Mahathir’s Nightmare, not Chinese Dilemma

July 28, 2013

Mahathir’s Nightmare, not Chinese Dilemma

Let’s hope Dr.Mahathir gets your message. He is not winning friends for UMNO by bashing the Chinese. Obviously he does not care as long as there are enough UMNO Malays who support his right wing views. It is real tragedy that Najib and his colleagues are unwilling to cross swords with Dr Mahathir. In stead, they have allowed ordinary citizens to deal with him via the social media. –Din Merican

Dr MDr Mahathir: He needs Help

‘If truth be told, this isn’t a Chinese dilemma but a Mahathir nightmare. He hopes to exorcise his own demons by lashing out at the Chinese.

Mahathir: Do Chinese want to share or seize power?

Mahathir: Do Chinese want to share or seize power? 3:17PM Jul 27, 2013

It has now become a “Chinese dilemma”, says former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who asked whether Chinese Malaysians want to share political power with the other races or want to seize it altogether.

“For more than half a century of independence, the Chinese have shared wealth and power with the Malays. The idea for a Singapore-like Malaysia seems tempting and Penang has shown the way.

“The dilemma for the Chinese is whether to make a grab for political power while dominating economic power or to adhere to the principle of sharing, which has made this country what it is today.

“This is the Chinese dilemma,” Mahathir says in a column in the New Straits Times today. He said the Chinese buying into DAP’s aspiration to make “a Singapore out of Malaysia”, with Chinese wielding both economic and political power, has significantly weakened MCA, the Chinese partner in the ruling coalition, and made power-sharing untenable.

‘MCA now a shadow of its former self’

“Battered, accused of being lackeys of UMNO, MCA has gradually lost the support of the Chinese. It is now but a shadow of its former self.

“And with its weakening, the idea of sharing with the Malays political and economic power has become insupportable,” opines Mahathir, who authored the book The Malay Dilemma. He claimed that the Chinese community was already dominating the economy, from various business interests to their own colleges and universities.

“Whatever, the ‘kongsi’ (sharing) government has benefited Malaysia greatly. It has brought peace and stability, without which economic growth and development would not be possible.It is unthinkable for any race, Chinese or Malay, to take everything for themselves, to dominate the economy as well as the politics of Malaysia,” he says.


Bravemalaysian: This pseudo-Malay has robbed the Malays of everything, including their self-dignity. He has sabotaged the royalty, enriched his family and cronies illegally.

He committed the highest form of treason by giving out citizenship for votes, thereby sabotaging the security of the country in general and the welfare of Malays in particular.

He wants the rural Malays in poverty and total ignorance so that they can be manipulated to serve his and UMNO’s selfish ambitions. The Chinese are the convenient bogeyman he uses to scare the rural Malays.

Let me assure the Malays that the Chinese voted Pakatan Rakyat not because they are greedy for power, but because they are just sick and tired of all the corruption, incompetence and racism committed by the government.

We know this country will be ruined beyond repair by this government. No Chinese will even remotely hope to be a PM of Malaysia because we are a pragmatic people. Indeed, we have overwhelmingly supported Anwar Ibrahim to be PM.

Lawfool: Let me answer you, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Chinese do not want to grab political power. Chinese just want a just and fair Malaysian government, even if it is entirely administered by Malay Malaysians.

Ex-wfw: Does this mean that when Mahathir talks of sharing power with Malays, only UMNO qualifies? Anwar Ibrahim, Abdul Hadi Awang, Rafizi Ramli, Khalid Samad, Mohamad Sabu and Nurul Izzah, are they are not Malay by his definition?

FellowMalaysian: Mahathir is telling us that UMNO is Malay and MCA is Chinese when he said that the idea of sharing political and economic power between the Malays and Chinese has become unsupportable when the Chinese ditched MCA.

For Mahathir, only the BN coalition is interested in sharing wealth among the races. The majority of the people – in fact 51 percent of them – have voted for Pakatan Rakyat and not just the Chinese. That will make most of us power-crazy individuals refusing to share wealth or power with other races.

Making wild accusations of DAP wishing to turn Malaysia into Singapore and spreading old canards will not redeem nor restore Mahathir’s image among the Chinese.

If Chinese votes matter at all to UMNO-BN, Mahathir should contribute positively to nation-building by making an effort to win back the Chinese instead of sowing fear, discontent and enmity among the races.

