Obama: He came, he saw and left

April 30, 2014

Obama: He came, he saw and left

by SakmongkolAK47 (04-28-14)

Goodbye, MalaysiaPresident Barack H. Obama

President Obama, came, saw and left. There must be some substantive issues discussed between him and the government- but because it’s a discussion of a very high quality suited to the 21st century, just like the TPPA, the discussions were shrouded in secrecy.

An All American Affair

The way Obama went about doing his visit to Malaysia appears to be an all American affair with little or minimal supervision or control from the PM’s office. He went to meet up with NGOs who are critical of the BN government. This could not have been an agreed itinerary by the government. Obama visited the national mosque. He went to the University of Malaya where he engaged selected students. The American President does his thing the American way. Malaysians could only look on.

The President even brought his own car. The Malaysian government could not even get the car to fill gas from PETRONAS. Instead the Americans filled up from a brand familiar to Americans- Caltex. A phalanx of special agents and security personnel body-guarded Obama and his entourage. Obama could not trust Malaysian security personnel who may want to allow a security breach by an unidentified entity assumed to be non-hostile.

Khairy –KJ earned his bragging rights

barack-obama-dan-khairy-jamaluddinUMNO has been silent about the visit. Usually the UMNO people and its controlled media will be jumping up and down proclaiming the visit a triumph and endorsement of what Najib is doing. Instead, we are hearing counter attacks from UMNO leaders like Zahid. I hope Zahid understood what Obama said when the latter spoke because speaking English to Zahid is a tiring enterprise. The only person who had tons of bragging rights to regal whoever wants to listen to him is Khairy Jamaludin, the Minister assigned to chaperon Obama. KJ’s braggadocio will not endear him to the UMNO warlords.

Jamaludin Jarjis vindicated

obama and JJFor the former Ambassador Jamaludin Jarjis, the visit vindicated his appointment as a special ambassador on a special mission. His tour of duty as ambassador included tasks to cultivate da man Barack and to feed information to media cells and media guerrillas in USA to discredit Anwar. Obama came to Malaysia, Anwar is going to the lockup soon- so in that sense, JJ has succeeded. He can now concentrate making money through PRIMA and other business endeavours. And continue to be a nuisance in Parliament.

Najib–An American Agent Now, Dr. Mahathir?

TDM--21 MarchWhat has Obama achieved? We know the American President did not come to Malaysia to say good things about Najib. So Dr Mahathir- who’s the America’s man for Malaysia now? Has Najib become America’s man for Malaysia? If it were Anwar, Dr Mahathir would have come into town and label him an American agent.

He has probably come to apply pressure to Najib to sign the TPPA. Democrat Obama is just another spokesman for big businesses who has come to Malaysia to say, open up or else. As consideration, we will slight Anwar by not meeting up with him; we will issue palliatives on the policies of the government and will say the politically correct Sound Bites.

There was one statement from Obama that is causing less than desirable implications. President Obama says Dato Seri Najib has the instincts for unity and moderation. That’s a most diplomatic way of saying- hey man I think you suck. It only serves to confirm that Najib is not a national leader who believes that the way forward is moderation and unity.

Instincts as we already know are associated with animals who don’t think but actthe-chimp-paradox on instincts and impulses. So what Obama is saying, Najib’s intelligence is at the same level of animals like chimpanzees and orang utans.

We are really not sure what Obama’s agenda is. It’s not all complimentary on Najib as we all saw. Patting each other is just a show of bonhomie that hides the bitter medicine which may have been communicated to Najib. Maybe it was hey yo jibby, when will yaalls sign the tppa? Hey man- you gotta jive in with the Chinamen.

Obama must have spoken about the sorry state of the rule of law, impingements on rights of the citizens, worsening race relations made by irrational UMNO and pro UMNO elements. So Obama concedes that Najib does have the instincts but elements within his party and outside are cancelling out what could have blossomed from instincts into rational thoughts and actions.

This is not a visit which Najib can rejoice on. It is more a visit of the college principal coming down to scold the errant student.

16 thoughts on “Obama: He came, he saw and left

  1. Obama came,saw and conquered civil society and young Malaysians with his charm and charismatic personality. Najib will regret that he had persuaded the US President to visit our country. Obama did not mince his words. If you care to read his carefully worded statements, you will know what I mean.For example, he talked about the NEP and meritocracy at the University of Malaya without mentioning them. President Obama came to our country fully briefed by his competent White House and State Department staff. There is nothing that Najib can spin about. –Din Merican

  2. Najib whole purpose with Obama trip is to continue to paint the facade he is not with the right-wingers such as Perkasa i.e., the old tired line – he is trying to change them.. He fully understand he cannot really win votes but he also know that if he is seen to be almost everything except card-carrying member of Perkasa, UMNO/BN is done..

    The biggest thing PR got is Obama liners as powerful marketing material – Malaysia cannot succeed if discriminates against non-Muslim – except for the very hard-core, most Malaysian even in the rural areas of Felda and natives of Sarawak and Sabah will give this idea very serious thought. The likes of Zahid Hamidi, Ibrahim Ali etc and just about everyone in BN are not viewed even by the heartland as intellectual equivalent on such an idea.

    In summary, you have a big picture deteriorating situation for UMNO/BN while Najib attempts to continue to use his formula of cheat and spin for shorter-term gains – the final determinant of the next GE outcome could very well be something else..

