RMAF Major charged in a Military Court for Speaking the Truth

February 8, 2014

MY COMMENT: Matters are getting out of control here in Malaysia. Now, a Din MericanX Major in the Royal Malaysian Air Force is being charged for providing statements to the media on indelible ink used in the general elections. Since when is a military man charged for speaking the truth? There is always a first time for this kind of stuff. And not unexpectedly, it has to be in Malaysia where even our military court is used for political purposes. We have a serious breakdown in our system of justice. No one is free in this country from becoming a victim of injustice when the Rule of Law is no longer respected.–Din Merican

RMAF Major charged in a Military Court for Speaking the Truth

by Ahmad Fazli KC@http://www.malaysiakini.com

A Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) pilot today pleaded not guilty to five charges of providing statements to the media regarding the indelible ink used in the last general election.Major Zaidi Ahmad also pleaded not guilty with regard to two other charges of sending text messages that were deemed political and inciting.Zaidi, who is from the Butterworth RMAF base, was charged in the Military Court in Kuala Lumpur.The charges against him are under Section 50(2) and Section 51 of the Armed Forces Act 1972.The case is being heard before Colonel Saadon Hasnan and five others, Lieutenant Colonel Zainurin Mohd Dom, Major Khuzairi Mohd Arshad, Major Khairul Nizam Taib, Major S Nadzeer Sallehuddin dan Major Noor Azman Ahmad.

The accused is represented by lawyer Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar Al Mahdzar whereas the case is being prosecuted by Major Ahmad Sanusi Ali, Captain Fadzil Nor Alias, and Captain Ross Anuar Aripin.

On the first and second charges, Zaidi was accused of breaching the Armed Forces Council’s Order in the vicinity of the Kepala Batas district Police headquarters. He was accused of making a media statement expressing his dissatisfaction with the indelible ink, “when the issue should have been investigated through military channels.”

Zaidi was also accused of not obtaining permission from the Defence Ministry before making a media statement.

As for the third, fourth and fifth charges, he was accused of publishing official information, which is considered an internal matter, to the media without permission from the Armed Forces Council.

As for the sixth charge, he was accused of breaching the Butterworth base’s standing orders for sending a text message that read:

Ayuh mempertahankan ibu pertiwi dari dijajah oleh penipu dan perasuah, jangan jadi bacul dan nanti anak cucu kencing di atas kubur kita.”

(Let us defend the motherland from being colonised by cheaters and corrupt people. Do not be a coward or else our children and grandchildren will piss on our graves.)

In another text message, Zaidi wrote: “Sama2 lah kita berdoa agar Allah SWT memberi petunjuk dan hidayah kepada kita semua serta dilindungi negara kita yang tercinta ini dari diperintah oleh Si Penzalim, Pemfitnah, Perasuah, Penipu dan Penganjur Program2 Maksiat“.

(Let us pray that Allah gives us divine guidance to defend this land that we love from tyrants, liars, corrupt leaders and organisers of sinful programmes)

The trial has been fixed for April 8, 9 and 10.

19 thoughts on “RMAF Major charged in a Military Court for Speaking the Truth

  1. This is the kind of soldier we need. The people who speaks up and face the hurdles.
    This courtmarshall is also the stuff for the Malaysia Book of Records! A soldier faces punishment and possible dishonourable discharge for standing up for the truth.

  2. Since when Military Court judicate on civil matters? Its not a criminal or military matter. What Military Court has jurisdication over civil rights?

  3. Being a former soldier my sympathy goes to his poor officer, a fighter pilot by all reckonings, who was doing the right thing. But in an imperfect world like Bolehland bad things can happen, especially if you’re on the receiving end of the BN-led government. The military, like all other instruments of the the administration, has been used for one purpose – to ensure the continued survival of UMNO.

    Maj Zaidi has done what many senior officers, in all three services of the Armed Forces, are shit sacred to do – to speak up and to right the wrongs. The rest are only interested in their “periok nasi”.

    The ‘carma” mentality is so strong among the top echelon of the forces and that includes the air force top brass.