Ipohcrite: This is vintage Mahathir, spouting out his half-past six theories to the UMNO sycophants. If truth be told, this isn’t a Chinese dilemma but a Mahathir nightmare. This pathetic ex-PM hopes to exorcise his own demons by lashing out at the Chinese.

Cala: As usual, Mahathir’s arguments are obtuse. Only the last paragraph makes sense. As for the rest, Mahathir seems to indulge in illogical, senseless and warped reasoning. Here are five of them:

First, NEP (New Economic Policy) achieved its stated goals of eradication of ethnicity with economic function and ethnicity with location. A noble policy no doubt, but over time, the ruling government  has deviated from the stated goals fo NEP.

Second, the Chinese deserted MCA because it cannot restrain ‘taiko’ (big brother) UMNO as the latter turned more aggressive and abandoned “the consociational democracy”. It is ‘taiko’ UMNO that weakened MCA.

Third, had UMNO been more considerate in treating MCA and be more responsible in governance, DAP-Pakatan Rakyat would have been less attractive to the Chinese.

Fourth, to allege that we are facing a “Chinese dilemma” is neither just nor fair. It is more like a “Malaysian dilemma”.

Fifth, how can Mahathir brand DAP as ambitious when DAP contested only 33 percent of the total seats under Pakatan banner?

Ksn: For a man who was the PM for 23 years, his remarks about the Chinese dominating the economy is out of this world.Let us see. The civil service is entirely Malay; almost all the banks are under Malay control, Petronas and all the big corporations belong to the Malays. Most of the big plantations like Sime Darby, Guthrie and Felda are in Malay hands. In fact, it is the Malays who are controlling the economy and the politics in all aspects.

What he said about one race controlling the economy and politics actually refers to the Malays, not the Chinese.

Jude Allen: We all think that Mahathir has retired. No, he has not. He is still very much in control of the political situation in Malaysia. All other Prime Ministers, when they leave office, they leave matters to the future PMs. But this man, no. God save Malaysia.

Dzulkefly Ahmad: Mahathir is definitely going senile. Chinese grabbing political power is a non-issue. It’s a ruse by UMNO and Perkasa to scare the Malays into thinking they are losing everything. The Chinese are angry because UMNO and BN don’t know how to manage the country.

Unspin: The predicaments of the Chinese are:

1) Forty years after being forced to share the economic cake with the UMNO Malays via the NEP, they are still being blamed for the plight of UMNO Malays who cannot hold on to their portion of the economic cake.

2) Although most of them were born in this country and pay the most in taxes, they are treated as second-class citizens and do not even have the same privileges as instant citizens from Indonesia, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

3) Even though they had good academic results, they were denied places in public universities and were forced to pay more indirect taxes to further their education in private colleges.

4) After practicing their religious beliefs quietly for decades, they were provoked to respond to religious bigotry from UMNO hardliners and are now accused for being anti-Islam.

5) After being conveniently forgotten for saving the skin of one ultra-racist leader in the 1999 election, they are being blamed for causing a tsunami in the 2013 election just because they supported the opposition.

So the real Chinese dilemma is:

a) Do you continue to support a “proven” coalition who has taken you for granted and used you as a scapegoat for political convenience, or

b) Support an “unproven” coalition that has the potential to reduce corruption, cronyism and crime, and create a better future for your children and grandchildren?

Akutuan: Mahathir, you have been in power because Chinese voted for you, including me. Why do you hate them so much?

During this holy month, you should repent and try to get more ‘pahala’ before your time is up. Remember, Allah is great and we Buddhists believe in karma.

It’s never too late for Dr M to see a psychologist- More Views on Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad

19 thoughts on “Mahathir’s Nightmare, not Chinese Dilemma

  1. I have to disagree. In no way the Chinese will EVER become a nightmare to Mahathir. Mahathir’s real nightmare is that the Malays, who have history much longer than Mahathir can even remember, will remember who they are and won’t live the lie he tells. THEN it will be a real nightmare because the ugly truth would not be covered up with even if he owns everything in this country..

  2. this old fella just stinks, all the people who support him should change his diapers regularly.
    a hundred year old man walked out of his window into his past to tell us a very fascinating story about the world and everything but here you are spewing the worst racial hatred and bitterness.
    even all the waters of Neptune won’t be able to wash the blood of racism and corruption off your hands.
    I hope when you die one day after destroying Malaysia and arrive at Heavens Gate you’ll be welcomed by a chinapek.
    you are a stupid, selfish old man without dignity.

