Making Corruption History – Cakap Kosong le Ah Jib Hor!

September 30, 2013

Making Corruption History – Cakap Kosong le Ah Jib Hor!

by Dr. M.Bakri Musa
Morgan-Hill, California

bakri-musaIn San Francisco recently, Prime Minister Najib confidently declared “to make corruption part of Malaysia’s past, not its future.” The man’s delusion never ceases to amaze me. The reality is of course far different; corruption defines the Najib Administration.

Nonetheless if Najib is serious, then he should heed Tengku Razaleigh’s call for Najib to declare his assets. Otherwise it would be, to put it bluntly in the vernacular, “Cakap kosong je ‘Jib!” (Empty talk only!)

Integrity Minister: A Joke?

New NajibTengku Razaleigh’s suggestion, if implemented, would do far more good than all of Najib’s lofty declarations of “changing organizational as well as business cultures” or creating “a new governance and integrity minister” (Paul Low) and “elevating the anti-corruption agency.” Malaysians have heard all those ad nauseum, not only from Najib but also his predecessors.

If after doing what Tengku Razaleigh had suggested Najib still aspires higher, he could begin by getting rid of those tainted individuals in his administration. Then if he is really committed to clean and effective governance, he should select only those with unquestioned integrity and solid accomplishments to be his new ministers and advisors.

As Najib is slow to grasp concepts, let me elaborate on those three simple suggestions.Consider asset declaration.

Najib does not need yet another highly-paid consultant or Idris Jala of Pemandu advising him how to do it. There are plenty of effective models out there, including one recommended by the OECD. The simplest is the one used by American public officials including the President, Cabinet secretaries, and Supreme Court judges. It covers their spouses and all dependent children.

Here is President Obama’s, available publicly at: The simple eight-page report lists his assets and income, transactions during the year, gifts received (he had none), liabilities (his home mortgage), and contracts he is a party to (his old faculty appointment).

Simple yet effective! As the declaration is filed annually, citizens could tract any sudden ballooning of assets, income, or extra-generous gifts that could prompt further enquiry, as well as monitor contracts and activities that could pose as potential conflicts of interest.

Obama and his senior officials go further; they release their full income tax returns annually.

Shahrizat A. Jalil

Shahrizat A JalilIf Najib were to do likewise, rumors of his wife buying million-ringgit rings and getting extravagant gifts would not have arisen, if indeed they were baseless. If Najib’s ministers were to similarly declare their assets, then we would not have the silly specter of a cabinet minister feigning ignorance of her husband’s quarter-billion ringgit government-funded business, as Shahrizat tried to do recently. The pathetic part was that she truly believed that the public would buy her swiftly-concocted story.

Beyond publicly declaring his assets, if Najib still aspires for a clean administration, then he should remove those tainted individuals in his administration. Since Najib is blind to reality, I will help him identify such proven shady characters

Isa Samad

isa-samadGUILTYThe most glaring is Isa Samad, former Negri Sembilan Chief Minister (and current FELDA Chairperson). Dispensing with his lackluster tenure as the Chief Executive of that state, the man was found guilty of “money politics,” UMNO’s euphemism for plain ugly corruption. Meaning, he is corrupt even by UMNO’s lax standards, assuming the party has any!

In any system with even a semblance of integrity, slimy characters like Isa Samad would have been jailed. In China, they would be executed. Yet Najib appointed Isa to helm the billion- ringgit FELDA Global Holdings, a GLC. One wonders why Najib is so enamored with this character. The more intriguing question is why the powerful hold Isa has on Najib?

Ali Rustam

Ali RustamThen there is Ali Rustam, also a former Chief Minister of Malacca. Like Isa, Ali too was found guilty of money politics. At least voters in his state were wise enough to boot him out. Now Ali is eyeing for the UMNO Vice-Presidency, as is Isa. Watch it, Najib will also do an Isa on Ali, that is, appoint him to a senior lucrative position, making a mockery of Najib’s aim of making corruption history.

Then if after getting rid of the Isa Samads and Ali Rustams Najib still harbors even higher aspirations, like wanting a crisp and efficient administration, then he could entice capable Malaysians to join his team.

I suggest co-opting Keadilan’s Rafizi Ramli. This bright young man has done more than anyone else to heighten public consciousness of corruption at high places. Rafizi shamed the anti-corruption agency. Appointing Rafizi would also go a long way towards a “unity” government. Only the likes of Shahrizat would not welcome his appointment.

At the very least Rafizi’s appointment would significantly lower the average age of Najib’s cabinet as well as drastically elevate its collective IQ!

