Pro-UMNO bloggers rebel against PM

January 26, 2014

Pro-UMNO bloggers rebel against PM

by Anisah Shukry| January 25, 2014

1MalaysiaCalls for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to step down are gaining momentum in the pro-UMNO blogosphere, signaling a concerted effort within the own party’s fold to remove the Sixth Prime Minister from Seri Perdana.

Unflattering names such as “Najib kangkung” and “useless PM” are being liberally bandied about among notorious pro-UMNO blogs such as OutSyed The Box; the Unspinners and Apanama for the past month, and they show no signs of abating.

“I hope Najib can see the writing. Just resign and go…. We are going to see him unravelling soon…Day by day the Kangkung fellow is going to be sliced and diced. By his own people,” prominent blogger Syed Ali Akbar wrote in a post last week.

Blogger Apanama wrote on January 8: “The Government /leadership of the day appears to be worse than the leadership or the lack of it during the dark ages of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi…Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak better take heed of what is happening on the ground. It’s my fear that if you fail to digest the sentiments/thoughts/feelings of strong/loyal Government/BN supporters on the ground, you will go down like how Pak lah did.”

These cyber attacks from within UMNO’s rank and file are reminiscent of the pressure they placed on former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi in 2007; these same pro-UMNO bloggers credit Abdullah’s eventual resignation to their “conspiracy to bring him down”.

Political analysts do not deny that these bloggers’ influence the way netizens perceive their leaders, by painting Najib and, previously Badawi, as fools detached from reality. But Professor Dr James Chin of Sunway Monash University said it was unlikely that Najib would go the way of Abdullah despite the virtual onslaught, as there were no possible candidate waiting in the shadows to replace him.

“What these bloggers write probably reflects the sentiments of some members in UMNO, who are asking Najib to resign. But at the present moment, it looks very unlikely that it will push Najib off the edge.

“Because in UMNO, no one seems suitable to take over the role of Prime Minister. (Deputy Prime Minister) Muhyiddin (Yassin) is not perceived as being wise enough to step up to the position,” the political analyst told FMT. He pointed out that if Muhyiddin had been seen as a potential candidate, the bloggers would have launched the attack during the UMNO election last year, where there was a legitimate chance of Muhyiddin toppling Najib.

What these pro-UMNO bloggers and their “paymasters” wanted, Chin said, was a revival of the Mahathir era and “strong-man” politics.“These bloggers are hired by the pro-Mahathir camp in UMNO who want a strong leader likeTDM Mahathir that can shut any dissenters by using the Internal Security Act.“But they are living a dream. Under the current Umno structure, it is no longer possible for UMNO to present a strong minister,” said Chin.

Meanwhile, Professor Agus Yusoff of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia said the demand for Najib to step down by those bloggers would only gain traction if it was part of a wider call made by the vast society.

“The problem is that it is a soft intervention. It is just a drop in the ocean. It will only have an impact if that call was also made by the country’s leaders, by intellectuals, by the middle class, the civil service and the political elites,” said Agus.

“At this point, I see no affect on the political landscape,” he said. He added that pro-UMNO, anti-Najib bloggers could gain more influence if they tackled Najib’s alleged failures based on issues, rather than personal matters. But I don’t think that’s enough to sway the public opinion at large, unless the UMNO bloggers work together with other NGOs in a concerted effort to bring Najib down,” said Agus.


10 thoughts on “Pro-UMNO bloggers rebel against PM

  1. Dato
    No reasons to rejoice as the next PM whoever is the person from UMNO is no better than the present bunch of nincompoops running and ruining the country. The end of RAHMAN and the start of …………

  2. The leading candidate for these people is Zahid Hamidi and everyone knows it. The problem is Mahathir(s)has not cut his deal with Zahid Hamidi who at one time was Anwar loyalist and then betrayed him. Mahathir(s) also can’t do anything without Muhiyiddin agreement so it becomes more difficult. Until they can come to a 3-party understanding, Najib remains in power despite all the pressure.

    In the meantime, while they play, the people suffer from real issues. Its absolutely RIDICULOUS for the country to be careening out of control while UMNO sort itself out. Its just simply time to rid of UMNO no matter who comes to power. Hamidi is no Mahathir and these parties are again deluding themselves hopped up on the Mahathir political halucinogen. The Malays and the BN leaders in Sabah & Sarawak have no stomach for prolong racial and religio conflict. Hamidi will only push them into Pakatan’s arm to save themselves.

