Lee Kuan Yew on Malaysia in a new book

August 6, 2013

Lee Kuan Yew on Malaysia in a new book

by http://www.themalaysianinsider.com

Lee-Kuan-Yew-book-singapore-060813_360_524_100Malaysia is prepared to lose its talent through its race-based policies in order to maintain the dominance of one race, said Lee Kuan Yew in his new book which was launched tonight in Singapore.

And although Malaysia has acknowledged the fact that they are losing these talents and is making an attempt to lure Malaysians back from overseas, such efforts may be too little too late, he said.

“This is putting the country at a disadvantage. It is voluntarily shrinking the talent pool needed to build the kind of society that makes use of talent from all races.They are prepared to lose that talent in order to maintain the dominance of one race,” he said in the 400-page book called “One Man’s View of the World” (picture above).

It features conversations between Lee and his long-time admirer, Helmut Schmidt, former leader of West Germany. They discussed world affairs when Schmidt visited Singapore last year.

In the book, Lee pointed out that Malaysia is losing ground and  givingdin wirh new LKY book other countries a head start in the external competition. About 400,000 of some one million Malaysians overseas are in Singapore, according to the World Bank.

When announcing the five-year plan for Malaysia, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said in Parliament in 2011, the government would set up a talent corporation to lure some 700,000 Malaysians working abroad back to the country.

But in his book, Lee said the demographic changes in Malaysia will lead to a further entrenchment of Malay privileges.He noted that in the last 10 years, since the enactment of the New Economic Policy, the proportion of Malaysian Chinese and Indians of the total population has fallen dramatically.

“The Chinese made up 35.6 percent of the population in 1970. They were down to 24.6 percent at the last census in 2010. Over that same period, the Indian numbers fell from 10.8 percent to 7.3 percent,” he said.

He added, “40 percent of our migrants are from Malaysia.Those with the means to do so leave for countries farther afield. In the early days, Taiwan was a popular destination among the Chinese-educated.

“In recent years, Malaysian Chinese and Indians have been settling in Europe, America and Australia. Some have done very well for themselves, such as Penny Wong, Australia’s current Finance Minister.

“Among those who have chosen to remain in Malaysia, some lack the means to leave and others are making a good living through business despite the discriminatory policies. Many in this latter class partner with Malays who have connections.”

merlion-singapore201356132915World Bank data for 2012 showed that the island republic has raced ahead of its neighbour, with gross domestic product per capita of US$51,709 compared with Malaysia’s US$10,381.

Najib had said Malaysia is set to become a high income developed nation as early as 2018, two years earlier than the targeted 2020.

Lee said in his book the separation of Singapore and Malaysia in 1965 marked “the end of a different vision in Malaysia on the race issue”. He added, “Much of what has been achieved in Singapore could have been replicated throughout Malaysia. Both countries would have been better off.

39 thoughts on “Lee Kuan Yew on Malaysia in a new book

  1. “Among those who have chosen to remain in Malaysia, some lack the means to leave and others are making a good living through business despite the discriminatory policies. Many in this latter class partner with Malays who have connections.”

    SM Lee forgot that there are some who believe in contributing to Malaysia ….OR on hindsight he might be right that this group of talent might be better off leaving instead of giving their precious productive time which saw negligible fruition into a multi-racial Malaysia instead of the current on-going ranting for ONE race.

    SM Lee might also be right that together Spore and Malaysia might be a greater force. He might also be wrong that the equation of meritocracy was untimely. Yet there are quarters within both nation that thought we might ‘marry’ again one day. Nothing is impossible but the Spore train is progressing faster so how can Msia catch up with its attitude.

  2. How true. For LKY this is payback time after having been thrown out of Malaysia when Singapore only had crumbs to show for.Look where it is today.

    Their affirmative action was for all that needed help.In Malaysia it was the Indian crab story: pull down those who could climb out of the well.So a majority of our citizens are still just keeping their head above water in the same well: as at least they have water to survive.

    I fear, just like many of us, we could be a net exporter of cheap labor in the future.Only divine intervention can help.

  3. The truth is that the Malays in power DO NOT recognize the Chinese or Indians and for that matter the Original Peoples of this country and the Dayaks, Ibans, Muruts, Kadazans and all the rest as equal citizens!

