Say NO to TPPA–Press Release

August 24, 2013

Say NO to TPPA–Press Release




Pertubuhan-pertubuhan yang menganggotai BANTAH TPPA dengan ini menyeru kepada 12 Negara yang menyertai Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) untuk menolak sebarang usaha ke arah Penjajahan Korporat terhadap warga Asia Pasifik dan berusaha untuk melindungi, mengekalkan dan mempromosi sistem perdagangan yang benar-benar bebas, adil dan selamat di antara negara-negara yang terlibat.

Kami menggunakan istilah Penjajahan Korporat untuk merujuk Regim TPPA, kandungannya dan proses perlaksanaannya kerana kepentingan gergasi-gergasi korporat sangat jelas telah mempengaruhi peruntukan-peruntukan kontroversi di dalam perjanjian ini dan kerajaan-kerajaan pula telah ditekan dan dipaksa untuk menerimanya.

Sekali lagi, gabungan Bantah TPPA menyeru kerajaan – kerajaan yang menyertai TPPA untuk menolak sebarang usaha menundukkan rakyat dan negara ini dengan perangkap ekonomi yang tersembunyi di balik tabir oleh syarikat-syarikat transnational Amerika.

Ia adalah satu perjanjian mudarat yang akan memberi kesan kepada kedaulatan negara, memperjudikan kesejahteraan ekonomi, dan akan menyebabkan kesusahan dan penderitaan kepada rakyat negara ini.

Mengkhianati niat tulen kerajaan-kerajaan dan rakyat negara-negara berkenaan untuk meneruskan perdagangan antarabangsa yang adil dan kerjasama ekonomi yang bermanfaat ke arah pertumbuhan ekonomi yang kukuh, kestabilan dan kesejahteraan bersama.

Kami, rakyat Malaysia mewakili semua kaum, budaya, kepercayaan, kepentingan, pekerjaan, kerjaya dan dagangan dengan ini mengumumkan bahawa kami tidak akan menerima dan dengan tegas menolak sebarang keputusan perundingan TPPA jika pandangan, kebimbangan dan tuntutan kami tidak dilibatkan dengan cara yang sepatutnya.





23 Ogos 2013

15 thoughts on “Say NO to TPPA–Press Release

  1. Say all the No we want. Its already a done deal but the only mouth piece that is authorized to say YES. Just wait and hear for yourself.

  2. Previously colonisation by foreign governments and their commercial companies was forced upon us through gun-boat diplomacy and wars. Now we seem to voluntarily wish to submit to this neo-clonisation by the big foreign corporations. Say NO to TPPA unless our interests are renegotiated & satisfied.

  3. The only way to protect sovereignty effectively is to agree to only those treaties/agreements in which any dispute is resolved within the laws of the participating country.

    Experience shows that anything else is to sign away our country..

  4. If Bantah, go bantah Malaysia govt. What has it got to do with others? No one asked you people to join. Just because you can’t play in the game, other people cannot? What freaking OVER-ENTITLED NONSENSE is this?

    Not only do they bantah on the wrong people, why are they not asking the UMNO/BN govt why is it Vietnam, Peru, Thailand all jumping in without any pre-conditions, why Malaysia is NOT ready??

  5. If we recall recently, the old goat want to say NO.
    So when he is Minister Mentor, he will say NO and he wanted to drag PRC into his decision. Who he thinks he is trying to play with the big guns? He don’t have enough marbles to bargain unlike PRC who can keep US debt. Okay la…say NO and see what happen. The other issue that entice PRC is SCSea. So old goat want to say YES to PRC on SCS and have PRC behind him to say NO to TPPA? Old goat want to stand betw 2 elephants mating? We will become roti plata man !

  6. The only way to protect sovereignty effectively is to agree to only those treaties/agreements in which any dispute is resolved within the laws of the participating country.- Isa
    Based on our records of case fixing, Lingamgate, and “you can get away with murder” the Arab banker and the no immigration record, no body, no evidence death of a young mother, which country would want to have their disputes resolved in Malaysian courts?

    • @Tony at 3:26am,

      The “End-Game” secret Memo is just a valid reminder for Malaysia to take note in dealing with the USA and its big Corporations. TPPA, as it is now, is not for us yet. Why follow everyone towards the cliff?

  7. SEMPER FI : Yes, your point seems to be a good one but does not stand up. The so-called neutral international courts are themselves not the way they are presented.

    The point about resorting to these “neutral” courts in settling disputes involving mega corporations on one hand and developing countries on the other is the overwhelming leverage that such corporations have over them. A previous posting on this blog stated this well.

    So the question is not who would want disputes settled in Malaysian courts but should we sign up to an Agreement in which the result of any dispute will almost be a forgone conclusion.

    Our justice system is far from perfect… the international system is hardly any better.

    It does not matter if others are rushing to join such agreements. Malaysia should never put our sovereignty on the line.

  8. Isa, the issue is not to resort to “neutral” courts but to straighten the Malaysian courts so foreign corporation have confidence they will get a fair hearing. We are not giving up our sovereignty if in the negotiations we agree to have cases heard in other jurisdiction in the first place. How many MNC agreements have terms that disputes between the parties will be heard in the Arbitration Center in Singapore? I personally know of many between Malaysian companies and foreign corporations.

  9. The much needed “straightening” of local courts is a separate issue to the current discussion. Where mega corporations are concerned, developing countries do not stand a chance in case of a dispute especially of infringing patents or protecting locals. In this respect, overseas (supposedly neutral) courts are no better.

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