  3. To continue to terrorise the Chinese is totally unacceptable…..this from a former PM????

    His behavior is most shameful and disgusting in a civilised society. Including many who supported him, ‘ terrorism ‘ is a CRIMINAL behavior and must stop immediately.

    The real problem is bad Malay leadership allowing extreme and racist elements to flourish in the society.

  4. What is wrong with Tun Dr Mahathir? Is my community evil? We voted opposition because we are sick of corruption, abuse of power, dropping on the quality of education, quota of non-Malay in tertiary education, etc. We are not against helping Malay community. We want a government that help all fellow Malaysian. Is that too much to ask Tun Dr Mahathir?

  5. and this kerala malay will never tell the rural malays how his family in one generation accumulated billions of ringgit!!!!! and with one stroke of his pen. opcom, tongkah, Sapura kechana, Konsortium……and the list goes on.

  6. History is the best antidote for all those leaders who used or should I say abused the forms of democracy to undermine its substance and in thar process become ‘democratic dictators’ by keeping the people in fear of racial conflagration.

  7. you know he used to lecture the world the he was right and everyone was wrong now to all the people who had to put up with him see his so called legacy flush down the toilette he is having sleepless night but them again he might not have a a problem because of this man is that big headed. I personally do not any ill feelings towards any man but you had a chance to make Malaysia great but now you are only trying to save your skin bet L.K.Y. is laughing .

  8. It is real tragedy that Najib and his colleagues are unwilling to cross swords with Dr Mahathir.—Din
    Yes, it’s a tragedy that Najib, being the prime minister, is not prepared to rein in the Big Mouth, who tends to badmouth everybody except himself for all problems that he had caused to the country. A prime minister is the most powerful person in Malaysia, yet Najib being the incumbent is immobilized to do anything to correct the situation. His colorful slogans did not live up to his rhetorics. I understand his situation: if he were to carry out his agenda to the letter, this will cause the collapse of Mahathir’s legacy. Mahathir is the puffed-up maharaja who regards his deeds were beyond reproach.

    Mahathir being the shrewd Machiavellian operator of human Achilles heels, understands that to control the environment and to protect himself from future incriminations, he needs corrupt rather than upright and incorruptible ministers to do his biddings. He collected his ministers’ skeletons into his master list for useful future blackmail.

    In his quick rise up the political ladder, the young Najib was careless in his personal deportment, thinking that being a scion of a powerful political family, he must be immune from any complications besetting ordinary people. So he sow his wild oats (sexual and other scandals) without considering the future political consequences. Mahathir was willing to cover up Najib’s misdeeds up to a certain extent. But when Najib, for political survival, began to dismantle Mahathir’s grandiloquent handiworks, it also threaten Mahathir’s legacy.

    Now Mahathir is merely giving a warning by making it hard for Najib to govern. If Najib resists and persists, then the “Altantuya” word will be spread around, which would definitely drive the nail into Najib’s coffin. It’s Najib’s dilemma on how to tackle this ruthless and heartless manipulator of human weaknesses.
    Thanks for your insightful comments. Mahathir has a black book and files on every politician in UMNO and Barisan Nasional. He knows what they are up to, from overdrafts, loans, scandals and kick-backs. He is such an unscrupulous politician. He saved Najib from getting punished by the religious authorities for being involved with a Malay film actress in Port Dickson. That explains why Najib is silent, and tolerates Mahathir.–Din

  9. don’t need to say too much about this old shit !! Just remember the words of Shannon Ahmad ; this whole being is nothing but S….H…I….T. inside out , top to bottom and what comes out must be a BIGGER SHIT.

  10. Sometimes back………….they call him a statesman…………… I know why this accolade came to fruition; to make a mockery of STATESMANSHIP.

    He is is total self-denial because the Malays have reject him.

    His recent remarks has backfired and would wipe MCA faster from history than ever. He thinks he is doing MCA a favor, yes he is by his recent statements, MCA will surely die. He thinks his statement will rife Pakatan? Ha….Pakatan will only get stronger as more in Pakatan wants him to expire sooner. We will celebrate when he is gone. We used to have a soft spot for this ancient goat; not anymore since he started giving ropes to people to hang him.

