Merdeka Day Message: Stay United, says Prime Minister of Malaysia

August 31, 2013

“Whatever challenges there are, we must not be despaired. On the other hand, we must move forward to develop the country based on national solidarity,”–Prime Minister Najib

To Prime Minister Najib,

Take your message (above) to former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad and make him understand that divisive race-based politics has no place in Malaysia of the 21st century. You want a United Malaysia, that is good. But be fair,and just to all Malaysians and end Mahathirism. It will be good for your political future as well if you can stop the Tun from playing with race. Good wishes to you, Sir and your Cabinet colleagues on Merdeka Day. –Din Merican

Merdeka Day Message: Stay United, says Prime Minister of Malaysia

by Bernama (August 30, 2013)

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has called on the people to remain united to defend the sovereignty of Malaysia which has gained independence and free from the clutches of colonialism for decades.


In his message in conjunction with the 56th anniversary of the country’s independence tomorrow, the Prime Minister pointed out that now was not the time for Malaysians to be disunited.

 “Whatever challenges there are, we must not be despaired. On the other hand, we must move forward to develop the country based on national solidarity,” said Najib when delivering the message which was aired by local television stations tonight.

He said that being a sovereign nation, the people of Malaysia had full rights in all matters pertaining to the administration of the country and decide for themselves the direction the country was heading for.

“In fact, in animating the independence and the incidents involved in attaining it, we must also continue to preserve and defend matters pertaining to the Malay Rulers, the position of the Islamic religion as well as the special privileges of the Malays and Bumiputeras as had been enshrined by our forefathers in the Federal Constitution,” he said.

The Independence Day parade this year with the theme ‘Malaysiaku Berdaulat: Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku’ (‘My Sovereign Malaysia: My Native Land’) will be held at the Merdeka Square, here tomorrow, with the climax being the Merdeka Eve 2013 programme just before midnight to usher the arrival of Aug 31 scheduled to be held at the Pusat Maritim, Putrajaya tonight.

Subsequently, Najib took the opportunity to remind the people that sovereignty as a factor that buttressed Malaysia’s independence did not come on a silver platter.

“Too much sweat had been shed, too much blood had been sacrificed. All these were due to the struggles of the leaders together with that of the past generation, and continued until today,” he said.     Thus, Najib said, the Merdeka celebration was not merely to shout to evoke the people’s spirits because even more than that, it must be interspersed with a sense of deep appreciation.

“What is even more important is the developments that came with independence, it has been proven that we have gone through episodes such as racial disputes, financial crises and political differences. Thankfully, we have overcome all these with much success,” said the Prime Minister.

Mahathir and His PuppetStop him from doing more damage to our country

Najib said the main thing to be looked into in achieving the meaning of the Merdeka anniversary was to what extent would the present development attained by Malaysia be passed on to the future generation.He said various efforts must be mobilised and put into place so that the young generation, regardless of their religious background, race or culture would become literate in terms of history. The Prime Minister said the young generation must continue to be guided and prepared in terms of their identity and strengthened with their patriotic spirit.

 “Only then would Malaysia with its high-minded people remain as a sovereign nation in its real meaning,” he said.Referring to the armed intrusion incident in Lahad Datu, Sabah recently, Najib said the bloody incident was a lesson that Malaysia was not spared from exposure to external threat.

 “The tragic incident proves to be a stark reminder to Malaysians on the importance of remaining united for the sake of defending the country’s sovereignty,” he said, adding that continued efforts must be made to develop a national identity and spirit of patriotism among the people, especially the future generation.

Najib also called on the people to take as a lesson the internal crises brewing up in several Arab nations that seemed to be endless. “That’s what happens when the changes aspired by the people were merely reckless transformation,” said the Prime Minister, adding that there would be economic destruction and the growth of a particular country would be affected when there were no stability and unity. As such, he called on Malaysians to appreciate peace, preserve harmony and nurture solidarity with patriotism.

Najib said that Malaysia’s current status had been developed through various initiatives, careful planning and strategy by the government for decades according to its own mould and style.

Referring to Malaysia as a nation of various races that has made the country unique in the world, he said: “This uniqueness has made us special and an asset that will help us to achieve the developed nation status with high income in the next few years.” — BERNAMA


20 thoughts on “Merdeka Day Message: Stay United, says Prime Minister of Malaysia

  1. You are barking at the moon, DDM. Najib does not have the courage to convey the message to Dr. Mahathir. His premiership depends on his staying as UMNO President. Here he must rely on the support of the former PM, whose influence is still strong because of the backing of the right wing Ultra Malay faction of UMNO. Najib is playing smart politics by avoiding confrontation with the Tun and his supporters.

