Your Weekend Entertainment: With YUNA

February 15, 2014

Your Weekend Entertainment: With YUNA

In the 1970s, a young artiste from Johor achieved a great success as an entertainer abroad. He gained fame in PARIS, France. He is Shake (and later Dato Shake). Here is the song, Tu sais je t’aime, that him brought into the limelight in Europe. Dr. Kamsiah and I met him a few years back at the wedding of a friend’s daughter when he performed this song. There was no turning back for him, and we wish him well.

imageDr Kamsiah and Din Merican

Dato Shake

Dato Shake in 2011

Recently, a teenager, whose parents are our close friends introduced us to a young lass from Subang Jaya who is a singing sensation in the US. She is YUNA, and for this weekend’s entertainment we feature her exclusively starting  with Gelora Jiwa, her tribute to the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee. We hope you like our selection.–Dr. Kamsiah and Din Merican


Extra- KRU and P. Ramlee-Getaran Jiwa

Repeat Performance–Katrina Dahari

7 thoughts on “Your Weekend Entertainment: With YUNA

  1. Yes Yuna will be performing in Pomona, Southern California soon. This will be interesting.
    Semper Fi, you and ‘Ani should attend the concert.–Din Merican

  2. Dato Din – I am sorry as I know this is not the right thread to write this but I am so angry as I sit here in my hotel room in Midvalley Mall. I got into a taxi outside the Cititel Hotel here in Midvalley and asked to be taken to my sister’s house in Damansara Heights….

    I got into the taxi and after 5 minutes, the driver told me its RM45… I said, please use the meter and he refused. I insisted and told him I would report him and he dropped me off in the middle of the road between Midvalley and the sliproad into Jalan Maarof / Bangsar way! Very aggressively and very violently…. I had to walk back almost 2km!

    I have got full details of the taxi and description of the driver – a huge Indian man who smells of alcohol…. and I am making a police report and a report to JPJ in the morning…

  3. Siang,
    Probably Malaysia has the worst taxi service in the world. Even Indonesia or China is far better than Malaysia. Sometimes, I can get discounts for long distance taxi in China

  4. I called the SPAD enforcement officer re your case, SM, and he said he will check. Then he went back to sleep.
    Same thing happened at JPJ.

    Sorry to make light of your travails, but this is Bolehland.

    SPAD, for instance, is just a sinecure for that bald politician from Johore so he can continue living off the people, pretend to do work and enjoy all the perks of office.

    Nothing will come out of your report, like all the others, and in the meantime bolehland authorities continue to enjoy being in heaven without having to die.

  5. Thanks looes74 and Mr Bojangles…

    My “friends” have located the cab and the driver and “spoken” to him… he had apologised to me personally this morning at the hotel lobby and promised he will never repeat it – which I doubt…

  6. I am not sure if Malaysia practices the regulation that requires Taxi drivers to be citizens. In Singapore, we have to be a citizen in order to drive taxi. Not even PR

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