Chin Peng dies in Bangkok, Thailand

September 17, 2013

Chin Peng dies in Bangkok, Thailand

by Leven Woon | September 16, 2013


Chin PengFormer Secretary-General of the now defunct Communist Party of Malaya, Chin Peng has died in Bangkok.

According to Bangkok Post, the 90-year-old Chin Peng died at a hospital in Bangkok on Monday morning. He died of old age and was pronounced dead at 6.20am.His relatives will perform religious rites for him on Friday.

Chin Peng led the CPM’s guerrilla insurgency and fought against British and Commonwealth forces to establish an independent Communist state.He lived in exile in Thailand and was not permitted to return in Malaysia.

Hours after former Communist Party of Malaya leader Chin Peng died in Bangkok, police are on alert to prevent his remains from entering Malaysia.

Hours after former Communist Party of Malaya leader Chin Peng died in Bangkok, police are on alert to prevent his remains from entering Malaysia.

Chin, a long time public enemy of the state, has been denied entry to Malaysia although Malaysia government has signed a peace accord with CPM in 1989.

A Sitiawan native, he has made several appeals to the government to reconsider his plight as a senior citizen, saying he would like to visit his parents’ graveyard.

Born in 1924, Chin Peng rose to become the CPM Secretary-General in 1943 and waged a war against the British colonial administration and subsequently the Malaysia government to establish a communist state.

The war became known as the Malayan Emergency, and CPM was blamed for killing those who refused to co-operate with them.This period also saw the formation of thousands of new villages, as the government strived to curb the CPM’s influence in the rural areas. CPM members were forced to retreat to the Southern Thailand in 1970s.

Two weeks ago, former Special Branch Deputy Head Yuen Yuet Lengchin-peng2- (right)  told FMT that he is in support of Chin’s return to Malaysia, as he said the war had long ended.

DAP Chairman Karpal Singh immediately echoed the statement, saying that the time had come for the government to be pragmatic and compassionate as well as to see the plight of a senior citizen.

Meanwhile Perkasa head Ibrahim Ali told FMT that Chin Peng’s remains should not be allowed to be brought back into Malaysia.“For me, Chin Peng is not just a terrorising communist, he was also a criminal,” he said, adding that events about Chin Peng and his party should be erased from the nation’s history

36 thoughts on “Chin Peng dies in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. We should have granted a sick and dying man his last wish. Why be so cruel as to say that even his ashes would not be allowed into the country..

    Zahid Hamidi and Ibrahim Ali were never in the army and had never fought the commies. They are just playing to the gallery believing that they can be the people’s heroes by just being the opposite.

    Too bad we have this kind of morons calling the shots and there are plenty of them in Putrajaya.

  2. The truth is part of this country and Chinese and non-Malay problems in this country is caused by Chin Peng- if not for them, MCA and MIC would have been more than equal to UMNO, combined with the rest of BN parties, UMNO would not have its hegemony and corruption amok today.

    Having said that, the issue of Chin Peng citizenship is not in doubt. The truth is this is about insistent of the right-wing group about the “special rights” and “social contract”. Its not about terrorism, communism, sentiments of former armed forces members etc..many Malay and other former CPM members are full citizens.

    This is about rignt-wingers insisting on hegemony and belittling others.

  3. More stupidity in Bolehland :

    Police on full alert to prevent Chin Peng’s ashes from being brought back into
    Malaysia !
    1. Waste of the police officers’ time. They should be catching criminals instead.
    2. How to prevent ASHES from being brought in?
    It ain’t a preserved complete body, you know !

    Question: who is more of a traitor e.g. those who give Malaysian PR and citizenship to undeserving foreigners ?

    Chin Peng was ruthless and a hardliner and would have
    done a lot of damage to Malaysia if the MCP had won. But he was also
    an anti-colonial fighter. His record is mixed.

  4. History is a fact. Does this Ibrahim the ‘gila’ of Perkesa understand what is history? Even after Chin Peng perished, there is nothing that we can erase. The history stands. We still have to teach our children about those communists and the reasons for their intrusion. Can ‘Baling Talks’ be erased from our history books? What type of mentality this person could be?

    Japanese killed my father. The atrocities Japanese carried out in Malaya then, like beheading, shooting at point blank and mass killing of Indians and Chinese, torturing, raping young girls and many countless abuses can never be compared to what the Chin Peng and his comrades did to those Indians and Chinese who lost the lives defending Malaya. How many of your kind died in the DEATH RAILWAY, Ibrahim? You’re tone of talking matters is always racial. I don’t like it but I am forced to say by your comments. Thousands of Indians and Chinese who gave their lives to Malaya are the ones shed their blood for Independent Malaya. What happened to the compensation paid for the people like my father died for the nation during the Japanese regime? It was hell to those who experienced their occupancy of Malaya then.

