Anwar declines Najib’s gambits in Jakarta

June 19, 2013

MY COMMENT: I have a message to both the Prime Minister and the LeaderDinobeano of the Opposition. Why do you need to get Indonesia involved in our domestic politics? We are not a colony of Indonesia. We are an equal partner with Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries in ASEAN. As ASEAN members, we agreed not to interfere in each other’s internal affairs. Furthermore, we Malaysians are capable of solving our political problems.

I am embarrassed to learn that Najib and Anwar have to take their rivalry beyond our shores. Both must be pretty desperate–Najib needs to cling to power, while Anwar is anxious to become Prime Minister, whatever that takes. Both have shown to me at least that they are irresponsible and self serving.

Netto’s spin on the whole episode is not going to help. I expect this respected journalist to be critical of Anwar’s  reliance on Indonesian top leaders, the Indonesian media and civil society activists for support, and as hard on Najib’s reconciliation gambit.

Both the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader want to the same thing, that is, power. One has it, but unable to use it while the other is grasping for it and might misuse it. Both must learn to recognise that real power rests with Malaysians via elections.

General Election13, flawed as it may be, is over. The business of government must begin. There is a national budget to be presented to Parliament in October, 2013 and other business of our legislature needs their attention.

I also have a gentle message to leaders of Indonesia, past and present: you should stop entertaining our two leaders with their politics. I thought you would have advised them politely, or bluntly, that they should sort out their politics. You do not understand what we want here in Malaysia. Please take care of your own business, and leave ours to us.–Din Merican


Anwar and Najib are playing politics instead of getting down to serious Government

Anwar declines Najib’s gambits in Jakarta

by Terence Netto@

COMMENT Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak must have been desperate for a deal with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

That can be inferred from the type of deal Najib offered Anwar – who declined to personally meet with the Malaysian PM – through intermediary Jusuf Kalla, the former Indonesian vice-president who is friends with both Najib and Anwar

Najib pressed an offer of reconciliation that apparently entailed a national unity government with a deputy prime minister’s role for Anwar and four ministerial posts for PKR leaders. Anwar was said to have rejected the offer.

azlanAccording to sources, Najib had tried to meet with Anwar in Jakarta all of Saturday but Anwar studiously avoided the PM.

Whereas Najib had the edge over Anwar on how a pre-polls pact between the two had panned out, the latter regained the initiative in supposedly reconciliatory gambits initiated by Najib in Jakarta to which both leaders had repaired over the weekend.

Last Friday, Anwar had flown to Bali to meet Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who a week after the May 5 polls in Malaysia, had requested that the Pakatan leader visit Jakarta for discussions.

NONEAnwar told Bambang (left) he could only meet with the Indonesian President after a pre-planned visit to the United States.

That visit over, Anwar flew to Bali last Friday where he met Bambang who gave vent to his views on the May 5 general election.

According to a source close to Anwar who met with the Pakatan leader on Monday, Bambang said he had expected a bit of fraud to taint Malaysia’s Election 2013, as in most such affairs throughout the world, but the extent of the cheating that took place in GE13 had appalled the Indonesian leader.

The source, a former senior PKR leader, said the Indonesian president told Anwar he was deeply disappointed by what had happened.

No meeting in Jakarta

After his discussions with Anwar that continued on Saturday, Bambang lent Anwar the use of his presidential jet to fly to Jakarta where Anwar was scheduled to meet former Indonesian VP Jusuf at the latter’s residence at 3pm the same day.

Najib was waiting to meet Anwar whom the Malaysian PM had expected to arrive in Jakarta from Bali through the Halim Perdana airport but the presidential jet landed at another airport in the Indonesian capital.

NONEUnable to meet with Anwar at Halim Perdana, Najib bided his time with a round of golf with Jusuf (right) whose good offices the PM had sought in arranging a meeting with Anwar.

In conversation with Jusuf over golf and later at Jusuf’s home in Jakarta where Najib waited for Anwar to show up, the PKR source said Najib sold Jusuf on the idea of Anwar as a leader of impressive calibre.

