New Luxury Aircraft for Prime Minister and Malaysia’s First Lady

January 3, 2014

New Luxury Aircraft for Prime Minister and Malaysia’s First Lady

Amid austerity measures, pro-UMNO bloggers are questioning whether Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is now jetting across the country in a new luxury aircraft.In blog postings by, among others, Big Dog and RockyBru, they pointed to an Airbus ACJ320 with tail number 9H-AWK using the call number, “Perdana 2” or “NR2” – which incidentally are similar to Najib’s initials.The aircraft is registered in Malta and leased from aviation group Comlux.

According to aviation news website Aviation Week, Jet Premier One (M) Sdn Bhd, the company which manages flights for VVIPs in Malaysia, including Najib, had indeed leased the Airbus ACJ320 from Comlux.

The lease was supposed to be a temporary replacement for the regular aircraft Najib uses, an Airbus ACJ319, being refurbished by Comlux Aviation Services.

The Airbus ACJ319 with tail number 9M-NAA operated under the call name “NR1” or “Perdana 1” and is the official aircraft for the Prime Minister, similar to that of the US President’s Air Force One.

It first came under the spotlight in 2011 when Najib flew on the Airbus ACJ319 to Perth, Australia, apparently on holiday.

In a press release by Comlux May last year, the company had announced it had won a contract to rework the VIP area of the Airbus ACJ319 as well as handle scheduled maintenance works for six years.

The company did not specify the value of the project. In the interim, Comlux leased an Airbus ACJ320 with tail number 9H-AWK to Jet Premier One. It took over the call name of  “NR1” and “Perdana 1” and was spotted taking off from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on October 6 to Denpasar Internatonal Airport, Bali, according to flight enthusiast site Jet Photos.

Najib left for Bali on December 6 for the Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) Summit.

‘RM27k an hour operate’

The aircraft comes with a lounge, a private room equipped with personal bathroom and has wifi and phone access while in the air. Comlux did not reveal how much the plane was leased for but according to the company’s brochure, the approximate operating cost for its Airbus ACJ320 flight is US$8,350.31 (RM27,501.75) per hour.

In another press statement in October last year, Comlux announced that it has completed refurbishing the “Head of State of Malaysia aircraft” Airbus ACJ319 after working on it since its arrival at its US base in June that year.

Despite the return of the plane, the lease for the Airbus ACJ320 appears to be still active and has been spotted jetting around in Malaysia.

The Airbus ACJ320 changed its call name to “NR2” or “Perdana 2” while the ACJ319 took back its call name “NR1” or “Perdana 1”.

According to air traffic tracker website Flight Radar 24, the Airbus ACJ320 with tail number 9H-AWK last took off from KLIA under the call name “NR2” on December 31. The site also recorded the Airbus ACJ319 with tail number 9M-NAA taking off from KLIA on Dec 26 under the call name “NR1”.

In a parliamentary reply on November 7 last year, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim revealed that the government spent RM14.95 million for fuel and RM160.08 million in maintenance for VVIP flights in 2012.

The government aircraft pool includes a Falcon, Global Express, Boeing Business Jet, Blackhawk, two Augustas and a Fokker F28. However, that reply did not mention either the Airbus AC319 or Airbus ACJ320.

‘PMO says aircraft lease over’

In an immediate response, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said the lease of the Airbus ACJ320, which started on February 1, 2013, ended on December 31 that year. The PMO added that the lease of the Airbus ACJ320 was necessary due to a shortage of government aircraft.

Prior to this, it said the government had five aircraft, namely the ACJ319, BBJ, Fokker F28, Global Express and Falcon 900.

“In August 2012, the Fokker F28 aircraft was decommissioned as it was over 30 years old and was not replaced. Last year, the BBJ and ACJ319 were scheduled for compulsory maintenance. The BBJ went through maintenance between January to July 2013 while the ACJ319 went through maintenance between June 15 to Oct 8, 2013. As such, the PMO which is responsible for special government aircraft took the decision to lease the ACJ320 to overcome the shortage of aircraft,” it said.

