Fund for Kassim Ahmad and Other Persecuted Activists

October 16, 2014

Legal Fund for Kassim Ahmad and Other Persecuted Activists

Greetings from George Town, Penang

Kassim Ahmad

Defending oneself against persecutors in Government service is a very expensive undertaking. Those persecutors can rely on the resources of the state and have no worry about where to obtain money to defray legal costs and related fees. They will get the money from the Treasury.

People like Kassim Ahmad who is no longer working and other activistsAdam Adli and Hishamuddin Rais are under enormous pressure when they have to defend themselves against the oppressive power of the state and its agents. There is no legal aid for them.Kassim Ahmad is fortunate since he has the services of   my competent lawyer friend Rosli Dahlan, but he must still bear legal fees defending himself in our court, and in his case the Shariah Court.

Azmi Sharom 3Some friends have suggested to me some time ago that a special fund should be created to help individuals like Kassim Ahmad, Hishamuddin Rais, Azmi Sharom, Adam Adli, and others who are charged under the Sedition Act to fight their cases. I was reluctant to do so because funding involves asking money from members of the public. Of late, I was persuaded  because these brave people do need our help.

So I am making appeal to all Malaysians who are prepared of their own free will to make a minimum donation of RM10 each for a worthy cause. Please send your contribution to a special account  at Maybank Berhad.

The account number is 514011895152.

Please give generously. We must do our bit to fight oppression and persecution and defend freedom and justice.  I am asking you to sacrifice a cup of coffee at Starbucks and that should not be hard to do. Thank you.–Din Merican

20 thoughts on “Fund for Kassim Ahmad and Other Persecuted Activists

  1. Din, is it possible for you to set up a Paypal account for this purpose as well? Readers like myself who are not living in M’sia can then contribute as well. Thanks.

  2. I would for anyone except Kassim Ahmad
    Why discriminate? Not acceptable. So you may keep your RM10, Alvin. Thanks anyway.–Din Merican

  3. Will do.

    I suggest that progressives should not only be defensive but also go on
    the offensive i.e. sue the regime for passing laws that go directly against the Constitution.

  4. ISMA’s President has also been charged. If you are genuine, can you also pay for his legal fees?
    That is the whole purpose of this fund. We cannot discriminate. But I am quite sure UMNO will help him.–Din Merican

  5. Thanks Dato, for taking this initiative. I will bank in later today. I hope people who love this country will contribute generously.

  6. Quote from the article: “He repeatedly expressed his desire to “spit”, “hang”, “behead” and “slap” the de facto PKR leader. As I have said, I am willing to hang Anwar to death. Even now I am willing to shoot him. He is evil, said Kassim while defending Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak on the Altantuya Shaariibuu issue”

    This is not civilised language expected from an elderly respected intellectual. Inche Kassim should not allow his emotions to dictate his mind. Embellishing his response comments by dragging in the name of God and quoting Quranic verses only goes to reveal the hollowness and vengefulness of his tirade against Anwar. By wanting to hang, behead and shoot Anwar, his guiding motivation seems no different from that of “beheading” Jihadists the world despises.

    I do not understand why resurrect past constructs now – for fistful coins of silver?
    Another Raja Petra, I suppose.

    All the aura I had for this man is now lost for good.

  7. HE, we should all contribute whatever small or little ways we can, because in the Muslim world, virtually everything has become divisive….and they are prepared to ‘kill’ one another – how sad, for a Religion that states about an ” All-Embracing Religion “, but in practise its quite the opposite.

    Hope HE & Sumpitan Emas could write some form of an Eulogy on ” The Miracle of Malala ” , to symbolise that one man like Mandella could make a big difference to the world. Peace

  8. Din, do I understand there is a problem in setting up a Paypal account or receiving funds from abroad? I think there is a sizable support from M’sians living abroad, which would be a shame not to tap into. You will recall I mooted this idea some time back when I proposed you to set up a ‘fighting fund’ for citizens being persecuted by the State.
    I hesitated at first. The time is right now.Let us what happens today (Monday October 20, 20140 when Kassim faces his tormentors in the Shariah Court. Will Justice be done? –Din Merican

  9. Hawking,

    Your revelation about Kassim Ahmad almost made me change my mind about contributing.

    However, I think that in this case, the Organiser Dato Din, should be the sole and final arbiter of the recipients’ list.

    Otherwise, there will be too many ponderables for the list to work.

    Din, how can I contribute from overseas?

  10. Din, the bank should be able to let you know what the account’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number) reference is. With that, people abroad can donate as well.

  11. I can report that M’sians living in UK can donate to this fund via TransferWise, an app on smartphones. The cost is minimal (costed me just £1) and the fund arrives in 2 or 3 days. As well as the account number, you need to supply the SWIFT Code as well, which is MBBEMYKLBAN.
    HT, thanks for the information. Hope our Malaysian overseas will contribute to this legal fund to help not Kassim Ahmad but also others who need to pay expenses incurred in their defence. Regards.–Din Merican

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