When Anwar declined to show up at Jusuf’s residence for the scheduled meeting because he wanted to avoid Najib, the former Indonesian veep came to Anwar’s hotel in Jakarta to convey Najib’s proffer of posts for him and his PKR cohort.

But Anwar declined to bite the bait and flew out of Jakarta. At a PKR political bureau meeting last night, Anwar tabled Najib’s proffer for discussion, only to find his rejection of it affirmed by the party.

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  1. I am in agreement with your comment, Din. Najib has shown his immaturity in politics and Anwar is no better, Even though we know that Najib is weaker than Anwar. Both had made the blunder by seeking help from our neighbour.

  2. Dato Din, the effort by former Indonesian VP Yusuf Kalla to broker a “peace” deal between PM Najib and Opposition Leader Anwar is a personal effort by Kalla. But after what he had divulged earlier about Anwar not honouring an agreement with Najib made prior to GE13, Kalla should be the last person Anwar should trust. President Bambang’s meeting with DSAI on the other hand is not with the intention to settle a Najib-Anwar “dispute” but rather to gain clarification about how we conducted our general election that is probably also the subject of discussion in many neighbouring countries. Remember, we are touted to be the best democracy in the world! Hahaha! Such shallow-minded claim.

    If what is reported about PM Najib wanting to meet DSAI is true, then the former has just flip-flopped again. While in Indonesia, the PM is reported to have told Malaysian students there not to be taken in by the Opposition’s lies. Yet he wants to meet with a “liar”? How many times has BN come out with the truth to counter the Opposition’s lies? If at all it’s UMNO’s own mouth piece Utusan which has been proven to have lied countless number of times. UMNO-BN should set up a special bureau to kill all the lies by Pakatan but I’m afraid that bureau won’t have much to do.

    In the mean time, let’s enjoy the sandiwara as UMNO members target each other as party elections approach, with plenty of help from the devil we know.

  3. Dato Din, but its OK if a US President like Jimmy Carter had Menahem Begin of Israel, Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Yasser Arafat of PLO in Camp David?

    Its OK if Najib Razak flies into Pattani to visit Southern Thailand at invitation of PM Yingluck Shinawatra?

    Frankly, I don’t think the Indonesians want to interfere and I believe both Jusuf Kala and Presiden Susilo Bambang were coerced into this by Najib and Anwar Ibrahim was just being polite to go see both of them even though he didn’t want to make a deal nor meet Najib.

    I don’t think we should just blame all of them here. The only one most likely the engineer of all this is Najib himself……

  4. I am happy that these two leaders are talking. There will always be middlemen trying to help hoping that their interest could be advanced. Yes, the time has come for Third World leaders to help each other to bring about good governance. Sometimes an outsider sees the problems clearly because he is not directly involved and could help. The important thing is that our leaders who are now all 55 years old should be able to decide what is good for the country. We should not waste anymore time. Many basic things needs to fixed. Education, health services, general internal security to name a few.

  5. Why try to wash our dirty linen in a foreign land that has got dirtier linen of its own but are kept hidden from public view? Mana maruah kita? Don’t look up to Indonesia or the USA or any other countries to solve our internal political problems.

    We will have a better democracy in Malaysia with a weaker government led by a weak PM than a strong government with an arrogant PM. What we have now is just perfect for that. So, stop politiking both of you and start the governance both of you doing your separate functions towards the common objective of serving the Rakyat.

  6. Nothing is as it seems. Anwar got the jitters when he heard that Jibs literally followed him to Jakarta. The meeting with SBY had already been planned last month. That Kalla flur just decided to act as the go between as he seems to relish in main-main masak.

    Anyway, it’s good that Anwar stood firm. The reason was probably due to the fact that PKR was the only partner of Pakatan invited by Jibs. Wouldn’t have done justice nor would it be ethical to DAP/PAS. I doubted that anything would come of it when the news broke – not because i trusted Anwar, but distrusted Jibs even more.

    The Big Pain Octo seems to have been quite put out by this and we can expect this shenanigan to translate into heaps of trouble for Jibs in upcoming UMNO SNAFU. Seems to be making the ‘right’ noises and sonorous talking down to everyone. Btw, where’s FLOM? House-hunting somewhere in the boondocks?