The PMO added that the aircraft were not exclusively for Najib but is also used by the Agong, Sultans, Yang di-Pertuas, ministers, deputy ministers, foreign guests of the Federal Government, senior government officials and VIPs. It added that the aircraft allowed these individuals to move in and out of the country safely and helps with their busy schedule.

His and Hers now ? PMO, please clarify.

His and Hers now ? PMO, please clarify.

32 thoughts on “New Luxury Aircraft for Prime Minister and Malaysia’s First Lady

  1. In 1974 I bought a Mercedes 200 and my Ambassador, who was a political appointee, accused me of high living and low thinking.
    Thumb Logic, the word in Malay for this kind of attitude is dengki.–Din Merican

  2. Bloody real najis if true.These guys are the worst morons.That’s why I wrote a few days ago that his kind of info should reach every nook and corner of this Bolehland where their influence is.Do not have to educate the urbanites.We need to flush all such najis down the toilet once and for all.

  3. I have noticed sometime back that the PM jets around using his name as the callsign of the aircraft NR1 when Perdana 1 was the standard used for a long time by all the other PM’s. DiRaja 1 was used by the Agong.

    No other head of state that I know of use their own name for the government aircraft that they fly in. Very unbecoming of him to use his own name when even US President only uses “Air Force One”.

  4. Thumb Logic for Big Dog and Rocky Bru, both proUMNO Bloggers to reveal this latest developments (the reply form PMO) on the status of `Perdana 1′ and leasing of `Perdana2′ as can be seen form the photos – rosmah has indeed been able to `convert’ the son of a humble `Tun Razak’ to whims and fancies of grandeur NOT inkeeping with the Najib who should mind our ringgit and sen! This is no dengki this is outrageous and they should be dragged by the hair to court for anot abuse of Power but flagrant squandering of PUBLIC funds to meet their own warped sense of being Louis VI and Marie Antoinette!
    They ought to be tried and shot like the Chinese do for Corrupt public Officers!
    We are set back by 600 billions in National Debts and trillion that GFI quoted was over RM 1trillion in 2011 alone!
    And here are Mother of frivolity with pretentions to glamour and grandeur with Money NOT meant for them to do as they please, just because he is the Finace Minister!
    Has Najib lost his marbles? Or was he purposely doing his last rounds of pleasures before a enforced step-down!
    So this is what he meant aalhfor The Rakyat `didulukan!’ May he rot in Hell for all the lies and deceptions.

  5. The rakyat are asked to tighten their belts while their leaders are gallivanting around in private jets oblivious to the public anger on rising prices and broken election promises. I believe this is hypocracy in the highest order.

  6. Penang Chief Minister bought a Mercedes Benz S300L and opted for a 2012 model because he could get a tax exemption as well as a discount of RM100,000 from the dealer for clearing old models and he got lambasted left, right and centre. The critics couldn’t care less that he once was caught stranded at Karak Highway at 1.00am in the morning after a political function in Kuantan and luckily for him, the MP for Bukit Bendera then, YB Liew Chin Tong (now MP of Kluang) was about 15 minutes behind in another car. No, they have to whack him good for buying a new car to replace an old Mercedes S320L bought in 1995 by his predecessor Koh Tsu Koon.

    Yet the critics remain silent about another Chief Minister using a Rolls Royce as an official car. In fact, the Rolls Royce even fly the state flag which is against protocol as only head-of-state ie Governor is allowed to fly the state flag on their car!

    And the critics too remain as quiet as the church mouse that this same Chief Minister has a Cessna Citation II at his disposal or the Chief Minister of a neighboring state leases a Boeing 737BBJ each time he flies overseas….