Tengku Razaleigh: Take Over from Ah Jib Hor

kuliAt the other end of the experience spectrum is Tengku Razaleigh. He is from Najib’s own party too. If Najib is deeply serious about and truly committed to memperkasakan ekonomi Melayu (enhancing Malay economy) as he asserted recently, well, the Tengku has been there and done that, and remarkably well too! Look at Petronas and Pernas. Malaysia’s finances too were robust when he was Finance Minister.

Yes, at one time he helmed the once powerful Bank Bumiputra, now long gone. If Tengku’s detractors want to taint him with that scandal, remember this. Tengku Razaleigh is one of the few if not only public figures to have successfully sued for libel the venerable Financial Times when it tried to implicate him.

Co-opting Tengku Razaleigh would give the Najib Administration some adult supervision. Better yet, Najib should seize the opportunity and take a sabbatical, just like what Lee Kuan Yew once did. Take a temporary leave from UMNO and Malaysia; learn about the real world beyond government. Najib would learn that there is a vast other universe out there not dependent on public paychecks or political patronages.

At another speech during his recent San Francisco trip, Najib chided his critics especially those residing abroad who “criticize the country but they do not have any idea on how to contribute to the country.”

Najib: You have insulted US, Malaysians

HonourNajib is not only slow in grasping concepts but he is also not a careful reader. We do not criticize Malaysia, only his inept leadership. Nonetheless since Najib has asked for specific ideas, here is one.

Take an extended sabbatical. Let someone like Tengku Razaleigh take over. Three or four years hence, in time for the next election, resume your prime ministership.

Meanwhile learn as much as possible about the much bigger and considerably more wonderful world beyond UMNO. You will be a more effective leader for that, and Malaysia would be a much better country, both while you were gone and after you return.

26 thoughts on “Making Corruption History – Cakap Kosong le Ah Jib Hor!

  1. MACC, Pemandu, Paul Low and the Auditor-General, Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, all have failed. Corruption in Malaysia is here to stay. Only we Malaysians can stop it by civil activism. Stop bribing the traffic cop and that is a good beginning. Malaysian and foreign companies must not corrupt our politicians for government mega contracts. Enough is Enough.–Din Merican

  2. In SFO Najib should invite Malaysians residing in the US to a close door meeting with him without his entourage of bag carriers and ampu bodeks. Najib will be surprised at what the “arm chair critics” have to say and contribute to Malaysia. These are smart people employed by the most competitive and forward thinking companies who couldn’t get a decent job back home. All of them enjoy their work and quality of life afforded them . Yet their hearts are still with Malaysia. They don’t dislike Malaysia just the policies of the government of the day. How hard is that to differentiate?

  3. There is a credibility gap between what Najib says (especially when he give speeches to a bunch of foreigners in some foreign land) and what actually being practised at home. And it has reach a bulls$$t (aka tipping) point where most honest intelligent Malaysians simply don’t believe him or for that matter the government any more. For me, I don’t read MSM many moons ago and just switch off whenever I comes across such bulls$$t from our “leaders”.
    But we are all mea culpa because we continue to bribe politicians and officials. So we are as guilty as Najib. The only difference is that Najib and his cohorts benefit from corruption. We only dish out money to get things done.–Din Merican

  4. Umno and Najib thrive on corruption. It is part of their genes. Even if Najib declares his ‘assets’, what guarantee is that it is a an accurate and complete list. (And of course the tainted MACC will certify it as the gospel truth.) Najib is known to talk bullshit overseas, from scripts prepared by his very well paid foreign consultants. Corruption in Malaysia can only be eliminated by public activism, and I mean by serious public activism. And even then I am not too sure. I have well ‘educated’ malay friends who think that as long it is a malay who benefits it is okay.

  5. Crooks, racists, intellectually-challenged, thieves (CRITs or CRITers) holding the reins of federal power in Malaysia.

    All due to a stolen General Election.

  6. How long more must we the Rakyats endure these incessant bullshits ?? It is time to say enough is enough as it is stinking the world over. I agree with baski330 that public activism must be initiated ASAP !! But who’s going to take the lead ???

  7. Najib is all fake and phoney, we get it and will tear it to bits eventually. But to the West and other places, that fake and phoney is of some use to sell their own agenda. But as soon as something real is on the table, the fake and phoney will fall apart – such is the superficiality of global diplomacy – AND also of UMNO hallucinating internal politics.

    Tearing away at the fake and phoney of Najib and his administration takes no less than tearing at the hallucinogen world of UMNO/BN. AND after you tear it apart, the addicts will only backlash unpredictably. Intervention is not so easy a thing and harder still to make it work.

    So yes, its gibberish of one of UMNO’s and Mahathir’s addict. But so what? There is still much for them to steal to pay for it..

  8. Yeah, we bribe to get things, which are supposed to be free, done. What an irony.

    Bean, we have thrown everything at Jibby, including the kitchen sink, but he’s still standing and still preaching the gospel to us. Time to cast the jala (net) with Idris Jala in it. Maybe it’ll work.

