does he think Malaysians are so stupid that we would believe the idea that Chief Inspector Sirul and corporal Azilah killed Altantuya at their own wanton will, without being instructed by a third party?

Is the Police Force going to take his remark lying down? Do they not feel insulted by his insinuation that police go about killing people as and when they feel like it, like Azilah and Sirul must have done?

“If you just treat this as a murder and do not politicise it, then it is just a straightforward murder case,” Abdul Razak also says. A straightforward murder? Did he say a straightforward murder? Would a straightforward murder need the use of C4? Is it normal for cops to kill people and then blow up their bodies with C4? Besides, where did Azilah and Sirul get their C4 from?

And weren’t the two involved only because Abdul Razak had sought help from Deputy Superintendent Musa Safri, Prime Minister Najib Razak’s former aide-de-camp, and this help was needed because he had an affair with Altantuya and she was blackmailing him so he needed to get her off his back?

So, who is the focus of this murder? Who was the source of the problem that led to the murder? And yet Abdul Razak can say, “Shit happens”? It was his shit that happened in the first place, and now he seems to be putting the sole blame on the hapless commandos and implying that they are “rogue cops”. Is that funny?

The laughable bits
He says the case got politicised, but even without even politicising anything, we are already puzzled by several unanswered questions – apart from the one surrounding the motive.

Questions like why records of Altantuya’s going in and out of Malaysia were expunged; like why Musa introduced commandos such as Azilah and Sirul to Abdul Razak when the latter asked for protection from Altantuya’s harassment; like why Musa was not called to give evidence during the trial; like why Najib Razak SMSed lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah this unseemly message: “Pls do not say anything to the press today.I will explain later. RB (Abdul Razak) will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.”

So what is Abdul Razak talking about now? Oh, and here’s the laughable bit in his interview. He goes on to say, “Look at MH370, what, there was a conspiracy? Come up with the evidence. Nobody came up with the evidence. Things just happen. Bermuda Triangle. Certain things are just unexplainable. So why not this? That they (Sirul and Azilah ) just went on their own. Why not?”

Oh yeah? And this illogical comparison between the murder and MH370 or the Bermuda Triangle is coming from someone who holds a D.Phil from Oxford University? (Mind you, though, I have it on good authority that Abdul Razak’s doctoral dissertation was eminently worthy of the degree.)

Maybe it isn’t a surprise after all that Abdul Razak should speak up now. He avows that it is because the speculation about the murder has become “extremely ridiculous” and “more twisted” and it “makes me more angry”.

 But he also makes it clear that “(b)ecause of my closeness with Najib, those who wanted to kill Najib (politically) at that time saw it as a golden opportunity to use it against him”. He claims this is all a political game. “We are all victims of this political game.”

He also disavows knowledge of the alleged US$500,000 commission arising from the government’s purchase of the Scorpene submarines. “Where did that come from? Honestly, the US$500,000 was news to me. I didn’t know that,” he now says.

And he makes this count: “I have said this hundreds of times, I don’t even know how to say it any more. Najib never knew the woman. Najib is innocent. If you all think there is a connection, where is the evidence?”

His parting message: “I hope the focus will be on me, rather than Najib. You know, it is my story. Poor guy. To be honest with you, words cannot express my feelings towards how he has become a victim.”

That part is true. It is Abdul Razak’s story.I repeat: It was his affair with Altantuya that began the story. She came to blackmail him. He asked for help to stop her harassment. Help was provided in the form of Azilah and Sirul. They picked up Altantuya from no place other than outside Abdul Razak’s house. She was then taken away and killed, and her body was blown to smithereens.

So, how can Abdul Razak justify that “rogue cops” Azilah and Sirul “just went on their own”? Has his coming out now to talk really accomplished its purpose? Like I said, Malaysians are not that stupid.

KEE THUAN CHYE is the author of the bestselling books ‘No More Bullshit, Please, We’re All Malaysians’ and ‘Can We Save Malaysia, Please!’