    A new imigrant from Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Bengladesh who profess Islam will be readily accepted as an equal citizen. It does not matter that these recent immigrants have little education or skills. Even if they have endemic deseases…but the fully educated, skilfull and highly talented Chinese or Indians will be treated as 2nd class…if they choose to be citizens..alas my country!

    Have we come to this?

  4. No you cannot arrest him. The whole development of Singapore is because of the road blocks that we put in the path of that City state. Just tke the issue of water. Our position on this issue has led to a SIN $9 Billion water industry.

    Deep down LKY is thanking Malaysia because we pushed him make Singapore to be independent in every aspect.

    The only other country that pushed its neighbour to great heights is Mongolia. The Chines built the Great Wall of China to keep the so called Mongolian out of China.

  5. Malaysia was formed to unite the races in order to develop the country together. It was given a written Constitution that departed from and rejected the underpinnings of feudalism of the Tanah Melayu era. The nation, named “Malaysia” superseded the existence of the old unviable “Tanah Melayu”. Constitutionally, “Tanah Melayu” was defunct.

    Then, the country was not a single entity but comprised of different countries, each with its own ruler, often at war with one another. The “Tanah Melayu” political structure was a system of feudal elitism where the ordinary Malays were treated as slaves, and the arbitrary unwritten dictates of the elites were often the law. Ordinary Malays were not accorded the privileges of getting an education, for to the elites, an educated population was a dangerous proposition. The only education that the ordinary Malays was exposed to was a corrupted form of religious edict or fatwa that enjoined obedience and slavish deference towards the elite and to enforce the belief that the ruler is the infallible representative of Allah who cannot be questioned for his behavior and actions.

    All these feudalistic characteristics were swept away when Malaysia was formed constitutionally. Even though Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy, the king does not played a pivotal role in the administration of the country. He is only a figurehead or nominal head without any real power. Where an ordinary citizen was deprived of holding political office in a feudal “Tanah Melayu” setup, in the now “Malaysia” any citizen can aspire to hold a political office, even as high as a prime ministership. This was proven when an immigrant from Kerala, an ordinary subject, was catapulted to the highest office of the land and ruled Malaysia for 22 years.

    Yet this immigrant who is the beneficiary of the formation of Malaysia is blindly leading an agitation of going back to the feudal “Tanah Melayu” system and abolishing the rationale of a united multiracial Malaysia. If there is any element of sedition against the Constitution, this ungrateful immigrant from Kerala has committed the highest form of subversion against Malaysia. He has an infamous history of stirring troubles: from the incitement of May 13; the slander against the monarchy; the sponsor of the insidious Project IC of selling the country to foreigners in order to cling to political power; the murder of the parent UMNO and the fathering of an illegitimate baby named UMNO Baru; the assassination of his appointed heir, Abdullah Badawi; and finally to the Machiavellian manipulation and blackmailing of the present prime minister, Najib Razak.

    For all his attempt to poison the fabric of Malaysia, the majority of urban Malays have wised up and rejected his dangerous frolic to return to power.

  6. ” And although Malaysia has acknowledged the fact that they are losing these talents and is making an attempt to lure Malaysians back from overseas, such efforts may be too little too late, he said.” I only wish he put it down as, ” And although the current Malaysian Govt has….. ( Malaysia means me too, which I agree with what he says, but wrongly addressed to.)..Oouch!!

  7. nothing new we all knew this a long time ago and things will not change as long as UNMO has race based politics in place

  8. VSP has clearly narrated the passage of Malaysian history from the era of “Tanah Melayu” while under British colonial rule and thereafter the era of post Independence of a new Malaysia, free of colonial rule. 1957 was a watershed year when all the coalition leaders who fought for Independence had great dream and vision for the future development for Malaysia, not much different from what Singapore has made itself to be today. Alas, with heavy heart and grief, the immigrant of Kerala had wrecked havoc on the multi racial mosaic fabric of the Malaysia once aspiring nation. The havoc and damage caused by the Kerala immigrant has brought Malaysia close to fiscal bankruptcy in our current year 2013. Check the fiscal statistics and understand the remarks provided by Pak Lah and several others prominent leaders, will inevitably point the source of Malaysia’s decay to the blood curdling vision of the Kerala immigrant…

  9. I look forward to reading the book. This is going to be his last words on global affairs. But what an achievement for the founding father of modern Singapore. LKY speaks from the track record of dealing with Malaysia. His comments are pungent, but to the point. He joins the pantheon of great Asian Leaders (Jose Rizal,Mahatma Gandhi, Zhou Enlai, Nehru, Norodom Sihanouk, Deng Xiao Peng, Sukarno,Uncle Ho Chi Minh, to name just a few who come to my mind at point of writing) who have walked this earth.–Din Merican

  10. Din.
    Most of the key personnel in Singapore are Malaysia.From Pillay who make SIA as one of best airline in the world,to Chief Justice Yong.