    I agree with you that a United nation is a desirable end but Najib is not the man for national unity. although he speaks of national solidarity and reconciliation. Has he done anything to make that happen? No and that is why he has no credibility left.
    Just give Najib the chance. He knows the consequences if he continues to speak without action. After all, he has been a politician since his father, the much admired Tun Razak, passed on in 1976.He has enough experience and now the power as Prime Minister to deal with his predecessor twice removed. Maybe, Bean, CLF and others have something to say on this matter.–Din Merican

  2. Najib has been talking when there is no noise. He quietly runs away when there is a need to take a stand. In fact when did he take a stand on critical issues save asking Whyta to keep quiet.

  3. “This uniqueness has made us special and an asset that will help us to achieve the developed nation status with high income in the next few years.” – Jibby

    What utter bull is he speaking? Special in what sense, if I may ask? Special in ampuing and bodeking those in power? That seems to be the trend. We have plenty of these bottle washers out there and they will congregate in KL in October to ampu their leaders.

    The National Day parade in Mederka Square is another gathering of the kaki ampu bodek which Bolehland produces in number each passing year. I used to enjoy watching the parade then but the oomph has long gone in me. Today it’s just a charade with a make-believe facade to please the high and mighty.

    Fools never learn, and they will never learn no matter what.

  4. Change could only be effective with a completely new team.

    At the moment, there is no crisis for those in power to change for the better….all career politicians are only concerned about their jobs, benefits and entitlements.

  5. In Malaysia Fantasia, the clever never learns…..fools seldom differ… takes two sides to clap their hands…..clap…clap….clap……imagination runs wild, but they think its ‘ Fantastic ‘ ! Yaaa…..go to Fantasy land ( Dunia Khayalan ) , or to some ‘ Isles or Vales Enchanting ….’ –

    ” Why should we toil, we only toil who are the First of things……Ahhh…..why should Life all labour be…..? ” ( Lord Alfred Tennyson in his ‘ Lotus Eaters….’ )

  6. As usual. i did not read the text nor listen to Jibs speech. I have no time for inanities.

    I chose to remain silent for sometime because endless derision, cynicism and insults do not in anyway detract the Goons from whatever they think they can accomplish. I would not invoke the Sacred Name either, for this is the doing of all of us – whether passively or actively. Some of us are complicit, others apathetic while many run away from the unpleasant ‘truths’ that besiege us as a Nation. Who am i to judge?

    While reflecting on the whole mess – i’m drawn to the poetic Book of Job in the Old Testament. Muslims call him, Ayub. Being the Archetype of the suffering ‘innocents’ and the victim of unknowable truths – the questions asked are profound, yet there are no direct answers.

    Is ethical, just and moral behaviour that all of you so gratuitously assume you have, a means to earthly reward/profit? Or by doing so, is it life’s own reward? Therein, do we act in devotion to the Idea of Malaysia, or do we act in self interests as the Goonish Idiots are doing?

    Why is there so much rancour, angst and fear by all sides of the political divide? Because they can. So tell yourself, you are here, because you make the difference.

  7. “Whatever challenges there are…we must not be despaired”. Really? Who wrote this? Grammar really going the way of the annual Merdeka wayang.

  8. I love my country – very very much… but I just am not in the mood to celebrate Merdeka with those bunch of idiots all dressed up in their cartoon uniforms on stage whose people have over the past few years been throwing labels like pendatang, sepet, pelacur, kaki botol etc – at us…. I will just light a candle and say a prayer of thanks to God for still not allowing us to get to the bottom of the cesspool yet – still giving us a little more time to try and get this country up and forward, for that dear God, terima kasih!

    p.s. this morning on TV, they showed a few F-5Es (they still flying?) and a few Nuri choppers did a flypast and the announcer said, “ahhh, itu dia, pesawat-pesawat canggih dan dengan teknoloji yang terkini dipamirkan olih TUDM….” hmmmm…. rakyat jelata terutama dikampung dan desa dibohongkan lagi…

  9. ”Just give Najib the chance…” malaysians gave him a chance when he took over from Pak Lah and again gave(?) him another chance in GE13. is he not obligated to deliver some results?? he is and will forever remain a Prime Minister in Absentia. he will let his cowboys(and cowgirls) and hoodlums tyrannise us and at appropriate times throw in some loose changes to keep his popularity alive.

    on this Independence day we should not forget that WE got independence from the Great Britain because at the rate the umnob spin-doctors and hired intellectuals are going, one day they are going to celebrate Merdeka as the day on which the malays magnanimously granted citizenship to chinese, indians and others – Malaysia Boleh.

    ” hmmmm…. rakyat jelata terutama dikampung dan desa dibohongkan lagi…” -SiangMalam
    they’d even believe a flyby of RC model planes as the pride of RMAF!