NOTE: The Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar responds to Razak Baginda’s interview. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/287765

39 thoughts on “Razak Baginda’s Bull

  1. How long can this murder be covered up? There is obviously something amiss here.The Attorney-General should also be asked to explain why he did not appeal against the decision to get Razak out of the hook. What is the real motive for the two cops to kill Altantuya? –Din Merican

  2. Din, up to this very moment we can only speculate on the motive of the murder. But no court of law will ever entertain any speculations and no lawyer wishes to look like a fool in court trying to justify anything based on speculations. No doubt, some lawyers might try to convince the unsuspecting laymen by using mere hearsay which most of the contents of late PI Bala’s First SD were based on. However they will not stand in the court of law.
    I am just wondering (speculating) about one possible motive. Were a victim of a murder gang-raped, prior to being killed, how best would be for the murderer(s) to destroy all traces of the sperms which could be used as evidence in court??? But no court of law will entertain any speculations – corroborative circumstantial evidence is a different matter.

  3. Even an animal will only for a reason – self-protection or protect its young or even for food – there is a motive to every kill… it was not a straightforward murder – not as easy as that as Razak Baginda wants us all to believe now… Only he and his friend think Malaysians are dumb enough to believe in his spin…

  4. If roque policemen kill just like that – are Azilah and Sirul that smart and powerful to have the victim’s immigration records erased from the computer system – and why?

  5. the a/g is a genius. I salute his ability 2 have such tremendous staying power. his is also a [ good ].muslim. it is interesting 2 read his auto biography if he decides 2 write one. [ may be after his retirement ]. he must have loads n loads of ‘stories ‘ to share especially on issues effecting d security n well being of d country. I don’t know – may be d altantuya case can b one of them.

  6. 1. what are the job functions (kpi) of the two police commandos?
    2. “Rogue Police do kill people, like in so many remand cases.”
    wow, very damaging statement to pdrm. out of so many cases, how many rogue
    police had been prosecuted? any comments from pdrm?
    3. is he employed now (who wants to employ him anyway), or spending lavishly from ‘harta rampasan perang’?.

  7. Y’know I don’t normally like reading anything KTC writes but I have to admit this was one of his rare better pieces.

    What really gets to me is the arrogance of this creep, Razak Baginda.

    The fact that he knows nobody in the current administration will look into the murder(s).

    The fact that he knows that any speculation , rumour, allegation, and whispers will remain just that and he and whoever else was involved will remain cloaked in outlandish theories that makes those propagating them seem like conspiracy theorist nutjobs.

    He really is Rollo Tamasi.

  8. still arrogant after all the silence….perhaps he forgot that loose lips sinks ships…no worries; man proposes God disposes…

  9. Dear Dato Din

    You are a trained diplomat, so your approach is acknowledged as such, being diplomatic.

    Sometimes, straight to the point lah…Bruce Lee might agreed.


    Anyway, this world can support all kind of views and approaches, straightforward or the dog-chasing-its-tail or round-and-round-the-bush types.


  10. For Mr Razak Baginda,

    Hope he got powerful suppressant to help him all the ways to the grave coz the prisoner is solitary confinement in a black hole prison is much better place to be than what he is going to endure after what he has mouthed out.

    Really, may God grant him the strength to face the truth or hope he is strong enough to face it when truth is revealed. God have mercy on his soul. For saying such things.

  11. Now the IGP himself reveals that he himself does not at all material times know “WHY” Azilah and Sirul killed Altantuya?

    So, we can rightly assume that no one, I repeat, no one, in the entire Royal Malaysian Police Force, in particular those high ranking officers in charge of the murder investigation, asked the two lowly police commandos, (their own police colleague), the one obvious question one would assume be asked on day one of the investigation — i.e. why the bloody hell did you two guys killed her and used military explosives to blow her to bits? Did you do it for the fun of it? Did you two went stark raving mad, went “rogue” and go killed someone you have never even met in such a gruesome manner?