    LKy is a perfectionist.He think if the married couple are brilliant,the children also will born with high IQ.Unfortunately his experiment doesnt work with his children or grand children.If you notice from his family album,one of his grand children was a moron.ha ha ha.

    Tun Mahathir want to prove a point with LKY that during his tanure as PM from 1981,he also can make the Chinese and Indian or cylonese a billionair.Thus he create Ananda K,Vincent Tan ,YTL,Arumugam instant billionair and kill the Malay billionaires like Tajuddin and Halim Saad.etc etc.
    Tun Mahathir outwitted by LKY on many occasions.During one of his official visit to Singapore,they make him waited at the VIP lounge almost 45 minutes before the protocol officer arrive to receive him.Tun M was very upset with LKY on many things including water and railway land.Before the end of his tenure as PM,he imposed a no fly zone for Singapore Air Force planes over Singapore.
    Hamid, how are you? I guess hearty and healthy. Good to hear from you. Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir & Batin from Dr Kamsiah and I.–Din Merican

  11. Hamid, unfortunately, personal vendetta didn’t do Dr M any good did it? Also, making billionaires out of a few Chinese and Indians really did not prove anything. It just showed how much power he had and his willingness to abuse it. But raising the standard of living for the entire nation, now that would have proven something and could have propelled him to greatness, wouldn’t it?

  12. LKY has merely Reiterated what has been an long Established Fact
    that ”Malaysia sacrifices talent for dominance of one race ” .

    Do the Whole Nation of Different Races and Ethnicity, including the Substantive Malays, would knowingly and Naively Continue to be Played into the Hands of the Intelligent, Highly Manipulative, Misconceived Elitists of the Few Top ”Dead Woods”, ”Devils” UmnoBaruPuteras to the Detrimental of the Nation and their Children Interests in the Diminished Hope of Posterity ?

    At this Rate the Policy is being Carried Out, by the next Generation, there will be Nothing or Little Left in the Nation for Anyone to Dominate.
    It is a Fact that the Malays themselves Can No Longer to be in Self-Denial for their Own Survivals.

    Quickly and Surely, Lets Braise Ourselves Together and Work Relentlessly, for the TRUTHLY
    ” 1 People , 1 Nation” and ” 1 Malaysia ” DREAM , WITHOUT Political Gimmicks and Profits, Except for Future of Malaysia and its Children …and Make it Happen.

    Malaysia is for All !

    Salamat Hari Raya to all the Muslim Readers, Din and Family,
    and All, a Joyous Raya Holiday Season to Share and Celebrate as One.

  13. The Javanese Home Minister from Bagan Datoh is foaming in his mouth trying to find a way to cite LKY for sedition for uttering the unthinkable. But his hands are tied as he’s on this side of the Causeway. His side kick, Khalid the IGP, can’t do much either as his policing powers are only confined to Bolehland.

    And moreover, there’s no fatwa against saying the truth about NEP and Mahathir. This time around Harussani the Mufti has deserted Al Kutty.

  14. Comments do not do us any good. What is needed is a THINK TANK of a few dozens of Malaysians headed by a great leader of a prime minister but I do not know who that person is,so pray that God will provide us this. Look at GERMANY, it is dominating Europe bacause the IRON CHANCELLOR BISMARCK did this,before that AUSTRIA WAS dominant.,just like SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA,but a reversal of all this is possible if we have aGREAT LEADER.

  15. Good to know LKY acknowledged that 40% of Singapore’s contributing migrants come from Malaysia – without them the island state wouldn’t be what it is today perhaps. Malaysia is a free country, so let those who wish to migrate to do so freely in peace. The Talent Corporation set up by Najib is a waste of scarce resources, effort & time – why should they be pampered just to make them return to Malaysia? We have our own problems of unemployed graduates to be dealt with here.

    • It was LKY who said during one of his televised May Day rally speech or national Day speech, sometime in the late sixties or early seventies, that he was astounded to find that EVERY member (except him) in the original Singapore cabinet was a Malaysian (or Malayan, if you like).

