Do you believe this Home Affairs Minister?

October 6, 2013

Do you believe this Home Affairs Minister?

Malaysiakini has called on Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to halt his attempts to intimidate journalists from the independent news portal. Journalists have a fundamental duty to ask questions of public interest, to which ministers have the responsibility to answer, said co-founders Premesh Chandran and Steven Gan in a joint statement today.

gan-and-chandran-malaysiakini-foundersSteven Gan and Premesh Chandran

The duo described Zahid’s  behaviour at a press conference yesterday as “conduct unbecoming of a Minister”. The Minister had launched into a tirade against Malaysiakini for allegedly “spinning” his words and confronted journalist Lawrence Yong after the press conference.

“If the Home Minister believes that Malaysiakini has misreported his statements, he can always contact us for a correction,” said Chief Executive Officer Premesh and Editor-in-Chief Gan.

“If he feels we are unfair to him, we are always ready to meet him or any other minister to discuss our reportage. To date, we have not received any complaints from him or his office.”

Hold Elected Officials Accountable

The co-founders of the portal reminded the Minister it is the job of journalists to hold those elected into positions of power accountable.

“In light of a perception of rising crime and lawlessness, the conduct of the police is of grave concern. The Home Minister should take cognisance of these public concerns and respond accordingly,” they added.

This is not the first time that Zahid had accused Malaysiakini of “spinning” news.He warned he was monitoring “every word, every sentence, every paragraph and every news item in Malaysiakini” during his maiden press conference as home minister last month.

zahid hamidi warning malaysiakini lawrence yong 2Meanwhile, Malaysiakini chief editor Fathi Aris Omar commended journalist Yong (left in photo) for keeping calm and standing his ground in the face of Zahid’s onslaught.

Yong had attempted to ask Zahid about the RM1.3 million worth of weapons and other equipment lost by the police force, as revealed by the Auditor-General’s Report 2012 released on Tuesday.

The Auditor-General reported that handcuffs topped the list of missing items at 156, followed by 44 weapons and 29 police vehicles.  Fathi called on UMNO to treat all media organisations with respect and fairness.

“UMNO is the only political party in the country which bans Malaysiakini from covering its functions, especially its supreme council meetings,” he said.


41 thoughts on “Do you believe this Home Affairs Minister?

  1. This supposedly doctorate holder is in fact an airhead who crows no sense! Imagine, his explanations and reactions to the Scorpene purchase debacle and how far Suaram was able to take the commission and Perimekar involvement with French Authorities. As the subs refused to dive, he was never at aloss of words to explain, again! Next the Suluk invasions and why the Army was not called in until two men died..
    Now to cool the heat YB Hisham, the cousin was taking, Najib gave it to his trusted former aide! In my mind, is this visual of the trio – like either three stooges, or three Musketeers, playing the taxpayers for fools.
    He must be filthy rich like Najib to think RM 1.3 million is petty cash!
    He has to cover Najib’s butt for electing him as Homey! so who else to fire his salvo but unnerving Malaysiakini! We won’t get any MSM asking him where, truthfully, the cuffs, firearms and vehicles went?
    Was it his watch too, when the jet engines `flew’ to South America and had to be Bought before they were Brought back?
    So expect more `poo’ before the AG’s Report is perused with `sikat kutu’ everyone. The irony of it, seems he is leading the VP 6-cornered Race.
    Unbelievable, alright, this whole `wayang kulit!’

  2. very sad for malaysia to have such clown as minister and the way he spoken broken bahasa really insulted the chinese. We malaysian speak proper bahasa n the response from this idiot made himself a stupid low grade clown from the market. I did my assignment all in bahasa when I was with UTM and achieve 3.67 in Advanced Dip.Management and received my cert. from Dato Najib when he was my Defense Minister…so pse Zahid dont think we…chinese cannot speak proper bahasa beside the Malayues…..

  3. Spin however you like, journalists. Not all readers are gullible. Those are few. Many are much more literate and well informed. Wonder why sometimes, I don ‘t read news written by local journalists. Full of (filled with?) gibberish.
    I hope there are not too many Republican- like journalists in Malaysia. I listen to NPR news for my daily brain refreshments, and read The NewYork Times for my in- depth information of what’s going on in this world. That’sgood enough for me.

