Indelible Ink and What Not

Washington DC

Iwo Jima MemorialIwo Jima Memorial

June 27, 2013

MY COMMENT: I am scheduled to speak at the East-West Center in Washington DC on current political developments in Malaysia later today (10.30 pm Malaysian time). It is an open seminar which will be attended by 57 people including Malaysian officials from our Embassy and the US State Department. I have been told that the proceedings will be recorded and carried live:

I am certain that the audience expect me to comment onDin Merican GE-13, although the focus is not the election per se; the seminar  is intended to discuss likely changes that can be expected after GE-13 and prospects for our country over the next 5 years. I will do my best to present a realistic assessment of our political economy, but it is going to be tough not to be uncritical about what has been happening post GE-13.

This indelible ink matter will no doubt surface in the ensuing Q&A session.  Because of the incompetence of the Election Commission, we have wasted RM7.1 million. No one is held accountable for this debacle.  Both Aziz and Wan should have been fired but that would be asking too much of the present government.  Until the Election Commission comes clean on this  and other matters, serious doubts about its competence and integrity will remain.–Din Merican

Indelible Ink and What Not

by Mariam Mokhtar (06-24-13)@http://www.malaysiakini,com

We have heard the same trite comments before: “We’re clean. We’re not guilty. It wasn’t us.” aziz-ec-chairUMNO Baru’s most sanctimonious hypocrite, Election Commission (EC) chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, has denied claims of cheating.

Abdul Aziz expressed sadness that the indelible ink used in GE13 could easily be washed off and in an interview with the Malay daily Sinar Harian said, “If people ask me now, what is the saddest thing in my life, I would answer: ‘Indelible ink’.”

The indelible ink had been tested before use and he said, “On the much-awaited day, the power of Allah is greater when the ink could disappear after being washed several times. Where is the mistake?”

He ignored allegations of gerrymandering, the use of money and citizenship as inducements given to illegal immigrants to vote for BN, the violent attacks on Pakatan workers, the extra ballot boxes, the spoilt votes, the blackouts, as well as the plane and busloads of foreigners transported to the peninsula to vote for BN. In other words, the EC conspired with BN to cheat in GE13.

Abdul Aziz said that the ink had been tested, but then blamed the failure of the ink on “the power of Allah”. He had sanctioned the use of doctored ink, and by saying Allah was responsible – when it was him who authorised its use – it means that he is playing God.

By Abdul Aziz’s will, there was massive cheating in the election process, which allowed UMNO Baru to “win the election”. By claiming that it was “the power of Allah” that allowed Umno Baru to win the election, Abdul Aziz is effectively saying that he is Allah.

This blasphemy will not endear him to the rural Malays and may mean that he will have to be sacrificed, to save the party. Indelible ink and the EC are not compatible. Three general elections ago, in 2004, the National Fatwa Council decided that the ink would prevent Muslims from performing their prayers. In GE12 (2008), the EC said that there were national security issues and claims of sabotage. In 2013, the lies ranged from EC workers feebly shaking the bottles to a full-blown health scare.

Familiar UMNO Baru excuses

These excuses are a familiar UMNO Baru dodge. Recently, the organisers of the ‘Black 505’ rally were given the runaround, when trying to find a suitable venue for their rally. The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and the Police could not even coordinate their lies. One said there was a wedding, whilst the other claimed there was a charity run. The Police also made the outrageous claim that they would be provoked.

If you must lie, do so convincingly and with a concerted effort. If Abdul Aziz said the ink was tested prior to its use, which laboratory tested it? Was there an independent laboratory analysis? Did their results match? What was the test used?

Goldenchurn butter and Tabasco sauce went through a similar drama when their products were said to contain pork DNA by the Malaysian Islamic authorities. Butter is made from cow’s milk. Tabasco contains only vinegar and chillies. In which part of the manufacturing process would porcine DNA be introduced?

The Chemistry Department refused to share their test results with the manufacturers, did not want to reveal their methods and did not wish the butter to be sent for independent chemical analyses.

The fiasco with the indelible ink in GE13, has similar echoes of subterfuge and chicanery. Who is the manufacturer of this ink? Have they sold us defective ink? Should we demand a refund? Why is the manufacturer not defending his product? Does he not want a repeat sale? Hasn’t his reputation been irreparably tarnished? To what standard was this ink tested?