  16. Like some of the South American countries 30 years ago, our country will be trapped in the middle income for decades.

    With decades of bad leadership and gross mismangement, we have missed the boat……wait until oil is depleted.

  17. Well aliefalfa, you simply don’t know the significant difference between the Malaysian graduates employed overseas vs. the unemployed Malaysian graduates over here. When you don’t bring back the brains the country’s lost, then we can’t progress and open up opportunities for these unemployed graduates. And right now, as you pointed out, we have a large number of unemployable graduates.

    You are right, the Talent Corporation set up was a waste of time and resources because the government wasn’t genuine when it set up the corporation in the first place. And valuable resources have also been wasted in the education of our unemployable graduates.

    Well, with a large pool of unemployed graduates, we could put them into the police force and the military. We can then at least say that our police force and military recruits are with a “degree” (:-)) as opposed to those who join because they can’t get into college/uni.

  18. A correction on the MI review. It concerns the earlier Malaysian target of a fully developed nation by 2020.

    The fully developed nation status requires a minimum per capita income of $30,000/- per annum. Now the Malaysian target is no longer that. It is “high income status” by 2020, of merely $15,000/- per capita per annum.

    So the reference to the 2020 fully developed nation status as target, in the concluding paragraph of the MI, is therefore not entirely accurate. It is too generous by half.
    It is typical of our leaders and their bureaucrats who keep lowering our target just as they lower the passing grades for our examinations. It is meaningless to have 10 As (A- A, A+).–Din Merican

    • “Malaysia will always be a Malay Malaysia.” – @dinobeano. Well, LKY did not verbatim exactly say that but in almost nearly similar terms. He knows about the special position our Constittution has allocated for the Constitutional Malays which are now growing in numbers not only through natural births but via inter-marriages and conversions. And in the near future we will literally have a Malay Malaysia as predicted by dinobeano. Being ethnically race-neutral, the Constitutional Malays will not face the current racial problems in Malaysia.

  19. I have a copy of LKY’s One Man’s View of the World. I read his views on Malaysia. I am struck by his comment, and I quote: “Whether or not UMNO or the Barisan Nasional can cling on to power, therefore, is not the crucial issue if one is to make sense of the entrenchment of Malay privileges. In stead of thinking of UMNO as the entity that will remain in power, I think of the Malays as the bloc that will always control the majority of seats. Any party that takes the place of UMNO and become the main party representing Malay interests will not act very differently from UMNO”.(pp 164-165).

    In short Mr Lee is of the view that 1Malaysia is just politics. Malaysia will always be a Malay Malaysia. Frankly speaking, I have no problem with that as I accept the reality of demographics. But it is the quality of Malay leadership that is decisive for the future of our country. We need a government that is competent, responsible and accountable to the people. At this point in time, it is the return of the Malay ultras in UMNO that is worrying. Like Tunku Abdul Rahman, Najib is not strong enough to control them.–Din Merican

  20. Frankly I see LKY’s steel trap mind failing..In the old days he would not be caught making technically even doubtful statements. Is there something wrong inherently giving priority to the majority voters which inherently Malay? The fact of the matter is the majority who voted for the opposition is ALSO Malay, it cannot be any different in this country..

    But just because the interest of the majority takes precedent, it does not mean that it has to be tyranical and unfair to the rest. That is the difference and goal of PR.

    What is even more dissapointing is that LKY probably see other risks, for example, what if PR comes into power but stumble – PAS and UMNO zealots getting together to form the government? It would be disaster for this nation, the region including Singapore. But he said nothing..

    Even the great LKY is losing his touch but at least he is not senile like our own.

  21. Singapore was shown the exit by Msia and were expected to come back begging but look at where Singapore is today! No natural resources like oil, gas, rubber, timber the tiny red dot is now a prosperous 1st world nation with world class infrastructure and public service delivery system. Just look at their leaders and compare them to our Hishamuddin, Najib, Nazri, Muhyiddin and company …. the gap is pretty sad actually

  22. What is the point of being the dominant race when the majority in that race remain poor? The truth is that only the elite Malays together with their Chinese and Indian cronies are the biggest beneficiaries of the NEP.

    The majority poor Malays and now together with the newly minted Malaysian citizens are there to feel good about their ‘Ketuanan’ and provide the much needed votes for UMNO to remain in power.