    Such are the abuses… we even hear of an ex-defense minister who used to return to his constituency in Bagan Datoh in a Black Hawk on most weekends. And a Home Minister regularly hires a helicopter to return to Sembrong…

    When will all these abuses stop Din?

    Have these people thought how the folks (irrespective of race) in the cities and big towns are sweating blood because the school bus operators have increased RM34 per student wef from yesterday? Or the electricity tariff has shot up by 4.9 sen per KWH unit or 15% since 1.1.2014?

  7. Anybody want to take a guess where the new aircraft was over the New Year?
    Semper, in Las Vegas, Nevada.–Din Merican

  8. It’s nice to read that while we all have to penny-pinch just to survive, Najib and rosie get to live large. Cutting the subsidies to improve the economy? More like najib is sucking the treasury dry.

  9. To put it mildly, this Prime Minister must mend his ways and start getting down to the serious business of government. I am shocked that no one in the Cabinet and the civil service dare to criticise Rosemah. It is time that she should be told enough is enough since her own husband does not have the guts to control her excesses. –Din Merican

  10. very good expose indeed But does it matter to almost all those on the same gravy train? Najis, his fatladyO’msia & corrupt cabinet & bn past & present politicians still have 4yrs to enjoy the extravagance. I can almost hear the chorus “Syukur negara aman, we love you najib bin razak!”… Let ’em poor eat kueh apom.

  11. So the Najibs’ New Year trip to see sunrise in Sydney and dinner in Vegas in the new jet runs into the millions. Penang buys an old model Daimler for LGE and UMNO and its mosquitoe allies tried to shoot him down with ICBM. This is BolehLand. We are all headed to hell.

  12. It was a truly breathlessly beautiful sunrise over the Pacific horizon in Korea. That same Sun rose over the Buttes of the Grand Canyon almost a day later. It’s a Privilege to see it. Now, that’s called ‘Chronological Snobbery’ in case you guys didn’t understand. You see.., even ‘Time’ can be twisted to suit Fancy and Whims.

    So what if the peasants and other unappreciative simians have to start the new year by cinching their belts a notch further? Or the recalcitrant Jesus Freaks are being bullied and pummeled, by the truly Pious of a Strange god?

    Political expediency goes hand in hand with Glamour, Audacity and Entitlement. It’s a god-given right – is it not? Surely such low-brow tactics are below the ken of deities?

    But being in the company of the Red Queen really ain’t all that comfortable, as her temper is notorious. Her consort, the Naked Mole Rat, who was the named winner of some award as the most difficult to find nocturnal burrower, is as dangerous. Being in their presence is indeed hazardous to ones health:

    So Why are you guys ‘dengki’?

  13. Just who does En. Najib think he is? Just who do these ministers and MPs think they are? I think the voting rakyat has to stop revering people they elect: PM, Ministers, MPs. If anything, it is the PM, ministers, MPs who should be beholden to us the voters. Tell them if we didn’t vote for them many wouldn’t have a job, much less travel around in rented jets. So the sooner these so-called VIPs come down to earth the better for all of us. We need to deflate their ego, we need to call a spade, a spade. But as long as the voters remain silent, timid, unassertive, sycophantic, feudal, this is what they get; arrogant MPs.

  14. 25.12.2013 – Bayan Lepas Airport (Christmas Open House in Penang)
    26.12.2013 – KLIA to Sydney
    1.1.2014 – Sydney to Las Vegas (for Britney Spears opening act)
    5.1.2014 – Las Vegas to KLIA

  15. Uncle Din
    We are told that Rosmah has everyone under her spell. Semper, Rosmah celebrated two 2014 new year. One in Tokyo and after that crossed the dateline to USA to celebrate another one.

  16. Getting some one to do the dirty job of stirring up the allah issue to divert the attention of some sensitive and emotional folks in this bolehland just before crossing 2014, and then raid the bible college to further aggrevate the issue. Best way to divert attention from his extravagant spending, price hike protest, economic and social problems facing the bolehland. Best work of rossie and team, najis is hiding under her big baju.