  4. How can you spin walloping a lone person assisted by body guards to hold the victim down.. like a gangster? But he has spun till the police became confused and don’t know how to proceed. One day the long arm of the law will catch up and he will not talk so crude in a proper court.

  5. This cry baby Minister has suddenly become the hatchet man for UMNO. Remember him crying when Che Det “cantas” him because he visited DSAI when DSAI was ousted. He was removed from Bank Rakyat and complained he does not have funds to campaign for UMNO. Now he’s become so arrogant but at the same time making himself an idiot with his recent comments. Be humble and remember what goes up must come down be it elevators or escalators. At the rate he’s going he will not be remembered fondly.

  6. This guy like some of the current ministers & MP’s is of a mentality that is akin to an idiot. He would be more appropriate serving food at a Malay gerai definitely not sitting behind a ministers table.
    On his doctorate qualifications, if he has one, the university having given him this accolade will be cringing.

  7. His behaviour is no different from gangster, and his hand on shoulder of the journalist indicates a threat. Instead he should hug the jouranlist!!,

  8. Zahid Hamidi is PRONE TO VIOLENCE – the man is pathological schemer and when things threatens his schemes, he can turn violence.

    What I am most dissapointed with is the critics, opposition and journalist that have not pointed out when Zahid said the PCA is only for criminals – ITS NOT UP TO HIM TO DECIDE.. A law is suppose to be the law of the land, he gets to craft it the way he wants it but it applies to everyone including subsequent Home Ministers. Its likely Hamidi will break his word soon enough on using the PCA against politician and coming up with an excuse but the fact of the matter is that ITS NOT FOR HIM TO DECIDE WHETHER HE KEEPS HIS WORDS. ITS HIS DUTY TO LEGISLATE IT..

  9. No, this Incredible ” Loyalty as the last refuge of a Scoundrel….” fellow, has the gall to still maintain a Baloney which no 2 year old can even believe……Imagine 156 items of Handcuffs, if he says lost in remote mountains to ‘ handcuff ‘ baboons there, its ok. But 44 assortment of Weapons and 29 police trucks……” drowned ” in the sea, WHERE, WHICH part of the Pacific Ocean, or the Atlantic ?
    There are enough sophisticated Submersibles to make a dive to confirm Veracity, if even to try and establish whether that is so, or, to COVER-UP some illegalities undertaken by people who themselves claim to be ” the Security Forces…..” ? OR, these large assortment of Weapons must have been Lost on a ” Fishing TRIP ? …….”
    How terribly Fishy……stinking…..

  10. Wasn’t this the same macho machai who went crying on his knees begging for forgiveness from Mahathir?
    Some hero. Pariah would shit in his pants without his bodyguards and kakis around him.
    This is all that UMNO can breed for its frontrunner for the VP post? Shame on all those abetting this state of affairs.

  11. There is a strong culture of threat, harrassment and intimidation in the party.

    These behaviors are totally unacceptable in a modern, progressive and civilised society.

    Proper check must be carried out to elect politicians into positions of power, trust and influence as their conduct and behavior will influence and harm the society.

  12. But Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will still be the top votes getting VP candidate this coming UMNO General Assembly… why? Simply because being arrogant and a talk-big boastful bully, he has made himself the “ideal” UMNO VP candidate.

    This is the “type of leader” the UMNO delegates are craving for to lead them – they have been conditioned for so long that only such people can lead them to protect their agama, bangsa dan Negara untuk selama-lamanya….

    I cry for Malaysia if this man makes it to PM one day….

  13. Yeah, this is the same fella who went on his knees to beg for mercy from the great Keralan for sending him to Kamunting for trying to defend Anwar. He now has made a 360-degree turnaround and has become Jibby’s slickest ass licker all for a fist full of ringgits. You want this kind of idiots to lead us? It’s difficult to tell the Malays ‘cos they are so enamoured by this guy.

  14. “you malaysiakini jangan main2 dengan saya, ” sounds like a threat to me , an arrogant bully intimidating freedom of the saying, only publish what i allow, or else..

