To the so-called Malay Defenders: Stop Insulting the Malays

November 15, 2014

To the so-called Malay Defenders: Stop Insulting the Malays

by Dr. Azmi Sharom

Azmi SharomI find it amusing that those who label themselves as the defenders of Malays are also the ones who, whether consciously or not, view Malay people in a most disdainful manner.

Ideally of course, one would not have to write about topics such as this, but the reality is that ethnicity is still a major issue in any discussion on politics, society, religion, law and governance in Malaysia.

 And even on a personal level, although ethnicity plays a tiny part in my life, in the sense that it is not something that pre-occupies me, I would be lying to say that it has no effect on my life at all.

I was, after all, raised in a Malay family, and my cultural practices are based on Malay culture. Thus, when ethnicity is mentioned, it is always at the back of my mind that I am Malay.

This being the case, when reading comments made by these “Malay defenders”, I must then be a very weak, intellectually challenged, spiritually infantile, economically dependent and all-round pathetic human being.

I am unable to make any choices of my own regarding religious matters. I must be shown the way by people who declare themselves more able to determine what is spiritually good for me.

I must remember always that my capabilities as a man are worth nothing. I can’t take care of myself and my loved ones based on my own talents, strengths and merit.

Instead, I must always depend on a BN, sorry, an UMNO government. Without it, I will just die, I suppose. I have no ability to make any sort of political change. The only people who can change the government are the Chinese.

I am obviously unable to come to the conclusion that when one party has been in power for too long, their arrogance and lust for power then lead to poor governance that affects all Malaysians.

I also believe in stone-aged-style superstition, one which tells me that touching dogs can lead to tornadoes. So, who thinks Malays are so pathetic?Who says the things which imply all the statements above? It is the great Malay defenders of Malaysia.

Really, as a man who identifies himself as culturally Malay, I wish they would stop defending me because all they are doing is insulting me and pissing me off.



27 thoughts on “To the so-called Malay Defenders: Stop Insulting the Malays

  1. The Malays have infinite patience and can take all the insults given to them by the so-called Malay Defenders in UMNO. To appease them is easy. It only takes is R500 in BR1M money to make them happy and grateful to Najib and UMNO. They can be corrupted for just a few hundred bucks. –Din Merican

  2. If the Malays still don’t stand up & learn what is right or wrong, they have only themselves to blame for their current predicament. Don’t blame other races for it.

  3. Just dividing and ruling, just dividing and ruling………… they learned this well from the hated British colonialists whose Sedition Act is now being vigorously and patriotically “defended”

    I wonder when they’ll start “defending” nasi lemak and goreng pisang which are being sidelined by decadent Western fast foods like McD & KFC?, which we are told is the preferred reward for young Malay children who do well in school.

  4. Dato Din what you have said really straight to the point but it’s the total truth. The real culprits who are ‘killing’ the Malays are the Malay themselves.

  5. If you look at the group of samseng (thugs) in Penang that regularly turn up at forum and meetings to disrupt and heckle the participants, they are not even pure Malays…. these are “thugs for hire” from Persatuan Mukabuku and Perkasa Youth and they are mostly all Mamaks…. how can the Malays accept this group who behave more Malay than the asli Malays to speak and represent them?

    p.s. Dato, I know you’re a Mamak too… but I am referring to the “thugs for hire” Mamaks in Penang.
    You must make a distinction between UMNO mamaks and mamaks like me. The latter group consists of well educated, hardworking, honest and decent and self respecting people. They stand on their own and make their way without much help. They refuse to be cronies.–Din Merican

  6. But some of them do not even take these things as insults. They love the fact that they have other people to do the thinking for them. They love being told on what to do. They can be corrupted for just a few hundred bucks? I think they can even be corrupted for RM 20.

  7. hahaha … this prof is as shallow as can be. His comments exposed an inability to see the big picture. If he were a singaporean Malay he wont be a prof but a mat despatch … hahaha

    I know of Malays who are professors in NUS. Please don’t defend UMNO leaders who use race to justify stealing from the national coffers. You will hear these defenders in UMNO including its President at the forthcoming UMNO GA talk about more handouts to the Malays while they take huge chunks of the loot.

    You will listen to recycled speeches, while the delegates do deals in the coffee lounges of the Pan-Pacific hotel. You can easily identify them; they wear in the lounge suits and carry state of the art Samsung handphones and I-Pad and laptops. Usually they are dealing with Chinese businessmen desperate for contracts.

    Hidup Melayu, tetapi orang Melayu masih miskin. Hanya boleh jadi mat rempit, penjaga sekuriti, dll.–Din Merican

  8. The pro-UMNO Malays from the lower classes have the same mentality as the poor whites from the Deep South in the USA.

    As long as we can preserve white supremacy (Ketuanan Melayu) and keep the Nig*er in his place (Chinese in his place), we will tolerate gross corruption, obvious incompetence, authoritarian rule.

  9. Dr. Azmi Sharom, I can’t put in better words than you did. These so-called “Malay defenders” are so pathetic and are living in the world of their own. Their moral fibre is so skewed and their mindset needs badly to be reformed.

