The Indelible Ink : No One held accountable

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MY COMMENT: This indelible ink affair is turning into a gameDin Merican of buck passing. All the Election Commission should have done is to come clean upfront. In stead, both the EC Chairman and his Iago like Deputy have been playing games with the Malaysian public.

I am glad that the Najib administration has given a partial explanation on the matter to Parliament.  We now told that a total sum of RM7.0 million has been spent of indelible ink and related items. For what? This matter has become a national joke. Who is accountable for this waste of public money. The finger is pointing to the EC Chairman and he must be held accountable.  MACC, what are you doing about this? Furthermore, I cannot understand why the supplier’s identity is a “secret”?Din Merican


The Indelible Ink : No One held accountable

by Ram Anand@

The indelible ink was in many cases not indelible.

The indelible ink was in many cases not indelible.

The Election Commission (EC) has said that there were “no chemicals” in its indelible ink that was used for the 13th general election.

In a parliamentary written answer to Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) today, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dato Seri Shahidan Kassim said that all the chemicals in the ink were replaced by food colouring.

No chemicals were used in the ink, they were instead replaced with food colouring ingredients which were approved,” the short answer read to a question as to why the ink did not last seven days as initially promised.

“The durability of the ink is subject to the efforts taken to wipe off the ink by individuals,” the reply said.

NONEIt also said that a test conducted on EC officials and media personnel on May 2 “proved” that the ink worked the way it was supposed to.

The EC has previously said that silver nitrate was used in the ink and was supposed to last seven days.

However, many individuals have complained of being able to easily wash off the indelible ink within hours of being applied.

Lim later laughed at the parliamentary reply in his Twitter account, noting that the indelible ink was now “edible” based on the reply.

One netizen who was bemused by the reply later tweeted in response, cheekily asking if the ink was “finger licking good”.

Supplier’s identity secret for ‘security reasons’

shahidan_kassimMeanwhile in a separate reply to another DAP MP, Anthony Loke (DAP – Rasah), Shahidan (right) stated that the cost for the use of indelible ink during the May 5 polls was RM6.9million.

Reading out the answer prepared by the EC, the Minister said the amount also covered the costs for designing special ink bottles, the brushes, the boxes as well as the cost for the unique ink mixture, seeing as how it was not available in the market.

“Other additional costs consist of transport cost, packaging and storage, about RM200,000, making the total costs RM7.1million,” Shahidan said in the written reply.

He added that at this time, there is no plan to reveal information on the indelible ink supplier to the public for “security reasons”.

22 thoughts on “The Indelible Ink : No One held accountable

  1. When I worked in Singapore, my PAP MP granduncle told me that the amount spent refurbishing the SAA Airport was equivalent to the same allocation for Singapore Changi Airport back in late 70s. Then, it was a triple fold because our exchange rate stood at MR103.00 to S $100.00. Anyone willing to bet that 50% the RM 7.0million went to `other miscellaneous’ mysterious expenses? The supplier has to be kept OSAed because Pakatan Rafizi is now an MP. He has a super talent for smelling rotting fish, rats and pilferers!

  2. Inai and Kunyit would be better for Kuala Besut by-election..
    We offer it for free if EC is 1800-KUNYIT

  3. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the saying that it takes a hundred lies to cover up the first lie. See how muddled the “indelible ink” issue has become? Now, even the supplier can’t be identified due to wow! security reasons? Go on, YB Shahidan, keep taking the rakyat for a ride. I hope you believe in karma because karma takes many forms and you can never escape from its clutches. The explanation given by the Minister as to why the indelible ink was not indelible is meant for brain-damaged people as obviously he himself suffers from it.

    Why can’t the Government for once come clean and reveal the truth. Probably the truth is – to enable fraud?

    You know, it’s really heartbreaking because after having voted for, first the Alliance and later the National Front, we have Cabinet Ministers now who will not blink an eyelid when lying to the rakyat in any matter. I can only assume that arrogance of power has consumed their very soul. Even the Speaker of Dewan Rakyat seems to suffer from the disease. Secret vote but with the MPs’ names on the ballot? See the display of arrogance?

    Beware, your karma will either get you or members of your immediate and extended family – there is no knowing when karma catches up with you. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

  4. No chemical in the ink?
    What a hare-brained explanation is that?
    How can the ink have no chemicals?
    Food coloring is not a chemical?
    Must be very poisonous food coloring if it can stick to the finger like this. Just imagine such food coloring entering your guts!!! Yucks!!!
    Does the minister have a secondary school education?
    Can stupidity get any worse?