  7. I perceived that it is an attempt to split up Pakatan Rayat by offering a deal to PKR, like what they did to PAS after 1969. This will weaken the opposition and make PKR looks stupid and untrustworthy after that. If Mamakutty can kick Anwar out as his deputy, so can Najib if it fits the plan to destroy him later with a sodomy 3 . So what’s so great about being the deputy PM when Anwar has been there and done that to his detriment?
    That’s my 2 cents worth.

  8. My wife and I are about to board Emirates flight to New York via Dubai. I will blog from the Big Apple. I find your comments on this article by Netto illuminating. Najib and Anwar are playing games at our expense. –Din Merican

  9. If Najib and Anwar attempt to talk and negotiate on behalf of their respective camps, then that is good. If they want to get “married” under unity government, then it is a big NO – because such as “married” is incestuous union at the expense of average citizens. We don’t need echelon of societies work together so well they have no need to listen to average citizens.

    A weak opposition has no good means to check on incumbent. Individual citizen without the backing of organizational power as in a strong opposition can hardly make government-in-power to listen.

    I wish people can learn to live in a nation where two-party system is a norm. Under a free “market”, we can assume both sides are equally smart and hardworking, and it is not likely one side to be so good that it garners big majority for a long time.

    We have arrived at two-party system, let’s don’t back pedal.

  10. Din.
    I disagree with your view.
    Jusuff Kalla is a bugis and Najib being a bugis too respect Jusuf like his family member.he has nobody else to shares his sorrow and joy,

    Najib want to remember as a true statement and great leader.
    One of the personal issue that he shares with Jusuff is he is worry about his health.he said he might not last until next election. This is one of the strongest point why he want unity govertment with PKR.

    Last night there was a lenghty discussion between Anwar and Zaid.They discuss at lenght about 505 gathering at Padang Merbok.
    Zaid appeal to Anwar to have it at Stadium Merdeka to avoided any problem with police.
    Zaid is aware that they want accupied Parliment until 24 June.
    Zaid is fully aware about the discussion on unity govertment in jakarta.
    He knew about Anwar promise to jusuf kalla that he will meet Najib to discuss about unity govertment if the police did not act harshly on them on 22 june.
    The latest i heard that Anwar agree to,have the gathering in Stadium Merdeka but they will march from Padang Merbok.

    Meantime,Tun Mahathir is busy meeting Najib and Mahayuddin.His about turn stand on no contest in UMNO election suprise everybody.He is trying to be nice to Najib to stop him from foming unity givertment with Pakatan.

  11. Both Najib and Anwar are playing their cards accordingly. It is politics and diplomacy.

    Being a former Wisma Putra guy should know better.

  12. In the Pre Internet Age dirty linen remained dirty linen in our own backyard. The advent of the Internet Age has made it possible for that dirty linen to belt the globe at the click of that humble mouse. The days of, “non interference in the internal affairs,” a key principle of ASEAN and the UN , are over. Your dirty linen is there in the internet for all to se. The only way you can prevent that is to clean up your act, play by the book, and make what you do transparent so that there is no dirty linen. Do not curse the darkness. Adjust quickly and Just light a candle.

  13. @Shiou at 1:20am,

    I don’t think we necessarily need a two-party system as it might limit our choice later but we do indeed require a very strong and effective Opposition in Parliament. In other words, we need a relatively weak government so that it is more pliable on a “day-to day rather than on every 5-year basis” to the needs of the Rakyat. The Opposition needs not be from one party or coalition and so is the government but what we have now after the GE13 is OK nevertheless. Let’s hope Anwar and Najib will never come to any agreement against the will of the Rakyat who had already made their decision in the last election. Yes, our government must be controlled by the Rakyat and the elected representatives including the appointed Senators must be our servants or else we vote them out.

  14. Din, we are really shameful with having to involve Indon as if we cannot solve our problem and that others know us better. I would like to tie these two’s hands to a durian tree leaving their legs free and watch how the would kick each other till they shake the during tree enough for one to drop onto either one then that one is the winner.