  3. Kangkung economics (entries for S)

    Satisficing: “our – fill in the blank – system is one of the best in the world”
    (especially when compared to sub-Saharan African countries)

    Savings: decreasing by the day, with accelerating inflation

    Say’s Law: supply creates its own demand e.g. increasing number of unemployed and underemployed university graduates leads to more and more demand for change

    Scarcity: there is no scarcity of silly statements from Ministers

    SDR: Special Drawing Rights. In Malaysia, it also stands for
    Self-Destructive and Reactionary (social policies) such as playing up
    religious and racial issues for short term political gain

    Second best theory: tidak apathy, there is no need to be the best in the region (unlike kiasu Singaporeans!)

    Seller’s market : your local markets for water supply and electricity

    Services: e.g. food services such as chicken rice, or home repair services (provided by friendly Myanmars, Indonesians and Banglas)

    Short-termism: another name for kangkung economics

    Smith, Adam: his famous concept of “invisible hands” is very apt for Malaysia i.e. invisible hands in the pockets of the Malaysian tax payers

    Social capital: “know who” rather than “know how”

    Socialism: we have “the socialism of fools” (a.k.a. fascism) in Malaysia

    Soft currency: the Malaysian ringgit, because of our disastrous
    fiscal policies ?

    Speculation: house prices !

    Stagnation: Malaysia after 5 decades of UMNO Baru-BN rule

    Standard error: the tendency of us brain-washed Malaysians to see everything through the lens of race

    Sticky prices: what goes up never comes down e.g. Passport fees

    Stress-testing: current experiment in testing the resilience and patience of Malaysians (with subsidy reductions and the resulting
    cost-push inflation)

    Subsidy: focus on subsidy for ordinary citizens but no focus on subsidy for the elite

    Sunk cost: cannot close the Lynas plant, think about all the sunk costs !

  4. So sorry. Here are the complete definitions for “socialism” and “standard error” :

    Socialism: we have “the socialism of fools” (a.k.a. fascism) in Malaysia.
    Then we also have socialism for cronies e.g. financial bailouts of
    crony companies (banks, airline companies, shipping companies
    etc) using tax payer ringgits

    Standard error: the tendency of us brain-washed Malaysians to see everything through the lens of race and in “zero sum game” terms


    Mahathir still horsing around

    Stampeding away from the Najib stable

    Ordinary citizens shouting ourselves hoarse for real change in Malaysia

    Too many neigh-sayers in Malaysia, our economy is doing fine

    Reining in the excesses of the Finance Minister

    Mahathir wants to corral in X and put Junior in the saddle (his Bucket List) . High Noon in UMNO Baru.

    Malaysian economy in for a bumpy ride in 2014. The year of the Horse !

  6. What’s news anyway? Since Tunku time, UMNOites rebelled against their leaders. Including Madhater himself. Aiyaa……It’s time to watch this classic, starred Ian Richardson

  7. The Rakyat are Looking for a PM Leadership Beyond Umno Baru , Supported by a New Coalitions from the MPs and Leaders(East Malaysia are particularly welcomed) who Subscribe and are Committed to Practise Governance Competently ,Efficiently, and Fairly in the Delivery Systems,
    Starting on a CLEAN SLATE .

    It is a Deal the Rakyat are prepared to make . But Sadly, few from Umno Baru are Qualified, which left little choice for the Rakyat , but to draw from Pakatan and the Private Sectors.

    This is the Call from the Rakyat of Malaysia to save our country from going to the ‘dogs’.
    My take is :
    Anwar teaming up with Ku Li should fit the bill.
    What is yours ?

  8. Kliau,
    Remind me of the National government in UK during WW2. Razak has done that before. It ended up with UMNO being more dominant as ever. So you think it can work……

  9. While some Pro UMNO rebelled against Najib, RPK seems to be Najib strange bed fellows. Perhaps, RPK obsession with the notion of the divine right of king. What a shame!

    By the RPK again wanna fish for recognition. If he were Michael Foot, I would salute. Raja Petra Kamaruddin is no Michael Foot

    Who’s Michael Foot?

    Micahel Foot talked about the magician’s trick…….Is RPK that magician who can’t do new tricks?

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