    Equally to be blamed is the Malay leaders of today for their inability and refusal to put right what is blatantly wrong. It could be that it is allowed to ride by design to create an atmosphere of discontentment and uneasiness in order to dampen the bigger issues that are currently plaguing the nation void of intelligent discourse and affirmative actions. In conclusion, as it stands, it is a sad scenario for all caring Malaysians.

  10. Prof. Azmi, Malays who are “……. very weak, intellectually challenged, spiritually infantile, economically dependent and all-round pathetic human being”, do exist.

    They call themselves Anon.

  11. I really don’t now why ethnicity should play such an important part in the lives of people of Malaysia. In the end, we will find more Malaysians who talk about ethnicity are those who have mixed blood in them. Can’t we think of ourselves just as Malaysians and not as Malays, Chinese, Indians, mamaks, ‘,”seranis” , etc? Chung Tat Lim.

  12. Historically, Islam expanded through force and terror. A religion needs not to be cruel and spread fear in order to promulgate. The early Christians did not spread their religion through fear and terror; in fact, they were persecuted by the Jews and Romans for their belief; they were fed to the lions in stadiums in order to provide entertainment for the masses. Yet, years later Europe was ‘conquered’. However, when Christianity was firmly established in Europe, the elites hijacked the religion and rule through force and terror.

    The fastest growing religion in Korea and China today is Christianity. In the Communist party itself, there were many prominent Christians. The Christians in China, however cruel they were treated, never replied with terrorist acts. Contrast this with the Muslims in northern China, terror is becoming the modus operandi.

    The illusion among the conservatives in Malaysia is that Islam can be protected by being over-forceful and offensive. Instead of recognizing that Islam can be spread through peaceful means, they reacted by the unIslamic ways of using force and hatred against other religions. They prefer to go back to the Ketuantuan Melayu era where only the elites knows best. That’s the reason why the Malay race fall apart in modern times.

  13. Malay/Muslim ‘ leaders ‘ and career politicians had abused the trust of ordinary people for far too long.

    As government do NOT create REAL jobs, with majority of Malay/Muslim employed and dependent on the govt., it is a serious problem apart from the ENORMOUS operating cost placed on the taxpayers.

    This is shown in the decades of gross mismanagement, abuse of power and corruption infested Malay/Muslim dominated government with no strong interest to put a stop this destructive evil, let alone Islamic extremism and terrorism influence from Middle East is on the rise.

    REAL work, including becoming a Mat Dispatch, banishes three great evils – boredom, vice/crime and poverty.

  14. Stupid anon. Typical of an UMNO macai. My relatives, who are Singaporean Malays, are doing well for themselves. One did very well in NUS and are being offered scholarships to study abroad for her graduate studies. They don’t need handouts to survive. They worked hard and they are proud to say that their success were due to their hard work. Whatever difficulties they had to face, they faced it stalwartly. Why do you hate the Malays so much, anon, that you have to insult us as if we can’t stand on our own two feet?

  15. Insulting is harmless, corruption is not..That is what these “defenders” are doing – they are pushing political narcotics – hate mongering, hallucinations, that destroys the Malays inside out. Islam and Malays are under threat but by UMNO and these so called defenders..

  16. It’s up to progressive Malay intellectuals like Dr Azmi Sharom to educate the Malay masses and expose their eyes to the fact that they are being
    misled and misruled by UMNO Baru-BN (i.e. a multi-racial kleptocracy led by UMNO Baru Malay and Mamak leaders) and that a better alternative exists, and that their welfare would be much better under this alternative.

    The battle for the hearts and minds of Chinese-Malaysians has already been won, with the lackey MCA thoroughly discredited. The 20% of Chinese-Malaysians who continue to support BN are those who benefit from the corrupt system set up by the kleptocratic regime. They do not mind being continually insulted and humiliated, as long as they can get their cut.

  17. Many of this feel good generation of Malays would drown when thrown to the deep end of the pool. Why do you think so few Malays migrate? Those who do display resilience just like the Chinese do in Malaysia. The more hurdles and roadblocks they place in their paths serve only to make the Chinese more economically resilient, able to survive anywhere in the world. How long would it take policy makers to realize this? Good times do not build character. Characters are built in the face of adversity.

  18. I received this piece on my WhatsApp this morning – “Dumb politicians are not the problem. The problem is the dumb people who vote them in.” How true.

    And you and I know who these dumb people are.

  19. So Malays are dumb? We have some ‘innovative’ leaders in Kelantan proposing to have a mini guillotine to solve a technical aspect of the implementation of Hudud. this is the kind of things that happen in BolehLand.

  20. Mr Bean puts it so well indeed. Malays need to have faith and confidence in their own ability, by now. Just look at those Indonesians who all came here to earn a living. I so admire their resilience. They work very hard and some even developed entrepreneurial and construction skills to the extent they become renovation contractors. My former office tea-lady’s husband and other male relatives of hers are some true examples. And another Indonesian tea-lady holds a night job as a cleaner at the KLCC LRT station. I have great admiration for them because they are honestly hard-working people. And they are very happy to be here because they said they can earn good and honest living with their own two hands that God has blessed them with. Really inspiring, don’t you think?

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