  3. So, the black dude from the USA came, said a few things and left.
    All Malaysian society is abuzz with what he said and what he didn’t.
    As thought that makes an iota of difference to the goons in Putridjaya.

    More telling statements have been made by equally influential personages and organisations. Have the cretins masquerading as moderates ever felt a tingle in their spines and a twitch in their hides? Rather, like hippos marking their dominance by scattering their dung and urine with their tails, they continue to putrefy the surroundings and all that they touch.

    Nah. Obama’s visit will soon be forgotten. Unlike the spectacle of Malaysian luminaries grinning like idiots as they lined up to meet him.

  4. SakmongolAK47’s article was ok right up towards the end when it became absurd. “Instinct” can be a noun, as used by SakmongkolAK47. However, as an adjective, it is usually a compliment. Yet, the author went with the former simply to heap scorn on his object of disdain. It’s like Nurul telling us that we shouldn’t be calling Dr M a devil when the original author merely used the idiom of a devil you know. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all very much for the revolution. But I cringe at the spectre of shallow thinkers driving it.

  5. Din,
    I would like to know your expert views on this.
    1. What do you think BN and Najib will give heed to Obama’s ‘advice’ or will it be business as usual?
    2. What will Malaysia be in the eyes of the States if it ignores Obama’s ‘advice’?
    With Utusan, Zahid and Mahathir’s rebuttals I doubt Najib can or will do anything.
    Sam, I am no expert but you do not need an expert to tell you that Najib plays to the domestic gallery and UMNO. He won’t follow Obama’s advice. That advice is quickly ignored after it has been given.–Din Merican.

  6. Bojangles,
    You are right! When Al Gore uttered these words & yet any change in UMNO/BN

    “Democracy confers a stamp of legitimacy that reforms must have in order to be effective. And so, among nations suffering economic crises, we continue to hear calls for democracy, calls for reform in many languages – people’s power, doi moi, reformasi. We hear them today, right here, right now, among the brave people of Malaysia.”

    Even Hunter Thompson’s style won’t do any good

  7. May be in another 68 years another US president will come here and say the same thing just as the British did 68 years ago when they informed us that only a delegation that represented all groups in Malaya could succeed in the London Conference for the independence of Malaya.

    In this day and age when more and more governments are employing consultants to do the thinking for them because the Civil Service is unable to preform that task; we get policies that do not take into account the local conditions being implemented because it sounds convenient in the short term. Forgetting that in the long term leaders who are fully exposed to the local conditions should use the advisory from the consultants tempered by their gut feeling. When we are in power we may get the feeling that all issues can be solved by just using that tool because those around us not only jump when asked to jump but also want to know how high they should they jump. Influence of a leader is of greater importance because as the saying goes it is better to persuade your son to cut his hair than to give him a forced cut but placing a coconut shell on his head and cutting all the hair that falls outside that coconut shell.

  8. Guys & Gals,
    Another DAP lawmaker has just past away. His name is Seah Leong Peng. I don’t know much about him apart from him being the short lived executive councillor under Nizar’s government


    Being an Ipohite myself, just to say RIP. The video below depicts the dewan sitting where BN took power illegally in Perak. How Sivakumar is manhandled? And many folks kenna tangkap including Bernard Khoo. Plus one jogger who stays near St Michael Institution……Kenna tangkap also. Tok Cik can tell you in details. Heck, I did my cross country training too.

    P.S : Lee Lam Thye, Lim Keng Yaik and Patrick “Niamah” Teoh share a similar traits. All of them are St Michael “langs”

  9. Did Obama really come to Malaysia? What had the visit achieved? Nothing. TPPA signed? Persuaded Najib to change his errant ways? The status remain quo. So, what was the visit all about again?

  10. Very quickly after Obama departed, the UMNO Baru-aligned mass media showed its true colours by attacking Obama and what he said while in Malaysia. (Same mass media declared
    “Selamat Datang, Mr President” when he first arrived).

    I’m sure the US Embassy and the Department of State took notice of this typical UMNO Baru-BN two-faced hypocrisy.

  11. Phua,
    Malaysia is just a tin pot little ASEAN country. If Malaysia wanna talk so much cock, more singapore fighter jets would fly through Johor airspace unannounced.

    TPPA is a done deal la

  12. Dear friends,

    A foreigner told me that US President Obama came with the sole agenda of building a Naval Base in Sabah. Is this true ?

  13. Please excuse me, I just feel President Obama was speaking two things in one breath, as all Heads of Governments are wont to do in order to be ‘ diplomatic ‘ ( yea…the art of Diplomacy ). Whilst he said that our beloved Malaysia seems to be a ‘ beacon ‘ of success in the light of present progress and ‘ advancement ‘, beneath it he is also implying without so much as saying it aloud to the effect that ‘ there is still much to desired…… ‘ –
    Which means to say, we Malaysians collectively have to STRIVE much, much harder……the utmost Element of ‘ Sincerity ‘ must be Strengthened by all sides, if we are to see Success…..

  14. Abnizar,
    Paul Keating said this & He was the PM of Australia. Art of Diplomacy. Hehehehe

    “Don’t ask me any more questions about Mahathir. I couldn’t care less frankly whether he comes to Seattle or not next year. APEC is bigger than all of us – Australia, the United States, Malaysia, Mahathir – or any other recalcitrants.”

    Al Gore has said far worse. He spitted it in front of Madhater. I wonder how come Madhater did not get a heart attack

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