In the Land of Endless Possibilities

January 6, 2014

In the Land of Endless Possibilities

by Mariam Mokhtar@

najib-razak1Najib Abdul Razak: Entrepreneur (?). String-puller. Property speculator. Globe-trotter. Magician(?) and part-time Prime Minister. Being the Malaysian PM is without doubt, a dream job.

Pampered  while crossing the globe in luxury, dining at the finest restaurants, lounging in the best hotels and bedecking his spouse in the finest jewels.

The nation is on the cusp of another racial and religious conflict, but Najib is nowhere to be seen, or heard; a testimony to his expertise in performing the disappearing trick, he is the poor-man’s Tommy Cooper.

Be warned! Competition is fierce for this dream job. Although the job seems to be up for grabs every five years, just like a crooked race, the fix is in and the outsider always seems to win.

Today, when community tensions are simmering, and pro-UMNO Baru NGOs are threatening Christians, Najib has again failed to censure the extremists. His head is stuck firmly in the sand, his lips are sealed together and he is hiding behind the extremist NGOs.

The recent troubles may appear to be a steep escalation in religious extremism, but they aren’t. The timing of the assault on the Christian community is critical. The Perak Mufti’s intervention is revealing.

What we see is UMNO Baru’s dirty politics at play. What appears to be a radical rise in extremism is an illusion being staged by pro-UMNO Baru NGOs, and given excessive publicity by the mainstream media.

In order to distract the rakyat from the impact of the price hikes, and deflect criticisms about the IGP’s handling of the New Year’s eve celebrations, Najib is playing a dangerous game and using religion, to achieve his ends. The protest against the church is part of that plan. He is prepared to break the country up to serve his own selfish purpose. To hide the true state of the nation’s finances. To hide his excessive spending. To conceal the waste approved by his government. To continue his, and his party’s, grasp on power.

If he had not taken extreme measures, he and the men responsible for corruption and injustice, would be hauled to justice and punished. Religion has never stopped anyone from doing evil.

Extremism, in some form or other, has always existed in Malaysia and elsewhere. Najib is taking a massive risk by allowing members of the public to openly preach hatred and incite violence. He may find that he will not be able to prevent these extremist ideas from taking a life of their own and spreading.

What Najib hopes will be a distraction today, may at some point in the future rear its ugly head as religious fanaticism, just like the Taliban. There are already signs of this happening. Tomorrow, it may be the Malays who are assaulted because they fail to supplicate to UMNO Baru’s version of Islam.

The lack of a coherent strategy, by the government, to deal with volatile situations is worrying. This part-time PM would prefer that the nation accelerates towards disintegration.

‘Bloodshed permitted’

mullah-harussani-and-najibMalaysia’s Least Qualified Mullah and Najib

If Islam is a religion of peace than what does the Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria, represent? He said that the people who took part in the anti-price hikes rally at Dataran Merdeka, on New Year’s eve were traitors. He encouraged killing when he said, “In fact, all the protesters should be arrested for being traitors to the government and accordingly in Islam, bloodshed is permitted on the bughah (protesters).”

Harussani (above) utters the command to kill, as casually as he would ask for another round of drinks. Muslims, both in Malaysia and abroad, are appalled by his suggestion. Harussani seems oblivious to news that around the world, the victims of jihad are mainly Muslims. Unlike Harussani, most Muslims want to live in peace. They abhor violence.

Najib, his Home Minister and the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) have all failed to silence this preacher of hate. The IGP heads another phalanx in the charade of distraction; but is he too obtuse to understand that policemen and their families will also be affected by the rise in the cost of living.

On Malaysia Day 2010, Najib expressed his opposition to extremist groups and individuals and under the entry ‘Our Fight Against Extremism’, said in his blog,, “It saddens me that despite living in an independent multi-cultural nation for over 50 years, there are still those among us who cannot tolerate, much less accept the benefits of a (peaceful) society.”

At the 65th United Nations General Assembly in New York, he said that Malaysia represented a moderate Muslim nation. Harussani has shattered Najib’s myth. In an act of provocation, the Deputy PM, Muhyiddin Yassin, supported moves by Selangor UMNO Baru to protest outside churches.

Clearly, Najib’s deputy is still trying to undermine him – a sign that UMNO Baru is full of opportunists and that the power-struggle between the Mahathir and Najib camps, still exists.

If the Muslims in Malaysia would be easily swayed by the word ‘Allah’ in the Malay Bible, what does it say about their intelligence? Is their faith skin deep?