  15. Will the formation of any Unity-Government be against the will of the people as expressed at the last GE13? Every member of our Rakyat including our leaders as well as those investors and visitors from foreign lands should now realise and accept that a “weak” (not-arrogant-to-the-Rakyat) Malaysian Government will be good for everyone. Do we wish to grow up to be the “best democracy in the world”?

  16. In Islam when two parties disgree or are at odds (loggerheads, whatchacallit) it is advisable to find a neutral (non-fasikin impartial) to mediate! Never seek the help of the `knee’ or `the monkey’! In this case BOTH PM in-office and PM – pretender are IMMature and feel that the Indons will be of great help to foster Unity and Stability (as if!). I agree with You Sir, we should seek the wosdom of Nelson Mandela (but he is gravely ill) and Ban KiMoon will be another worthy of consideration!
    It just like DSAI he would corral Obama if he could!

  17. Not fair comments to attack Anwar. What do you expect when the BN stole the people’s victory? Desperate, isn’t it Din? And now Anwar has to fight for the majority. How to carry on with the business in politics when someone stole the entire government from he people. We can’t wait for the next 5 years to come. It’s impossible Din! Let’s fight it NOW. There isn’t anything gravely wrong for Anwar to speak to President of Indonesia at his invitation. Din, you have changed in your attitude towards leader of Pakatan. So much said about fraud but look at the EC guys how they spin the people.. You may have been in the diplomatic service but you need to speak fairness to Anwar and worst still of late your articles are of change in their outlook on the opposition front.

  18. Dear Dato,

    I tend to agree with Somu’s comment…

    Your commentaries are bits “different” nowadays…whatever, please don’t cross the road, we need no RPK.

  19. Alie the cat,
    2 party system would limit the choices!!!???? Huh! What Bloody hell you are smoking? Then you follow by the need to have effective opposition. Do you really know what the bloody hell you are talking? Oh so you wanna have individualistic oppos so that you can control people. Make up your beep beep mind. What the beep beep you want? For Allah’s sake, cut the crap of talking about having the best democracy in the world

    Din doesn’t cross the road. Din just wanna play by rules of the fine gentleman. However, one must understand that Najib is no FW De Klerk. Najin is not even Ian Smith. I got to retract my word of equating that F U (House of Cards series) with Najib. F U is more suited for Madhater. Hope that Din would watch American adaptation of House of Cards. F U (Francis Underwood) was played by Kevin Spacey.

    You guess why I am a fervent secularist

  20. This is a very education TV series. Although it’s not as cultured as Yes Minister series, Ian Richardson has played the modern day King Richard III very well. Now I realise that F U reminds me of Madhater & Tom Makepeace, fictional Foreign Secretary cum DPM reminds me of Anwar Ibrahim. Wow, Din you must watch all of them. Plus, do watch the american version. It blow my mins. Of course, Alie the cat never never understand it

  21. Why are the UMNO hacks so keen on a Unity government?
    While you guys hee-haw on the wonders of such a scenario, the lap-dog dregs within the ex-entity called Be-End are perplexed beyond salvation. Euthanasia ain’t legal for humans.

    Yes, we can’t wait five years.. as long as the plundering, rapine, capital flight, educational downtrend, racism, religious baiting and torture continues. That’s basically a problem of Rent-Seeking behaviors long imprinted on the psyche of Octoism. But Si-Lembek can’t seem to shake that off..

    I personally feel that Si-Lembek and ex-detainee Anwar co-rule together with a Bhai (not necessarily Karpal), like Ku Li. Sort of triumvirate like. The first among equals should NOT be an Octo-lite. As for what a ‘Unity’ cabinet looks like – God Forbid! Something like a hundred Ministers – of which none will be named Wahid, Paul Low or even the dinks.

    In simple terms – enough of this shit! A Dream is not co-equivalent with a Nightmare.

  22. Yes, I have questioned Dato Din several times since the 505. And many times I have voiced my disagreement. I thought I was the only one sensing a shift in his position to very anti-Anwar stance – – maybe spending a lot of time with UMNO stalwarts at RSGC…..

  23. lets respect Dato’s personal views and also accept the mistakes of Anwar.