  9. “I have well ‘educated’ Malay friends who think that as long it is a Malay who benefits it is okay.” – Baski330

    The notion that so long as a Malay benefits from corrupt practices is okay has been drummed into the Malay minds by Umno a long long time ago. That’s why the disease is so endemic and so difficult to eradicate.

    We need clean and resolute leaders like Rafizi to helm the government than only will some semblance of orderliness reign.

    Jibby should know that whatever that comes out of his pinkie lips are not taken seriously by his kunchus.

    I envy the Ozzies as they get to change their government once every five to ten years. We are stuck with the same idiots for over six decades. What luck!!!

  10. Tok Cik,
    Nothing wrong in having government in power for more than 10 years. One of the good government is the PAP government in Singapore. Unfortunately, UMNO is no PAP

  11. True.., kitchen sinks are NOT effective. Perhaps some chilli padi laced suppositories might do. Betcha squatting is closer to the centre of gravity.

    The apologists of UMNOb regard bribery, slander and rent-seeking as their god-given right. Who are we to complain?

  12. Najib talks heaps of hot air when he is overseas. Why hasn’t anyone call his bluff on the spot? Ask him hard questions when he is making speeches to these foreigners?

    Do we have any reporters out there with the guts to do this? Or are these reporters a bunch of hot air too?

  13. If the PCA is not the ISA, then write into the legislation that UMNO will hand over the Federal govt to the opposition should it uses the PCA against the opposition politician?

  14. @dinbeano September 30, 2013 at 9:45 am,

    “…Only we Malaysians can stop it by civil activism. Stop bribing the traffic cop and that is a good beginning. Malaysian and foreign companies must not corrupt our politicians for government mega contracts. Enough is Enough.”–Din Merican.

    That’s the most effective & best thing we should do as Malaysians. It takes two hands to clap to produce the sound – remove the one well within our control and the clapping will effectively stop. We as individuals, family members, shareholders, directors and employees of companies as well as those conscientious civil servants & members of the armed services, must pursue a corruption-free lifestyle to contribute towards corruption eradication. If we, as the main suppliers, stop the supplies even in the face of increasing demands, the trading in bribery & corruption will cease.

  15. time to be crude – Cakap tak serupa bikin, depan lain….tetapi main di-belakang…..
    I feel disappointed he did not re-appoint the Toyol- fellow, he should have because it is good to see him, as Dr Bakri has illustrated here, appointing people like the ( under ) I.S.A- flurr, many more of YBs & YABs Mentris Besar-kepala like Toyol, he should also re-appoint some people like the Tanjong Rambutan (TR), instead of retaining that besar-kepala chap in N9 against whom his own DUN made corruption reports. This wakil rakyat is good, she says everything is Fithnah, but if evidence seems to indicate otherwise, PM should also reappoint her, and confine her in the ‘Condo’ of cows, these are all good people – Motto ” Lain depan, lain belakang…”

  16. His last comment there was about dreams. He said we should dream but not alone. All 28 millions in Malaysia should dream together.What he meant was the last time only 60 percent of us dreamt together.See what we get – same scums.Over to the other 40 percent who did not dream with us. To them, shut up and do not complain about anything.

  17. Najib is the Prime Minister of a third world country. The media is not too interested. He is a nobody over at the General Assembly.

  18. Pak Bean,
    Idi Amin is the President of Uganda. However his views are known world wide including the organisation of african unity. He humiliated UK by telling the media that he’s providing humanitarian aids to Britain by sending peanuts. He was called himself grandiose titles including CBE. The conquerer of british empire. Hahahahaha! To CLF’s surprise, under Idi Amin’s rule, Uganda is the member of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. It’s a god damn shame that 4th grader has more prominence in world stage as compared to Ah Jib Kor.
    Idi Amin’s help to GB…….Hahahaha…….CLF, please don’t be envy of Idi Amin’s acheivement…….Hahahahahaha……Madhater can’t even do that……hahahahaha

  19. I second EVERYTHING on this thread. Najib et al. knows how to push the ATM button and now they are pushing for extra 14.5b to distribute. Pakatan is equally useless to not loud hail this day light robbery. They first handed out BRIM sweets and now collect the cakes. Teh tarik price just increase 20% sebab minyak sudah naik. Rokok same juga naik 20 peratus, Urut2 same juga. Anak juga tahu minta lebih duit sekolah utk kantin. We have just imported inflation and on our way to become a high income society and soon we need to bring mani in briefcase buy a pack of rokok.

  20. Muthu, how to ask hard questions, attendees are screened first to ensure non desirables are not in attendance.
    They send out invitations through associations and clubs and those interested are required to respond and register. They will then let you know the venue and time after they have vetted the so called invitees.

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