    Let’s talk something sane. Why did the government come to have the relationship with Japanese when they did things worst than Chin Peng. “Melayu muda lupa” Is this the right slogan to refer to your mentality when coming to talk of history? Betul tak Ibrahim? People like you can never bring prosperity and unity to our country.

  5. So much for the compassion and forgiveness that UMNO brand of Islam practices. I am sure those who suffered from the communists would be more willing to forgive their enemies. But no, Zahid our tough and uncompromising home affairs head honcho has taken it upon himself to speak on their behalf in not allowing CP’s ashes to sully malaysian soil. Was he even born when the emergency was on? Did he know the civilians and soldiers most of whom came from distant lands to fight and die here? Whether they wld be willing to forgive?
    What about that traitor who allowed foreigners to acquire malaysian citizenship so his perch in putrajaya would be safe? Will he be given a hero’s burial at the national mausoleum?

  6. Chin Peng is the stuff of legends. Compared to many of the Lembek politicians of yesteryear and definitely today, he was the epitome of self integrity. Being semi-educated in the literal sense of the word, he nonetheless kept to his principles. If history had been different he would have been hailed as a a Uncle Ho, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro or even Mao.

    In the current crop of UMNOb psyche he’s ostracized as the Demon, even though he ultimately came to make peace with none other than Octo. His contributions to Merdeka has been officially relegated to Haram-Dajjal status. I guess that is the culture of Hypocrisy, Vindictiveness and sheer Orneriness that UMNOb imbues as cardinal virtues. Forgiving the circumcised of their own ‘race-religion’, yet unforgiving and insulting those Other. Indeed a Strange god, they worship. Childish propaganda for Zombies, who forgive their own ‘Kemaluans’, yet insist on righteousness beyond redemption. Desecration of their own Soul, without any awareness of their foibles. They must be the most High, Holy and Mighty – even beyond the diktats of Moral Law.

    To me personally, the commies killed a paternal uncle and wounded a maternal one – who fought on the side of the BMA. We don’t cast stones forever, for that is what we have been taught. We have forgiven, for that is the nature of Life. Is it not better to Embrace, rather than to Divide? But we’re talking about a ‘Remains’ which possess ‘Magic’, i suppose..

  7. Charter a plane and fly over Malaya and scatter the ashes to the tune of flying in the wind. There we go, how polis going to vacuum all the ashes, need a big Hoover vacuum. What if ashes drop into Klang Gate dam and whole KL drink the water.

  8. I fought the commies in the jungles of Sarawak and Malaya and in doing so lost many good friends and good men. But I don’t hold any grudges against them or against Chin Peng.

    While operating at the Thai border and in the swamps of Sibu we had SEP (Surrendered Enemy Personnel) attached to our patrols. Although some were involved in the killing of security forces personnel we did not hold them in contempt. They too had their needs and wants.

    When one is on the opposite side don’t expect him or her to be a friend. But to Zahid Hamidi, Ibrahim Al Katak and the so-called nationalists in Umno, who neither bear arms nor fired in anger and can’t make the difference between a grenade and a grenade launcher, they feel it’s their God-given right to speak for us.

  9. For goodsake, Chin Peng was at old age & now he has passed away. Bygones be bygones la. Seriously, I simply don’t understand why such hatred manifest in every human being. But one thing for sure, some melayu leaders such as one from Kerala called Madhater shared the same traits as his counterpart in Zimbabwe, Mugabe. Of course, there are differences : Ian jailed Mugabe for 10 years. Mugabe allowed Ian to remain in Zimbabwe till Ian’s old age where Mugabe has decided to revoke Ian’s nationality by changing the law only allowing Zimbabwe to have one nationality (Lets be fair, I am ok with it). One thing for sure is the same between Chin Peng & Ian Smith. Their remains remained in the foreign land

    By the Mugabe’s resistance was supported by PRC. Just as Chin Peng nong nong time ago. Hahahahaha! Enjoy! Zimbabweans/Rhodesians have fought along side with the commonwealth during malayan emergency.

  10. He fought the Japanese aggressors’ occupation of our country when the canny British colonial masters defeated and fled.

    When the Japanese surrendered, the British awarded Chin Peng Order of the British Empire (OBE).

    However, when Chin Peng didn’t want British came back to rule Malaya, he fought the British for our independence, and the British colonial masters treated him as terrorist and enemy of the nation.

    Chin Peng is a hero or zero?

  11. It is Unquestionable Chin Peng is a Malayan Nationalist, though a Communist like the 1.6 million Russians and Chinese .

    The question to ask is :

    Are the UmnoBaru Putera Leaders Saboteurs of the Malaysian/ Malayan Nationalism ?