  11. We heard of his black book……………that is how he used fear to control his cronies including MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

  12. This Mamak guy is still living like a Maharajah in the 20th century while others have progressed and think beyond ….. he still thinks he is that popular, but of course those cronies of his be they Malays, Chinese or Indians still ‘hormat’ him because they could get licenses, handouts from this super-corrupt, super-racist that controls everything ….. The UMNOputras, BUMIputras address him ‘bapa’ because he gave them more than their own father could ever give! But unknowingly, he is perpetrating his teaching of telling the Malays that they are all born stupid compared to the non-Malays. That they are TUANs in Malaysia and hence are entitled to receive handicaps, no need to compete because it is their birth-right in this land of plenty to rob and plunder the Nation’s coffers for personal and family gains. He couldn’t care less for the ordinary Malays whom he takes for granted will vote him and UMNO-BN to power each time when handouts in the form of money is given during GE times. This has worked for him since he seized power and became the longest self-serving PM of Malaysia enriching himself, his family and his cronies to the detriment of the ordinary folks be they Malays, Chinese or Indians. This was and is one PM who continues to exploit the Malays for his own personal gains each time insisting that they all should become like him — being racist — to gain and control power in this blessed country ….. Little did the Malays know that they are being taught to suffer inferiority complexes that he himself suffered because of being genetically deficient of intelligence and hence need all kinds of handicaps, handouts to survive in this rather competitive world! The fact that at this senior age, he still couldn’t retire peacefully, gracefully with honour and dignity but still bow to low-level, dirty corrupt racist political tactics is testimony of his failure to teach and educate the Malays to become self-sufficient and lead dignified and productive lives is actually the real Malay Dilemma that is haunting him every minute of his life! This is his greatest fear that the people he led and fed with all kinds of racist, corrupt ways and means to get easy money are now beginning to distance themselves from him, knowing that his teachings of inferiority complexes, getting ahead without being competitive are all wrong and cannot be sustain any longer is troubling him every minute of the day …. and he is still harping on the same old point throughout his life when the younger generation of Malays, Chinese and Indians have all grown to be 1Malaysia is what that keeps him unsettle throughout his life — but then this old fool, will never learn …. He still thinks that he is right …. That’s the real problem of being FOOL-HARDY, still keep on to the wrongs …. till this day! He is no statesman, his is so foolish in the eyes of statesmen who cherish life and living …. he has destroyed lives and generation of lives of true Malaysians! This type of character cannot die peacefully but will have longer lives of suffering, never at ease with himself and with others — that’s the GREAT MM Dilemma and tragedy! — to be remembered by all Malaysians generations to come!

  13. His recent attacks on the Chinese prove one thing … he IS threatened by the urban Malays. He is not longer confident of himself and he knows that his evil soul is being exposed rapidly now.

    So what is wrong with a Singapore-like Malaysia? Doesn’t this mean progress, wealth, good governance and justice? Why is he afraid of this? Is he afraid that the Malays will actually want this? Is he afraid it will mean a huge loss of face to the world? Is he afraid it will mean loss of control over the Malays?

    For the last 50 years, the umno Malays never shared political power anyway. So the concept of sharing political power is never in his agenda, but he wants the Chinese to give part of their hard-earned economy power to him and his cronies. What a selfish idiot.

    And, by the way Dr M, when the Chinese dominate economic power, it was never for any political reason. It was simply a ‘natural’ tendency for the Chinese to do trading because that’s where they were (and still is) strong in. Trading was/is a means of earning a living, that’s all it is to this ‘economic’ power. So, are you saying that for 55 years the Malays never learnt how to trade from the Chinese?

    Please, stop bashing the Chinese for your own mistakes and weaknesses. I believe the vast majority of urban Malays have their eyes opened now to see how much damage you have caused to them and how desperate you are to ensure that you and umno continue your evil schemes so that they become your slaves forever.

  14. The ball is in your court, Chinaman. I had a bad and condescending job interview session with you racist folks. If that´s a minor case, none of you above is qualified to criticize this major case or respond to Tun Dr M´s statement with a shallow, half-cooked opinion.

  15. Setinggi-tinggi tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.


    Mahathir seems to have forgotten this Malay proverb. So it is only a matter of time that more Malays will wake up to see his gross deception. The greatest con Mahathir has managed to pull off was in making the Malays accept that he is a “Malay” whilst in reality he is an Indian -made so by Allah.

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