Search is on for Government competence too

Search is on for government competence too

by CT Ali@

The government is doing its very best. The tragedy is that its very best is not, in the eyes of many, simply good enough.


Missing MAS OC_Hishammuddin Hussein-KhalidIt has been a traumatic month for Malaysians.

On March 23, the by-election that we did not have to have took place in Kajang bringing to an end to yet another of PKR’s much touted ‘big leap’ forward that started with a bang but ended with a whimper.

PKR won with a reduced majority. In hindsight, was the Kajang Move a loss or a gain for PKR? The jury is still out on that, and only time will tell but suffice to say that for now the old adage that men proposes and God disposes remains true for PKR.

As it is PKR will have to deal with its aftermath – a reduce majority, Anwar’s conviction and there is still the ‘Khalid as MB’ issue.All I can say to PKR is this: As you make your bed so must you lie in it. While Kajang is only a distraction, MH370 is not. The tragedy of MH370 is threefold.

The first and most heartfelt is the loss of lives of all those on board that MAS flight. Next is the excruciating wait by families, relatives and friends for closure.

The third tragedy is the one that is most public and being played out on the world stage – questions are being asked globally as to the competency of this BN government to manage the search for MH370 and the unfolding drama of families desperate for news of their love ones on the missing plane.

In my living memory I have not seen Malaysia and this BN government caught in a perfect storm not of their own making where 26 different nations are directly involved in the search mission.

The rest of the world is now into the third week of having no news bulletin broadcast without some mention of Malaysia and flight MH370.This failure of the BN government is not because it has not done enough to find out what has happened to flight MH370 after it went missing. Nor has this BN government failed to empathise and sympathise with the families and loved ones of the passengers and crew.

This BN government is doing its very best. The tragedy is that its very best is not, in the eyes of many, simply good enough.The government under Najib Tun Razak is managing the hunt for MH370 in the same manner that it does governance – incompetently bordering on farce.

Inept, incompetent, clueless


While what they do domestically can be contained within the borders of our nation, this is not so with the search for MH370 with the whole world watching and a media contingent tasked with foraging for whatever they can find to feed the 24/7 news cycle.

For starters there has been a cacophony of ‘facts’ delivered by the Inspector-General of Police, the RMAF Chief, the Civil Aviation Director-General, the CEO of MAS, the Acting Transport Minister, and the Prime Minister himself – all eagerly wanting to give credence to what Andy Warhol opined that “In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.”.

There have been conflicting accounts on the last known position of MH370 before it went missing – about MH370 turning back, about an air turn back, about a possible hijack, about transponder being turned off deliberately.

Then there was the inconsistency of passengers getting on board or not getting on board flight MH370.There was then the callous manner by which the police dealt with the Chinese who noisily demonstrated because they were dissatisfied with the manner Malaysian authorities were handling the search for MH370.

The police were only doing what they normally do when there is dissent or any incident that will embarrass BN – they stifle these dissents the only way they know.

Only this time the protesters were foreign nationals and the whole contingent of foreign media were watching and recording the incident – and beaming it to millions of homes across the globe.

Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein did belatedly apologise but the damage has been done, and now the world knows what is standard operating procedure (SOP) for our police when it comes to dealing with dissent.

It has taken a lost plane to enable the incompetence of this BN government to go global. And through it all, the head of this BN government, Najib Tun Razak, does two brief appearances at the media briefings where he failed to answer questions from the media.

All this seems familiar – as familiar as the Sabah incursion recently where the lackadaisical and dismissive casual attitude of those in authority and our political leaders allowed what should have been a minor border incursion.

This incursion could have been repulsed easily but it developed into a major two-week standoff resulting in the death of more than 60 members of the Sultan of Sulu invading troops and 10 Malaysian security personnel.

The MH370 saga has yet to come to an end just yet. We can be assured that as the days unfold, there will also be more unraveling of how inept, incompetent, clueless this BN government is in handling any situation.

And if it were not for the foreign press, no one, especially the rest of the world, would be wiser.

28 thoughts on “Search is on for Government competence too

  1. They are now floating their version of events through the US main Stream media. In the game of cricket sometimes we must be careful how we apply spin to the ball because the Pakistanis have their means, fair or foul, to apply the reverse spin!

  2. ‘And if it were not for the foreign press, no one, especially the rest of the world, would be wiser.’—@CT Ali.

    Still too early to make any conclusive judgement.