  12. What a memorable 50th anniversary for Malaysia. Ong Boon Hua aka Chin Peng, the eternal public enemy number one of the BN Malaysian government, stole the headlines!

    Worse, by rejecting the return of his remains, the BN government has shown to the world that agreements made with malaysia are useless. Even worse, UMNO Baru politicians seized on the moment, brandishing their bloody swords as if they gave slained an enemy.

    I don’t how Chinese Malaysians look at Chin Peng. My brother-in-law still carries a bullet near his neck, a gift from MCP guerrillas. He has never spoken harshly of the MCP, just saying that life was tough and glad that he is still alive. At least Chin Peng never fought to enrich himself or his cronies, as the Sungei Siput MP said on Malaysia Day.

  13. MT Lai,

    Irrespectively,your Brother, like TS Yuen Knows
    the Difference Between Lawlessness and Humanity,
    Political Terrorism and Nationalism…

    …as in Comparison to the UmnoBaru Puteras and Cronies
    who only Know How to Cheat and Deceive , and
    Abuse Power Freely Under the Cover of Democracy.

  14. Ha, Ha !

    Yes, Ho Chi Minh (a.k.a. Nguyen Ai Quoc i.e. Nguyen-Loves-Country or Nguyen the Patriot) asked the Vietnamese Communist Party to scatter his ashes over his beloved Vietnam.

    I wonder if Chin Peng had the foresight to ask his old MCP comrades to scatter his ashes over his beloved Malaya too, if the dumbos in the ruling regime won’t allow his body to be buried in Malayan soil? And how would the Home Minister, IGP, Ibrahim Ali etc. stop this ??

    By the way, the Stalinists of the Vietnam Communist Party ignored his request and continue to put his mummified body on display in Hanoi.

  15. You guys forget. UMNO gets to write history – and Chin Peng was a terrorist and never mind he didn’t die a terrorist. I think Tok Tam would have granted his wish to die in the land he fought so hard to protect from foreign foes. Chin Peng was born in Sitiawan. He was no Che Guevara. Many Malaysians even today would have sold off their country for the cost of a cell phone. Listen to that interview and you can feel his candor. There were atrocities on both sides. Chin Peng denied ever giving orders. But that’s what they did to snitchers. Then you have a British commando holding up the severed heads of a girl and another man in his hands said to be those of terrorists. The excuse? Oh, they needed to cut off their hands and heads so they could get their thumb prints and identify who they were !

  16. The IGP is using this as an excuse. What a load of shit that there is a possible problem as such the police are on the alert.

    Mr IGP use these costs and energy to look at your own force. This would be money and time well spent.

    Mr IGP you must think we are dumb idiots.

  17. A person’s values as a human being are revealed by the way he treats his arch enemy when the latter dies.

    I had a minute silence today as a gesture of respect for Mr. Ong Boon Hua aka Chin Peng. There are things that he did that I do not agree but I cannot deny that he gave for Malaysia what none of our current national leaders even come near to mustering the courage to even think about (if these leaders have brains at all), much less do … he gave up his freedom to live as an ordinary Malaysian on Malaysian soil.

    Have you given your minute of silence for Mr. Ong?

  18. Even in death Chin Peng can still scare the shit out of IGP, Home Minister and Ibrahim Al Kataki to the point they can not think properly or logically. See how stupid they become when challenged by Chin Peng at age 90. Wonder how they would react if they were face to face with the late Chin Peng, probably pee in their pants and cry mama mama.

  19. I felt that Malaysia leaders are chicken. They only know how to bully those people who are weaker. What about the Indonesians? Especially those who become bumis. Like Khir Toyo. So ban people like Megawati from coming in lor

  20. Who wants to remember him la? He might have hidden agenda that time for China as the CPM was said to be backed by Mao at the time. The Kuomingtang party lost to Mao and had recoup in Taiwan and like it or not Penang where Dr. Sun planned his movement to overthrow Japs. So the doubts on Chin Peng were never removed for they fear he might resurrect the past; even by his ashes? Dead man tells no tales.

  21. I remember the bomb-maker-terrorist Azahari, who made bombs for Bali bombing and JW Marriott Jakarta was killed by the Indonesian special forces but flown home in an air force plane and buried in Malaysia… wonder why the difference with Chin Peng?

  22. Din:As much as it is a tragic story is also the arrogance of right wingers, But seriously i also suspect more..why did they not want him, if he is so bad why not extradite and try him in court now we will never know would we…but isn’t the big thing really Malaysian violated a signed agreed amnesty treaty of 1989?

  23. Din,
    It’s very strange that Jemmaah Islamiah is less dangerous. Perhaps, we should tayang this film over here. I wonder what alie the cat or alie who loves to fart wanna say

  24. Noordin Top & Azahari were allowed to be buried in Malaysia

    Why? Hear what Zaid Ibrahim is a real melayu got to say……Unlike that Alie the farty cat

    By the way, majority of Balinese are Hindus. Plus, we should remind Ibrahim Ali…..What goes around comes around…..

