UMNO Baruputra Rule, Ok!!

July 17, 2013

UMNO Baruputra Rule, Ok!!

by Mariam Mokhtar@

Rowena Razak BagindaWhat Rowena Abdul Razak, daughter of one of Malaysia’s most infamous toadies, said that minorities were incapable of ruling, it is not just an affront to Malays, but an insult to all Malaysians.

Rowena should know that when you raise your head above the parapet, you can expect it to be shot. It is alarming to hear a woman with a sound education, who has enjoyed a privileged upbringing, and is currently pursuing her postgraduate studies, talk about the governance of a country in terms of majority rule, Malay rights, protection and race.

It is disheartening to hear educated Malays talk in such a shortsighted manner and act as if they learned nothing from their times spent in civilised countries. They have learnt nothing of the outside world, nor of the fallacy of Malay supremacy.

Students like Adam Adli Abdul Halim have had their education curtailed, whereas children of UMNO Baruputras enjoy the largesse of the taxpayer. Adam was trying to help all Malaysians, whereas Rowena appears to be selfishly championing UMNO Baruputras.

At a Bar Council Forum on electoral reforms Rowena queried the ability of the minority to protect the rights of the majority.

Has she not heard of Benjamin Disraeli, Barack Hussein Obama andBHObama Alberto Fujimori? One was Jewish but became Prime Minister of Great Britain, the man who was of African extraction now heads America and a Japanese once ruled Peru.

Rowena talks like an UMNO Baruputra. Most normal people want a country which is ruled by an able leader, who is prepared to look after its citizens with equality and fairness.

She said, “In Malaysia, you are proposing something where the minority would be empowered, how then do you protect the rights of the majority?”

How ironic that what she said is true. This illegitimate minority UMNO Baru government has already broken many of the promises it made before GE13. It does not champion the interests of the majority but it excels in protecting the rights of UMNO Baruputras.

By referring to “the majority”, Rowena presumably means the Malays. If the truth be known, the original Malays are a minority in Malaysia and it is the pseudo Malays, those who want to take advantage of the perks which were granted to the Malays, in the constitution, who form the majority in Malaysia.

Holding the rest of Malaysia to ransom

Think MahathirWe once had a PM, Mahathir Mohamad, who was of Indian extraction. He sought to confuse the Malay mind by creating a dilemma within the Malay world. What emerged was another Malay species – the UMNO Baruputra. In a sense, the minority UMNO Baruputras could be classed as a minority species and it is they who are holding the rest of Malaysia to ransom.

In Syria, the ruling minority Alawite sect, to which President Bashir Al-Assad belongs, punishes and kills the majority Sunnis for opposing his rule. Rowena is right but conversely, we have seen that Mahathir’s policies continue to wreak havoc on the Malay psyche. Rowena is therefore wrong when she said that “the minority cannot even protect themselves”. The UMNO Baruputras who govern, only think of themselves and jealously guard their turf.

If we allowed Rowena the benefit of the doubt, and assume that the Malay majority can protect others, why have we issues with forced conversions of children of another faith into Islam, why are Christians forbidden from using the word Allah, why is the Ambassador from the Vatican shown the door and why are certain people – Indians, Orang Asli and Penans having problems establishing their citizenship?

Why did Mahathir dilute the percentage of the true Sabahans with an influx of Muslim foreigners from the Philippines, Indonesian and Pakistan? The former majority Kadazan-Dusun population was cheated by a minority group.

tindak4Rowena criticised the NGO Tindak Malaysia for the low (10 percent) percentage of Malays in the organisation which she said was not representative of Malaysian demographics. Is this a fair criticism? Are Malays averse to volunteering? Do they avoid corporate social responsibilities?

It is wrong of Rowena to publicly admonish Wong Piang Yow, thepy wong Tindak Malaysia chief, for something beyond his control. Malays may form a majority in some other NGOs, like Perkasa, but this is not necessarily a good thing.

In November 2006, when Rowena’s father, Razak Baginda, was charged with abetting two police personnel in the murder of the Mongolian national Altantuya Shaaribuu, observers were shocked when Mazlinda Makhzan, Baginda’s wife, screamed, “Why charge my husband, he does not want to be the Prime Minister…”? What was Mazlinda insinuating?

After Baginda was acquitted in 2008, he held a press conference, and stressed throughout the 50-minute-long media briefing that Najib Abdul Razak, the Deputy Prime Minister at the time, and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, had nothing to do with Altantuya’s murder. Why did Baginda blame bloggers for misleading the public?

It is curious that Rowena and her mother, Mazlinda, attended this Bar Council forum on electoral reform and attracted attention with their remarks. One would think that a family, with a chequered past, such as theirs, would want to be as discreet as possible, especially as large sums of the taxpayers’ money were stolen under the guise of commission, a woman was murdered violently and a cover-up involving the Judiciary, Police and Immigration Department allegedly followed.