Abdul Aziz said that a task force would investigate the ink’s recipe, the way it was used, its transportation and whether the hot air in the lock-up where the ink was stored, had caused a degradation of the ink.

The only ‘hot air’ comes from the EC chairperson, who should not waste any more of the taxpayers’ money. The only thing left is for the senior management of the EC to resign en-masse, to restore the credibility of the EC before GE14. They have severely dented the confidence of the rakyat in Malaysian democracy. If they will not go willingly, they must be sacked.

Obviously, there are three types of UMNO Baru politicians and supporters – the ones who keep an undignified silence about important issues, the false prophets and those who play God.

A Rahman DahlanRecently, Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan wrote in Utusan Malaysia’s weekend newspaper that BN was ‘fated’ to win GE13, because God had willed it. He said, “In short, fate and God’s will determines everything.”

Who gave this false prophet, Abdul Rahman, the divine right to make prophecies? True prophets serve God and their flock, but UMNO Baru politicians are self-serving men (and women) who are full of exaggerated self-importance. Is Abdul Rahman aware that Muhammad was the last prophet? Despite his blasphemous remarks, Abdul Rahman is not being investigated for sedition.

‘Cowards as leaders’   

Leaders who refuse to comment on important issues when the news break, but wade-in days or weeks later, are simply playing safe. These cowards do not want to be proven wrong, or to be seen to be wrong. They need to protect their own positions. It is not just the Pakatan coalition or the rakyat whom they fear, others within their party are looking for reasons to topple them as well.

Thus, so-called leaders like BN Chief Najib Abdul Razak will keep quietNajib-PM2013 about ‘mat rempit’ mobs attacking ceramah, the brutal deaths in police custody, corruption and child conversion.

The rakyat is at the mercy of UMNO Baru, but it is also at the mercy of the environment. Reports from Jakarta allege that the companies which contribute to the haze affecting parts of South-East Asia, are linked to the illegitimate BN government. Najib has good reason to keep quiet.

Perhaps, the men who keep silent on important issues live in the feverish hope that these problems will fade away.

In Perak, the oil-palm industry – which is responsible for the haze originating from Sumatra – has production facilities and processes which are polluting the waterways of Perak. The livelihood of the villagers is affected.

Fish and crustacea like udang galah die. The income from tourism is at risk. The Perak government closes one eye and panders to the industry, as rural voters are only useful to BN in the weeks before an election.

What goes around comes around. UMNO Baru likes to invoke God. So, is the current pollution crisis a divine intervention? Or is it caused by UMNO Baru’s policies and failure to enforce strict environmental pollution controls?

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a non-conformist traditionalist from Perak, a bucket chemist and an armchair eco-warrior. In ‘real-speak’, this translates into that she comes from Ipoh, values change but respects culture, is a petroleum chemist and also an environmental pollution-control scientist.

15 thoughts on “Indelible Ink and What Not

  1. Conspiracy to Defraud

    Conspiracy to defraud is a common law offence. The offence of conspiracy to defraud requires that two or more individuals dishonestly conspire to commit a fraud against a victim. The offence is extremely wide. It is sufficient for the fraudsters to know that the result of their actions will necessarily result in the defrauding of the victims. The fraudsters do not have to intend to defraud the victim as the primary purpose of the conduct. The offence does not require deception or an intent to cause financial loss.

    Acts which may be non-criminal, for example a tort, may become criminal where a conspiracy to defraud exists. In other words an act can be carried out by one Defendant independently and this act would not amount to a criminal offence. Conversely the same act carried out by two persons may constitute an offence of conspiracy to defraud.

    Conspiracy to defraud requires an element of dishonesty. However the current definition of dishonesty means that activities which may not normally be a criminal offence may be found to be fraudulent if a jury finds them to be dishonest. Consequently prosecutors have an extremely wide discretion as to whether to commence criminal proceedings for conspiracy to defraud and this can potentially result in unfair prosecutions.

    The standard definition of a conspiracy to defraud was provided by Lord Dilhorne in Scott v Metropolitan Police Commissioner, when he said that it is clearly the law that an agreement by two or more by dishonesty to deprive a person/persons of something which is theirs or to which he is or would be entitled and an agreement by two or more by dishonesty to injure some proprietary right of his, suffices to constitute the offence of conspiracy to defraud.

