CT Ali: Could We be backing the wrong Political Horse?

February 24, 2013

Could we be backing the Wrong Political Horse?

Cronyism and nepotism are rife in DAP and PKR to the point that even UMNO must take a back seat when it comes to family dynasties.

COMMENT by CT Ali@http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com

Anwar-KajangMy sleeps are deeply troubled by my thoughts on what the future holds for those of us that had put our hopes and aspirations for our future in the hands of Pakatan Rakyat.

We have done much for Pakatan. Was it not our votes that gave them Selangor, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Kelantan in the 12th general elections? And again was it not our votes that gave Pakatan the popular mandate in the 13th general election? These votes were given by the rakyat to Pakatan, and not won by Pakatan from Barisan Nasional.

These votes were our way of telling BN that ultimately it is the rakyat that decide who should govern them. And I use the word ‘ultimately’ with the hope that these politicians will ultimately come to their senses and understand that what they do today, tomorrow and in the time they have before the next general election will determine their political future.

What is now clear is that in the flush of electoral victory, reason and common sense have escaped many of the Pakatan leaders since the last general election.

You would have thought that securing the popular mandate at the last general election would have given Pakatan a secure path towards federal government by the next general election.

Nothing can be further from the truth. The way things are today for Pakatan, they have as much chance of winning federal government as a Malay would have a chance of being Penang Chief Minister for as long as DAP is the state government.

We are agreed that Selangor has been managed prudently by KhalidLIMGuanEng.htm Ibrahim. PAS has ruled Kelantan and will continue to rule Kelantan for they understand the aspirations of its people well. Lim Guan Eng has financially restructured Penang by reviving industrial investments.

These are all individual achievements in each state by components within Pakatan.

Factionalism within Pakatan had already resulted in electoral blunders that had resulted in Pakatan losing Perak and then Kedah. Blunders by Pakatan’s first tier leadership in the 13th general election meant that Perak, Terengganu and Negeri Sembilan are still firmly in BN’s hand.

Sabah and Sarawak delivered the federal government to BN. Pakatan was sadly deficient in understanding the political dynamics of these two states.

After the 13th GE it would seems that BN is more entrenched in Sabah and Sarawak than before, and whatever inroads made by DAP would by now have dissipated as BN consolidate their hold there. And Pakatan is the antithesis of what it preaches about open, responsible and decent government.

Cronyism and nepotism are rife in DAP and PKR to the point that even UMNO must take a back seat when it comes to family dynasties.

Losing the support

Religion that has been used so effectively by UMNO to galvanise its strength among the Malays after the 13th GE has only created problems within Pakatan.

PAS’ insistence to focus on hudud embarrasses DAP and PKR, and all three within the Pakatan coalition have agreed to disagree of this issue.

mat-sabu-hadi-awangAnd we cannot ignore the reality that within PAS the perpetual struggle between the ulama and the professional technocrats will always advantage UMNO rather than Pakatan.

PAS, DAP and PKR prefer to preach to the converted when in Malaysia it is the fence-sitters who will decide who will govern at state and federal levels. This UMNO knows and is already working on increasing their standing amongst the Malays.

Race and religious centric deeds and actions – and nobody can do this asNAJIB_RAZAK_091213_TMINAJJUA_05_540_360_100 effectively as UMNO – do matter in the rural hinterlands as this is where the next federal government will be decided.

Today whatever goodwill, trust and confidence the people had for Pakatan to win election at the national level – as reflected in the popular mandate they gave to Pakatan at the last general election – is being lost at a fast rate.

Islam that gives strength to PAS in Kelantan cannot be ‘sold’ to the non-Muslims and thus cannot give PAS a national profile.

DAP that has done well in Penang unfortunately also projects what the Malay abhors – the Chinese as a political and economic force – and thus again cannot gain a national platform acceptable to all Malaysians.

PKR is a mass of contradictions, opportunism and political immaturity that is played out in the public domain – from its party elections, defections, nepotism, factionalism and avarice – all a mirror image of what has happened and is still happening in UMNO today.

All these have only reinforced public perceptions that PKR is not yet ready to do government at the federal level – maybe even at state level as evident in Selangor.

We perceived that nobody in Pakatan has the credibility to lead at national level. Whether real or imagined this is what the public perceives and in politics, perception translates into electoral support or not.