If the rate of Malay conversions is high, why are the religious authorities afraid of revealing the figures? The truth is that the Malays are not easily confused and they are not under siege, contrary to UMNO Baru’s lies. The Christians have been using the word ‘Allah’ for longer than there has been Islam.

Millions of ringgits of taxpayers’ money have been channeled by UMNO Baru, to extremist NGOs like PERKASA. UMNO and their leaders threaten our way of life, our liberties and the precious social fabric which we call Malaysia.

We have a part-time PM, and a former PM sniping from the sidelines, trying to wrestle control of the rakyat. Malaysians need to wake up and stop the destructive side of UMNO Baru, before we – Muslims and non-Muslims – become the losers.

12 thoughts on “In the Land of Endless Possibilities

  1. Mr. Prime Minister, you are playing with fire for your politics. That is not what you are supposed to do. What happen to your 2013 Election Manifesto, 1Malaysia, New Economic Model etc? Are you sick or what since you cannot focus on Malaysia? You seem to be having a last fling before the inevitable.

  2. A holder of a Diploma in Islamic Studies appointed a State Mufti since 1985? That speaks highly of the quality of the religious hierarchy….

    This country is fast becoming a failed nation. Everything has gone wrong… I am just to tired to even write further… enough lah… 😦

  3. The fundamental problem is the same problem UMNO has for almost everything else be it corruption, education, crime, Proton, toll, etc. – THEY ARE WRONG and have to find a way to admit it. Najib admitted as much UMNO is wrong as he refuse to debate the legal point – he just won’t or afraid to take the responsibility

    Its quite clear on tough issues, as far as Najib is concern, he will avoid the toughest challenge, he won’t take responsibility – we are on our own..The problem is that THAT IS THE JOB OF PRIME MINISTER..

    We are dependent on the outcome in China and US, more the former. If China suffers so will we, and even if it doesn’t, it will merely slow down our unavoidable problems. The longer we avoid it, the longer it will take to fix it later.

  4. Nigeria today :

    1. Oil rich, but many people live in poverty and misery
    2. Ruled by kleptocratic politicians (called “Wa Benzi” by Nigerians i.e. “people of the Mercedes Benz”)
    3. Racial tension
    4. Regional tension (between the North and the rest of the country)
    5. Religious extremists, and resulting terrorism in the northeast (Boko Haram)
    6. Heavily polluted Niger delta in the southeast (foreign corporation pollutes with impunity)
    6. A Third World failed state(which had a bright future at Independence)

    Malaysia copying Nigeria ?

  5. For obvious reasons, I’ve never thought highly of Dr. M or his children, save for Marina, whom I thought is a lady with a heart and conscience in the right place but had the unfortunate stigma of having Dr. M as her father. It would seem natural that she keeps a low profile, lest she incurs the wrath of Dr. M and UMNO.

    Therefore, her recent high profile stand regarding the Klang church issue is a very pleasant surprise to me. Something must have push her past the tipping point for her to stick her neck out for what she believes is right. Something that pricks the very core of any right-thinking person’s values and beliefs.

    Things will only change for the better for Malaysia and Malaysians when the rural Malays wake up and feel empowered to send a clear message to UMNO that they can no longer do as they wish with the country and its wealth. The best people to wake up the rural Malays are the fellow Malays who are well informed of the excesses of the powers that be. No, not Pakatan Rakyat, not Anwar Ibrahim. We are talking about ordinary Malays who have awakened to the current situation.

    Marina has taken the first step. So what about you, Din? What about all you other moderate Malays across Malaysia? When will you stand up and be heard loud and clear amongst the rural Malays? When will you turun padang and share what you know?

  6. not only the moderate malays, the chinese and indians should educate their likes? the excesses of umnobaru-bn is also the product of chinese and indian support. how about indians and chinese abandoning their respective racist parties MIC and MCA?

  7. Phua,
    No! Malaysia has fast become a Zimbabwe. From Filthy rich to poor. From a wealthy (Bread basket) Rhodesia to desolute Zimbabwe.

    My matey kaytee has very high regards on this lady. Marina should be PM instead of Mukriz. Hahahaha

  8. Muthu,

    Marina Mahathir didn’t just stepped out or stand up for a cause in this case… she was part of the 250,000 strong Bersih 2.0 protesters…

  9. Aiyaaa…..In the land of endless possibilities, it’s just like watching this clip. The problem is that if Malaysia goes bust, we would surely be dead

  10. We have all the wrong people ruling the country and the right people being left by the wayside. Our country suffers not from civil disobedience but from civil obedience. The best we are doing right now is No Action Talk Only (NATO). It’s simply flabbergasting !!

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