    You can say that military personnel should remain apolitical. But with the state of affairs today remaining apolitical is downright silly. You have to make a stand not with bumbling idiots like Zahidi and the softie Hussein Onn’s son leading the pack.

  4. I love this guy’s ( Major Zaidi ) text messages. This is exactly what i too would like to say to all Malaysians .

    Major Zaidi is standing up for all Malaysians . All Malaysians should to the same for Major Zaidi !

  5. In the movie” a few good men”, tom cruise, demi moore, jack nicholson-. towards the end,..The 2 soldiers was Dis-Honorably discharged at the court martial, even when they were cleared of the murder crime, when pressed for a reason by the junior soldier who couldn’t understand, protesting
    ,” But we didn’t do anything wrong , WE WERE JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS.!” .
    The response from the senior who at that very moment suddenly understood was..
    ” Yes we did, we failed to stand up for what’s right, we failed to fight for our brother,” . Like saying” we failed our country”.

  6. It is strange to express shock to know that a RMAF Major Zaidi Ahmad is now being prosecuted under the military court for expressing the truth on the washable indelible ink and not realated to military secrets or wharsoever. The authority is looking at all angles to find fault under strict RMAF rules to punish a Major for his desire in speaking out with no ulterior motive to give a bad name to the Election Commission. As usual, people get punished for telling the truth.

  7. It’s interesting to note that the Court comprises just Captains and Majors with Majors judging a Major? Where are the Generals? I’m sure there are hordes of them in the three branches of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF). Ah! They too must be “jaga-ing their periok nasi” lah. Apart from that, the fact that a citizen of Malaysia is speaking out on an issue of fundamental importance concerning Human Rights of his fellow countrymen is indeed food for thought. In other words aren’t members of the MAF also citizens and don’t they have Human Rights in our so-called democracy? The Minister of Defence conniving with the Home Minister must have okayed the prosecution and persecution of Major Zaidi. So it comes back to the fact that the MAF is a tool of UMNO Baru. What else can one surmise? To patriot Zaidi, I say: Stand tall, Major. I’m sure you swore to protect this beloved land of ours and you are doing just that, more than we ordinary Malaysians. You fight the enemy from the air and on land you expose the shenanigans of the slithery enemy in the form of the Election Commission. I salute you!

  8. PKR, Pakatan and Anwar Ibrahim should print or duplicate or zerox as many copies as maybe necessary of Major Zaidi’s text messages and distribute it amongst the voters in Kajang and else where. The distribution of these text messages and news of this injustice towards Major Zaidi would definately work in PKR, Pakatan and Anwar’s favour.

    Start by distributing these copies at all the mosques and suraus in Kajang and else where, especially on Fridays before and after prayers. These xerox copies should also be distributed and also explained during Anwar’s speeches while he is campaigning in Kajang .

    A prayer should also be voiced in favour of Major Zaidi and for his well being while Anwar is campaigning .

  9. Major Zaidi and his ilk are putting their life on the line in defending the country,and he has no rights as a citizen ? Disgraceful, indeed !

  10. May the Almighty God protect those people like major Zaidi, who are honest for the course of righteousness. The prayers of Malaysian rakyat goes to major Zaidi and his family, who is so brave to defend for us.

  11. This is a story of black man who wanted to be the navy diveman. Against all odds including an amputated leg succeeded……..Major Zaidi will succeed

  12. Major Zaidi was not charged for speaking the truth but instead charged in military court martial for disobedience to superior officer and disobedience to standing orders. Section 50(2) and Section 51 of Armed Forces Act 1972 just dealt with these kind of offenses. The Armed Forces had set of procedures as far as composition of court-martial board and officer of the rank of General seldom be nominated as President to try an officer of the rank of major. A Colonel as President in this case is already appropriate. Alleged offenses like these still within the jurisdiction of Armed Forces because Major Zaidi was still in service. As an officer of his rank he should be aware and know the proper channel of making a complaint within the Armed Forces but he chose to go to the press. So a hero had to face a court-martial.
    He was speaking the truth. No grounds for charging. He should have been warned and that ends there. Politics involved.–Din Merican

  13. Din,
    Time to watch Liar Liar again. I like the part that the truth shall set you free. Actually I like the entire show……Hahahahaha

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