  23. The Malay mentality is weighted down by many religious and cultural taboos and non starters. Corruption is also due to the givers of bribes. We know which types give the bribes,no need to be explicit.

    This all can be changed if we have the political will, but this is new and an unchartered territory for our political masters.

    Materialism is better than Spiritualism for many of us who can make the different. As a race the Malay Muslims do not excel very much in sports at the top level.

    All this tell something to us.

    We also have top notch centres like IJN being helmed by Malays, a breath of fresh air.

    So our YBs please get out of your comfort zone and begin the mental revolution to change the country for a better and fair atmosphere for all.

  24. Selamat Hari Raya folks.

    Just a comment on LKY’s rather hubristic leanings. Intelligent and pragmatic, as he is – i think he’s basically stuck in the old world theories of divide and conquer. He is unable to adapt to the reality of an alternate new order, brought about by the Age of Information.

    The challenges facing Malaysians today remain essentially that in the past. The process forward to re-create our Unity in Diversity. With the politicians running amok with their agendas of class, race and religion – in fact anything that divides human camaraderie, neighborliness and goodwill – it is up to the masses to reject such manipulations and propaganda.

    As social networking widens, the global village envisioned by Marshal McLuhan is becoming a reality. Jaguh Kampong Politics is no longer sufficient nor adequate, as ethereal communications become universal. No longer are the phonetically literate shackled by past tribal mentalities or uncritical regurgitation of scare mongering techniques As we plunge headlong into a much smaller ‘intellectual’ world, the physical world shrinks. Greed and materialism, has it’s limits – after all, altruism is the basis of civilization.

    The Dutch have developed a peculiar term for their type of Consensus Politics and Socioeconomic Reform, called Polder (Land Reclaimed from the Sea) method. It may be slow, ponderous, deliberate and at times stymied by indecision and works by mutual respect, natural justice and focuses on the essentials. That is what i think, Pakatan is trying to achieve. It might not be pretty, neat or even functional – but it sure hell, beats the rubbish, narrow, parochial, rent-seeking and saber-rattling gutter politics that have so stunted and ‘pedophiled’ our beloved nation.

    Inclusive politics are difficult – but in order we survive as a nation, it’s is better we swallow all the vitriol and racist provocations with grace and reject the cynical proclivities
    of reptilian anachronistic politicians who have out-lived their methods.

    It really boils down to a simple Question: “Are we Malaysians (essential) or Race (doctrinal) First?” Pakatan favors the former. UMNOb the latter, with ketuanan for the select elitists, without the kebolehan and the kepincangan.

  25. Din, I am disappointed that you don’t have a problem with a Malay Malaysia. What about an English England or a French France?

    The difference between Malaysia and these other European countries is that the Malaysian government practises Institutionalsed racism whereas these countries don’t.

    I don’t think the Malaysian government truly understand that the British government goes out of her way NOT to be seen to discriminate against her ethnic minority employees. She leads by example.

    The man in the street may be prejudiced but the Government must not be so.
    I am as realistic as LKY on this. Read his latest book, which is now on sale in Malaysia. –Din Merican

  26. I am truly impressed by the meaty comments, and this is my first time hitting this blog. I will come back to read more of them! Thank you

  27. Malay is Already a Dominate Race since or before Independence and its going to be so, Likely Perpetually.
    It is Not an Issue, while Loosing Talent is ,
    …. and Race Dominance is an Issue, at least for the UmnoBaruputeras , because of the Ease for Political Exploitations and Making Personal Gains out of it, with the Help of their Control Over the Mainstream Media.

    It is a Fact that ”Malaysia is prepared to lose homegrown talent to keep one race dominant.”
    It is also a fact that if PM Najib Can Attract Back Half of the 700,000 Malaysian Working Abroad, Singapore Economy will Likely Collapse. This is Worrying to Singapore.

    The Question is Whether the Malays, themselves are Prepared to Lower their Standard of Living Without the Targeted Acquisitions of (Education/Technical)Skills for Earning Higher Income and the Option of Having Family Planning in a Malay Dominated Society. A Malay or Any Government of the Day Can Only Provide Opportunities, but Impossible to Spoon Feed Continuously.

    I think the Rakyat and Malays of Malaysia are Even Prepared to Sacrifice Race Dominance, if it is an Issue, for SHARING the BETTER LIFE and WEALTH, that have been Plundered by the Top Misguided Elitists in UmnoBaru who have Conveniently Abused Race (and others, Opportunities and Tools often Religion) to Stay in Power in Order to Continue ‘Looting’ the Country’s Resources.