  3. We Malaysians tout ourselves as a caring society but we take offence at a society traumatised by MH370 voicing out their sadness from the loss and the anger which arise from the calleous handling of the crisis.
    1. With all the “sightings of debris galore”, there is still no concrete proof showing up;
    2. the government seems to be more interested in finding “evidence” to pin the blame on their loyal crew of MH370 and abetting the Americans and the Western Interests in their efforts at deceiving the public;
    3. Why are the Chinese not provided with the data based on which our PM came to the conclusion that MH370 went down in the Indian ocean?
    4. Did the plane land at Diego Garcia?
    5. What is there to prevent the Americans from tempering with the Black box if they do find it. Why is the search not from an international team?
    We share the sorrow of those who lost the loved ones regardless of nationality or race and would like to get to the truth and not spins which change to suit those in the corridors of power. Truth will prevail.

  4. Alie the cat,
    It’s been 37 years & counting…..Who were the perpetrators brought down the plane? Chin Peng? Anwar Ibrahim? Canis Lupus Flamiaris?

  5. Government competence too?
    Maybe, as absolutely power corrupt absolutely!
    – Bear in mind that Malaysian Chinese is not in the BN government now;
    – Flight MH370 is the product of NEP….
    Jagan main main la!

  6. Jeffrey Lim,

    One more to your list . Americans have most numbers of satellites with the most advanced technologies , but they have yet to release any of their satellite pictures to help.

  7. “The government is doing its very best. The tragedy is that its very best is not, in the eyes of many, simply good enough.”

    Let me offer a different spin.

    “The government is trying to do its very best. The tragedy is that majority of its very best are not in the government service or not in the country at all. The remaining ones of its very best are reporting to the government’s “very most” mediocre leaders and are simply not permitted to display their calibre.

    In the eyes of many, this is not just simply not good enough, it’s a tragedy of global catastrophic scale costing the lives of 235 people”

  8. Listening to Tom Sheringtton recounting the crash of MH653, which also killed his 37year old father as if still fresh in his mind, bring tears streaming down my face. Becoz that fateful 4Dec1977 my mum missed that flight and heard the next morning that it crashed with 100 on board. The blame was put on the JRA. That was during Tun Razak’s watch.
    Today 37years later his son is now saddled with the same catastrophe of MH370 Disapperance (and possible crash into South Indian Ocean 2,557km SW off Perth. The number prished this time is almost triple 239victims. The sickening and nauseating problem is WE and the rest of the victims families are NO closer to the truth of what happened and where MH370 truly is Resting in Peace.
    We cannot bash the inept Malaysians satellites, subs but the valiant SARs are risking lives and limbs.
    We should put all these men, from Najib to MAS CEO, especially the sleeping-on-the-job TUDM chief, to accompany each SAR craft, whether in the sea or on air (together with their BIG-spender spouses). Then justice will somewhat be served. Feel the turbulent, tummy churning and skipping heartbeats, of their kins and relatives waiting with vacant eyes, some wailing loud enough to wake up the dead, just to learn on Mon 240314, that their loved and cherished ones, for many China National, their only child, may never return alive!
    There is still no exact long-lat of MH370 given the Inmarsat and AAIB mathes & physics calculations, no a single tangible evidence (just hundreds of satellite images and most importanta the Black Box (just 11 days battery beacon life to go).
    Najib and his G-Men heads will roll IF by the 7th MH370 cannot be recovered, China will see to this because the President will NOT allow his people or the Government to be made a fool of! MAS refusal to disclose MH370 Cargo Manifest is. definitely NOT the only secret and information, the Malaysian Govt is withholding apart from a possible dereliction and negligence that have resulted in the transponder malfunction. IT’S definitely not KaptZ handiwork, (which the FBI would like to paint it as Muslim extremists & jihadists), for his colleagues and experts believe, he and Fariq MUST have died in vain, trying to save the lives on the plane.
    Like the records of Tuya Shariibuugen, there has been two notifications by the Viet authorities of MH370 turning West about 01:22hr (unresponded) so did MH370. It sent two spurts, ( flightradar also seen on Thai Military radar).
    We had the chance to know for sure MH370 was OK at 01:22hr BUT no one bothered to intercep it. Isn’t it ODD Malaysia didn’t request for the Thai’s aid. Now it seems BOTH records (from MH370) have been Tantuyaed.

  9. Shakrin,
    Correction! It should be under Tun Hussein Onn’s watch. Secondly, I kinda pity of MAS CEO though it’s his watch too that he got to bear the responsibility. Thirdly, perhaps, the battery may have run out. While I use the word may is because normally for such component, the manufacturer tend to under spec it.
    Like CLF said, Jibby is willing to go to Mindanao to sign off the peace deal between Pinoy govt & Bangsamoros insurgents then to settle this shit

    Where the hell is our foreign minister? He can’t do the job meh

  10. Competence? A daughter of the fateful MH365 reportedly said she had waited 37 years and still no answers to the crash that claimed her dad’s live. We had the Black Box. So what? And now the BN government has made it clear that it would only consider an RCI if the emergency flight recorder was found! In the meantime, our air defense or other aspects of the nation’s security will remain unchanged?
    When I was a Kid I heard a joke about the air force. It was said that our Tebuan jets cannot return to base if they are not guided to land by the air traffic controllers! In other word, they would crash. So there may be some truth in that now. We could not scramble our fighter jets to force down flight MH370 simply because our ATCs had gone to sleep in March 8!