    If not, then, as highly trained members of the combat arm of the PDRM involved in VIP protection duties, counter-terrorism, etc, you were under orders, and if so whose orders?

    If these questions were not asked, we can draw one of two conclusions:-

    1. the Royal Malaysian Police Force have high ranking investigation officers who were so utterly incompetent that they were not even fit to be office boys, let alone be investigating murders;

    2. there was a concerted, deliberate cover-up to protect one or some VIPs, and these two police commandos were just unfortunate fall guys who happened to be on duty on that fateful day and thought they were just doing their duties as loyal, faithful officers of the PDRM.

    The really sad, nauseating part is now we have people like Razak Baginda, (and in days to come more will join in), playing the innocent, maligned “victim” and saying, with a sinister smile, that these two highly trained police commandos, who were then bodyguards to a defense minister cum deputy PM, (and potential PM), were just some “rogue” cop out on a killing spree.

    If that is true, then the PDRM had better review their selection process of these VIP protection unit personnel for the safety and well being of those they protect?

  12. Reblogged this on ycpok and commented:
    Razak Baginda, the man who had an affair with Altantuya Shaariibuu now talking bull. We await the Almighty’s grace in unfolding the truth.

  13. Kee Tuan Chye may be a bit blunt about what he writes but I always enjoy reading his articles and some of his books. What he writes is always informative. He stimuates my mind in thiinking more about what he writes . I agree with him. It does seem odd for Abdul Razak to surface at this point of time and to make those comments, especially about the actions of rogue policemen. It will be interesting to know how the Police reacts to his comments. I do not have a D.Phil. from Oxford but I am not that stupid to accept what Razak says. Chung Tat Lim.

  14. Why did Abdul Razak suddenly come out of the woodwork? I reckon he was told to, by ‘his boss’ to say something convincing for the gullible country bumpkins.
    In his next interview, Abdul Razak will confirm a “straightforward” fact that the sun rises in the west.

  15. My feeling is that the process of “demonisation” of these two hapless police commandos has begun so that in the event they are hung, (assuming no petition for commutation to life imprisonment), then, the mastermind assume, the public will feel less sorry for them and thus hopefully make less noise.

  16. Dato, why even bother to ask AG? We all know he will cover the whole mess up to protect the mastermind. The only way to uncover the whole truth is firstly to kick out UMNO/BN, revamp the whole police force especially the IGP & lastly revamp our double standard judiciary system.

  17. When it comes to the game of politics, Malaysia included, nothing is ”straightforward” and would be playing out forever until the truth of the matter is exposed and measured. For now, it is “murder without motive” if the verdict is to be believed.

    One thing is certain, Razak Baginda’s remark had unconsciously reinforced the public perceptions that the administrative, executive, investigative, and judicial systems lack competency because a ”straightforward case” should not have taken 9 long years to convict.

    The Rakyat are angry not only with his ‘stupid’ remark but also the process of the delivery system.

  18. If we can buy into this Razak Baginda yarn- then it will be like (to borrow and rephrase a comment from M.I ) – believing Paris Hilton claiming she is still a virgin!
    The Baginda interview does not help Najib. It serves to implicate Najib and adds to the controversy. –Din Merican

  19. Almighty God is fair – for He will know what is the correct thing to do to Razak and his friends…. have faith in Him guys….

  20. These are my speculation and my theories. Was it a coincidence the TMI interview came out a few days after the Boss was in London after a stopover in Riyadh on the way back from Davos? Did the two buddies meet in London and the pressure was on ARB to exonerate the Boss from the whole messy affair? Was there a I scratch your back, you scratch my back situation playing out.

    Was the Boss himself now being blackmailed instead because ARB found living in exile is not really cheap and free? Have the missing dots unwittingly and finally been connected by ARB’s own admission? Who first leaked out to the world Altantuya was an interpreter? Only those inside.

