HAPPY 56th Birthday, Malaysia

August 30, 2013

HAPPY 56th Birthday, Malaysia

Merdeka Tugu Negara They fought so that we are free, but that freedom is now under threat

August 31, 2013 is Merdeka Day to commemorate 56 Years of Malaysian Independence. Congratulations to all and let us hope we can become a truly free and united people. We need no slogans and other fuzz words for that. We need to trust one another and never allow politicians to destroy the trust and goodwill among us.

ddm and kghTrust is a sacred but fragile attribute and the gel that binds our people . If we allow racism and religious extremism to take root in our country, we on the road to self destruction since we would have destroyed that bond in our plural society by playing the politics of race and religion.

On this special day, let us remember the men and women who had worked hard to build the foundations for our nation and defend our Freedom, and honour them by working even harder to preserve racial harmony and goodwill among all Malaysians, at home and abroad. Happy Merdeka.–Dr Kamsiah and Din Merican

20 thoughts on “HAPPY 56th Birthday, Malaysia

  1. They fought and many made the supreme sacrifice so that we can be free. Other than that and in the words of French philosopher Rousseau, “Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains”.

    We booted out the Brits but some five decades later we’re still in chains.

  2. Dato if I may be permitted to point out 31 August is Merdeka for Federation of Malaya. Malaysia came into existence in 1963, 50 years ago. Am I not correct? Happy celebrations for Merdeka.

  3. French philosopher Rousseau thinks we are born free but become enslaved by institutions of civil society we built. Rousseau believes we can only be free if we submit to the ‘general will’ but that could translate to the tyranny of the proletariat. It will put us on the proverbial slippery slopes towards communism.

  4. Happy Merdeka Malaysia! Still proud to be Malaysian, warts and all. Won’t have it any other way! 🙂
    Welcome back, Ocho. But we have not heard from Kathy in Australia for a long time. Let us hope she is well and has not given up on Malaysia.–Din Merican

  5. happy Merdeka Day to Datin and Dato’ and to all Malaysians, wherever you are!
    umnob re-colonised Malaysia. some wily malaysians have colonised the rest of the world!

  6. DDM,
    Was seriously considering to return had PR had won GE13. Don’t think there is much chance of that happening now, not in the near future anyway. Salams to Datin and you 🙂

  7. How to be in a mood for Merdeka celebration when everyday, some idiot will call us pendatang, pelacur, kaki botol, sepet dan lain lain lagi and blame us for his 47% popular votes debacle and keeps on playing his “lu tolong sama gua dan gua tolong sama lu” games….might as well spend the time watching over my kids so that they don’t get forced to eat their breakfast in the toilet….

  8. My Tok Tam had our red, white and blue hoisted some 50 + years ago on the morning of August 31 at Stadium Merdeka only to see it desecrated by a bunch of self serving politicians who used and abused public office to line their own pockets. Those who take pride in the illegitimacy of the current government are a misguided lot who had their brains between their legs.

  9. Bean, wonder how your Tok Tam would react if he were alive today?
    Now we even have that kangkung Prof Zainal Kling on trying to rewrite history by saying that Malaya was never colonized but just a protectorate. He needs a colonoscopy to set him straight and to jump tart the grey matter tucked away at the rear end.

  10. Dato Din, what happened to our Colleague Frank, we have missed him for quite a while don’t we ? I heard he is in OZ, is it true, probably doing a Phd on something ?
    Best of Luck on that, and hope to be able to catch up with him by the next 57th Merdeka Celebrations…….
    But ohhhh…..please don’t Migrate, we need you here…..

  11. Well Orang Malaya, Tok Tam (fondly remembered by family members and those closest to him for being ‘tall, dark and handsome”. Hence ‘Tam’ which is short for ‘hitam’. Not Musa Hitam. That is his name) must have turned in his grave many times. It is good to know you will be returning to Malaysia to enjoy the sun. Make sure you don’t get sun stroke. Try and make a visit to the Royal Mausoleum in Langgar where Tok Tam has been laid to rest. His grave is only a few paces away from that of my grandmother and her father, one time Regent of Kedah. To do that you will need to be accompanied by a member of the Royal House of which you know quite a few.

  12. Good suggestion Bean, will plan on going to Langgar. I’ll say a little prayer on your behalf. Better still if you be my guide, All the Royal House I knew are old or gone to the happy hunting ground leaving the youngsters who don’t have the passion nor drive to relive the glory and dreams of your Tok Tam.

  13. Matthew,

    It is loooooooooooow because this moronic gomen is not for all of us.Am not sure whether even the 47 percent are doing the same.

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    31st August 2013 is Independence Day for THE FEDERATION OF MALAYA, not Malaysia. There is no such thing as Malaysia Independence Day. We should not be flying the flag of Malaysia, but the flag of THE FEDERATION OF MALAYA, the one with the ELEVEN-pointed star and ELEVEN stripes.

    For the record:

    • Malaya gained independence on 31.8.57
    • Sarawak gained independence on 22.7.63
    • Sabah gained independence on 31.8.63
    • Singapore gained independence on 31.8.63.
    • MALAYSIA [Malaya + Sarawak + Sabah + Singapore] came into being on 16.9.63.
    • Singapore left MALAYSIA on 9.8.65.

    Sorry to be so pedantic. But we must get these things right.

  16. In the course of getting the historical dates right, chew on this – the Malay race is a work of fiction.
    There is no such race. The “Malays” who are all descendants of mammak tongkang pendatangs and probably descendants of Yunnanese of Southern China as well, have only been in Malaya for 700 odd years.
    There is nothing wrong to be classified as a mammak. What is morally wrong is for mammaks to fool not just themselves but their attempts to fool others as well by claiming to be the original inhabitants, the so called “bumiputras”.


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