A Wahhabi-inspired Malaysia?

January 12, 2014

A Wahhabi-inspired Malaysia?

by Josh Hong@http://www.malaysiakini.com

Malaysia used to be known as a moderate Islamic country, but heaven knows how long this will last.

harussani-zakaria1Looking at the way Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria goes berserk at civil society and non-Muslim communities, to the point of urging a fatwa that it is ‘halal’ to shed the blood of those who participate in anti-price hike rallies, it does send chills down my spine.

Not only that, another Christian premise has been raided by the Selangor religious agency while the PERKASA clowns are emboldened by UMNO’s inaction to openly wage war with Christian Malaysians who have, for centuries, been calling their god ‘Allah’. One can only sigh and think the country is on the brink of a serious religious face-off.

In the midst of all this is the conspicuous silence of the Pakatan Rakyat leaders who seem to220px-Anwar_Ibrahim-edited believe speaking out against the verbal threats would only add fuel to the fire. No, you cannot make the situation worse by saying what is morally right, that is, to say politicians on both sides of the political divide must have the real courage to tell religious fanatics that it is against the teachings of any religion to establish hegemony over others, certainly not by sabre-rattling and chest-beating.

Not so long ago, UMNO began a crusade against the Shiites in Malaysia, ostensibly to ‘safeguard’ the integrity of the Sunnis, but those who are perceptive enough would know it was meant to discredit Mat Sabu, the Deputy President of the Islamic party who has been defending the rights of the religious minorities in this country.

I must say the choice of target – albeit despicable – has been a smart one, for the Muslim society in Malaysia generally adheres to  Wahhabism, the version of Islam as prescribed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the persecution of the Shiites in the Holy Land of Islam has been going on for decades.

Shias are restricted from government positions in the Kingdom, while some of Saudi’s religious leaders, such as Abdul Rahman al-Jibrin of the Higher Council of Ulama, have even sanctioned the killing of Shiites. Hence, if Shiism is depicted as a deviation while Saudi Arabia is upheld as the defender of the true faith of Sunni Islam, who in Malaysia would be bold enough to condemn the authorities for going after a weak minority?

And it is no secret also that Saudi Arabia has been vying for influence in the Middle East, with Shiite Iran as a potential rival.

Demonisation of Shiites continues

Just a few months ago, the world was bracing itself for a war to be launched by the United States against Syria, with Saudi Arabia as the biggest bankroller behind the scenes. But the ultimate target was not Damascus but Tehran, whose status the Saudis have been working strenuously and deviously to weaken to a pariah state.

Little wonder that Riyadh is livid over the Syria debacle, so much so that it has refused to accept a seat as one of the non-permanent members on the United Nations Security Council after years of campaign for one!

But there is no let-up in the drive to demonise the Shiites worldwide, nonetheless. The suppression of the Shiites has thus taken on an international dimension, although a vast majority of Muslim Malaysians would not have understood it as such thanks to UMNO brainwashing.

Of greater concern is the fact that the ruling family of Saudi Arabia has been using petro-dollar wealth, channelled through a vast network of charitable organisations to propagate its ideology.

If one real culprit must be found to be held responsible for the rise of religious extremism and terrorism, it has to be Saudi Arabia.

Together with other oil-rich Gulf states, Riyadh has been spreading Wahhabi beliefs and even training militants through madrassas in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Tajikistan, the Philippines and even Indonesia.

Paradoxically, the Saudis have been able to use its geopolitical importance and wealth to create an image of ‘moderation’, with Washington providing them with diplomatic, military and political covers. Is it not an astounding success that Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to drive and political opponents languish for years in jail, is still regarded as a ‘model’ Islamic state by many, especially Malaysia?

NajiboAnd Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was no doubt too carried away to detect all the dangerous trends started by the Saudis as he was “pleasantly surprised” that roads were closed off for his visit to the kingdom recently.

As I wrote last week, the series of bombings in Volgograd were most likely aimed at undermining the upcoming Winter Olympics and weakening Russia’s international position following the latter’s successful mediations over the Syrian crisis, and now there is evidence that the terrorist attacks are linked to groups financed by Riyadh.

There would have been rounds of condemnations from around the world – including Malaysia – had a similar attack happened to the United States or other western countries. But because it is Russia (or China for that matter), the international response has been pathetic at best and hypocritical at worst.

In any case, the spate of religious incidents at the connivance of the Malaysian authorities has forced UMNO to take off the mask of moderation. Given the pervasive Saudi influence on Islam in Malaysia, I can only predict the situation to become more intolerable in the years ahead. Yes, you ain’t seen nothing yet and we may soon begin to miss a country that was once known as a melting pot of Asia.

12 thoughts on “A Wahhabi-inspired Malaysia?

  1. A country, after 70 years of development, still depend on oil for 90% of its revenue and 30% unemployment among its youth is the model only a lunatic would follow..

  2. RPK the great has spoken……hear Ye Hear Ye


    RPK has mentioned that we have crossed the rubicon. I’s killed or be killed
    Remind me on Carry on Cleo. That Kenneth William portrayal of Caesar resembles Najib & the wife, Rosmah. I guess the briton native girl must have been that girl from mongolia. Capernia’s father resembles RPK…..Shouting “Beware of the Ides of March

  3. Aiseh, Josh – them ragheads, will tell you to shaddup, since you are an uncircumcised freak, like me.. Keep your opinion to yourself, and all that.

    You also notice the deafening silence of the Muslim Pakatan Leaders ah? Perhaps they were afraid of being swept into the Sabu warlock hunt? Them PKR nerds are breathlessly awaiting Valhalla to come and don’t intend to stir the potty, methinks. Even Anwar is stupefied and Khalid is playing Volleyball and all that..