  17. Check the plane log and you will see between all the flights, the plane went to Tel Aviv… the last I checked, Tel Aviv is in Israel, is it not? 😉

  18. The latest news is that CM of Penang Lim Guan Eng is welcoming the threat by MACC to investigate the purchase of the new Mercedes S300L… looks like Penang will stay with the DAP for a lot longer than I thought… the more you harass those Penangites, the more they will fight you! Ask Ahmad Ismail, the UMNO Ketua Bahagian for Bukit Bendera who “lost” Penang for BN when he called the non-Malays “pendatang” at a political rally… and had a Kwong Wah newspaper journalist arrested under ISA for reporting his speech…

  19. Hey look fellas, they must be doing right otherwise they will tell the religious department if they weren’t they would have been punished by GOD. So it seems they are alright.

  20. well even usa president also using much more luxurious n more advance airplane than what najib use …what seem to be the big deal ?

    usa also now in deep financial crisis but as president they deserved to get the best n also their president is the nation asset n furthermore all that is not belong to the president or the leader it self n it all belong to the country n anyone being the leader or no 1 of the country wil get the chances to taste it !!! .

    ..come on today is not like way bck on the 80 n 90 ok …? simple dont get jealous ok bcoz this among the benefits that no 1 wil get it n how being no 1 frm 28 million people really not easy n the post need to be respected ,,,,

    n if u feel that u want it too than work hard n make urself to be the no 1 n pls stop being envy ….

    enough of finding people mistake or wrong ok if time to work hard n if u think all that not necessary than pls try ur level best to be the no 1 n up to u if u want to chance all that but i doubt so !!!!

    hahaha see the opposition leaders also know how to enjoy the luxury n comfort of living now !!! hahaha
    ZZ, zeez, are you still asleep? It is not envy. I have no respect for politicians on both sides of the political divide. Like in the US, the politics here is dysfunctional. You do not use other peoples’ money (taxpayers) money for personal benefit. BTW, I never aspired to be a politician or Prime Minister. So what envy you are talking about?–Din Merican

  21. Malaysia use NR1 meaning “non resident number 1″ and NR2 meaning ” non resident number 2″ as both these a….holes are never in the country.

  22. “Z, zeez, are you still asleep? It is not envy. I have no respect for politicians on both sides of the political divide. Like in the US, the politics here is dysfunctional. You do not use other peoples’ money (taxpayers) money for personal benefit. BTW, I never aspired to be a politician or Prime Minister. So what envy you are talking about?–Din Merican”

    HI mr din merican, what do you mean the US political situation is better than Malaysia? Have u been there or stayed there before? Air Force One is funded by the US goverment, his car his helicopter and now he also has a private bus which cost 1.5million USD. Convert that to RM. And their financial situation there is a gazillion times worse than Malaysia. Unemployment rates are getting worse.the only difference between Malaysia n USA is that the US goverment can lie their way through the senate. And also all this talk about the Malaysian PM private jet isnt jealousy, what else is it? Get your fact right before you post nonsence on your blog. If you have a problem with Malaysia then leave! Be thankful your not starving or begging or being bombed everyday and harrassed everyday.

  23. Din. hang ni orang Penang kedekut masin. Kalau dua private jet Najib dan Rosmah cost 28 juta setahun to maintain, ini bermakna 28 juta orang rakyat malaysia belanja RM2 setahun. berapa lah duit sangat tu Din..yang hang busuk perut dengki dgn dok hasut orang pasai Perdana Menteri sendiri buat apa Din?
    Pasai apa hang ni mangkok sangat? Apalah dua ringgit setahun din? Kan Najib macam2 dia dah bagi kat rakyat…BRIM, KRIM,..macam2 ..IM lagi..?
    Aku tak kedekut dengan duit sendiri.–Din Merican

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