  10. Najib is actually very intelligent and pan Malaysian in outlook. Expressions like “Fixed deposit” and “Satu Malaysia” do not come from a dull mind. However is politically weak within UMNO. This so because the warlords and Mahathir’s men have the upper hand currently. With the expanded delegates voting system and many younger newcomers voting and vying for posts at branch levels (and they are likely be more supportive of Najib), in the coming UMNO elections, there is every possibility of Najib turning the tables on his (internal) adversaries.

    He should at the same time keep channels open with Anwar and the PR. If he wins comfortably he should move against Mahathir, his men and the warlords. In the unlikely event of his losing the UMNO Presidency, he should move quickly to neutralize any possibility of someone else from UMNO becoming the PM. He should pull out his faction and team up with PR to form a unity government.

  11. This is still a beautiful country. We started this country on the solid foundation of unity. But along the way, just ten years after independence, owing to poor planning in the sharing of national prosperity , the Malay leaders for reasons best known to them, begun focusing on political dominance at the neglect of economic dominance, carelessly allowing another race to take dominance in that area. By the time the truth hit them, they found themselves miles behind in that area.

    To be fair to the other race, they did not just work extremely hard but worshiped productive and profitable work, working nearly 355 days a year, and making do with a 10 day rest either in January or February of a calendar year.

    The only way to control the situation was by introducing numerous national policies, including the NEP Policy, These policies, though well intended, took on a racial overtone. The execution became a problem, for it fell into the wrong hands, dividing the races even further. Then came the introduction of Bahasa Malaysia, as a medium of instruction, that clearly divided and isolated the Malays from the rest .

    Between the 70s to 90s, the Chinese and Indians, felt subjugated by government policies in the sensitive areas of economics and education.

    The Chinese and Indians, felt so frustrated and helpless, they registered their lack of confidence, by breaking away from the mainstream political parties, to form need base defensive political parties. MIC broke into several political parties. The Chinese, threw their support behind DAP.

    This country can be saved, if only the political, business and academic leaders of the different races can come together, by renewing their faith in the Merdeka Declaration, in an effort to unify the races. Malaysia is rich in so many ways and it is God’s cosmopolitan paradise .

  12. The NEP was meant to benefit not just the Malays, but Chinese and Indians and Others among the poor and the working class?? The NEP is all about flawed implementation?

    Like references to the “underlying Social Contract” this exists only in the minds of opposition politicians, a view which has gained traction with those who want to see ‘change’. ‘Change’ is here translated to mean the substitution of one set of vested interests with those of another.

    Under the guise of wanting to achieve “a more equitable distribution of the economic pie” and all that too familiar expanding economic pie analysis that accompanies it, of greater political stability etc and enhanced business opportunities for all in the long run, the non-Malays were called to make sacrifices so Malays could play catch up. It is a racist policy to begin with. Surprise! Surprise! But we now know that what actually happened was that the fruits of a “more equitable distribution of the economic pie” were reserved to those holding public office in trust for poor working class Malays, who were unable to take advantage of it.

    The NEP allowed the politically privileged and connected among the Malays to carve out financial empires for family and cronies. But let us not re-write history here. The NEP is a racist policy to begin with meant only to benefit the Malays.

  13. This is Rakyat’s Merdeka Day Message to the” Devils and the Dead Woods” in Umno Baru :

    Stop Deceiving and Stay Away from the Destructive and Divisive Actions Against the Unity that the Malaysians Have Already Accomplished.

  14. Najib is preaching an over staled message as if some people wish to exchange sovereignty for colonization as per pre-merdeka. We have lived past that idea and need not be reminded. Our youth has no history of that so let that be is the best. Most are born post-merdeka except for a diminishing few. Wake up Najib. Don’t waste your time on historical comparison as less people have ideas of then. Speak of now and later might be looking forward.

    The future mysteries is what people want to know if their miseries can go away.

  15. Merdeka is over. September just commenced.

    September market charts are going to be WILD:

    The government is due for shutdown unless Congress can pass a new Continuing Resolution (a budget).
    The Federal Reserve is expected to “taper” the pace of bond purchases (slow down quantitative easing).
    There’s the August jobs report.
    The debt ceiling debate (we’ll hit the debt ceiling in mid-October).
    Sometime in the next few weeks Obama will name the next Fed chief.

    On top of these German has a poll in week 3, and congress vote on 9.9 after recess…….its safer to just watch as a by stander?

    Malaysia budget will be announced end of September?

  16. And today, they tried to demolish a 100-year-old temple… I don’t get it, why can’t Hap Seng Construction Berhad give up the 8 feet of land instead to the temple?

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