Too often Pakatan’s first-tier leadership has put self before party and national interests. Too often Anwar Ibrahim has failed to honor what he said he would do.

Too often DAP has talked itself up as a Malaysian party that is open and responsible – and yet what the party leadership is doing within DAP indicates otherwise.

PAS is torn between religion and politics, and you and I know that it cannot do both well.But I can only speak for myself.

34 thoughts on “CT Ali: Could We be backing the wrong Political Horse?

  1. CT Ali is growing impatient with Pakatan Rakyat since the coalition’s reform agenda seems to be stalling. At least, we can acknowledge that Pakatan Rakyat is a real alternative for the rakyat. At the same time, we must admit that politics being politics, both sides are prone to making more promises than they can deliver. Why? Talk is cheap. –Din Merican

  2. It is in these circumstances that we need institutions of government that are strong and do not sacrifice principles for self interest. The individual in positions of leadership has become too strong giving credence to the perception that 95% of the people on this globe do not know what their governments are doing. This figure may have improved with the advent of the internet. But even that is doubtful as governments sharpen their skills to stifle the internet.

    From this year onwards the use of smartphones is going to replace not only the other handheld devices but also the desk top and the lap top. Information is going to become more and more mobile and the institutions of government must be up to the task of managing that unprecedented speed at which information is going to flow. I always go back to FIFA. That organisation has survived for so long because all those who play football play by the rules. And if they are found to be afoul of the rules then action is immediately taken even it means that the President of FIFA has to be removed. There is no need to wait for what is happening in the Ukraine to take place before action is taken.

    We have to change the way we govern ourselves otherwise the force of change will eventually change us after we have taken ten steps backwards.

  3. Just a small thought: Pakatan is losing it’s fight and though they still seem to be a cohesive lot they have really to get their act together.

  4. It’s choosing between the best of two evils. One has 50 years and the other is struggling to preform. Both came from the same stalk. My bet is on the one trying to perform. The 50 years one has performed disappointingly.

  5. CT Ali is wishing for a perfect Pakatan. Someone please tell him there is no such thing. Likewise there is no such thing as perfect journalist.

  6. A case of the mind playing tricks when one is too absorb on a matter for too long. Self-doubt starts to creep in. The question that CT Ali should ask himself is : How much more damage can Pakatan Rakyat cause if they take over and run the country?

    To me, the country is already so broken and will continue to get worst if we continue to let BN run the country. One day, we will wake up to a bankrupt country, its leaders flying out in chartered planes with their personal belongings to live in luxury elsewhere courtesy of Malaysians …. and the rakyat is left to deal with the aftermath.

    Any damage that PR could potentially cause is miniscule compare to what BN has done and will continue to do.

    Of course, some may want to use a ‘halo’ to gauge the conduct of Pakatan leaders but let’s face it, has anyone ever seen a real life angel living in our midst?

  7. I want PR to take over the reins soon. Period.
    Then, i will vote against them. Period.
    Why? Because Establishment is a dirty word. And i have no other Agenda.
    Am i just another Hypocrite?

  8. the author is not bright enough to acknowledge that:
    Pakatan is a coalition of three parties each with equal say in everything; that is the difference to umno-b where only umnob has a voice. the others are just like eunuchs taking care of the heram.
    compared to umnob there are more quarrels and differences between the various parties from time to time but that is also a form of discourse. in umnob everything is decided by umnob and that too behind closed doors.
    so CT Ali you are just like the shit stirrer mahathief talking about nepotism and dynasties, what bullshit! I wonder what dynasty you are talking about??

  9. CT Ali’s thoughts have not troubled himself but the readers, but for the wrong reasons because I think he had over-simplified the complexities and road blocks illegitimately and purposely created by Umno Baru, in name of the rule of law, but in fact, the rule by law .

    We need not go further than just the word ”Pakatan” which should NOT be used or displayed at all because it is still Illegal by the ”rule by law” which unreasonably prohibits its formation, while the deceased UMNO and its logo are misleadingly displayed and misused illegally (on its buildings and HQ) without being questioned publicly.

    Beside its infancy, ”Pakatan” is not even a horse that you are permitted to bet on it legally. Not even given a chance compared to the countless chances given to Umno Baru and still blowing them out like no Rakyat’s business.