  25. What done is done… thing we all must remember …everybody have the right to their opinion …..why not we all learn from the past ..for us to have a better future ….may he rest in peace……..god blesss…….he passed on…..just granted his final wish…….no harm……

  26. If Chin Peng berdarah Malayues….it will be no problem for the deceased to be brought back. But from my thinking that the Malyues denied that other colours did scarifice n fought for the country sovernity n all good heroes r from umnoes/malayues, moreover they scarce n worried others race will question why they indifference and sidelined from DEB. They r so afraid their ketuanan will be questionable if the deceased are buried in Malaysia……just my hidden thoughts to said it out….from the ashes already post a dilema to those corrupted leaders….

  27. We were caught in a conflict of ideologies, not a conflict of races, religions or cultures. Above all we fought against criminal terrorism and for preservation of existing laws. Some of us had relatives and friends, close and distant, on opposing sides. In deadly battle or combat we fought our utmost to kill or be killed. But away from this, we knew that the war would be won or lost through the hearts and minds of our people and both sides endeavoured to psychologically persuade one another to join each others’ ranks. Of course, there were the minority uncompromising killer types on both sides who tended to kill even the wounded “enemy”. The majority of us did our best to move the wounded out for treatment for humane reasons or for information or both. Today many of our people praise Mandela of South Africa for his ability to forgive 27 years of imprisonment and how he had since developed and led his nation on the constitutional principles of no white supremacy and no black supremacy biut only the supremacy of nation and supremacy of the needy of all nation which is moving forward together as a whole without the baggages of hate, resentments and jealousies of the past. We trust our politicians on all sides will talk and walk the talk courageously here and not those who only become one of the untutored to echo sentiments which serve only to divide our people.

    Tan Sri, I share your sentiments. We have to speak as one people. Race and religion are matters that should be taken out of politics.–Din Merican.

  28. The AGMs of all component BN parties, and within BN, UMNO are or will soon be over. So should also be for component PK party AGMs. It must be honestly obvious to both BN and PK leaders and their controlling forces that their respective politics are not really that pragmatic or no more so valid for continuing nation. We had been spending too many years and wasting time using progressively outdated and invalid political “tools or implements and methods.”
    Non-racist multiracial political parties and more non-racial organisations are what we require to ensure that we do not self-destruct our nation. THE FIRST is still not so easy but the SECOND can be encouraged for the obvious benefit of all.
    However, a start can be made on the first by starting in every political party, a dedicated lobby to not only speak up for the legitimate and constitutional rights and privileges of other racial communities and ensure that this is not just talk but do also produce just results.
    By fact of positive results these lobbyists can on the proven credibility of their multiracial performance can stand for elections in any other racial constituency and actually be elected. This will send one very important message. Race will matter less and less against just service to the people irrespective of race.
    This is not internal subversion of any race or betrayal of any race or community but assurance of the continuity of constitutional nation as what were were meant to be. One requirement is very very apparent. The moderates on all sides have and must regain domination within their own organisations.- Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Leng.

  29. In the meantime hang on holistically to the proper interpretation of the tents and spirit of our1957 constitution which was deliberately written so fairly for every and all communities and religions that it could never be fair enough for the extremist aspirations of the radicals or bigots in any race or religion. That is why the constitution is so fair and just. Without a proper understanding of our history prewar, during the war, the liberation period and our turbulent emergency years when Tanah Melayu could have been lost to Maoist communism, some Malays feel theyir community had give up too much, some Chinese feel they had not been givemn enough AND while some Malays and Chinese were competing against each other using various subterfuges for political, racial and/or economic superiority, the greater Indian community was waiting and not sufficiently considered on the sidelines. We talked so generously and positively internationally on justice for all and express our repugnance for “Apartheid” and allow our radicals to practise and sustain these occurrences at home under various guises or in the name of racial protectionism. These negativities are made even worse by institutionalised corruption and on which a whole community is unfairly discredited instead of pin-pointing only involved singular groups or a certain elite class from varied communities.
    Many just do not understand that our historical social contract could never have been agreed upon by all races if the Malay identity, Islamic religion and the position and well being of the Malay community and their Sultans had not been impregnated into the constitution together with safeguarding of the legitimate interests of other communities. These were safeguards against marginalising of any and certainly not for supremacy by any to the injustice of any and certainly not tyranny by any majority. To challenge the justice of these provisions is not acceptable but to not allow any challenge to abuse or unconstitutional distortions of these provisions is also not acceptable. In the meantime stop the spreading of stupid vulgarity and venom of those who can only make things worse for all. That is the job of the police institution whatever its form or substance.

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