    The Rakyat Do Not Deserve Such Irresponsible Treatments for the Trust they Put on the Political Leaders.

    PR, for a Start, like all Initiation Projects, is Learning, Learning Fast.
    Its Leaders are More Discipline and Reliable as have Proven in the Pakatan States.

    PR may be ”Crunchy” but it is Packed with Proteins and Sustain Energy .

  28. As One Ponders further ,
    What Actually or Truly is a Malay Race ?
    Are We Not Referring to the ”UmnoBaru-Elitist Race” in Disguise for the Truly Malay ?
    Why We Need to Categorise the Dominance in Terms of a ”Malay Malaysia”(as Din refers), a ”Chinese Malaysia” ,… Even a Aborigine (for Which Once Dominated)Malaya, now Malaysia, for the Rogue Politicians to Continue to Exploit and Sustain Power with Abuse for their Personal Greed, at the People’s Expense ?

    Why is it so Difficult to Accept what LKY has once Perceived as a ”Malaysian Malaysia” ? or What TDM also once Perceived as ” Bangsa Malaysia ” ?

    What Really is the Problem ?

    What Matters Most is the Bread and Butter + Icing on the Cake that People of All Ethnicities can Share, and in both Enjoying and Making it. This is Not Something New. It is the ONLY Thing that the Irresponsible Political Leaders Hypocritically and Selfishly Refuse to Assert and Promote for the Greater Sustain Benefits to the Rakyat, by Every Mean, Often with Treacherous Diversions and Disguised Actions to the Sufferings of the Innocents, be they be Opposition Leaders or Commoners.

    The Rakyat of Malaysia do Not Deserve the Dominance of Such Willfully Untrustworthy Leaderships !

  29. So what if the Malays is the dominant race in Malaysia.

    They are only gaining the rightful place in Malaysia. It is never a problem.

    The issue has always been corruption amongst the elites of the Malay & Chinese communities at the expense of the Malays & Chinese & Indian masses.

    The majority of the Chinese are sensible enough to understand that Malays need to be helped to attain their rightful place in Malaysia. Once the Malays had attained that place, then we can truly build a united Malaysia.

    To a certain extent, the fact DAP is allowed to take control of Penang & share power in Selangor is evidence that Malays had gained confidence in themselves and had attained the rightful place.

    We need the Malay community to be more successful and more confident in Malaysia & in the world.

    My problem with UMNO now is that it seeks to undermine the rise of the Malays by telling that they are weak constantly & need their protection. If one continuously tell a community that they are weak …. It is not surprising they will lose confidence and be fatalistic.

    Fortunately many Malays who have access to Internet, do not believe that “crap” from UMNO.

    We want the Malays to succeed & do well & take a dominant place in Malaysia …. not bec of special policies but bec they are truly brilliant and had not been held back by lack of opportunities. I am looking forward for that day. I hope that before 2020 it will be so!

  30. LKY speaks the truth about the effects NEP wrt talents leaving. Although there are various other reasons, the reason for the increasing trend since the last 10+ years that not many talk about, is the stagnating economy. There are simply not enough good jobs available here.

    I think the one thing that LKY is really concerned about Malaysia is religion. Islamisation to be specific. He is acutely aware that Malaysia has become more orthodox and turning into an Islamic State.

  31. Yours is about the most Sober Tay Soon Poh, very positive, and We all can truly look forward for the beginning in which Malaysians, irrespective of ethnicity , can Embrace one another – very much the same or similar view of The Legendary LKY of S;pore in his views of Malaysian Malaysia, its Blossoming.
    Except that which is remaining to be overcome is the point on Corruption in high circles as the clarion call by our Blog-host, Dato’ Din, the only remaining hurdle to overcome, that we may see Social & Economic injustice eradicated –

    Justice is the constant purpose to render to every man his due – Ulpian,, Roman jurist & philosopher.

    With LKY’s call we can already see a new beginning.

  32. Malaysia has plenty of kangkong to survive haha , the biggest joke of the century,
    kenduri among Malays kangkong belacan, the Chinese celebrate New Year reunion
    lor sang with kangkong and spicy powder made of belacan, sorry the Indians don’t like belacan , will rebus mee with kangkong . The Muhibbah Malaysians foster their relationship with kangkong whenever they meet .

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