    Indonesia is the largest muslim country in the world. they practise presidential representative democracy which has undergone many changes and reforms for the better in the last three decades, even the constitution has been amended repeatedly. whereas malaysia is basking in the glory of the past oblivious to the fact that we are slipping down the drain.

    thanks for the infos mustafa, lets hope the best for PR and the people of Malaysia.

  24. Mustapha has done it again.
    Man, I just love those juicy morsels you are throwing our way.
    Can we have some more, please?

    Aliefalfa’s logic that a weak PM can be good for the country is just preposterous. Or is it? Can one imagine that a PM might just be weak enough to be bullied into becoming clean by a strong Shadow leader?

    Errr… Nah.

  25. The assumption herein, is that Anwar went to Indonesia to seek support, or a deal. Now, what if Saudara Anwar was simply there because he was invited by the President Bambang, and nothing else. The reports that Anwar avoided Najib, provides all the hints that this could be the case. We should not judge by hearsay, unless of course, somehow, we are privy to the inner workings. I doubt very much most here have any inkling of what is truly going on, only presumptions = the mother of all errors. If Indonesia is truly interested in a fair election to avoid economic disruption in Malaysia, that is also in their own interests, and seeking Anwar to explain is by no means interference, is it?

  26. Ai Tze,
    I don’t know what you mean what Mustapa done it again. But you ever use brain & that’s is if you have any, you would realise the adsurdity of such proposal. Najib has everything to gain from this liason fatale & Anwar would be very very dead. Ask you one very stupid question : Would you drink the water knowing that there is poison in it.
    Kindly tell me your definition of weak. You mean a PM that has lesser than 2/3 majority is very weak. What about Julliet Gillard? She didn’t get her outright majority. Is she kenna raped outright by the oppos?

    Guys & Gals,
    Ask CLF. Aussie politics no lovey dovey. Ask CLF how Kevin Rudd was stabbed by his fellow labourites

    Heck la! Lets do it the San marino way. Din would agree to that but wait a minute that’s a republic

  27. Loose, here is a reminder of some of what Mustapha said…

    “Najib…has nobody else to share his sorrow and joy”.

    “Najib want to remember as a true statement and great leader.”

    “..He worry about his health..he said he might not last until next election.”

    ” it’s the strongest point why he want unity govertment with PKR.”

    “Last night there was a lenghty discussion between Anwar and Zaid.. about 505 gathering at Padang Merbok.”

    “.. Anwar promise to jusuf kalla that he will meet Najib to discuss about unity govertment if the police did not act harshly on them on 22 june.”

    “.. Anwar agree to,have the gathering in Stadium Merdeka but they will march from Padang Merbok.”

    “..Mahathir is.. trying to be nice to Najib to stop him from foming unity givertment with Pakatan.”

    Bombshell – Najib thinks he will die before the next General Election.

  28. This Ai Tze and Mustafa stuff really intrigues if there is any truth to it. I can only hope it is, because the the potential for positive outcomes for our country that cannot afford another round of Mahatirism – Malaysia will become the second Zimbabwe.

  29. I hesitated to pick up my pen but a day’s reflection decided me….

    I respectfully disagree with several key elements in Dato’ Din’s opinion piece, preceding Terence Netto’s article on the recent comings & goings of Najib and DSAI in Indonesia.

    Firstly, Netto is, as Dato’ Din acknowledges, a respected correspondent. He is usually quite careful in his statements (let’s leave aside his flowery language!). Therefore unless convincingly contradicted, he is probably correct, factually speaking. DSAI was the hare here, Najib the (rather ineffective and panting) hound. After all, why should DSAI split the coalition he has spent years building just to grab power? I don’t accept Dato’ Din’s ‘spin’ accusation unless it is substantiated.

    Secondly, it is fairly normal I would say for an important neighbour, largest economy in Asean and provider of 2 million+ workers in our country to become concerned and get involved. We lag way behind them in democratic norms and general civic and press freedoms – we have run an egregiously fraudulent election and we seem unable to evolve. And we are right next door. Unsurprisingly, they are paying close attention.