    Why? To explain her presence in the Scorpene entourage when she actually served a different purpose for the two buddies? No other explanation would have been convincing? Although the AG refused to appeal re ARB’s acquittal, can the truth still come out? Yes. How and when? The civil case being brought out by Altantuya’s father in KL and the Scorpene case in Paris. ARB will be called at these two cases.

    Seeing what happened to Altantuya, Azhar, Sirul, Bala and the way Deepak was silenced, is ARB also in danger from the hidden hands? Was ARB’s interview designed to pre-empt what Sirul and his son (mentioned in the interview) could blurt out in Australia that could implicate the Boss and various people? For all its agility, will the squirrel now finally fall to the ground? Can the mountain cover up the hole?
    Orang Jauh,

    It could be a case of gua tolong lu tolong gua. What is forgotten is Badawi’s statement that exonerated Najib. The former should not have done that. In stead, Badawi should have confronted Najib. What was the deal between the two men? This case will haunt the nation. Justice will be done. It is only a matter of time. Thanks for your comments.–Din Merican

  21. It should be a matter of serious public concern that two members of
    an elite unit of the police force actually claim that they are just following orders and also claim to have been paid for following orders.

    In trials of World War Two era German SS and Japanese Imperial Army war criminals and post-WW2 gross violators of human rights, the “just following orders” argument does not hold water in court.

    Also if one gets paid for killing another person whom one does not even personally know, is this not the same as being a hit man or hired gun ?

  22. Dato,

    In your response to Orang Jauh (5:32am), have you mistakenly used “Badawi” when you meant “Baginda”?
    No, I meant Badawi. No mistake. –Din Merican

  23. @Orang Jauh January 31, 2015 at 5:32 am,

    Your theory could have some flaws. Firstly, if all the reports about the Scorpene commissions that he was alleged to have received were correct, he & his family members would have no financial difficulties living in exile anywhere. So, your query: “Was the Boss himself now being blackmailed instead because ARB found living in exile is not really cheap and free?” would not make sense. Secondly, ARB or someone looking like him, has been sighted going around in KL a few times – so he can’t be in permanent exile. Again, with the Paris Scorpene “investigation/trials” hanging & perhaps in need of ARB as a witness, a red flag could be attached to his name which would make international travels, especially in the European region, quite a risk. But, Orang Jauh, you could have better sources of information than me.

  24. Anyone here know if the late Ms Altantuya Shaariibuu knew French since she was a translator for the Scorpene deal between Navy and the French DCNS?

  25. You don’t need a translator. English is a second language to students in French schools.

    If ever a translator was needed, it would be the French submarine manufacturer to get one as they want to sell their subs.

    In a multi-billion dollar deal, what is the cost of a translator?

    It’s all bull-shit on top of more bull-shit. She needs a cover story to be seen hanging around powerful people purchasing or “helping” to purchase multi-billion dollar subs.

    The point is why didn’t RB said this from the very beginning? Why did he go along with the translator story then?

  26. Let us see what comes out of Australia. Sirul is entitled to apply under the Australian Immigration Act for a sc 866 visa (criteria: (866.221)(2)). It is a “protection visa”. To qualify he must demonstrate that he has not committed any non-political crime. So he must evidence to court that the crime he did commit was under orders and therefore political. Sirul is being well-counselled, according to information I have received. And of course he is in a jurisdiction where he may speak freely. In fact he has to if he is to qualify for protection.

    If this visa is denied he will still have an opportunity to speak out at the hearings provided by law in any extradition case. And as we know, Australia will not extradite to countries that apply the death penalty. In fact, Sirul’s case comes at a time when the Aussie public is mightily agitated over the pending execution in neighboring Indonesia of a couple of Aussie drug smugglers.

    This story is by no means over and must be causing almighty headaches to certain people…

    For those who have not watched the sober but chilling analysis by Americk Sidhu, covering both Sirul’s actions and the case of PI Bala, here is the clip:

  27. Oh and on the subject of Razak Baginda, I fully agree with others… this man is what my late father’s generation would have called a “cad”.

