Rosli Dahlan wins Appeal against NST and MACC

September 17, 2014

Rosli Dahlan wins Appeal against NST and MACC

By Din Merican

rosli-dahlan2Unknown to many, this morning, the Court of Appeal presided by JCAs Clinton Albert, Hameed Sultan and Nalini Pathmanaban today heard NST’s appeal vs the High Court Judgment of Judge Siti Khadijah Badjenid which held NST and MACC liable for defamation vs Lawyer Rosli Dahlan and ordered NST and MACC to pay RM150, 000.00 each to Rosli (total RM300,000.00). The counsel for NST was Harjinder Kaur and counsel for Rosli was Chetan Jethwani and Parvinder Kaur.

The High Court had found that The NST and MACC had authored and published false news about Rosli by reporting that he was investigated and charged for hiding the assets of Dato Ramli Yusuff which they had dubbed as the RM27million Cop story.

Previously, Utusan Malaysia and The Star newspapers had published public apologies and paid damages to Rosli for publishing similar false stories.. Yet, The NST refused to apologise to Rosli. The NST’s misconduct was further aggravated by the fact that the NST’s reporter, V Anbalaga, had claimed that he had obtained the information from the MACC who wanted the news to be leaked, whereas during the trial the MACC denied leaking any information. Judge Khadijah had found that the MACC had breached s.21(4) of the ACA Act by leaking confidential investigation information.

What was comical about the whole thing was that the MACC even republished the NST article on its website and later claimed that the MACC Publication Unit did not know about the case but just adopted the false NST story. During the trial witnesses for NST and MACC blamed each other just to avoid liability. That is how these liars behaved when they are caught lying!

During the hearing this morning, the Court of Appeal Judges asked why the MACC did not appeal if they did not do any wrong to Rosli and if the story that was published on the MACC website was true. They also questioned NST’s lack of remorse by appealing when MACC did not appeal.

Judge Hamid Sultan asked why the NST started and popularised the RM27milion story when the charge against Rosli and Dato Ramli did not mention any amount at all. Judge Hamid Sultan also said there was no basis for stating that amount or that story which was false and indicated malice on the part of the NST- “News cannot add on untrue stories,embellished it to be a fairy tale. Only real news enjoy any privilege.”

Judge Linton Albert said- “The Sting of the Defamation is that you stated he hid RM27milion or that he was charged for RM27milion when that was totally untrue!” When Court resumed at 12.50pm, the Chairman of the Panel dismissed NST appeal and ordered NST to pay cost of RM20,000.00 to Rosli Dahlan.

11 thoughts on “Rosli Dahlan wins Appeal against NST and MACC

  1. Alhamdulillah. Congratulations to Rosli. SHAME TO NST & MACC. Congratulations to our Judiciary too for ensuring justice is done & seen to be done.

  2. Congrats to Rosli for another big step to redeeming his integrity and honour.

    The antics of the appellants is a great cause for concerned considering they are supposed to be esteemed entities that are entrusted with upholding truth and integrity. As a country and nation, we are getting deeper and deeper into the dark caves. One day, we will find ourselves in the darkest of the dark that even darkness cannot describe the depth of darkness we are in. Is there anymore hope for us?

  3. Only the foolish will believe Malaysia is governed by ethics . When the ruling UMNOMelayus themselves are willing to bend what can one expect of the public institutions packed mainly staff of Malay ethnicity.

  4. In Russia there is a newspaper called “Pravda” which in Russian means “Truth”

    How far are we from that kind of “double-speak?”

    BTW, today we had an internal company meeting and I said one of the staff asked a stupid question, and before that person could show any displeasure I quickly added, it was only “fatherly advice” Everyone laughed of course.

    Thank you Perkasa!!!! You do learn something new everyday no matter how many moons old you are.

  5. Congrats En Rosli. Your tenacity is admirable. None in recent times in Malaysian legal history has the stamina and courage to take on the establishment as you do. The fact that you are both counsel and litigant in these recent episodes in the fight for justice makes you a very rare breed. The fact that you are a bumiputera doing this makes you a beacon for Malay and Islamic values.

  6. “Congratulations to our Judiciary..” alie

    Err.., friend, they’re are just doing their job – nothing to congratulate.
    En Rosli still has a long way to go – before he manages to placate the UMNOb god. Or will he be a sacrificial lamb (kambing hitam)? We have all these incomprehensible ‘spotty’ decisions, that it would seem that when the judiciary does make a sound decision, virginity ensues. Otherwise, my ObsGyn friend references it as a menopausal symptom.

  7. Lupus,
    why do you debate with this slimy cat called Alie? Lupus should bite feline. Debate with ktemoc instead. I am waiting with my popcorn! Fish and chps also can.

    Guys and Gals,
    I am not satisfied with Malaysia judiciary unless the political leader is lee kuan yew himself. I enjoyed the idea of having syed Akbar stood trial in singapore over his war crimes. Yes, Syed Akbar was responsible for every racial riot in Singapore. And the master mind is Tunku Abdul Rahman

  8. “The antics of the appellants is a great cause for concerned considering they are supposed to be esteemed entities that are entrusted with upholding truth and integrity” – Muthu
    Muthu : just visualize for a moment at 4am in the morning one officer is beating the shit out of a witness in MACC office and another probably drooling all over watching pornography on the internet…. then read your sentence again…. please do not puke… not yet….

    Then the officer who beat up the witness got promoted as Director in NS while the one watching porn did not even get a reprimand…

    Now puke….

  9. A sub in TheSunDaily says he received a link to a BBC documentary talking about how the British justice function. Nades suggests those interested send this link to their MPs and I think they should it to the judges and ex-judges too. It’s absolutely heartening to see some top British judges cycling early in the morning to work. They are the first to arrive too. Do we have similar scenes in our beloved Malaysia?

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