    Then, consider this:

    “Both the PM and the Opposition Leader want the same thing, that is power. One has it but unable to use it while the other is grasping for it and might misuse it. Both must learn to recognize that real power rests with Malaysians via elections.”

    • ‘Both… want power’: true, but not special. That is the characteristic of all politicians.
    • ‘One has it but is unable to use it’: true, nothing has prepared this pampered, silver-spoon fed, aristocrat to fight for his reformist beliefs (let us charitably assume he has some), in the face of extremely powerful and ruthless vested interests backed by RM billions (literally). To imagine the UMNO possidentes will voluntarily cede an iota of power is naïve indeed.

    • ‘The other is grasping for it and might misuse it.’ Now this is a loaded sentence by any yardstick: “might misuse it”?? A man who has suffered more in the last 15 years than most of us in a lifetime, who has earned his place in Malaysian history by holding together through sheer will power and tenacity a coalition that for the first time ever (pace Dato’ Jaafar) offers the Malaysian rakyat the vision of a non-racial future, with needs-based support and equal opportunity for all, so that this country can realize its extraordinary potential? And nearly got there. He is going to ‘misuse’ compared to who? To the present incumbent, weighed down by a dead Mongolian, a massive defense procurement scandal now grinding its way through the French courts, Moo-gate and divers inherited PKFZ, Tajuddin Ramli, Halim Saad scandals… et j’en passe?
    • ‘Both must learn to recognize that real power rests with Malaysians via elections”. Well, yes indeed. And how pray can Malaysians express that power? Only if the elections are fair. Then real power will really rest. Not if they are hopelessly corrupted by grotesque gerrymandering that halves the number needed to elect a BN MP compared to an opposition MP plus all the other shenanigans we have recently witnessed.

    Why does Dato’ Din think DSAI must “learn to recognize” Malaysian voters? I would say he has striven mightily within the corrupted system and against great odds to recognize them. 51+% of them, actually.

    What Dato’ Din appears to be saying is what corporate types have been muttering for some time. “OK, so BN got away with it. Let’s just live with the system and go back to making money. Opposition can try again in five years.”

    However: NOTHING will change if you don’t change the EC! who, what’s more, are about to embark on a new delineation exercise. Imagine! You may be sure that UMNO’s version of Malaysians “exercising power via elections” will not voluntarily approach anything like international democratic norms.

    Therefore the opposition are absolutely correct to hammer away by any means possible to achieve the resignation of these terminally corrupt EC heads. EC’s flouting of an explicit Parliamentary command to provide indelible ink is in itself cause for dismissal. Something has to give in this impasse. Better it be a new EC appointed by general agreement. At least that will give a chance for fair acceptable elections five years out. Otherwise the frustrated majority (let us remember they ARE a majority) may eventually produce worse outcomes for the body politic.

    This problem will not go away by wishing the opposition to ‘calm down’ and accept that the playing field will always be tilted against the majority of Malaysian voters. Times have changed whatever the business elite may wish. Al over this country, half a million Malaysians have attended these black 505 rallies so far… that’s an impressive number when you consider that for every participant there are probably another eight or nine who feel that way but can’t quite get it up to go out and demonstrate. .

    Incidentally, but very relevant: the Government’s margin for manoeuvre economically speaking is shrinking steadily. The first shots have been fired by the US FED warning of withdrawal of the extraordinary wave of money that has been sloshing around all emerging markets. All EMs are starting to suffer withdrawal pains. Malaysia is not the favourite FDI destination, by any means.

    All those recent giveaways have to be paid for. Our fiscal deficit is serious. How, in a worsening environment, is the Govt going to handle this? Better some consensus in the political world or Najib will be facing serious economic problems soon, and alone.

    Malaysia’s inability so far to cross that key democratic hurdle that Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan and others have already crossed: where the opposition takes power and the ruling party sits in opposition for a spell – that has not gone unnoticed by foreign investors. Witness our bourse’s under performance relative to our peers. See how open are the press and society among our neighbours compared to in Malaysia.