  5. Sincerely speaking as a layman & Malaysian citizen, I am unable to understand why the ink supplier identity must be kept a secret for security reason – what security reason? Not a good start for a transparent good governance. Something must be suspiciously very wrong somewhere about this matter and the rakyat needs to be kept well informed.

  6. ”In the Malaysian general election, 2008, the election authorities canceled the use of Electoral Stain a week before voters went to the polls,[5] saying it would be unconstitutional to prevent people from voting even if they had already had their fingers stained. Additionally they cited reports of ink being smuggled in from neighboring Thailand[6] in order to mark peoples’ fingers before they had a chance to vote, thus denying them their rights.” – Wikipedia

    this can only happen in Malaysia!!

    the indelible ink, which was to give integrity to the election process was not indelible, which means that the election process was corrupted.
    So EC take the responsibility and resign, piss off!
    a RM7.1 million joke.

  7. It’s really inconceivable that this mockery has taken place.

    Since i don’t suffer fools, incompetence, corruption and irredeemable idiocies on such an industrial scale, it is best that i keep my counsel, lest i blow a gasket. This administration has the highest ratio of barely functional, mediocre morons in high places. Besides the most awesome toe-sucking EC flakes, we have 2 full ministers with zero credibility degrees from paper mills, and IGP who has been labeled maleficent for custodial deaths, ex-judges who were pocket racist and fascist and a cabinet full of curiosities.

    Tell me is this the Way Forward and should we be worried?

    Therefore, my next question, since the silver nitrate was brought up: Is the use of silver iodide for cloud seeding over Perak and Selangor for haze relief, Halal? Go figure.

  8. I feel like crying. This is stupidity at its max. Security reasons? Yeah because they know Malaysians will come at them with pitchforks.

  9. Never Trust these UmnoBnputeras Guys for Anything.
    Even the Stone Would Disappear When Their Words are Etched on it With the Real Indelible Ink.

  10. Food coloring was used for making expensive Persian carpet 200 years ago.
    The carpet last until today.
    The ink was supply byToyo Ink from Japan.Vary reputable co.I just wonder what food they use.
    Maggis,Queen of fruit?
    Or Sotong ink.

  11. So don’t be surprise that the EC may once again have another excuse and blame it on a typo..In delible becomes ink edible, that s right it was the purchasing clerk’s fault for mispelling the word..

  12. Its not just a joke but makes the whole EC and Najib admin looks like a bunch of clowns even kids can tell you it can be washed because no chemical ma…

    just blue water leh…..uncle.

    no boy,…they all not uncle, but tan sri la and also few tun ma

  13. Why are these EC monkeys still holding office? Any more tricks up their sleeves in the delineation? May be BN Government need people to play monkey with Malaysian public. This is the ‘excellent job of EC’ commended in the Royal Address to the Parliament. Isn’t it very strange?

  14. The country is governed by bunch of clowns with low mentality or retarded, and their reasons are a laughing stock of the world This clowns’ lies are so hilarious that they should be voted the most hilarious characters.
    How would the country attain the Wawasan 2020 (developed country status), I wonder. So called “leaders” with no integrity, retarded brains that are only capable of corruption. Sad state.

  15. Sue the supplier! But again they are all protected cronies like NFC/submarine/PKFZ…..etc.

    Hope the rural malay continue to vote for BN and dry up the national wealth.

  16. What ink would cost RM328.70 a bottle?? (RM7.1mil / 216,000 bottles) I would like to see some comments from Malaysians who voted these maggots into Govt. At this price, it certainly could not be sheer stupidity on the part of the purchaser. What else could anyone think of but CORRUPTION at its stupidest?? If the MACC does not investigate this, we will all know where they come from. Let BN supporters speak up on this.

  17. didn’t silver iodide cloud seeding cause the biggest flood in KL’s history in the 70s?
    bryanbb, I believe your version is the most logical, these rejects thought that Bersih is insisting on the use of edible ink.
    the identity of the ink supplier is as Secret as the identities of the two murderers of Altantuya. what kind of silly govt. and justice we have? umno – boleh!!!!!!

  18. The purpose of importing the indelible ink must conform with the standard to serve its usage. The rakyat could not visualise why the Election Commission did not test some samples before confirmation of such orders that rounded up to RM7.1 million. For that matter,EC should have rejected but what was behind the scene, those involved with regard to the washable so called indelible ink……..a bunch of liars without fear of any prosecition. MALAYSIA BOLEH.

  19. Election Commission should reveal the company that imported the indelible ink that did not conform to the requirement. All remaining stocks should be returned that tantamount to cheating. The people failed to understand why not such samples for testing before confirmation of order. Is EC ignorant of such standard business practice ? Something is amiss or malpractice has taken place for a huge sume of money that cost RM7.1 million.

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