Malaysia Truly Asia

January 2, 2014

Malaysia Truly Asia

Malaysia, where dreams come true and nightmares too. Promoting Malaysia as a land of paradise is fine, but we are short changed when we consider the politics. Religion and race are being used to divide and rule us. I like this video but how I wish that it is  the real thing. –Din Merican

6 thoughts on “Malaysia Truly Asia

  1. Malaysia Truly Asia ended when Malaysia and Singapore went their separate ways. One took the Bahasa high road while the other stuck to what the British left them with.

  2. Sadly… just they launch the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 today, JAIS raided the Christians’ Bible store in Damansara Kim and arrested the chief staff there… this is the beginning of a failed country…

    There was a post on Twitter today which I like best:
    While Rome burns, Nero twitted on Blue Ocean Strategy… like we really give a damn…

  3. Malaysia , Truly Racial ?
    I guess.

    Displaying Shoeshine that Lacks Luster .
    The Elitist Government Ministers Can’t even be truly Malaysians, Claiming Asians.

    So much Falsehood.
    Shameful and Insulting to our Truly Rakyat and to the Asian Neighbours.

  4. Malaysia Truly Asia may be you will come to tat conclusion after you have visited all the countries that are West Asian geographically..

  5. Right now, the slogan, INSULTS ASIA.. If they can tell you to stop using the word “allah”, then they can raid churches, your home and check the virginity of your child, whether your wife is cheating. ITS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE DEFENSE BY THE HERALD AND THE CHURCH..

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