    Moreover , the Coalition in PKR PAS and DAP has proven at state levels , capable of governing in governance and has shown people orientated results, particularly in Penang and Selangor, despite many hick-ups, internally and externally, which Rakyat believe they are competent and rational enough to overcome the challenges.

    So , CT Ali ,
    your Problems and our Problems, the Rakyat’s Problems
    are Largely with the Rogue Umno Baru Leaders,
    their Misconduct, Abuse and Misuse of Power
    and the Incorrigible Culture of Corruptions, Cheats and Deceits.

    ABU should Aptly be applied…
    .. at least for 5 years for Umno Baru to learn to be a worthy opposition for a better Malaysia.

  10. It’s interesting that we have seen charges of cronyism leveled against the DAP in some blogs lately. Interesting because these charges did not come with the smoking gun. Interesting also because the BN press bent on digging diets on Pakatan have yet to make similar charges.
    On the other hand if Pakatan has really stalled its reform it is understandable. Remember the frustration of a Penang who got into trouble because he labelled some government works as ‘coaching corrupt’! Yes, UMNO has been in power for so long, their ability to corrupt and most of all sabotage cannot be under estimated.

  11. I think we need to realized they are just politician. Thus, they will become UMNO sooner or later if they remain in power several decades. This is the very reason we need two party system for Pakatan and BN monitor each other. Also, this will remind both party we have choice to vote either one out. Even in USA the polticians are influence by the lobbyist.

  12. “….Too often Anwar Ibrahim has failed to honor what he said he would do.”—@CT Ali.

    Surely CT Ali should know that if Anwar were “…to honor what he said he would do”, Anwar wouldn’t be in the PKR by now.

  13. Some thoughts on the current UMNO Baru internal political wars:

    1. Kadir Jasin, Dr M’s mouthpiece, says that Dr M’s and his camp are considering replacing the 1PM with either of these two — Muh or Hishamuddin. If so, look out for more political attacks on Muh by the 1PM’s team (e.g. recent MOH controversy, with its transfer of teacher-critics. To make Muh look bad)
    2. If 1PM attacks Muh (and less likely, his cousin and ally HIshamuddin),
    pray that the ultimate beneficiary will not be the leader of UMNO
    Baru’s neo-fascist wing i.e. Zahid Hamidi (the Mahathir clone).
    3. If I were a moderate UMNO member, I would start a movement to draft
    TRH to replace the 1PM. Only a person like TRH can save UMNO Baru from its self-destruction (i.e. unchecked kleptocracy, budget-busting money handouts, and continued khindzir-headed
    alienation of conservative Chinese and Indians who used to support
    BN in the past).

  14. Hahahahahaha……ok, Tebing Tinggi……why not abolish parliamentary elections. All oppos are no good. Appoint mukriz as President for life

  15. Family dynasty in DAP ,PAS and PKR.

    What about UMNO.Tun Mahathir trying his best to promoted Mukriz his son.
    What about Abdullah Badawi and Khairy.

    What about Najib and Hishamuddin Hussein.I am vary sure Najib will appointed Hishamuddin as his deputy if Mahayuddin step down.

    What about Lee Kuan Yew and PAP.He make sure his son BG Lee become PM before he close his eyes.Singapore is the best run country,full of qualified minister and civil servant,clean from cronyism and corruption.

    I dont think family dynasty is bad in politic.

  16. Dr Phua @ 10:07pm,

    No ‘ifs’, maybes’ or wherewithal – Muh is Duh-man!
    All your machinations and imaginings are red herrings or as my friend the Bulldog says: Octopus Bones!
    The idea is to sideline 1-Cousin, elevate the Fruit of it’s loins to V-P, while the ‘interim’ deputy will be an Eastern super-corrupt insurgent who can be disposed off easily when the time comes. Muh will then step down and Fruit will become Tutti Fruity! Too many steps spoil the soup. Pragmatic or not?

  17. looes74,

    yes, Mugabe just celebrated his 90th birthday! before that he was in Singapore for an eye treatment, I wonder if he slipped into Malaysia for secret rendezvous with his friend and colleague Mahathief – you know ‘birds of a feather flock together’ vultures lah!

    Bad weeds grow tall!

