Hussain Najadi’s Suspected Killer still in the country, says Kuala Lumpur Police Chief

August 3, 2013

Hussain Najadi’s Suspected Killer still in the country, says Kuala Lumpur Police Chief

by Nigel Aw@

Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Mohmad Salleh wants Pascal Najadi, son of slain Ambank founder Hussain Ahmad, to return to Malaysia and assist in investigations over the assassination of his father.

“Come back to Malaysia and cooperate with the Police so that we can know what really happened. See us, and let us interview him to assist the Police in solving his father’s death,” he told journalists after a walkabout at Masjid India last night.

Mohmad (left) was responding to a query from Malaysiakini on Pascal’s denial that his father’s death had something to do with a land deal that had gone awry.

“There was no property deal-turned-sour in my father’s murder as our company is not involved in such business,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama on Thursday. However, Mahmod said Pascal is not in Malaysia and may not be abreast on matters.

“He’s making denials overseas. He is not in Malaysia but in Russia. Denials in the newspapers do not carry weight. Denials will not solve this case,” he said, reiterating that the Arab Investments for Asia Kuwait Limited (AIAK) Group Deputy Chairperson should return to Malaysia.

NajadiOn Monday, Hussain (left), 75, was gunned down while his wife, Chong Mei Kuen, 49, was injured when they were shot at close range at a parking lot after coming out of the Kuan Yin Temple at Lorong Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur.

Pascal had said he will not return to Malaysia until his father’s killer is captured, citing safety concerns.

Suspect still in the country’

Providing an update on the case, Mohmad said the primary suspect, whose Cantonese nickname is Sei Ngan Chai (Four-eyed Boy), is still believed to be in the country.

NONEHowever, he said that there had not been any new or meaningful information provided by the public and urged more people to come forward.

“We are trying to trace him from all sources, including his friends, family and neighbours,” he said, adding that he lived “somewhere in Kuala Lumpur” but declined to give specifics.

He added that the taxi driver who helped the suspected killer escape is still under remand.

“We are confident that we can solve this case shortly,” he said.

On a related matter, Mohmad said the Police are ramping up intelligence gathering by its special task force which specialises in gun crimes.

“The Police confiscate weapons nationwide almost on a daily basis but we are now instructing them to step up their intelligence effort to identify the shooters in such cases,” he said.

6 thoughts on “Hussain Najadi’s Suspected Killer still in the country, says Kuala Lumpur Police Chief

  1. My advice to Mr Pascal is that he should have a good lawyer to represent him and his late father’s estate. He should then come to Malaysia and deal with the Police with his lawyer present. He should stop using the media like Bernama, pro UMNO-BN news agency which is capable of twisting his words. Let us hope the Police have spoken to Mr Najadi’s wife who must have persuaded him to accompany her to the Chinese temple.

  2. So much for Police Intel and efficiency, without public infos they can do nothing to further their investigations. The father is dead and they have yet to nail let alone catch the suspect. Yet they want him to return!
    To get pot shots at again! Does this make sense?
    Doesn’t it give you the creeps the nonchalant ways these IO operate!
    Bla3.. ALL THEY CAN DO!

  3. They couldn’t even catch the 4th suspect in the Dhamendran’s murder case while in custody, a policeman as well, until the suspect surrendered himself and they want Pascal Najadi to come back to Malaysia?

  4. Well said SiangMalam. Every time we have a sensational case, POLIS throw up a smokescreen, claiming they have leads. But more often than not, that would be the end of the story. Incredible insn’t it? They took more than two months to bring to court one of their own kind. How long will they be able to book a killer they never know, until eternity?

  5. How can they have focus on fighting crime if all they care for is going after Chetz the Dog Trainer and Namewee the Rapper…? Where the heck is the Home Minister or the Prime Minister?

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