    Meanwhile Jibs, the Man is really enjoying the fruits of his stunning silence.. Tayyip here, Recep there? The Blob rules okay? His response to those pretend fanatics may not be too long in coming, ‘cuz his back is on the wall – and even a Blob knows he’s cornered, what with the Master Puppeteer (aka Octo) starts making all sorts of farting noises like jet exhausts.. I believe the amphibians like Ibrali and that most vaunted cleric are going to dehydrate soon. You see, they clutch themselves into a terminal downward death spiral. IGP whatshisname too. Damn the consequences. Don’t play-play with C4 or Semtex and all that?

    That is why, i’m suddenly in favor of Persian cookery. It’s good that the idiotic West is finally making headway with other ragheads in Teheran, to the detriment of those rabid conservatives, who consider themselves the scourge of A**h – even as they remain the most hypocritical of wrinkled ball-sacs, and all that.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too, ‘cuz there ain’t no Gong Xi Fatt, if you know what i mean? That is That.

  4. Has the PM many trips to the house Allah entice him to receive money from the house of saud? If yes, then good luck to him and Malai-sia. This is a lot of whisper about the Arab Spring making a stopover in Arab Saudi. What with the reputed not-so-secret visit of Saudi spy chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, to Moscow to bribe and threaten Vladimir Putin on Russia backing off from supporting Syria or else he will unleash the Chechen terrorist on Putin’s pet event, the Sochi Winter Olympic later next month. And the host of resentment by the various Arab groups on the house of saud meddling in their affair causing bitterness and Obama’s reduced support to the Saudi…go ahead and see how Malaysia will end up being a pariah…

  5. Surely, for the Malaysian Muslims to be Sunnis do not necessarily make them followers of Wahhabism which, despite Josh Hong’s claims, is not favoured by the majority of Malaysian Muslims. But if Josh were to be correct, we’ll see less traffic jams on the roads soon as women would be banned from driving – less road accidents too perhaps.

  6. the sound of silence is deafening from both sides, because there is something big going on behind the closed doors of Putridjaya. this whole episode could be a distraction or a planned provocation by the current regime to put PR in a spot if it responded. or there is real bad news for us coming!

    Tayyip here, Recep there – CLF
    Eddie is doing the Najib in Turkey lah! he is prosecuting the police who prosecuted his cronies for corruption!? way to go man, how about cleaning up the toilets in Attaturk airport or supply gas masks for visitors? I heard that MAS is buying the shares owned by Air India in Turkish Airlines?

  7. In my opinion Josh’s statement about Malaysian Muslims being Wahhabi adherents or inspired by Wahhabism is certainly off target. Malay Muslims are not concerned about Wahhabism for majority never even bother to find out in depth what constitutes Wahhabism. They just adhere to fundamental religious practices as espoused by other moderate Sunni Muslims. I’m sure even their knowledge of the differences between Sunnis and Shiites are rudimentary at best. A little knowledge is obviously dangerous.

  8. I think Josh Hong you got some wires crossed somewhere Malaysian sunnis DO NOT subscribe to Wahhabis BUT shafiees. Wahhabbis are mainly Saudis and the handful that have adopted what Zamihan KDN labelled as Wahabbis were students of most Universities in the Arabian its surrounding nations like Oman, UAE and Yemen. Those graduates of Al-Azhar remain Shafiees.

    MOST muftis especially except Prof MAZA who lost his job on account of his leanings to Wahabbism.
    In fact, Wahabis are unpopular among Shafiees. PM Najib affinity to Saudi is mainly for the money (Aids, loans, whatever) as many Malaysian GLCs and Corporations investments of over billions for development Projects in the expansion of Makkah’s Mosque.

    Hence the Saudi’s Government `closure of the roads and the hordes of security when he performed his recent umrah! Then again it could be the FLOP’s `phone-call Power’ in action!

    BUT Wahabbism in Malaysia – only a drop in an Shafiee Ocean! Saudi cannot even begin to spread Wahabism in Malaysia as KDN is already all set against it and Shiahs not because of Saudi BUT because the Shiahs ARE a threat Monarchy and Saudi has a contradictory system of Monarchy.

    ISLAM does NOt promote Monarchy but propagation of Islam in Malaya began from its sultans downwards. Sultans get to be Head of Islamic Affairs BUT they don’t get first class tickets to Jannah or Heaven!

    Even Sultans get equal treatment in Makkah during Haj NO class, preferential or special treatments!

  9. Does it matter whether it’s Shafie or Wahabi – both are Salafi schools is it not? Both can be easily radicalized, just like any other literalists – with the Saudi model more prone to outward ostentatious displays of medieval piety. The religion is then used as an irrefutable Institution of Oppression and Subjugation. The title of this topic is ‘Model’ is it not?

    Ultimately, the inability or reluctance of moderates to speak out for fear of being ostracized by their conservative coreligionists make them ultimately complicit with the dark deeds performed in the name of Deity.

    There’s no need to argue about Sect, when the technique and methodology is the same. To bludgeon others by using a blunt ax to carve a idolatrous statue dedicated to their sense of Power, Moral Superiority and Control. Problem is, Fear never succeeds and the reaction more often than not, results in Chaos.

    A Monolithic Judgmental and Uncompromising deity does not lead to a Monotheistic religion of Love, Charity, Compassion and Mercy. Ask the ancient Jews in 70 CE and again in 120 CE.

  10. First it was the Christians trying to convert the Muslims, then its the Shiah trying to take controlof the country, then it will be the Hanafis, Hanbalis and Malikis trying to control the Malay Muslims who are majority Shafiee. Where and when will all this stop?

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