UMNO: Why is it so difficult for your leaders to say “SORRY”

August 3, 2013

UMNO: Why is it so difficult for your leaders to say “SORRY”

by (08-02-13)


“When you realise you have made a mistake, make amends immediately. It’s easier to eat crow while it’s still warm.” – Dan Heist.  “An apology is a good way to have the last word.” – Unknown.

All Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has to say is sorry. But he will not because it is not in the make up of the UMNO politician to own up to a mistake, even one as serious as wrongly accusing non-Muslims of being behind a video which insulted Muslims.

The Vatican’s representative to Malaysia must apologise. The DAP politician must apologise. The sex bloggers must apologise. The dog trainer must apologise.But sorry is not in the lexicon of the Umno politician.

And yet the UMNO politician tells lies as easily as we breathe and is a creature with an elastic sense of right and wrong. Worse yet, he believes that the Chinese or Indian or kadazandusun or Buddhist or Hindu or Christian or Sikh all have fewer rights than his party man or those of his religion. So the non-Malay and non-Muslim can be insulted, scolded and treated with utter contempt.

The treatment gets worse during UMNO election years, where the rest of the country is expected to suck it in and put up with the nonsense and overflow of drivel.

But the treatment has become worse this year because in the minds of the UMNO politician, he was betrayed by the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, at the polls.

So it is time to exact some revenge. And this revenge has come in the form of flippantly dismissing the concerns of non-Malays, of sticking the cudgel in the face of anyone who dares challenge the supremacy of Umno.

In the past few days, we have had Noh Omar defend the SK Seri Pristana Headmaster who day-by-day looks to be more like a politician than an educationist; UMNO politicians downplay the transgression of a teacher who asked non-Malay teachers to go back to China and India; Shafie Apdal talking about bringing back the Internal Security Act and other UMNO politicians speaking rabidly on anything which can get them noticed by their party delegates.

But none of the above come close to the Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy UMNO President. His silence after accusing non-Muslims of insulting Islam and creating religious tension is a disgrace and sends a powerful signal right across his party: that it is all right to make baseless, reckless and dangerous statements.

On July 30, Muhyiddin blamed non-Muslims for being behind a video clip depicting a dog undergoing ablution similar to Muslims before prayers. Since then, dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof has been arrested and treated like a dangerous criminal for making the clip and posting it on YouTube three years ago. She was released today after two days in remand. Muhyiddin? He has yet to say sorry. – August 2, 2013.

14 thoughts on “UMNO: Why is it so difficult for your leaders to say “SORRY”

  1. Excellent write up! It’s so amusing to read, Datuk. Don’t they realize that ‘ to err is human and to pardon is divine’? The best example to suit the saying is the principle of that school who scolded the children in the assembly.

    I admire that lady principle’s guts and frankness for that outburst and calling for school assembly to say SORRY. As human beings we all should accept her apology.

  2. The principal of SMK Alam Megah acted, despite delay, a Malay who has not forgotten who she is and we should rejoice.

    UMNO belongs in Kerala more than they belong to in this country. They can’t turn back now, not without self-destruction. They can still survive and revive BUT not without split in the party and losing power. Apologies from them make no difference.

    Muhiyiddin latest salvo indicate how far they are from what’s needed to turn around. He put the issues of urban voters as bread and butter, human rights and graft – the order completely reversed from what it takes..They know the problem they just don’t have it in them, they don’t want to..

  3. Din,

    I generally turn off the local TV channels during such assemblages…it makes one wonder that the leadership does not realize that ordinary Malaysians are disgusted with such shows of a base character. And to the world via the www!

  4. When one claims to be the master race it’s not easy to say sorry. That’s the state of mind of the Umnoputras who think they are God-sent creatures to this world. But these very people are meek as a mouse when among those whom they perceived are more talented than them.

    This Moohidin fella thinks he is above the law since he is next in line to the “Putrajaya” throne. Whatever that spouts from his mouth is considered sacrosanct by his hangers-on. The feudalistic mentality of these bottle washers is difficult to remove thanks to five decades of indoctrination by Umno.

    Btw Al Kutty’s Facebook entry on Chinese Dilemma has been removed. That’s the only way to teach these Bumnos..

  5. why should anyone be surprised this has been going on decades the malays leaders tend to bring disgrace to their race and it time for them to voice out strongly

  6. Very few politicians & diplomats say sorry unreservedly – they always apologise with conditions attached somehow. Wak Muh should do the same or at least say sorry for not saying sorry….laaaah

  7. “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”

    UMNO is in love with itself and it is gonna be a tragic love story. Don’t it expect Malaysians to ‘cry me a river’ when the ‘end is near’.

  8. I don’t care if UMNO says sorry or not to me….

    But I felt sorry this morning when I was at the Telok Bahang wet market in Penang with my wife. A Malay lady, who picked up a chicken, had to put it back when she was told its now RM8.80 per kilo… and when I heard what her grand daughter said, I felt real sorry… “takpe lah nek, takde ayam pun raya jugak kan, nek?”

    My wife and I were in a dilemma. If we offered to pay for the chicken, we might offend her, if we do not offer, we would not sleep well….

    UMNO should say sorry to this old lady and to many more ladies in this country for failing them…

  9. To them, to say sorry is to show weakness to protect their race and religion.

    They do not want the Non Muslim to know they are weak………with power to abuse, they are just grossly arrogant.

  10. UNBELIEVABLE Muhiyiddin keep digging himself into a deeper hole. After saying nothing for a few days with criticism flingging left and right at him, he comes out with the almost impossible excuse that he never said non-Muslim. The original comment said two things – one about non-Muslim insulting Islam and the other about Muslim not insulting non-Muslim. Its IMPOSSIBLE that he could not have said non-Muslim.

    He only confirms HE IS A SIMPLE IIDIOTIC LIAR – AFTER Dani Yati showed the way of true Malay-Muslim..

    THIS is where you end up if you keep sticking to Kerala-origin ways.

  11. The whole world, except umno, know that our politicians are weaklings and idiots. They believe they are still living in the kampongs and that whatever they say or do is within the confines of our boundary. I don’t think they know how the www works nor that there are Malays capable of translating Bahasa to English.

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