Stuff of spy-thrillers

The trail of sex, corruption and scandal which Baginda weaved with his alleged lover across Europe and Asia is the stuff of spy-thrillers. There was no romance involved, just plain deceit and lust. The rakyat demand answers and justice.

Mr and Mrs Razak BagindaWhy would the Baginda family be interested in electoral reform, especially as a change of government could trigger a re-trial of Altantuya’s alleged murderers and force Baginda to return the millions he sequestered? More importantly, Najib’s true role might be exposed.

Rowena should realise that the sins of her father have cast a shadow over her. Is the rakyat being misled by remarks made by her and her mother? Is this a distraction designed to dissuade people from attending Suaram’s Scorpene fund-raising dinner, to be held on July 19, at which new revelations about the progress of the French lawyers could be revealed?

Has Rowena been pressured into becoming the new “Ummi Hafilda”; another sexton charged with burying news that are detrimental to UMNO Baru?

Conversely, having been betrayed and having to endure the wrath of the public, there is a slight possibility that both mother and daughter want justice to be served. They must know this can only happen if Pakatan forms the next government of Malaysia.

30 thoughts on “UMNO Baruputra Rule, Ok!!

  1. I pay my respects to P Y Wong, a public spirited Malaysian, who is in the forefront of the fight for free and fair elections. I do not understand why Rowena should criticise PY and Tindak Malaysia. Any ideas, guys? –Din Merican

  2. I know PY personally… we spoke a bit in Pelita in Subang Jaya prior to and after 2008 GE12… I have a lot of respect for a guy like PY Wong, who is a retired professional engineer, who at that time was planning to trek through Europe and South America etc with his teenage son – to bond better, in his words – and form Tindak Malaysia.

    And here we have a young upstart, who had a privileged upbringing, to criticize the work of a man who sacrificed his family quality time, to help bring about a fair and free elections to Malaysia, and who uses his own money to fund the early classes he held for PACABA….

    Rowena Abdul Razak, please know your place….

  3. USD500 million in commission and another USD128 million for maintenance services…. that’s a cool USD628 million (or RM1,700 million) of taxpayers’ money…. unaccounted for and down the drain…. that’s 3,400 more kidney dialysis machines for Malaysia…. and we can’t even have the balance 350 we need badly for Malaysia hospitals and clinics!!!

    Can people like Rowena not distract and interfere in this country???

  4. Can someone here pass the following article written by a member of the Malaysian Bar Syahredzan Johan?

    It is people like Syahredzan Johan (and Rafizi Ramli, Zairil Khir Johari, Afif Bahardin, Tony Pua, Liew Chin Tong, Sim Tze Tzin, Hannah Yeoh, Teoh Nie Ching, Nurul Izzah Anwar, Ong Kian Ming, Darrel Iking, Elizabeth Wong et all) that give me and my family hope that Malaysia’s greatest moment might still yet to come!

  5. For a while I thought it was UMNO Baruaputra.
    But I guess the writer didn’t want to sully her bulan puasa.

  6. China has its “princelings” i.e. privileged/spoilt children of its
    ruling class “Communist” (?) Party nomenklatura.

    Malaysia has its equivalent in the children of the
    ruling class UMNO Baru-putras. And I suppose
    MCA-putras, MIC-putras etc too.

  7. it is sad my wife wife is aussie see the beauty of the malays very simple simple people with warm hearts but umno has created this ultra racist malay to protect their power the malays in the country must rise or there no future for the nation

  8. i think the root cause of most of our problems in malaysia is the poor state of race-relations. Hopefully, there will be more inter-marriages, as that is one sure way of improving the situation. Currently, NGOs on both sides (the extremists) are poisoning the people’s minds. Each side retaliates and the situation goes from bad to worse.

  9. We have, in Sarawak a CM who is from the minority,Melanau who has ruled Sarawak despite that the Dayaks are the majority.

  10. The kampong Malays, yes. They are nice and gentle. The UMNOPutra Malays supreme racists and corrupted to the core of their bone and it is this evil lot that is ruling the country.

  11. Yes, Rowena dear, what type of British education did you acquire? Your father must have tried to give you the best but that best has not resulted in you producing the best of arguments.

    You question the ability of the minority to govern? Well, since you and your family were hiding out in Britain until now, you may not have had the opportunity to be informed of the progress made by Penang for example under a Pakatan Government of the minority. Here again by minority do you mean Pakatan or the non-Malays? If you are referring to non-Malays, my dear, the real Malays are a minority themselves as pointed out by Mariam M.