    On his return from Oxford he applied to join the Oxford & Cambridge Society. I objected strongly, I wanted him blackballed, but was overruled as the Committee could not find a legal reason to refuse membership. He actually gave a talk on the murder case to the Society. I did not attend but was told on good authority that during this talk and Q&A he uttered the words (referring to Altantuuya): “she wasn’t even very pretty”. When I heard of this, I was beside myself. Imagine. A young woman, a mother and likely a mother-to-be, your former lover, has died in appalling circumstances to which you are not a stranger, and you can say such a thing.

    This man is beneath contempt.

  28. Thanks LAB I met this contemptible individual ( then he looked the all malaysian cute guy) when he came to meet his wife maslinda maskan when reading law in london.
    She was a fairly descent young lass then and used to talk to me quite a bit after tutorials and was curious to know why I took no pay leave to come to do my Bar Finals! At that stage in my life?Interesting she told me that if i was a Melayu I would have got full pay scholarship!! What we forget is her outburst in court when she screamed “my husband does not want to be PM of the country. or words to that effect

    Needless to say a disappointment in the Oxford Cambridge Soc. I enjoyed the interview of DSAI by Mark Disney ( gone MIA these days)

  29. /// On his return from Oxford he applied to join the Oxford & Cambridge Society. I objected strongly, I wanted him blackballed, but was overruled as the Committee could not find a legal reason to refuse membership. ///

    Lawrence, isn’t the ballot secret? If I had known, I would also blackball him – two blackballs should exclude him.

  30. “Razak Baginda’s Bull”

    Yes indeed.

    Also to share this…

    “It’s Suicide, father. It’s Stupid,” cried Rowena Razak – http://maverickysm.blogspot.com/2007/06/its-suicide-father-its-stupid-cried.html

    Abdul Razak Baginda @ARBaginda • 12 Aug 2010
    I know what @tengchangkhim is talking about. it’s happened to me too. remember when @NajibRazak sent me that SMS? It wasn’t about @Altantuya
    0 replies 1 retweet 0 favorites
    Abdul Razak Baginda @ARBaginda • 11 Aug 2010
    yes, we’ve all become sexy in our old age. don’t believe me? just ask @Altantuya

    Abdul Razak Baginda @ARBaginda • 11 Dec 2010
    so that’s why i’ve been away so long. planning all this political strategy. once again, Dr Razak delivers for @NajibRazak

    Abdul Razak Baginda @ARBaginda • 5 Nov 2010
    so, obv, i was ghosting for the PM. wah, it was amazing. pulling all the strings and having fun asking people to do ridiculous things
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

    Abdul Razak Baginda @ARBaginda • 5 Nov 2010
    but he was so sick he was delirious. talking gibberish bout @RosmahMansor, couple of microphones & some lube. wonder what that was about…
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

    Abdul Razak Baginda @ARBaginda • 5 Nov 2010
    on another note. u know @NajibRazak was sick all this time right? but we cannot make him look like a wimp so he still had to call the shots
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

    Abdul Razak Baginda @ARBaginda • 21 Oct 2010
    Consider this “internal” stuff. I only advise @NajibRazak the PM. The Big Kahuna. The Don. The Master of the Universe. Not the Melayu Feudal
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

    Abdul Razak Baginda @ARBaginda • 21 Oct 2010
    ok, i just want to state for the record… i got nothing to do with the Umno GA, okay? Not even @NajibRazak’s speech. Srsly, he didnt ask me
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

    Abdul Razak Baginda @ARBaginda • 16 Oct 2010
    can’t come up w better ideas than @NajibRazak, right? Coz u know who is the man w the plan. Yours truly, carrying the balls of BN since 2009
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites

    And more…

    Razak Baginda Twitter – https://twitter.com/arbaginda

    Just how his mind works & his character…

    You be the judge.


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