  11. History will judged us fairly, so said Hisham. Says who? Going back to the future to rewrite history like they did with Malayan history? Dream on. History is written by the victors and in this case BN is the villain.

  12. Disgusting! the Najis getting his 15 minutes of fame!/saying in Manila he wants to be a regional peace broker.GTH.Broker peace in the hearts and souls of MALAYSIANS first.Charity begins at home Mr Najis.And thisNajis officiating at an international golf conference, jetting off to the Phils and a VIP lady laughing heartily on the golf course.Shit, people have lost their lives and these morons are doing business as usual.
    Ducks fly into MH flight,MH flight diverted to Hong Kong,Malindo Air fire, fire at MAS warehouse! It’s Karma.And Perkasa is screaming at the OIC?Religion has nothing to do with whats happening in DUMNO land.

    We all await what’s coming next.

  13. Zahid is now picking on the Chinese media. He still thinks he is Home Minister of China and can talk down or intimidate the Chinese media. But then, he is doing what he knows best.

  14. Search works at the critical search areas are done by Australia,NZ , USA,Japan, China, Korea , UK ( i hope Israel will contribute as well ) and even private shipping companies that passes by.

    Many countries are taking part in this search mission and many more are providing satellite imaging without even being ask by the Malaysian govt.
    The question i want to forward is – Where is the Malaysian Navy?
    No news of the TLDM . Why such slow speed?
    The minister for TLDM is hashimuddin himself and he is very unresponsive.

  15. Once again, BN would not admit they could have handle the situation differently. Why is Hishamuddin making situation more worse? The whole world blame Malaysia government handling the situation poorly while he disagree! Kudos Hishamuddin for making more Chinese piss with us!

  16. Jeffry Lim, spot on. Why is this infantile Interior Minister getting angry and upset by the Chinese media’s out-pourings of anger & frustrations at the Incompetence of our Country to handle the MH370 crisis ? When in fact they are entitled to, for feeling aggrieved in the loss of family members & relatives, why can’t they shout and yell….? The crude response by our ‘ minister ‘ in itself is childish, like the proverbial ‘ daun sembilu ‘ (sensitive plant ), they cannot express their human emotions of Grief ? – stupid !

    We should realise, how fortunate Malaysia is by getting 26 world communities, with all their sophisticated assets to help Malaysia in this sad episode of loss of lives on board MH370, , BUT NOT HAVING OUR OWN TECHNOLOGY and Scientific skills to handle a Sophisticated Industry called E-MAS….we want the glorious name, but no back-up skills ?
    And we want to feel ‘ daun sembilu ‘, Shame !
    Wake up Malaysia, please get going on this Technical skills on modern-day Technology which we lack for EMas, and surely that is Incomptence……yes admit it, we are incompetent there…..

  17. Immarsat just made a statement that they are not part of PM Najib’s decision to conclude that the plane’s flight eneded in Southern Indian Ocean…. hahaha its washing its hands now… it said they provided their data to Malaysian government and the government made their own conclusion after considering other data they might have…

    Hahaha… PM Najib… ini kali lah kamu sudah terperangkap dan dihadapan media antarabangsa…. beranikah kau menghadapi Q&A?

  18. I found this in the BBC online news today –
    – Malaysia’s acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says he has reassured the families of the missing passengers that the search for any survivors will continue.
    And just 3 days ago Mohammad Najib said that “semua sudah mampus”
    Of course he didn’t use the mampus word. But it carried the same meaning,
    Isn’t this considered as flip-flop from the 2 cousins?

    As for the TLDM , their KD selangor (lumut) / kelantan (lumut) / terengganu ( tg.gelang) / pahang (tg.gelang) left port on 18 March.
    While KD kasturi (lumut) / lekiu (lumut) left port on 20 March.
    Where are they now? when will they join the search?

  19. /// bigjoe99 March 28, 2014 at 5:17 pm
    Reports says Mahathir himself is searching for competence – testing all possible candidate for taking over from Najib but could not find one… ///

    Is this a surprise? And coming from Mahathir… All those with any competence, all those who were a threat to him – have been politically murdered by him. And they are still doing it to Anwar as we speak…..

  20. Johan,
    Yeah! This is the latest Hisham’s press statement

    Seriously, I would rather send dolphins…….cheaper…..hahahaha

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