    In simple terms: Knowing you were going to commit fraud, by obtaining something by deception.

    Indelible ink , electoral discrepancies, etc.. If there was enough concrete evidence to incriminate the EC then the above can be umleashed.

  2. Having invoked Allah for all the happenings before the GE, BN parliamentarians are now invoking the Agong and Malay rulers on the opposition members and the general public,not to question the outcome of the recent GE as well as to cover up the shenanigans of the EC to led to UMNO increasing its number of seats.

  3. Datuk

    Please use your integrity to speak the truth at the Forum. Don’t let your Malay ethnicity-class- royalty -tribal loyalty to cloud the truth.

    Don’t let the UMNO officials intimidate you by their presence.

    A man of convictions will fight for his belief and not be subjugated to timidity.

    You bet…Din Merican

  4. Din,
    See how to play by the book when they don’t even play their book. We are talking a simple item called the indelible ink. What about the demarcation or alteration of constituencies. Those does not require 2/3 majority. EC has done several despicable things by transferring certain PAS stronghold area (Pasir Panjang) to Setiawan. That’s how UMNO won Perak.
    Ideally, one seeks the powers of public office to serve people but that power is subject to checks and balances. But Mahathir as Prime Minister for 22 odd years destroyed that to enable him to do as he pleased. So Malaysia is Mahathir and Mahathir is Malaysia.

    The blurring of the individual, the party, the government and the country has become part of UMNO politics. Top civil servants attend UMNO GA to take notes and act on resolutions approved at the assembly. The Opposition is tending to follow this practice as well.–Din Merican

  5. Dato,

    This is an idea opportunity to state the case of the fraudulent GE 13. I don’t think that you need be afraid to speak the truth. No doubt you will do so in a diplomatic manner not as an opposition member, however It would be fantastic if you did so taking the opposition view, though this is asking too much of yo

    We will look forward to seeing you fly the Jalung high at 10.30 pm 2nite
    Brian, the seminar went well. I am pleased that we all had a great time. I felt we did a fair job of explaining the politics behind GE-13 and discussing the future 5 years forward. There were concerns about corruption and governance. The way forward for Malaysia would be fixing the economy and getting our politics right. I was bullish that change would come and that change would be driven by young Malaysian voters. It is time I added that UMNO responds to the new political demographics and begin in earnest the task of serious reform.–Din Merican

  6. In a simple sentence, the Ulu Malays and Malaysian voters all were hoodwinked into believing EC chief babble of the `Power of Allah; in its use of `esen kueh’ for `indelible ink’ that washes off! Meaning RM 7 million has been siphoned off `God knows where’ and only a mere RM 200k! Then the UMNO Baru cheats and liars claimed Allah was on their side `to lie through their teeth!’
    Wonder which God they referring to? Must be a different one from Allah, for these seculars!

  7. Dato, may God give you the wisdom to present the case diplomatically, for the benefit of malaysia’s future. All the best

  8. As Czech hero and President Vaclav Havel said, in a room full of liars, simply tellingthe truth is like letting off a gun shot.

  9. AND NOW we have this KUNAN ( sori not the one who w murdered) saying we are a developed nation and we do not need this INCREDIBLE ink.And thevMinister in the PM’s dept says the voters were the one who dileberately washed it off and hats why it came off! they made my day.Thank you.

    Mike Singh

  10. The US is a good umbrella but a very poor roof. These issues must be resolves here in our Tanah Air. In the final analysis States usually act in their National Interest.

  11. Dato’

    Just speak as justice has demanded of you.

    If they mistreat you just a little when you return, they can bet its going to make them wish they were never born.

  12. It was reported that EC Chairman mentioned that the indelible ink could possibly cause cancer should silver nitrate exceed more than 1%. Claim was dismissed that no such analysis of such report was issued according to the health ministry.The people understand that those political leeches are lying like there is no tomorrow to please their political masters.

  13. They knew all along and follow through so some people can vote twice or their particulars can be recycled.
    The ink fiasco was confirmed in Parliament yesterday when Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim admitted that chemicals in the ink was replaced with food colouring.

    That was why it was easily washed off. – June 27, 2013.

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