    You see, there are far more pseudo-Malays in Malaysia now as various groups such as Indons, Filipinos, Banglas, Keralans and soon Arabs, have jumped on the bandwagon to enjoy the so-called privileges for Bumiputras. But the real beneficiaries of the NEP or whatever name you put to it, are not all the Malays but the ruling Umnoputras and hangers-on such as one Abdul Razak Baginda.

    Rowena, I am not too sure of the reason for your sudden appearance here after hibernating in Britain since the Razak guy was acquitted of the murder of his Mongolian lover. I presume you feel it is safe to do so as Prime Minister Najib will be in power for another five years at least. Of cos, if Pakatan had won GE13 no way would you have set foot in your motherland(?).

    By coming back and making rather uneducated statements like “minorities cannot govern”, you have touched a raw nerve of the educated Malays and the minorities.

    Mariam M. referred to “Malaysia’s most infamous toadies”, I think that’s an insult to the toad family. Sorry, Rowena darling, you slime balls don’t belong to the human race.

  12. Well said, Mariam. Thank you for having the guts to speak the truth. What this little twisted maggot said is also a true reflection of her roots. Wasted our tax-payers money to fund her education.

  13. I think this lady is writing with ulterior motive,her agenda is to help ensure that UMNO would never be replaced so the truth cannot be known.

  14. Hey you guys, Rowena is not a minority with such views. There are a plenty of very well educated Malays that you will find at Jebat Must Die and that hold Malay supremacists views. In those blogs, the ugly head of racism, bigotry are as clear as sunshine. I am most grateful to Dato Din, Tok Cik, Bean Bojangles and all those here that reminds me that there are highly educated Malays and Muslims understand bigotry and religious extremism has no place in a secular and multi-cultural society. Thanks !!!!

  15. ‘By referring to “the majority”, Rowena presumably means the Malays. If the truth be known, the original Malays are a minority in Malaysia and it is the pseudo Malays, those who want to take advantage of the perks which were granted to the Malays, in the constitution, who form the majority in Malaysia.’ – Mariam Mokhtar.

    Ms Mariam should specify who are actually the “original Malays” that she claimed to be in the minority in Malaysia. And after failing to be specific on whom she meant as the minority “original Malays”, she insulted the majority Constitutional Malays by referring to them as “pseudo Malays” portraying her racist inclination unfortunately. Constitutional Malays, by the definition, are ethnically race-neutral.

    @rosiah at 11:18am, rosiah suggested an increase in inter-marriage in Malaysia may improve race-relation but I doubt that would be adequate. Rowena is, in fact, a by-product of an inter-marriage of her grand parents, but that doesn’t stop her remarks being taken as a threat to good race-relation and racial co-existence. The increase in the number of Constitutional Malays in Malaysia will certainly make its citizens immune to any racial slurs and racist remarks as the Constitutional Malays are ethnically race-neutral.

  16. Hi James, don’t insult the blog host by putting him under the same category as Jebat Must Die and

  17. IT could be that Razak Baginda is indeed seeking Justice for his not being able to return by sending his wife and daughter as the rece team.. One can get tired of having to bear someone else’s burden. Remember the late Bala swore that there were text exchanges between RB and the then DPM, somthing about `keeping cool while he goes to see the IGP at 11am’ and also RB’s outburst, cursing of Pak Lah in Court before his acquittal. The ensuing Press Con was merely part of a charade. But in the light of what his wife’s Mazlinda Makhzan’s said, there surely was more than pausible suspicion to the real mastermind(s) of the Altantuya murder of October, 2006!

    • “IT could be that Razak Baginda is indeed seeking Justice for his not being able to return by sending his wife and daughter as the rece team.. ” — ShakrinaLIkram @8:51pm.

      SPECULATIONS!……….No end to speculations??? What if all this while Razak Baginda has been coming in and out of Malaysia very freely??? Why the need for any recce team? Still, it’s not a crime to speculate however outlandish.

  18. People who traded their souls to bomohs for whatever protection have NO SHADOW. Their souls are already sent for punishment in hell so that they can continue to break all the 10 commandments.

  19. aliefalfa, aren’t you tying yourself into a gargantuan knot with the terms “minority Malays”, “constitutional Malays” and pseudo-Malays”? Face it lah, where did the real Malays come from – from the more than 17 thousand Indonesian islands, from Southeast Asian countries?

    Frankly I don’t care a dime from where they migrated to the Peninsula but we cannot deny they are now in the minority simply because the whole race has been and continues to be diluted through inter-marriages, adopting Malay-sounding names by some such as mamaks, through the generous distribution of blue identity cards and so on. And with more than 3 million foreign workers in the country with immediate families and children being born to them, do you still think the purity of the Malay race will remain intact?