    Believe me, change has already happened. It cannot be swept under the carpet for five years just because it suits BN and the business elite. Better face it now, through rallies that lead to a compromise solution, than later with repression that leads to an explosion.
    Thanks, Mr. Anderson. Let us hope you are right about Anwar. Let me say to you that Anwar is no political angel. I have my reasons for saying so. After all, I spent 2 years in his Office when Badawi was in power. Unlike Tunku Aziz, I rather keep quiet. Time will tell whether you are right and I am wrong. I rather have a healthy dose of skepticism about politicians like Anwar and Najib.

    Yes for free and fair elections. I support BERSIH co-chairman Ambiga and her associates. I hope BERSIH will be given the chance to participate electoral reforms which are badly needed to promote democracy. The business of governing the country must start in earnest.

    We need foreign investment and economic development, which are dependent on a politically stable and fiscal sound government. Wearing my corporate hat, I say protests won’t help (I participated in the first BERSIH protest in November, 2007) because we Malaysians including yours truly are suffering from protest fatigue. What is happening in Turkey and Syria now as in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya is tragic. Learn from it, Mr Anderson.

    I reaffirm my view that Indonesia should not interfere in our internal affairs. But I will concede that they have the right to protect their citizens who are working and contributing to the development of Malaysia. Our government must protect those Indonesian workers who have the permit to work here from exploitation by their Malaysian employers. But if these workers do not observe the laws of Malaysia, we should not hesitate to charge and punish them.–Din Merican

  30. Corrigendum:
    I should have written, ref. 5th to last para,: “to hammer away by all peaceful & legal means possible”, of course.
    The EC as presently constituted are the sentinels to UMNO’s continued power. I think that is clear to all. Therefore if, in Dato’ Din’s formulation, “real power” is to rest with Malaysian electors, EC must be reformed. UMNO however cannot permit its reformation – or they are out. So it requires great pressure – by civil disobedience if need be, but not by violence. Opposition has correctly understood this.

    I think this is the source of the great discomfort that Anwar has created in the minds of establishment figures, even those who like to think of themselves as liberal. He has pointed up the contradictions of the Malaysian power system. It is encrusted. There is no way to reform it from within. UMNO has closed every avenue. Rallies are essential. No one busses in, pays and feeds the hundreds of thousands who flock to register their discontent… There is a new power in the land that is not deferential and he is chanelling it. Yes, that is what really disturbs certain people.

  31. Listen to dishonesty, even criminality: PM Najib: “I would like to stress here that I have never interfered in MACC’s operations. They are independent and free to carry out their investigations on anyone.” What about Scorpene & Cowgate? Musa and Taib (in power and plundered for 31 years to be one of the richest in Asia )? You look at the faces of MACC leaders and EC heads, they are oozing dishonesty, through and through. Your PM is not a legititmate PM in the eyes of the world. He has zero credibility. He should have been in jail long ago. All scandals, corruption, thefts, murders, Scorpene, Mongolian murder and other killings…all forgotten. BN’s string of scandals, nepotism, cronyism, fraud, gerrymandering, election-rigging, media control, sabotage, false prosecution & imprisonments of opposition, murders, evil …can fill a book. Liars, cheaters, thieves, murderers will always remain so. Leopards don’t change their spots. This is M’sia’s biggest & endless tragedy.

  32. Let us gather in every town and gather in 1 million in KL to demand the resignation/removal of the EC Chairman and his Deputy. They should have resigned over the indelible ink fiasco, they have shown no accountability. If they are unwilling to resign, start BERSIH 4.0 to send a petition to Agong! Need to clean up before GE14 ..EC has betrayed the people, they are on BN’s payroll. They are traitors and it is treason. In any civilized country these top EC cheats, liars and traitors to the nation would be jailed and a full investigation on their activities warranted. Nothing short of a life sentence would satisfy the public. In New Zealand nothing remotely resembles these rots, our PM has no connection with the NZ’s EC whatsover! Alan Newman.

  33. Dato’ Din:

    “Learn from it, Mr. Anderson”.How about Brazil? You missed that one out…Please explain exactly what I am to learn from these six situations on three continents? What is the common lesson?

    Thank you.
    Two words–Good Governance. Listen and serve people and deliver on your promises. Malaysian politicians on both sides have to remember my simple message.–Din Merican.

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