  15. He is Malaysia’s Home Minister… But he told Jakarta Post in Jakarta HIS HOME is in Jogjakarta, Indonesia . And that is probably why he HATES ordinary Malaysians.

    Here is what I want to know: Where does he stand on the territorial disputes we currently have with Indonesia?

  16. “… An airhead who crows no sense..” – ShakrinaLikram


    That’s a good one. I like it.
    Can I borrow from you to use it later at some appropriate time if it is not copyright.

  17. This disgusting illegal ‘minister’ should be charged for molest or assault – both verbal and physical – of the professional journalist who was only doing his job. He is a big bully gangster who is a big coward, shame on him, for using his position to try to intimidate innocent and well-meaning people who want answers for the rakyat, for the wrongs done by his criminal gangs in uniform! Does he not know that he is a SERVANT of the rakyat?! How misguided is he? Who brought him up? Who does he think he is?


  18. Big bully he is…remember the beating he gave to the smart ass who eloped with his daughter? This minister with a PhD thesis on “UMNO’s media strategy in general elections” shows his rudeness and lack of culture by bullying the Malaysia Kini reporter. He just could not answer or bear to hear the corruption in the agencies under his ministry.

  19. “Does he not know that he is a SERVANT of the rakyat?”- J S Zhuang

    Oh, he certainly does, 100 % he does know. Except he does not know whether you know who is the boss in Malaysia.

    And to all those Malaysians, he also knows no matter how bad you say about him, those pariah UMNO chaps at the UMNO GA will still vote him as VP. Those pariah UMNO chaps think he has all the right character attribute of a future prime minister and YOU can’t even decide that.

    He knows what you say makes no difference to him. And I know there is nothing you folks can do anything about it. They voted him in at GE 13, and all of you didn’t or COULDN’T deny him those votes.

    The only person who matters to him is Najib …. and the UMNO delegates.

    Eat your hearts out, guys. It hurts!!

  20. Frank,
    I thought it’s Madhater. He’s greater than Allah. According to christian tradition, Madhater is God. Murkhiz is the SON. Perhaps, CLF can tell who is the spirit

    • “Frank….Perhaps, CLF can tell who is the spirit” – loose 74

      I have made a commitment to Abnizar NOT to talk about spirit. The word is now quarantined as far as I am concerned.

      I am now focused on the “airhead” HOME Minister of Malaysia who claimed HIS HOME is in Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia.

  21. All I can say is this, that he is the “most popular” VP candidate must have gone into his head. When one has an extra big head, one tends to be “imbalance”, yes literally and figuratively…….

  22. Jangan bimbang. Sabar. This ‘mad hatter’ will meet his creator one day – RETRIBUTION ! When he goes six-feet under, alone and bare, pray that God will spare his soul!

  23. Frank,
    Another constitutional meelayu hah. What next? Zahid may say that he’s a descendant of the Jogjakarta sultanate. Hahahaha! Meanwhile there would be another constitutional melayu in the making telling us how important UMNO is

  24. I understand that once upon a time not too long ago, there was a Malaysian defense minister who goes back on weekends to his home somewhere in Perak to spend weekends at home and with his constituents and he does these trip in a Eurocopter 725 refurbished for executive travel? Betulkah?

  25. Tebing tinggi should just jump from the tebing for being an idiot. I bet he thinks Utusan reporters are world class, responsible and ethical.

  26. Tebing tinggi should just jump from the tebing for being an idiot. – didi

    I agree, and hope he lands with his head first.

  27. Well, well, absolute proof the man is just a gangster himself. A gangster with the power of the Home Minister..Sure he can get rid of the gangster, but who protect us from HIM and his gengs?

  28. BigJoe,
    One guy call Abnizar preaching to us that we must respect the authority. Judging from Zahid’s performance, tell me if we should respect him

  29. Please don’t waste time and your breath, looes74. Respecting authority means respecting the ” law “, because legal things can bind you into a mess…..
    Don’t give a hoot is ok, but don’t give a (s)hoot….., even if you hate him. I have called my ‘ bluff ‘ on him, so he should take it as a joke…

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