Ramon’s Resolutions for 2014

December 28, 2013

Ramon’s Resolutions for 2014

by Tan Sri (Dr.) Ramon Navaratnam, Chairman, ASLI Centre of Public Policy Studies

Dr. Ramon NavaratnamWE are relieved that major elections at national and party levels are over. Thankfully they were conducted under peaceful conditions, although many would have preferred more “free and fair” elections.

We have passed the stage of politicking and rhetoric and should seek to implement all the election promises and deliver beneficial outcomes to the rakyat.Thus, it would be useful for us to review the past, examine our present concerns and needs and to propose inter alia, the following eight resolutions, for the adoption by our leaders and people.

We should resolve as follows:

  •  Peace and national unity must be strengthened. We should all refrain from hurtful and divisive comments and actions that will cause disunity. We should isolate all those who indulge in extremist remarks and actions that erode our peace and national unity.

The Government should come down hard on all persons who pose a threat to peace and unity in a fair and equitable manner that is accepted by all;

  •  Security standards have to be enhanced by greatly improving the crime index with more urgency.

The Police could use their new laws to go all out to break up the crime syndicates and get the kingpins, as they promised they would do, in order to get public support for the introduction of the new Crime Prevention Act;

  • Corruption is still high and despite all government initiatives, it has hardly improved. New laws need to be introduced and the MACC has to show that it is more effective by reducing the TI Index considerably and more significantly;
  •  Inflation is a growing threat to our well-being. The poor and lower income groups are now burdened with rising prices.

Despite the BR1M, they find it difficult to cope with daily living costs. The recent reduction in subsidies and the increase in toll, electricity and property rates are not the only cases of rising prices. There has to be an anti-inflation strategy to combat inflation.

The Government has to remove or reduce monopolies, closed and negotiated tendering practices and liberalise the economy much more. We have to adopt principles of the New Economic Model and phase out the abusive practices of the protective policies;

  • Social stability has to be buttressed by basic needs policies that have to replace race-based policies and practices.

Race economics have also undermined national unity.Some even claim that there is political and economic apartheid, which is quite ridiculous.However, these issues have to be boldly addressed and overcome, to give greater priority to the poor of all races;

  • Unemployment is looming as a serious problem and must be curbed quickly.

Graduate unemployment is a rising social threat. Can the Government seek faster ways of improving our education system by introducing more technical teaching to make our school graduates more productive and thus employable. We might also be able to reduce drug consumption and gangsterism;

  • Religious bigotry and religious intolerance have to be clamped down more strenuously before we have more disharmony and less religious appreciation and understanding of each other in our multiracial society.

Can a National Interfaith Council under the Prime Minister or his Deputy be formed next year to promote more religious goodwill?; and

  • Malaysia’s Human Rights record has to be improved as a matter of high priority.

We have not signed and ratified all the Core Human Rights Conventions.Malaysia has now to respond to 232 recommendations before the Human Rights Council in March 2014.

Surely, we can show the world that we are far better disposed to the promotion and protection of human rights in our country?

In conclusion, I believe that if we can sincerely adopt and implement the above eight New Year Resolutions, we would make a big leap forward in ensuring for ourselves – a more Happy and Prosperous and United Malaysia in 2014 and beyond!


13 thoughts on “Ramon’s Resolutions for 2014

  1. Mr. Singh, Ramon makes some useful suggestions for consideration of our government. These are the real issues we must deal with in 2014. They require political will and leadership, both of which are sadly lacking at this point in time. –Din Merican

  2. I will wait for Najib’s New Year’s message before commenting. Let us hope for his own sake he will be serious about being Prime Minister. He should stay at home and focus on his job and avoid traveling overseas at every opportunity. Focus on real issues and deal with them realistically.

  3. It starts with the number one and two in government to lead the proposed resolution. Failing which, it will be another waste of time and resources.

  4. Yes, you’re true Dato but how to trust people like him who have changed in thoughts recently on the present government. I had great respect for him………but looks like a preacher……..sorry Dato!

  5. I Believe Strongly, (since May 13)

    The Rakyat, Regardless of their Backgrounds,
    Must First Resolve to CORRECT and or DISPOSE of
    the Lack of Resolutions in Good Conduct and Responsible Convictions in Addition to the Sincerity and Capability of Political Leaders,(the Stumbling Block being Umno Baru and its Culture of Corruptions and Untrustworthiness) from the Past Experiences, Present and going Forward ,

    Largely, These Are Key Issues to a Success Story for Malaysia’s Future in Posterity.

  6. ….Besides, What TS Ramon had written, are Nothing New to the Political Leaders, Themselves, perhaps, to the some Rakyat may ,not be aware of.

  7. We do not have to wait for the new year to implement these resolutions. It should have been done long ago when Tan Sri was head of a ministry or department. For decades now our heads of ministries and departments have abdicated their responsibility leaving it to ACA and police to take action when all the information was with them. At this point in time even balanced resolutions such as those proposed by Tan Sri will sound too little too late. Thank you.

  8. Enough of Ramon’s doublespeak. His latest antics resembles the UMNO Baru dominated BN’s election manifesto, Janji Bohong. Even if Ramon says he will get to the bottom of the reported purchase of a Rm110 million condo in New York by Najib Razak’s stepson, no one will believe him. Of course Ramon has not and will not. A waste of time.

  9. Wishin’, n hopin’, n prayin’.
    Remember that song by Dusty Springfield?

    Well, that’s what the ordinary folk will be doin’ for a better year.

    While them elites, like Ramon, n the ‘ornery politicians, like Najib an his bunch will be livin’ in up in their wonderland holiday destinations. They may even savor the virginal joys of celebrating TWO new year days as they jet-set across time zones in their rakyay-sponsored Lears.

    Anyone think they will be interested in reading what Ramon has to say, much less the wishes of the oxen of bolehland who soon will be groaning under additional yokes?

  10. Trust and integrity are like a vase – once its broken, even if you can repair it back – its never the same. People like Raman Navaratnam, Robert Phang, Paul Low and Chandra Mudzaffar are to me broken vases….

  11. Is this for another title, perhaps TUN in the coming year for another snake? Can we trust double-headed snakes? losing faith in this man!

  12. Dato
    Tan Sri’s New Year Resolutions for 2014 are reruns of past years’ resolutions. Nothing new and macam wayang PRamli shown again and again over local tv stations. No disrespect to Tan Sri but his resolutions are just impossible to be adhered, with the garbage of political masters running and ruining the country.
    Happy New Year to all.

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