  18. Doctor Familiaris (Family Doctor):

    1. 1PM and the FLOM are not going to sit idly by while Dr M tries to remove 1PM from the top position. So if Muh is perceived as a threat,
    the Empire will strike back ! The Empire already building an alliance with KJ.

    2. It is for the good of Malaysia if UMNO Baru abandons its increasingly right-wing path and moves back toward the political centre.
    Then we will have a centre-left PR and a centre-right UMNO-BN checking on each other (my bias: with PR as the ruling coalition and UMNO-BN in the opposition 🙂 ). With a social democratic DAP and an Islamic
    welfare-state PAS making sure PKR keeps to its welfare state promises.
    Who can lead UMNO Baru back towards the political centre?
    Not the 1PM, not Muh, not Hishamuddin, certainly not the rightist Zahid Hamidi. I can only think of TRH. But of course, he may be passé already !

  19. One more comment for Dr Familiaris:

    1PM and FLOM outmaneuvered the other side and won, for the time being.
    By preventing Fruit from being elected as UMNO Baru VP.
    So, we see Hatter dancing around madly in anger and frustration.

    The future of Malaise-sia depends on the outcome of the 3-way battles between 1PM/FLOM, the Hatter and Hatter Junior, and the Comeback Kid
    (DSAI). May the Kid win the war!

  20. Ah yes Dr Phua, that is the scenario.. Clinging on to dear Life.

    But the Empire is perceived as Emperor(s) who’re gross, hedonistic, obese and naked by the shrivelled drought weakened grass-roots – egged on by the bush-fires set by the antique toxic mercury infused headgear. The coffers are severely depleted especially when the proxies have gone on a lam. Whatever transformation is akin to shape-shifting werewolf antics with it’s attendant bloody gore.

    Duh Muh and his cohorts are hunkering down for trench warfare, but has severe antipathy towards his fellow red fire-pig rooting in satay-land. His flunkies are arrogant, intellectually challenged but willing to cut a deal. Desperate mah..

    By September, we will know. Green-cards anyone?

  21. Reeper,
    Perhaps Mugabe wanna share some secrets with Madhater on how to rule long long by hook or crook or proxies. Guess what since 1980, Z$1 = US$1.50, now people over don’t even wanna use Z$. Hahahaha!

    You mean just the UMNOites are into trench warfares. Your good friend, kaytee who is residing in Aussie land says the red pig is having problem in satisfying the dwarf……..Hahahahaha.

    Me no eye see……No shiok because no celebrity death match.

  22. Do not be too harsh on PR friends… what they are going through is part of their growing up as a political coalition. Which is why I was one of only a few to say all that time ago that they were not ready for Putra Jaya,

    Let them run their states … then we shall see.

  23. Isa,
    Seriously since Tunku time, state government aren’t getting any free hands. Donald Stephen & Stephen Kalong Ninkang were forced by Tunku Abdul Rahman to relinquish east malaysia to UMNO ruled Alliance party. In fact, Singapore was asked to leave thinking that Tunku would get back that country begging at its knees. Hence stop bullshiting la…….UMNO led BN should be the one to go. In fact I wanna see UMNO mampus right now for all the crimes committed.

  24. Pak Bean,
    Hahahahaha! Even though she might be a tiger, you still got to ride on it? To the extent of possibility of eating alive. Hahahahaha!You say that in the song too…….Hahahahaha!

  25. It all depends on what exactly you are backing the horse for.. If people believe that Anwar is the messiah that will bring all that they dream, they will be sorely repeating their mistake of believing Mahathir and his UMNO. We backed Mahathir because of economics growth for everyone. We never really believed all his promises nor never knew what malicious person that he is. Now we have enough of what we wanted, we grabbed at the chance to correct that which is the underbelly of Mahathir and his UMNO which is Anwar BUT it does not mean that Anwar is what we want or will deliver all we want – its not all the things that Mahathir is which we are after – then we back Anwar and Pakatan.

    Everything we want, even the biggest thing that we want, well.. Its not that simple or straightforward – just the way Mahathir’s promises was never what they kept mouthing it was..

  26. BigJoe,
    Yes! Yes! Yes! Just like british people supported Churchill because he was the best person to lead GB in the war against Nazi. When the war over……..Hahahahaha!

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