    The question is “Has UMNO really looked after the rights of the whole Malay community or just a handful of privileged ones – the UMNO-Baruputras as Mariam M. puts it?

    • @Danapaul on July 17 at 10:23pm,

      Danapaul’s remarks, like those of Ms Mariam, are filled with racist prejudice but the Malaysian citizens will, in future, be unaffected by such unimaginative comments. Danapaul should know that the Constitutional Malays, as defined, are ethnically race-neutral and they should in the vast majority comprise the future citizens of Malaysia which will then be immune to any thoughtless racial slurs or racist remarks.

  20. Hey, hold your horses, aliefalfa. You didn’t state which remarks by Mariam and me are racist prejudice. You are the one offended by what Mariam wrote about pseudo-Malays. You don’t even know what she meant by that term. It’s not derogatory. It’s an established fact that there are such Malays in large numbers in this country. You talk about constitutional Malays being race-neutral. You are a joker, really. And the constitutional Malays “future citizens of Malaysia will be immune to any thoughtless racial slurs or racist remarks”? Hope your Utopia comes true. Look around and digest who spews disgusting racial slurs and racist prejudices – constitutional Malays are they, Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin? Thank Allah SWT the people rejected them in GE13 primarily because of their racist behavior. So don’t put Mariam and me in their company.

  21. Danapaul!…have you forgotten about the history of this country…?? Why Malaysia was formely known as Persekutuan Tanah Melayu??…Why did the British plan to curb the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers by formation of the failed Malayan Union???… Why did the Malays strongly and in defiant protested and opposed the Malayan Union ??… Why did UMNO formed to protect the interest of the Malay Rulers and their subjects as the majority in their respective Malay States??…Why did Tunku Abd Rahman allowed the non-Malays continued their mother-tongue vernacular education and maintained their chinese or indian names??…Why did the May 13 riots happened, and who instigated the Malays to go amok??…You see Dana, people like young Adam Adli and others like him are too naive and ignorance about the history of their past generation, who struggled and gave their lives to ensure the young Malays of today survive and progress in the modern era…

    Selamat bersahur to all Muslims…Amin Ya Rabbul Alamin…May Allah blessed us all in this holy month of Ramadhan.

    • @ashraf at 2:29am,

      No, ashraf, no point arguing with Danapaul who is oblivious and unaware of his racist prejudice judging from remarks of his previous posts. And he seems unable to break free from that prejudiced feeling as shown by one of his remarks and question as quoted “do you still think the purity of the Malay race will remain intact?” The Constitutional Malays, on the other hand, have gone well past that hurdle of ethnic racism as not to waste time worrying about the “purity of the Malay race”. The Constitutional Malays are not affected and don’t care about ethnic racism. In this respect, it is a great pity to acknowledge that there are a few Malays too still being mentally-trapped as Danapaul and Ms Meriam, and they are the few extremists tarnishing the good name of the Constitutional Malays. Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifly Nordin need to go “out of the box” in respect of the ethnically race-neutral Constitutional Malays.

  22. I don’t know what to say but if my knowledge and history is correct….

    Tunku Abdul Rahman’s heritage is from Thailand
    Tun Abdul Razak is from Menado, Sulawesi, he’s Bugis
    Hussein Onn’s father Onn Jaafar is from Turkey
    Mahathir Mohamed’s grandfather is from Kerala, India
    Tun Abdullah Badawi’s ancestors are from China
    Najib Tun Razak is son of Tun Razak, so also Bugis

    Now, aliefalfa…. any of the above is wrong info?

    • @SiangMalam of July 19 at 3:28pm,

      Hi, SiangMalam, you actually know hell of a lot about those personalities you mentioned and none of your stated information about them, as far as I know, are wrong. And all those personalities (Tunku A.R, Tun Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir, Abdullah & Najib) you mentioned are defined by our Constitutions as Malays. They are the few examples of the Constitutional Malays that I have been referring to in all my previous postings – their ethnic racial backgrounds are of no significance or consequense in qualifying them as the Constitutional Malays. That is what I meant by them being ethnically race-neutral. Thanks for your good example and understanding.

  23. Yes, Ashraf and aliefalfa. it is quite obvious Danapaul is mentally-trapped. By the way, who are these constitutional Malays who are ethnically race-neutral? Could you please explain the term as I am mentally-strapped unlike Ms Meriam and Danapaul? Thanks.

  24. @anzani of July 19 at 8:43pm,

    Hi, anzani, my only advice for you to mentally unstrap yourself is to have a look at all my previous postings in other threads as well on the subject. But failing that, please refer to @SiangMalam of July 19 at 3:28pm and at my posting (hope it will pass moderation) on July 20 at 4:15pm. Thanks.

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